3 Best Delta-8 THC Flower Online in 2022

As time goes on, more and more, CBD keeps becoming more and more popular, with all sorts of people using it and advocating for further decriminalization and acceptance of the drug, whether just medically or for recreational use.

Medically, CBD products are thought to have medicinal qualities capable of dealing with many illnesses more effectively or with fewer side effects compared to traditional medicine, even looking at the more pessimistic reviews of the chemical. 

Some of the effects the CBD is claimed to have included helping manage various kinds of discomfort, ranging from pain to nausea, a general calming effect, and the ability to treat epilepsy, along with some other neurological illnesses, with various medical studies both ongoing and completed providing evidence for these claims. 

Hemp flower, in addition, is seen as a favorable option, as inhalation is one of the better methods to efficiently and quickly getting CBD into your system. On top of this, delta-8 can provide a more pleasant experience from using the CBD flower and can even just be used recreationally. 

So, we made this article to tell you about the best delta-8 CBD flowers and answer some common questions on the matter. Now, with the preamble completed, let’s crack open how we choose the best CBD flowers!

List of Reviewed Products:

  1. Delta Effex: Delta-8 THC Infused Hemp Flower
  2. ATLRx: Delta-8 Flower
  3. Bloomble: Delta-8 Moon Rocks w/ CBD Flower and CBG Kief

How We Choose Great Delta-8 Flowers?

With how popular Delta-8 products are, such as carts, oils, and gummy bears, and more and more brands rise out of the ether to peddle their wares, we must be ever more aware of the products they sell and evaluate them to make sure that not only are they worth buying, but that they are safe to use. 

More and more brands, especially newer and untested brands, sell sub-par merchandise with all kinds of contaminants and poor-quality flower, making them both unpleasant to use, relatively ineffective, and unsafe; they may even be illegal, depending on their concentrations of delta-8 and delta-9 THC and what state you are in. 

So, to help you understand our thought process and perhaps even teach you how to pick good d-8 CBD flowers for yourself, we’re putting this guide in here for you! If you don’t care or are already an old hand at this, you can scroll down past the guide to get straight to the juicy reviews.

How it’s Grown

Good CBD products that are safe and enjoyable start their journey as high-quality hemp plants grown organically, naturally, and without any harmful chemicals or heavy metals in the soil or on the plant. 

See, hemp is a bio-accumulator, meaning that all those nasty chemicals and heavy metals have a bad tendency to concentrate inside the hemp plant if there are any in the area they’re growing. This can be good in some cases, like when you want to use hemp plants to purify tainted soil, but it is really bad when you plan on consuming the hemp cause those heavy metals and chemicals end up inside you. 

Generally, plants from America are safe due to stringent federal regulations on the quality of the products produced, which makes American brands safer than brands from other countries, as a general rule. However, this doesn’t apply to black-market products, which is where the next part comes into play.

The Brand Itself

The brand selling the CBD flowers is of high importance because every other part of this list, and every part of the product, is affected by the trustworthiness and quality of the brand as a whole, especially with the black-market involvement and the fact that the products are new, meaning regulation isn’t where it should be. 

With all forms of unscrupulous and straight-up criminal vendors of CBD products, you need to keep an eye on the brand’s reputation to make sure you aren’t buying from a snake oil salesman. 

By only buying from brands with a perfect sterling reputation, you can not only trust that the product you are buying is what it says it is, but you can trust that it is safe, effective, and enjoyable to use. 

These brands with a perfect reputation have nothing to hide, and to prove that they sell what they say they sell, they often use 3rd party testing and display the Certificates of Analysis, as we cover next.

3rd Party Testing with Certificates of Analysis Displayed

Now, as I stated above, with the lack of total regulation and testing like in similar industries, we have two factors to go off of to make sure a product is effective and safe; we have the brands reputation, customer reviews, and we also have the Certificates of Analysis from 3rd party labs. 

These Certificates of Analysis tell you everything you need to know, from CBD, d-8, and terpene concentrations, to heavy metal amounts, to the presence of other chemicals, giving you all sorts of info. This information lets you know whether a product is genuinely high-quality by providing you all the data to come to a decision yourself. 

Also, some experienced users can even get an idea of how the product will taste and feel based on this information. These certificates of Analysis have to come from 3rd party labs because if the company that makes the products run the tests themselves, they could bias the results or outright lie about the results. 

The 3rd party labs, however, have no such conflict of interest and merely give a truthful analysis of the product. Now, with the reputation of the brand, growing methods, and 3rd party Certificates of Analysis covered, we have the final factor you should consider; the customer experience.

The Customer’s Experience

Now, this final category is a bit of a catch-all, covering everything from reviews to the site itself. See, this is how everything looks from the point of view of a user, so it kind of has to be broad. 

For example, the design of the site and how accessible information fall under this category because if they care about the customer experience and transparency of information, making it easy to access, they care about being trustworthy and showing their quality. 

It also covers customer reviews, which show how happy customers were with the product and process and what problems they encountered, and their customer service policies, such as how friendly they are to consumers such as you and me.

Our Selection of our Favorite and Safest Delta-8 CBD Flowers

As we mentioned above, due to hemp being a bio-accumulator, making sure you source your product well is vital for your safety. Organic methods with minimal or no chemicals/fertilizer/pesticides/heavy metal contamination are what we look for. 

All of our selected favorite flowers on this list, naturally, qualify. Now, it’s about time to dig into the list of the 4-best delta-8 CBD flowers/brands. Though, before we get into it, we should note these are all great choices, so the reviews are going to be mostly positive; after all, we’ve already filtered out the bad ones! 

The 3 Best Delta-8 THC Flower Brands Online

1. Delta Effex Delta-8 THC Infused Hemp Flower

Best Pick
Delta Effex D-8 Flower
  • 100% Organic Hemp Flower
  • High Quality Strains
  • Different Favours Available
  • Free Shipping over $99
Get Latest Deal

Growth Process

Like most of the brands on this list, Delta Effex uses organic farming techniques to get high-quality flowers, though they don’t go into much detail on it or themselves, focusing instead on delta 8, which I’ll go into more detail on the specifics in the next section. 

The Brand`

Delta Effex, as their name implies, is a brand focused on the effects of delta-8 and delta-10, but we’re only going over delta-8, which is also their primary focus. Now, this brand happens to gloss over themselves, for the most part, focusing all their attention on informing you on delta 8, which is quite admirable! 

Instead of focusing on advertising for themselves, they provide detailed information and study-backed information on delta-8 and its effects, including the medicinal effects. Under the “Learning Center” tab and on many of their homepage links, you have both an introduction to delta 8, teaching you all about its effects and how it works. 

Furthermore, there is also a FAQ page, going over details and concerns not covered in its more scientific introduction. Speaking of science…


Like all the other brands on this list, they utilize 3rd party testing, with yet another tab under the Learning Center header in the drop-down list, with tests done on both the Bubba OG Kush and Sour Diesel Delta-8 Infused Hemp Flower strains. 

Now, their testing happens to fail to cover some of the important aspects, such as heavy metals, but the tests do cover cannabidiols and delta-8 THC levels, which are some of the most important factors. In addition, none of their customers have complained, meaning they most likely sell good, quality products!

Customer Experience

First, let’s go over the site. First, they link you to the shop for people who know their business there and know about delta 8, then below that, they feature a promo code. If you scroll down past that, they have a link to their delta-8 info page before going over yet more shop options and more information on delta-8. 

If you click on any of these, it brings you straight where you want to go, and with a few seconds of mousing over the header options, you could similarly see the lists of available pages grouped and displayed appropriately. 

Easy to navigate and beautiful, the site is well designed. Furthermore, their customer reviews are all overwhelmingly positive, with no complaints apart from one man whose postal service failed him, which is hardly the company’s fault. In other words, it looks like you’re in for a treat!

2. ATLRx Delta-8 Flower

Best Value
Atlrx Delta 8 Flower
  • Organically Grown
  • Wide Variety of Strains Available
  • 30-day Refund Policy
Get Latest Deal

Growth Process

ATLRx prides themselves on the medical capabilities of their hemp and certainly grows their hemp more than healthy enough for any to smoke! 

With organic and sustainable farming methods, they grow their hemp in a way that’s both healthy for you, the consumer, and the environment as a whole, focusing on potent strains harvested in Colorado, Oregon, and California with no chemicals or pesticides. 

Furthermore, they test every harvest they have through a 3rd party lab to make sure that the levels of delta-8, cannabinoids, and terpenes are all up to snuff and confirm no chemicals or heavy metals ended up in the final batch, as a just in case. After all, you can’t take too much caution with medicinal or recreational herbs!

The Brand

ATLRx has a particular focus on the medicinal properties of CBD and other hemp products, as one may guess from the Rx in their name. In their eyes, hemp products are an untapped method of making just about everyone’s lives better, and if they can tap that potential, they can make the whole world a better place to live in, “one morning at a time.” 

Of course, they don’t focus on health alone; they also believe that CBD products can make people happier, too, and they plan on accomplishing this dream of theirs through quality hemp sold at reasonable prices. This holistic view of the health and happiness they can give people through good hemp products is excellent, but their quality testing is just as good.


Like the rest of the brands on this list, they prove the authenticity and unbiased quality of their tests via utilizing 3rd party labs to test all of their products and proudly display their certificates of Analysis on the page of every single product they sell. 

Their testing doesn’t cover every factor due to their unshakable confidence in the quality of their growing operations, but what they do double-check for, they all pass the test for. They go into more detail than Delta Effex, that’s for sure!

Customer Experience

As with the previous entry and throughout the rest of the article, we’ll start off with the site layout. On the home page, they have a header for oil drops, hemp flower, their CBD shop, their CBD blog, as well as a page for contacting them and a page for listing locations, so you can navigate just about anywhere you could want just from here. 

Scrolling down, we see some of their best-sellers, as well as a scrolling review board and everything else you could want at the bottom, including a quick and easy way to check all their lab reports. Of course, going to the product page, you see a more visible black box linking to the Certificates of Analysis compilation page. 

As for the reviews, not only did people love the site’s customer service, but they also loved the products themselves, with a 4.5/5 rating over 327 total reviews. If that doesn’t speak for their quality and of itself, I don’t know what does!

3. Bloomble Delta-8 Moon Rocks with CBD Flowers and CBG Kief 

Bloomble Delta 8 Moon Rocks
  • Affordable Price
  • Made with Non GMO Industrial Hemp
  • Free Shipping OVer $100
Get Latest Deal

Growth Process

Bloomble, sadly, doesn’t go over their growing process; in fact, they have a deficit of personal information on their site, with even less info than Delta Effex! Of course, they seem to be the new kids on the block, which would explain this; their site seems a bit incomplete like they haven’t finished building it. 

This seems like it’ll probably change soon, though, and this information may even be out of date when this article goes live! However, it’s pretty unlikely that any quality purveyors of hemp, especially given what we heard about their quality to get them on this list, use anything but chemical-free, organic farming.

The Brand

The brand itself also lacks info! Funnily enough, one of the under-construction bits is the “About Us” page, where they only have the default outline for what they will eventually put in! Apart from that, though, we can gather a bit about them from their FAQ page, which is pretty detailed on a variety of matters. 

Under their FAQ page, they basically have documented every step of the process, so even my 90-year-old grandma could order from them! They also walk you through CBD chemically, the endocannabinoid system, and a variety of other important matters, with even more info on the Blog page. 

They also have a “Cannabis Research” link, but that page isn’t built yet either! However, what they do have finished is quite informative and thorough, which shows how they want to teach people about the ins and outs of CBD products, and by the time you read this, they’ll probably have why on their About Us page!


They say that their products are lab tested, or at least the Delta-8 Moon Rocks are, with the COA in the pictures of the product. It shows you the percent and mg/g of the various compounds. Their tests don’t cover more than that, though, and there doesn’t appear to be a dedicated Lab Test Results page. Perhaps they haven’t put it in yet?

Customer Experience

Well, the site is… a bit confusing. They have easy access to the products, for sure, and the fact that they have an interactive bar showing you featured products, on sale products, and top-rated products is super cool. 

The FAQs, and other non-shop pages, are all located at the bottom of the page, so you kind of have to look for them. On top of that, the site isn’t complete, with missing pages and pages with just default, filler text in them. While cool to see it being built in front of us, that isn’t great from our perspective. 

However, their products seem to be well rated, with the Moon Rocks having a single review of 5 stars, saying that the product is beautiful and product, and how relaxing it is to smoke. Good signs, indeed, and the site is still being built, so it’ll probably look better when you go take a look at it!

Delta-8 THC Flowers Versus Delta-9 THC Marijuana

Now, the million-dollar question: what makes delta-8 different from delta-9 THC, the stuff that makes Marijuana illegal? Well, there are a couple of answers to that question, depending on how, exactly, you’re looking at it. The simplest way, and the way that makes all the difference in the world to the law, is looking at it chemically. 

Delta-8 THC is basically the same as delta-9, but with one difference. For d-8, the double bond is on the 8th carbon, whereas for delta-9, the double bond is on the 9th carbon. Easy to understand, right? It’s just a misplaced bond, so what’s the big difference? 

First, the legal difference. D-8 is different from d-9, meaning that laws made to criminalize the delta-9 THC compound don’t all apply to delta-8, depending on how specific they are. Second is that it dramatically alters the effects the compound has on the human body. First, there’s the way it feels or the anecdotal perspective. 

Delta-9 is known for making people “stoned,” where they are high in such a way that they don’t even feel like moving, seemingly binding them to their couch like glue. Meanwhile, d-8 doesn’t “stone” you, instead of giving you a milder high while letting you retain your clear state of mind and not making you feel all slow and droopy. 

This is due to the reduced potency of d-8 compared to d-9 and the slightly different interactions it has with the body, letting you get high with fewer side effects than delta-9, in addition to delta-8 and delta-9 having different medical effects, according to some studies. 

If you’re curious about the exact medical effects, I recommend you look it up yourself, as research in the field of cannabinoids and THC is changing and advancing by the day.

Tl;DR: Delta-8 has fewer side effects and is less likely to turn you into a couch-bound munchie machine, and has different medical effects. It’s also legal in more places!

Can Delta-8 Flowers Get You High?

As I wrote above, yes, it will get you high. However, the high is remarkably different from delta 9, or marijuana. While your body processes it differently and has different effects as a drug, it is still THC and shares similarities to delta-9 THC. 

Read what I wrote above for more detail on the matter (the whole thing, not just the TL; DR), and look into some reviews and articles about how it feels. After all, we’re reviewing delta-8 flowers in this article, not delta-8 itself!

If it isn’t legal, I’m in hot water with the feds! It is legal, yes, assuming it is legal to own delta-8 THC in your state. 

Here’s an A-Z list on where delta-8 CBD products are legal in the United States, though I recommend you double-check its legal status in your state because the legality of CBD products changes all the time.

  • Alabama: Legal
  • Alaska: Delta 8 is illegal in the state of Alaska
  • Arizona: Delta 8 is illegal in the state of Arizona
  • Arkansas: Delta 8 is illegal in the state of Arkansas
  • California: Legal
  • Colorado: Delta 8 is illegal in the state of Colorado
  • Connecticut: Legal
  • Delaware: Delta 8 is illegal in the state of Delaware
  • Florida: Legal
  • Georgia: Legal
  • Hawaii: Legal
  • Idaho: Delta 8 is illegal in the state of Idaho
  • Illinois: Legal
  • Indiana: Legal
  • Iowa: Delta 8 is illegal in the state of Iowa
  • Kansas: Legal
  • Kentucky: Legal
  • Louisiana: Legal
  • Maine: Legal
  • Maryland: Legal
  • Massachusetts: Legal
  • Michigan: Legal
  • Minnesota: Legal
  • Mississippi: Delta 8 is illegal in the state of Mississippi
  • Missouri: Legal
  • Montana: Delta 8 is illegal in the state of Montana
  • Nebraska: Legal
  • Nevada: Legal
  • New Hampshire: Legal
  • New Jersey: Legal
  • New Mexico: Legal
  • New York: Legal
  • North Carolina: Legal
  • North Dakota: Legal
  • Ohio: Legal
  • Oklahoma: Legal
  • Oregon: Legal
  • Pennsylvania: Legal
  • Rhode Island: Delta 8 is illegal in the state of Rhode Island 
  • South Carolina: Legal
  • South Dakota: Legal
  • Tennessee: Legal
  • Texas: Legal
  • Utah: Delta 8 is illegal in the state of Utah
  • Vermont: Legal
  • Virginia: Legal
  • Washington: Legal
  • West Virginia: Legal
  • Wisconsin: Legal
  • Wyoming: Legal

There are also some states where it is legal but resides in a sort of a grey area; there’s a bit too much on that to cover here, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find info on your state!

Why Is Delta-8 The Way to Go, and What Makes a Good D-8 Flower?

The reason you’d pick delta-8 CBD flowers over normal CBD flowers is, well, the d-8 within. Now, there’s a variety of things that make normal CBD flowers great, all of which are enhanced by the addition of d-8, so let’s go over what makes CBD flowers great since I’ve already covered what makes delta-8 by itself great above!

  • Terpene/CBD Content

Terpenes and CBD can be considered the back-up dancer and the drum player to the delta 8, the lead singer, and guitar player. The d-8 is the star of the show, certainly, but that doesn’t mean that the back-up dancers and the drummer aren’t crucial to the experience. 

Terpenes and the cannabidiols inside the flower do two things, give the flower strain a distinctive taste and help add effect to the show. 

Cannabidiols, in particular, have their own medical effects and their own pseudo-high they give you, which pair beautifully with, and somewhat overlap with, delta 8, much like a bass pairing with and complementing the lead guitar.

  • Quality of the Processing

See, all flowers go through processing before they get to you; much like how, with music, you have various pedals, amps, and settings to tweak before the sound hits your ears. If this is done poorly, the end result isn’t any good, and the same happens when smoking delta-8 flowers. 

First, you have to cut them up and preserve them, then dry and cure them, as well as other processes, so that you end up with a genuinely high-quality product at the end of the process. This is important because if it has a lot of stems/seeds still in the flower, for example, it’s going to be less pleasant to smoke. 

If it smells weird, it might have gone bad, and if it’s damp/burns unevenly, they didn’t dry/cure it right. All of these are bad signs, and while it should still be safe to smoke, it’s clearly of lower quality.

Are Delta-8 Flowers Detectable on a Drug Test?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is maybe, but with more detail and discretion involved. See, while delta-8 THC is chemically, legally, and biologically different from delta-9, drug tests aren’t precise enough to pick up the difference because, in the end, it’s still THC. 

In other words, if your place of work has drug testing, you may not want to smoke any form of CBD flower, much less Delta-8 CBD flowers, or if you have regular testing only, stop smoking a month or so before the test, or figure out a way to cheat the test. 

This is something you should look up to yourself and perhaps ask your boss about because there’s a variety of factors at play.

Are Delta-8 Flowers for You?

It depends on your situation! For example, if you’re a Mormon, for example, this is not something your religion allows, and I question why you’ve read this article to the end. This applies to other people of religions that ban recreational drug use. 

Furthermore, if you’re allergic to hemp plants or their products, please do not use hemp flowers because it may kill you from anaphylactic shock. Not worth it, bro. 

Furthermore, if you have mandatory, random drug tests at work, you shouldn’t use D-8, or most CBD products, due to the presence of THC and other tested-for indicators of marijuana, as you may lose your job. 

Apart from these, so long as you have spare money you feel like spending on some good herbal times, I’d say go on ahead.

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