Hemp FAQ

1. Smoking Hemp Can Get You High


THC (the chemical that causes the psychological effects in marijuana) level is so low in hemp that it is impossible for you to get high from smoking it. Actually, hemp contains another chemical called CBD that blocks the effectiveness of the THC chemical.

2. Buying and Selling Hemp Is Illegal In The United States


Buying hemp products that are in their final form is completely legal. These include products such as hemp protein powder, seeds, oil, soap, apparel or anything else that’s made from hemp.

Only growing hemp is illegal in the US at the federal level. (This is rapidly changing at the state level!)

3. Even If Hemp Is Low THC, You Could Still Extract The THC To Ultimately Create A Drug

Practically impossible.

Extracting THC while also removing CBD from hemp would be extremely hard and time consuming that it’s very unlikely for anyone to try it. It would be much simpler for the person to try to obtain marijuana some other way.

4. You Could Use Hemp Fields To Hide Marijuana


Hemp and marijuana are grown in two extremely different ways. Marijuana has to be grown in a controlled environment, whereas hemp is adaptable to much more adverse climates. Hemp also grows very densely and would make it impossible for marijuana to grow amongst it.

5. Hemp Advocates Are Actually Trying To find Backdoors To Sell Marijuana


Hemp has been proven to be a successful and profitable industry in several different industrialized countries, where marijuana has not been an issue. It is quite silly to think that we have to oppose growing hemp (and all the economic benefits it’ll bring) simply because some might support the use of marijuana.

6. Legalizing Hemp Would Make It Impossible For Law Enforcement To Fight Marijuana


If we use other countries as a benchmark, we can prove that this shouldn’t be an issue. Canada legalized hemp back in 1998 and their police officers have experienced no trouble. Actually, legalizing hemp will help regulate the entire industry, as farmers and manufacturers will need to get licensed and registered. The actual hemp seeds will also need to get certified as all seed varieties will be tested to make sure they meet the THC threshold.

7. Hemp And Marijuana Are Actually The Same Plant

Technically true, as they come from the same Cannabis family.

However, hemp is completely different from marijuana in its chemical makeup, cultivation methods, and its applications.

8. The Constitution And The Declaration Of Independence Are Written On Hemp Paper


The two documents are written on parchment. The first and second drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on Dutch hemp paper in the summer of 1776. The second draft was submitted, agreed upon, then copied onto animal parchment and signed on August of 1776.

9. Eating Or Using Hemp Will Make Me Fail A Drug Test


All industrial hemp products contain no psychoactive properties and THC levels are below detectable amounts in standard employment or athletic screening. That’s why you can find hemp products even at big retailers like Amazon or Wal-Mart

10. CBD Oil Is Illegal


CBD oil from industrial hemp plants is legal in the US. However, be careful buying CBD products, as the CBD market is still largely unregulated. Read our blog post on what you should look out for when buying CBD oil.

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