Our Story

We help individuals to question the status quo, be mindful of the ingredients they consume and embrace a better way of living.

Today, manufacturers are loading up their products with more and more ingredients to make them look, taste, or smell better. Yet, we seldom have any idea what these ingredients are or where they come from. In this market full of mass-produced, synthetic, and gimmicky products, hemp offer a breath of fresh air.

What makes hemp products so special is the fact that hemp as an ingredient is so superior that other ingredients become unnecessary. You’ll quickly find that hemp can be made into so many different things – offering a more eco-friendly and healthier option to many products that we use today.

Ministry of Hemp is determined to bring transparency and integrity to customers. Hemp is the perfect choice to help us clean up our planet. As a multifunctional plant, hemp can help bring change in many of our everyday products. By working with honest and transparent brands across the US, our goal is to improve the health and consciousness of our country.

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Our Mission

Honest Research

We do the research so you don’t have to. Learn fast with our insights and resources.

Product Reviews

We review hemp and CBD products on the market and write up our unbiased reviews.

Focus on Quality

We only partner and recommend exceptional brands who focus on quality products.

Health & Wellness

Every product we recommend are health focused and eco friendly.

Why Hemp?

Hemp is one of the most sustainable and useful plants in the world. Yet, it’s a plant that has gone through the most controversy and injustice. As a plant that could offer us an eco-friendly solution to applications such as construction, plastic, and apparel, hemp has been prohibited in the US for over 80 years due to its misconstrued association with marijuana. So our mission is clear. We will work to revive this plant and promote its applications so that the public has a choice to utilize a healthier and more sustainable choice in their everyday products and lifestyle.

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