CBD Honey Brings Sweet Relaxation To Your Recipes & Herbal Tea

CBD honey, sweet, rich in flavor and packed with natural healing benefits, is the ultimate upgrade to your night time tea.

A warm cup of herbal tea before bed is one of the most soothing ways to end your day, and we recently discovered that a spoonful of CBD honey from Colorado Hemp Honey makes this into a powerful sleep aid. Made from high quality ingredients and third-party lab tested for purity, this product is a great way to add the benefits of CBD and honey to your diet. Colorado Hemp Honey is available in four delicious flavors and can be used almost any way you use honey.

CBD honey from Colorado Hemp Honey is available in both unflavored and flavored varieties.
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A trio of jars of Colorado Hemp Honey. Ginger Soothe which was reviewed for this article. CBD honey from Colorado Hemp Honey is available in both unflavored and flavored varieties.

We discovered this delicious CBD honey at the 2018 Hemp and Garden Show in Austin, Texas, and it quickly became a favorite ingredient in our kitchen. Read on to find out more about the origins of Colorado Hemp Honey and see our complete review of this unique product.


Colorado Hemp Honey is produced by Frangiosa Farms, which has nearly 100 hives in the Denver, Colorado area.

According to their website, the company invests profits in efforts to promote beekeeping and sustainability, which is especially important given falling bee populations around the world. “Frangiosa Farms is focused on natural, sustainable beekeeping practices that consider the long term effects of maintaining healthy bee colonies.”

Their products are made from raw, largely unprocessed honey so it can be enjoyed in its purest form. Whole plant hemp extract, produced from Colorado grown, Non-GMO and pesticide free industrial hemp, is the final ingredient in this delicious CBD honey. Whole plant, or full spectrum, extract means all the terpenes and other beneficial trace ingredients in the hemp remain.

Every product is clearly labeled with the total amount of CBD oil inside. While third-party lab testing results were available for all of Colorado Hemp Honey’s products at the Hemp and Garden Show, they aren’t on the website. We hope the company will provide them online soon. In the meantime, we recommend consumers contact the company to see the lab results.


Scientific evidence and consumer reports alike suggest that CBD oil can relieve the symptoms of a wide variety of conditions, from chronic pain to epilepsy. While the medicinal benefits of honey are harder to prove, its nutritional content is well documented.

“Besides having minerals, vitamins and important enzymes, honey is a natural, healthy energy booster,” notes an article from the Michigan State University Extension. While it’s probably true that honey is slower to absorb into the system than refined sugar, diabetics should still avoid consuming too much.

CBD honey combines the delicious sweetness of honey with the benefits of full spectrum hemp extract.
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Rich golden honey is poured from over a spoon so that it drips into a shallow bowl. CBD honey combines the delicious sweetness of honey with the benefits of full spectrum hemp extract.

Our review team tried the Ginger Soothe flavor of Colorado Hemp Honey. The flavor of ginger is warm and strong but not overpowering. This CBD honey is great by the spoonful, but we frequently added it to our herbal teas before bed. Colorado Hemp Honey also offers tangerine, lemon and an unflavored variety.

Consumers should try just a teaspoon at first, because Colorado Hemp Honey is effective and potent. This CBD honey was especially helpful at promoting a restful sleep in a warm drink. Like other forms of CBD oil, it eased symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation.

Though we didn’t try cooking with it, Colorado Hemp Honey can be used in almost any recipe, from the sweetener in pancakes to the glaze on chicken wings. We were advised that CBD honey should not be blended, which is unfortunate as otherwise we’d love to use it in our post-workout smoothies, along with our favorite hemp protein powder.

We wholeheartedly recommend Colorado Hemp Honey’s “Ginger Soothe,” and we bet the other flavors are just as delicious.


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The market is getting saturated with many different CBD brands. We’ve compared the top brands to help you with your decision. Check it out.

CBD honey from Colorado Hemp Honey is available in both unflavored and flavored varieties.
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