The Ministry of Hemp Podcast Is Coming Soon: Listen To Our Promo!

The Ministry of Hemp Podcast
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The Ministry of Hemp Podcast
The Ministry of Hemp Podcast Is Coming Soon: Listen To Our Promo!
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Get ready for the new Ministry of Hemp Podcast hosted by Matt Baum!

Each episode Matt digs into the world of hemp to explore the culture, products, and best practices to look for in your own hemp experience. Featuring hemp news and interviews with the people behind the movement in every episode and answers to your questions.

Give us a call and leave a message at (402) 819-6417, shoot us an email to, post on our Facebook page or tweet at us @ministryofhemp on Twitter and we’ll answer your questions on the show!

Watch for the new Ministry of Hemp Podcast coming to iTunes and everywhere you stream your favorite shows!


Matt Baum: Hey, my name is Matt Baum, and I am proud to announce America’s leading Hemp advocate, the Ministry of Hemp, is getting a podcast. And it’s hosted by me. Now, I am by no means an expert, but I’m going to be learning with you guys on every episode. There’s been a lot of stuff about Hemp in the news lately, about CBDs in the news lately. And, like a lot of people, you probably don’t know what it all means. But that’s what we’re here for.

Matt Baum: We’re going to talk about Hemp culture, we’re going to talk about responsible Hemp farming. We’re going to talk to the farmers, the providers, and the people that make Hemp products here on this show. But, we also want to talk to you. Please, shoot us your questions at Ministry of Hemp on Twitter, or Facebook backlash Ministry of Hemp. We want to hear from you guys, it’s going to be fully interactive. If you’re not on the Twitter or the Facebook, that’s cool too, you can always send me an MP3 question to, and you and your question could be featured on the show.

Matt Baum: It’s the Ministry of Hemp podcast, and it’s coming soon everywhere podcasts can be downloaded or streamed, Apple, iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, all over the place. Watch for it, I’m excited, I hope you guys are too.

Matt Baum has been hosting, producing, and editing podcasts for almost ten years. He's been a touring musician, chef, journalist, and avid comic book fan for as long as he can remember. Currently, Matt lives in Omaha Nebraska with his wife Kacie and pugs Mable and Bobo.

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