Best Delta 8 THC Flower : Strongest D8 Strains Of 2022

Many people prefer delta-8 THC for its numerous benefits and limited side effects. For those who prefer to smoke their hemp the traditional way, delta-8 flowers are the way to go. So choosing the best delta-8 flower becomes quite important when you want to enjoy this compound’s good qualities while avoiding the negative ones.

Nowadays, various states of the US have announced it as a legal compound. No matter which form of delta-8 THC you want to enjoy, you can simply choose from different options, including gummies, candies, cookies, and tinctures. The natural form of delta-8 THC found in cannabis plants is combined with organic hemp flowers to create a delta-8 THC flower. 

So why would someone be looking for delta-8 flowers? Hemp-derived product varieties such as vapes, oils, cookies, and gummies might not be right for those who like to smoke their hemp the old-school way. So, many prefer the flower, and due to cannabis enthusiasts, this choice is now easily available.

A few years ago, the infusion of high-quality delta-8 distillate into hemp flowers seemed quite unbelievable. Fortunately, it has become possible with the continuous efforts of medical researchers and cannabis supporters. 

While these products have numerous benefits, the challenge that most consumers face is finding the best product to buy in the market. In this article, we will discuss various best delta-8 flower brands. You can buy your favorite delta-8 flowers from them without worrying about the quality. 

To provide you with a final, accurate, and impartial list of the top 3 brands with high-quality products, we independently examined the products of various delta-8 flower brands. 

Our Top 3 Weed Brands Of Delta 8 Flower  

  • BudPop – Strongest Delta 8 THC Strain ,Most Recommended Brand
  • Hollyweed – Most Potent & Popular Delta 8 THC Flowers

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Flower, Editor’s Pick 

Exhale Wellness is a firm with one goal: to provide premium, full-spectrum hemp products whose quality surpasses those from any other source. They’ve been quite successful, being the top highly-rated hemp company online. Exhale Wellness was formed from a community of hemp aficionados, including specialists, investigators, and fans.

They all joined hands to form a business that would produce hemp-derived products focused on consumer needs and surpass company standards. Exhale Wellness promotes wellness both with its brand and its products. They are motivated to make wellness solutions like delta-8 flowers available to the public regardless of budget. 

Exhale Wellness is based in California and collaborates with growers in Colorado. These farmers grow their hemp organically, and through research and collaboration, they have perfected the art of producing premium quality hemp. One distinctive feature is that they add certain micronutrients to their cannabis sativa plants to increase the therapeutic effects of the finished product for users.

Exhale Wellness offers eleven different forms of delta-8 hemp goods in addition to the delta-8 flower in order to serve as many happy customers as possible. They also have delta-9, delta-10, HHC, and CBD products. The company offers 13 distinct strains of the delta-8 flower, so there is something for everyone regardless of preferences. They carry many well-known varieties, including Zkittles, OG Kush, and Northern Lights. Moreover, you can also expect to find more niche strains, such as the tasty Pink Runtz Blossom. 

Manufacturing Methods

Exhale Wellness set out to create hemp products that were superior to those on the market. Consequently, they considered the need for a sustainable manufacturing system carefully. They take care to avoid exposing the hemp flower to any inorganic or harmful materials during production and packing. The goods are also GMO-free, and the overall process is vegan-friendly. Additionally, they don’t include any artificial ingredients. 

They have a transparent and safe production method. As stated earlier, Exhale wellness collaborates with organic hemp farmers in Colorado for the best quality products. They also ensure that all their products contain less than 0.3% THC per the 2018 Federal Farm Bill. The delta-8 condensate is then produced by properly processing the CBD extracted from their hemp.

To create delta-8 flowers, they immerse the hemp flowering into the distillation. Before putting their products in packaging and making them available to customers, they test them for purity and safety.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

Exhale Wellness, one of the most trustworthy and open players in the sector, preserves its production efficiency by conducting independent testing at Federal Food and Drug Administration-approved labs. You may see the lab findings for their delta-8 flower strains on their homepage. You may also obtain the products’ Certificates of Analysis (COA). These outcomes demonstrate that the items are precisely what they claim to be. As a result, the company always deals with consumers honestly.

User Convenience

For cannabis flower enthusiasts, ordering from Exhale Wellness is quite convenient because they provide several advantages. First, the company makes everything simple for its users by providing a user-friendly layout and simple navigation. They have a simple checkout so users can place orders within minutes. Remember that it is one of the brands that understand that the cosmetic act requires placement.

Additionally, their website has a wealth of useful information to assist new users settling in before making a purchase. You won’t often need to contact them before purchasing because you can easily find information on their blog and FAQ. Additionally, they provide a 20% discount on your first purchase. You can save up to 25% on your orders if you sign up. In addition, if you want to buy a lot, they provide wholesale options.

Customer Review

The user experience for Exhale Wellness is exceptional. On Trustpilot, they got 4.4 stars out of 5. On their website, they provide actual client testimonials. One client expressed her gratitude for the kind, thorough responses the client service offered to all of her inquiries on transportation and other merchandise specifics. Most consumers comment on how powerful, timely, and affordably priced their items are. Some are grateful that Exhale Wellness provided answers to their health conditions.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness  

#2. BudPop – Strongest Delta 8 THC Strain ,Most Recommended Brand

Even though BudPop was founded in 2021, its founders have a combined 30+ years of expertise in the hemp sector. Concerning the quality of the delta-8 flower they offer, they have swiftly risen up the rankings. The brand has gained popularity for offering some of the best strains.

The cannabis flowers from BudPop infused with delta-8 have enough components to provide mental clarity and induce relaxation. Their delta-8 flowers are designed to address any issue you may have, including rheumatoid arthritis, sleeplessness, and nervousness. They add additional organic components for higher efficiency against the specific ailment that the product will relieve.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use their goods for overall health. This brand has a strong chance of being the top brand for delta-8 flower if they add more strains.

BudPop obtains its hemp plants from Colorado producers and uses the industry standard infusion procedure to create the delta-8 flower. Regarding delta-8, they have established themselves as industry leaders. Due to their success in gaining the loyalty and confidence of their customers, their products continue to sell quickly. They have four varieties of delta-9 flowers that are flavorful and packed with health benefits. 

Manufacturing Methods

BudPop uses natural, moral, and open production practices. As a result, every one of their goods is strictly vegan. In addition, they do not contain any chemical additives and are non-GMO.

BudPop ensures that its suppliers use safe growing techniques that present the best customer value. As a result, the end product is free of pesticides, fertilizers, and other toxins. They also employ the most efficient methods for production and packing.

After obtaining the CBD flower that complies with legal requirements, they proceed to isolate it using delta-8 before injecting it. BudPop employs an unspecified technique that they believe is superior to sprinkling the distillate on the flower. It also increases the potency of the delta-8 THC flower. They then conduct independent lab testing to confirm the quality of their goods. BudPop can easily guarantee the quality of its products because of this quality control procedure.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

BudPop wants their consumers to be willing to trust them, which is clear from how they do business, their site, and evaluations about them. They take a stance where you feel at ease buying delta-8 THC flowers and other items from them. Their specialized page for all of their laboratory testing is proof of this.

A reference to the lab test results and Certificate of Analysis is available for every product they offer on their website. Other parties carry out these lab tests independently, and the findings show that the products’ purity is quite high.

User Convenience

BudPop makes internet shopping incredibly simple. You will have a smooth user experience regardless of the product you choose. Because they don’t have as many things, making a decision will be simpler if you have trouble making decisions. Additionally, you may easily purchase all of their delta-8 flower strains and pick your preferred one. 

One wonderful aspect is that they provide free delivery to all locations inside the US, regardless of how much you purchase or the time it takes for delivery. Additionally, they offer a very accommodating thirty-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, their website provides a safe payment option that takes all popular payment methods for a quick and easy transaction.

BudPop offers a loyalty scheme and a subscription, saving 25% choice and a 20% first-order discount. Additionally, their website is simple to use and has a wealth of useful strategies to initiate a simple and seamless purchasing procedure.

Customer Review

Users praise the majority of BudPop’s items. However, their delta-8 flower strains tend to have the most fascinated and satisfied clients. One client, in particular, said that BudPop’s delta-8 flowers were the best she had ever encountered after trying other brands.

They post both favorable and negative evaluations on their website, and all of them are genuine. However, a vast percentage of the respondents are supportive. Another prevalent opinion among their clients is how delta-8 has allowed them to use fewer prescription drugs for their health problems.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official website of Budpop

#3. Hollyweed – Most Potent & Popular Delta 8 THC Flowers

If you’re curious about the name of this company, they’re connected to the designer who performed the famous practical joke in 2017. To commemorate the regulation of medicinal cannabis in California, a designer and cannabis lover modified the Hollywood sign to “Hollyweed.”

The Hollyweed CBD team got together to generate medical cannabinoid material that is based on their six health foundations in that upbeat attitude and love for integrative cannabis. These encompass the physiological, intellectual, spiritual, theological, and ecological facets of well-being. They think that with these factors, a person can reach optimum well-being.

The moniker Hollyweed CBD has become synonymous with high-quality CBD flower, delta-8 hemp inflorescence, and other Cannabis products. They have seasoned CBD expertise on their squad. It’s also a bonus that Zach Fernandez, the “hollyweed” artist, and cannabis aficionado, has joined their team.

About nine distinct edibles, including their delta-8 flower strains, are available from Hollyweed CBD. Furthermore, they offer all the diversity you could want with their blooms, which come in 10 distinct strains. Popular varieties like Hawaiian haze, OG Kush, zkittles, lights, etc. are available there. Many of their clients cite the potency and appeal of their delta-8 CBD flower. They also sell HHC medications and non-Delta-8 Cannabis products.

Because they strongly understand their clients, this brand enjoys a stellar name in the market. Beyond comprehension, they are able to connect with their customers, lowering themselves to their condition to provide goods that are truly the greatest. They meet all criteria to rank among the top three delta-8 flower brands on the market by 2022.

Manufacturing Methods

Hollyweed CBD purchases its CBD flower only from the finest hemp cultivators who only practice sustainably grown farming techniques. Their product lines don’t contain any chemical ingredients, weedkillers, or agrochemicals. Prior to being injected with delta-8 distillate, which transforms the hemp plant into a delta-8 flower, the marijuana plant is at its peak. Additionally, all of their products and goods comply with federal farm law.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

All the laboratory testing and diplomas of assessment for each of their goods are available on a specific website. Additionally, they urge clients to contact them if they have inquiries regarding the entire procedure. Customer testimonials attest to Hollyweed CBD’s commitment to openness and sincerity in its interactions with clients. Only laboratories with the necessary qualification and authority to conduct these procedures are used for marketing their products, assuring the quality of the findings.

User Convenience

Hollyweed places a high value on expediency because they really worry about their customers’ experiences. For devoted consumers, they provide a ton of fantastic deals and prizes. In order to facilitate bulk purchases, they also have distinct retail offerings. Furthermore, you may profit from their affiliate network if you want to sell their items.

Hollyweed CBD also provides a 30-day return opportunity with an additional 15 days of leniency, which is a fantastic feature. Therefore, even if the first thirty days have passed, you can still receive a refund and reimbursement.

They also feature a website that is simple and beneficial for new users. Before making a purchase, you might need their dose guides to determine the right amount of delta-8 or CBD. Most of their goods are shipped out within 24 hours, providing complimentary economical and quick postage. Finally, after your purchase has been sent, you may monitor it from the comfort of your home until it reaches you.

Customer Review

Although their webpage does not yet have a rating area, you can readily locate business customer reviews on trustworthy sources. Most consumers, who favor one or both of their delta-8 flower strains, gush over the efficiency of their goods. Customers also praise their money-back guarantee, which accepts even unsealed merchandise.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed

How Did We Choose Our Best Delta 8 Flower Brands?

We chose the brands on this list after many hours of rigorous investigation. We created a set of requirements for a premium delta-8 hemp flower brand. Then we looked closely at a number of market-leading brands. We were able to eliminate numerous candidates through our meticulous screening procedure until we had a clear top three list that satisfied all of our criteria. Some of the key factors to consider include:

  • Naturally Grown

Cultivators should use only the best hemp flower that has been organically produced to make the delta-8 flower. Therefore, we had to look into the histories of these businesses to learn about the agricultural methods used by their suppliers. We swiftly abandoned all of those who we discovered to be dubious. Our chosen companies utilize flowers that were grown and manufactured without the use of insecticides or any other hazardous or harmful agents. We chose manufacturers with flowers cultivated in the USA for the finest ingredients possible as part of the study on the plant’s growth.

  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant

By inhaling your weed, you shouldn’t be committing a criminal act. The maximum permissible amount of delta 9 THC in a CBD hemp flower is 0.3%. Thus, we made damn sure to only select companies who met this requirement. A delta 9 THC content of less than 0.3 percent will guarantee that if you want to smoke a delta-8 flower, you probably don’t plan to go euphoric.

  • Variety

We favored brands that offered various tastes and cultivars as an added customer benefit. When you have a wide selection of options, your chances of discovering one you adore increase significantly. We chose companies with as much diversity as we could discover without compromising quality to ensure that every one of our readers finds something they enjoy.

  • Brand Reputation

We chose companies which have withstood the test of time and maintained a good reputation. However, we did not ignore more recent businesses that have shown their value over the course of their existence. Big industry labels may not be essential, but a company’s credibility speaks that they are performing well. We sought the most trustworthy hemp companies with patrons who would stay by and encourage the goods. 

  • Cost

Excellence, in our opinion, should always stand before money, but after reducing our selection to the items with the highest grade, we choose to take valuation into account. We do this because we would like you to receive the best possible products at fair rates. Therefore, we selected companies that provide the most money’s worth.

  • Third-Party Lab Tested

Lab testing enables you to guarantee that your hemp flower is free of these pollutants. Third-party lab testing also guarantees the reliability of findings. For this reason, we only chose brands whose products had passed independent lab tests with verifiable findings. During our investigation, we looked at the Certificate of analysis (COA) for the flowers from our preferred brand, confirming that the chemicals were present in the appropriate and legal concentrations of flowers. The greatest and healthiest variety of delta-8 flowers is the laboratory-tested delta-8 hemp flower. This is because several undesirable substances or chemicals may be created during the production of these flowers. 

  • Customer Service

You will never find anything better than taking pleasure in watching your acquisition of a premium THC-infused hemp flower, despite the fact that this is an undervalued standard that many folks might underestimate. We sought companies whose processes are as relaxing as their products are to use. These cover things like delivery and the process for getting refunds. We read through many internet verifiable user ratings and conducted our own laboratory analysis to validate the company’s phone support caliber.

Buying Guide For Beginners: Factors To Remember Before Picking Your Delta 8 Flower

With so many products and brands in the market, choosing the best delta-8 flower can be a challenge. The task is even more intimidating if you are unfamiliar with hemp products. Fortunately, we have prepared a buying guide to help you identify key issues when buying delta-8 flowers.

Before placing your first order, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Plant Source And Lab Results

Verify that the laboratory is a third-party facility. In addition, it should have the authorization to conduct the experiment. You can only buy a product once it meets this requirement. This is crucial since the delta-8 THC market is generally uncontrolled, and you will have no way of confirming what you are ingesting without verifying Certificates of Analysis and lab results.

The much more useful background investigation to perform before purchasing any delta-8 flowers is this one. You must be certain of the hemp plant’s origin, learn about the agricultural practices that led to it, and validate the laboratory test findings at the conclusion of the manufacturing operation. THe United States prides itself in growing premium hemp. With the regulations in place, hemp from the US is more likely to be healthy. The explanation is that transporting flowers from abroad may allow them time to degrade before becoming an edible product.

  • Potency

You should conduct a detailed study before buying a product to ensure that the company’s goods are effective enough to provide the intended effects. The process used for infusing a delta-8 flower is one of several factors that might impact its effectiveness.

Some technologies require the flower to be weaker, while others make the flower have stronger effects. Different brands employ various absorption and processing methods. Checking user reviews of the product strains is the most effective technique to gauge potency. You could discover that one company’s northern lights straining does not affect you as much as another leading brand.

  • Possible Effects

The presence of dry herb vaporizers, THC metabolites, and other components strongly impact your body’s endocannabinoid system. Due to this reason, you may experience an extremely relaxed feeling with a high psychoactive effect and feel as if you may not be able to take full responsibility for anything. As previously mentioned, you should be super careful while buying delta-8 flowers online. Moreover, you should verify if the product you are purchasing is in accordance with the State law, Federal law and is approved at the Federal level. The confirmation of the legal status is also associated with a positive result. Along with the ones we mentioned, some other good brands are Moon Rocks and Blue Dream. 

Some important aspects are checking which hybrid strains come up with a smooth flavor and which hybrid strain may be the best. Hemp enthusiasts should be careful and consider reaching out to health physicians to check if the product may contain heavy metals. 

  • Legal Compliance

Generally speaking, the 2018 farm bill is expected to comply with all credible hemp firms producing delta-8 THC goods. Examine the product’s Certificate of Analysis to see if they comply.

This is crucial if you don’t reside in a state that allows hemp for leisure use. By buying from these companies, you’ll like to be certain you won’t break the law. Additionally, you may verify that the company of your selection does not deliver to locations where doing so is prohibited. You may get a sense of the company’s authenticity from this.

  • Brand Offers And Customer Service

Since you’ll probably be making your purchases online, supporting a company with fantastic sales and coupons doesn’t harm. When shopping, consider companies that provide free delivery, streaming services if you plan to purchase frequently, and discount choices if you want to buy in large quantities. Incentives and rewards programs, promotions, and quick delivery alternatives are other things to watch. Keep an eye out for their money-back guarantee and choose to choose companies with more open and simple policies.

Emphasize this as well because all of this is useless if the company offers a subpar service experience. Think about how accessible they are, how quickly they respond, and how useful they are. In the end, a company that prioritizes client satisfaction, like the three we’ve studied in this post, will benefit you considerably more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delta 8 Flower 

  • What should I know about the legality of the delta-8 flower? Do local regulations affect the legality of delta-8 flowers?

It is OK if the delta 8 blossom comes from the cannabis plants and not the marijuana plant. The 2018 agricultural legislation only authorized cannabis and items produced from hemp, which is the cause. delta-8 will only be permitted at the federal and state level if it is obtained from hemp because it can be found in several cannabis varieties, albeit in very small amounts. Local regulations can also affect the legality of Delta-8, and some jurisdictions have outright outlawed it. Before buying the flower, you should know your state’s regulations on Delta-8.

  • Will inhaling delta-8 flowers cause me to test positive for drugs?

Yes, inhaling delta-8 flowers can lead to a positive result for drugs. The best course of action would be to prevent ingesting delta-8 flower before the drug test if you intend to do so. Your outcomes could or might not be favorable. Drug tests often measure levels of THC and may not precisely distinguish between delta-8 and delta-9.

Additionally, due to the similarities between these two chemicals, a tiny amount of delta-9 can be found in some delta compounds. The buildup of drugs in your body makes you more likely to show positive for narcotics if you take delta-8 regularly.

  • What is the impact of delta-8 flower on the newbies?

You will get a tiny high after inhaling a flower since delta-8 does have a modest hallucinogenic impact. However, compared to delta-9 THC, the consequences are minimal. When delta-9 breaks down spontaneously, it produces delta-8, which has much less efficacy. Tobacco users who use delta-8 flowers often don’t want to feel exuberant. Instead, they want a low-risk sedative that doesn’t impair their ability to think clearly.

You should always consider the information on prescription medications being federally legal. 

  • Can I use delta-8 flowers for recreational purposes? How will it induce euphoric feelings in a beginner?

Users frequently use hemp products and THC flowers to treat conditions including nervousness, tension, sleeplessness, and other issues. To employ delta-8 items, you don’t need to fulfill a certain requirement. Many delta-8 flowers include additional botanicals that are beneficial to your physical well-being. As a result, you might decide to consume the blossom as a vitamin supplement. It is preferable to require professional advice from a doctor if you have a serious medical problem rather than using delta-8 THC flower for self-medication.

  • What will happen if I overdose on delta-8 flowers? Will I have a euphoric feeling? 

Yes, it is possible to consume far too much delta-8 THC flower. It’s critical that you determine the dose that your system can handle and then adhere to it. Excessive use of the delta-8 flower may have more drastic results than desired. Along with this, you could also feel queasy, nauseous, faint, or have constipation. Get medical help immediately if you feel unwell after consuming delta-8 flowers.

  • Who must not utilize the delta-8 flower?

Not everyone can use the delta-8 flower. People who belong to particular groups are particularly in danger from it. Women who are breast feeders or are pregnant or do nursing should be the first group to steer clear of the delta-8 flower. However, it is preferable to be cautious than afraid, given the lack of knowledge about the consequences on the developing baby.

Additionally, children should not have access to this product. If you are younger than 18 or 21, using the delta-8 flower can be against the law in several areas. Last but not least, if you have major illness concerns, avoid using delta-8 THC items. Whether you are using a prescription drug or not, you should consult a doctor.

  • What is the difference between delta-8 flowers and CBD flowers? 

These phrases are frequently used in conjunction with one another and are practically identical. CBD flower is essentially cannabis blossoms that have been treated with the CBD substance. Due to its minimal to nonexistent THC concentration, CBD flowers do not cause any hallucinogenic properties. The delta-8 flower buds, on the other hand, also contains both CBD and delta-8 THC. delta-8 flowers are delta-8 THC-infused cannabis blossoms.

A delta-8 flower might thus be thought of as a CBD flower that has been injected with the delta-8 distillate. People use CBD flowers just for medical purposes. Alternatively, they use delta-8 to blend therapeutic properties and minor psychedelic qualities.

  • Are there any benefits of the delta-8 THC flower?

The hemp flower with delta-8 THC is made from cannabis plants that are legally grown in the United States and has numerous medical advantages. Users claim that delta-8 THC makes them feel peaceful and relaxed without the typical euphoria, paranoia, or even anxiety that comes with marijuana.

According to research, nearly half of those who use delta-8 THC products do so to treat medical issues. Stress, anxiety, depressive and mood disorders, panic attacks, chronic pain, and sadness are a few of them. The majority of the advantages associated with delta-8 THC flowers are anecdotal. Due to the lack of available data, scientists are unsure if the possible health advantages exceed any negative effects. However, a lot of consumers claim that utilizing it has positive outcomes.

The easiest way to obtain all the advertised advantages without taking risks is to purchase delta-8 flowers from a reliable supplier.

  • Is delta-8 flower synthetic?

Several individuals believe delta-8 THC to be manufactured since CBD is primarily used in its synthesis. This is not the situation, though. The delta-8 THC is not created from scratch. To obtain Delta-8, the backbone of the CBD is only altered with the use of different biochemical operations. None of this is taken away or contributed to it.

In truth, this process might happen naturally if the correct circumstances were there. Additionally, the marijuana plant normally produces it in very minute amounts. The delta-8 flower is essentially a standard hemp blossom that has had this harvested, purified delta-8 sprinkled on it or placed inside of it. The outcome is not actually constructed, despite the fact that the method is.

  • Is delta-8 the same as THC?

THC comes in both delta-8 and delta-9 forms. Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the specific component of cannabis that results in a “high” experience. The cannabis plant contains a variety of THCs. Delta-8, delta-9, and even Delta 10 exist. However, when people use the term “THC,” they often mean delta 9. However, it is also acceptable to refer to delta-8 as THC.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Delta 8 Flower Brand?

The hemp flower with delta-8 THC is a great edible even though it is still quite young. It is fantastic for relieving stress and making you feel wonderful without actually making you “crazy.” Most of the population is aware of this, and the delta-8 flower is not changing any time soon. Instead, researchers have conducted studies to learn the advantages of delta-8 and how to apply it.

High-quality flowers are hard to come by since the complete harvesting of delta-8 is quite difficult. Since not all producers are equal, not all of them can offer high quality flowers. To ensure these companies’ legitimacy and high standards and the items they provide, we have thoroughly examined them. Utilizing premium THC products ensures that you will experience that sense of fulfillment.

Merchandise from the brands mentioned above is just as strong as other types of cannabis flowers. They consist of oils, baked goods, candy, etc. Even if you like the conventional method of hemp consumption, you might also like to look at them. Taking these delta-8 hemp blossoms is best done responsibly, just like with anything else. They use organic growing methods, follow the local laws, and the extraction process is 100% satisfactory. 

Using precisely the right amount to get your intended effect will provide you with the most pleasure and enjoyment. Overconsumption of the delta-8 flower may have unintended consequences because it is a relatively recent product on the market. At the end of the day, using premium delta-8 THC flower responsibly will result in your desired experience and an additional perception of security.

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