Best Hemp CBD Flower Strains & Brands Of 2022

The amount of people who actively use CBD is increasing by the day it seems. That exponential growth means the market is being flooded with low-quality products to meet the high demands, and a lot of bad information to go along with it. You won’t find any of that here at the Ministry of Hemp!

We dug deep into our network of knowledge and expertise to provide this countdown review of the five best CBD flower brands along with a selection of their finest CBD strains.

Be sure you continue to read on for the product reviews and buying guide to make an informed decision.

Photo: A blonde woman sitting by a creek lights a hemp flower cigarette.
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Our guide to choosing the right hemp flower will help you pick the right strain for that afternoon getaway. (Photo: Secret Nature / Nathaniel Gerdes)

Selection Process: How We Trim From The Crop

Trying to determine which brands you can trust is a task that an end-user shouldn’t have to figure out on a case-by-case basis. It would be impossible for an individual to shop from the endless list of CBD vendors you’ll find on a search engine, just to find the few that they are comfortable buying from.

That’s why we did the shopping for you! Using the following factors we determined which brands deserved to be on the list, counting down from five to one. “Five” is the lower end of our standard, and “one” being the ascended.

• 3rd Party Reviews- The most simple but effective method of researching products online is to check reviews from other sources than the vendor; this is no exception. It’s always recommended to check for a high volume of reviews before individually looking at ratings. If implemented with diligence the reviews will seldom lead you astray.

• Knowledge- If a company knows what they are talking about, then a bad review or two can usually be forgiven. Those who are part of the market flood are unlikely to be educated about what they are trying to sell. The reason is simply that they aren’t interested in educating others, but in making a dollar. We like to see companies that pride themselves on spreading truthful information.

• Methodology- How a company goes about its business is paramount to whether or not you want to be a part of that business. When we use the term “methodology,” we’re combining many factors into one. These include brand reputation, cultivation methods and etiquette, testing transparency, logistics, deals and discounts, and overall company aesthetic.

Best CBD Flower Brands & Strains Online

1. Cheef Botanicals  

2. Cannaflower 

3. Absolute Nature CBD 

4. Green Flower Botanicals 

5. ATLRx 

#1. Cheef Botanicals

Coming in strong at #1 on our countdown, Cheef Botanicals is easily the best CBD flower strain brand and distributor for the 2021 year! They don’t only meet the requirements for our choices but surpass them with ease. Started by a small group of health-conscious cannabis enthusiasts with hopes of someday trumping the pharmaceutical companies and their poison-for-profit industry; they’ve come close to achieving the dream they had so long ago!

California-based, but world-renowned, the entire industry knows about their efforts and applauds them for it; as they should. Collaborating with hemp farmers from Colorado, they’ve been producing the best quality CBD products on the market, with an inventory that puts every other on this list to absolute shame. They truly have it all!

3rd Party Reviews- 10/10

No matter where you look online you’re going to see “Cheef Botanicals” if you’re looking for the best quality CBD products on the market. There are so many reviews to be seen that one person could not possibly read them all in a day (even assuming they keep reading without breaks). The best part is that out of thousands of reviews, both on their site and elsewhere, the positive outweighs the negative 10/1, easily. It’s a no-brainer how they made it to number one on the list, but there’s so much more to it as well!

Knowledge- 10/10

It’s one thing to have an easy-to-navigate educational section that is both easy to find and easy to understand. However, when a company has the largest library of information regarding CBD including guides on every possible corner of its existence, and how to shop for it, how to dose properly, and even ways to make your own oils… That company is doing something very correct.

Without a doubt to ever be considered, Cheef Botanicals, is the best source for factual and up-to-date information about the CBD market and everything it has to offer.

Methodology- 10/10

What can we say?… The site is gorgeous and so simple to use, a ferret could probably do it with enough practice. It’s informative, appealing, and the selection of products is beyond what any other brand has to offer by a large margin! You can sign up for a free account if you plan to shop often, which will save you a bundle in the long-run. Yet, the ads and offers aren’t shoved in your face where it makes it an uncomfortable experience.

Fully organic down to the letter, you’ll never find a trace of anything other than what the label says on the product. You can be assured of that fact by the COA given for every single product they offer! The comprehensive analysis of every product is also given space alongside the exact photos of the product you happen to be looking at on any given product page. There is no room for misconception or error for anything you purchase from Cheef Botanicals!

Lastly, it’s a substantial feat for any brand in the hemp industry to say that they are accredited by the BBB, let alone to say that they are awarded an “A” rating by the BBB. Cheef Botanicals is truly one of the most astounding businesses in this industry and it shows throughout their work no matter where you look!

Mandatory Buys

Skywalker OG is a perfect hybrid blend of Skywalker and OG that gives off the scent of piney citrus from buds that are sticky to the touch! The flavor profile is quite similar, with citrus, pine, and earthy flavors combined into a beautiful blend of mouth-watering robustness.

A CBD content of 20.94% is what SOG is packed with and it’s not to be taken lightly. This is a true pharmaceutical-grade CBD hemp flower and you’ll know that fact instantly when you try it! This is a veteran CBD user strain, without a doubt.

Gorilla Glue is kind of an intimidating name for a flower, yet you can be assured that this is a gentle giant of the stickiest type out there. It has a very diesel-esque smell and flavor, strong to the olfactory senses like something you’d expect from a wild skunk. It’s very pungent! You’ll notice it finishes with strong notes of chocolate and coffee! Perfect CBD flower strain for a perfect morning!

Taste its dense flower and be in awe of the peppery citrus that follows. A “firm handshake” CBD content of 18.277% is more than enough to get your day rolling and keep it rolling until you’re ready to clock out.

Zkittles is the brother of the popular “Skittles” strain and just like its brother, it packs a wallop! Bursts of fruity sweetness and tropical explosions are the only description that can suffice what this amazing flower tastes like. You’d think you were actually eating a bag of Skittles!

Scented with comparable aromas, you’ll enjoy the sweetness in abundance with this all-natural treat. There is no harshness to be tasted or smelled in any way, whatsoever! Just smooth, sweet awesomeness.

20.382% makes Zkittles the highest CBD hemp flower content on the list, and rightfully so! From a brand such as Cheef Botanicals, you can trust that this is one for the books!

#2. Cannaflower

Taking the #2 spot in our countdown is another fresh brand with only three years of service under their feet, but an astounding “Over 100 years of combined commitment and experience in cultivating hemp flower,” as stated on their “About” section. Formerly Berkshire CBD, newly crowned Cannaflower, specializes in CBD flower strains that are as extensive as they are quality products. Products that are celebrated all throughout the United States and elsewhere!

3rd Party Reviews- 10/10

While some of the brands making headway in today’s cannabis industry literally can’t be found on the internet, Cannaflower is impossible not to find. The amount of reviews is staggering, actually, and they have no qualms about boasting those reviews. On the site, they make it known that they have over 2,000 5 star reviews, which pales in contrast to the actual certified reviews, which are currently around 6,900!

Knowledge- 8/10

You won’t find a dedicated education section on Cannaflower’s web page, which is slightly disappointing, because we absolutely love what they do. However, you will find a very comprehensive blogging section whereby they cover almost every facet of the CBD cannabis industry, from the science and farming aspects to the pharmaceutical, and even legal aspects. They are very thorough in their coverage of factual knowledge.

Methodology- 8/10

It’s essential to point out that Cannaflower doesn’t only market and sell their brand of CBD products, but they cultivate all of their own flowers pridefully! They’ve even developed a noteworthy technique for soil rejuvenation which can be read about in their extensive blog post about it!

As for the site, it’s quite impressive! Clearly expertly designed by professionals who know a thing or two about marketing and what people look for in a company. The site sells the brand without any trouble at all! The menus are easily navigated, the look and feel of the site overall are nice, and there is a color scheme that is out of place but still comforting in its originality.

When searching the large selection of CBD flower strains that they offer at Cannaflower, there’s no possibility of getting lost, due to the interactive choices in the menu on the left of the page. You can filter the choices by strain type, aroma, effect, and cultivation method; making it quite simple to find exactly what you want!

The extended family of flower strains you’ll find here, by the way, tops out around twenty strains at any given time and is always increasing! Everyone loves choices, and Cannaflower provides them with great page designs for each and every single one. They also include the COA for all of the products they market; as a great company should!

Mandatory Buys

Bubba Kush has a very high rating average not just on the Cannaflower website, but everywhere else as well. It has a scent similar to clove with lemon notes tailing, yet has a completely original flavor of coffee and cocoa!

It’s Indica dominant, making it one of the few on this list that is great for end-of-the-day relaxing or great sleep! There is a good reason that it remains as Cannaflower’s best-selling CBD flower strain!

Bubba Kush boasts a tall 17% CBD content, making it in the top five highest CBD contents on this list.

Berry Cobbler is new to the Cannaflower roster and already making waves throughout the sea of customers they supply! An indoor-grown Sativa that is fresh from the indoor grow the program over at Cannaflower, it delivers a mixed berry flavor in dense frosted buds.

Scented as it tastes with a juicy sweet berry nectar aroma that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it. Being the only strictly Sativa strain on our list, it has an odd change of pace where it has calming effects as opposed to a normal Sativa which is energizing. Perfect for winding down at the end of a long day.

16.1% CBD isn’t of the highest caliber and it doesn’t have to be! This perfectly balanced CBD flower strain is beautiful in every sense of the word and you’ll know exactly what we mean when you receive yours and try it for the first time!

#3. Absolute Nature CBD

There are quite a bit of good things to say about Absolute Nature CBD. The fact that we made them number three on our list is not at all representative of the quality of their products, nor their services. They were awarded “Best all-natural CBD products provider & Most Innovative CBD Training Education Programme” by the Global Pharma & Health (ghp) medical marijuana awards 2019

With that said, make no mistake about it; they’re a dominating player in the industry. Our reasoning for placing them in the number three spot is exclusively because of the small selection of CBD flower strains on their website. This countdown is about the bestCBD flower strains, after all.

3rd Party Reviews- 7/10

Part of the reason Absolute Nature Inc made this list at all is due to the incredible feedback they’ve received from all over the place! There are very few reviews on their website but that’s a good thing. It means that they have no reason to boast themselves; the industry they service does that for them.

Knowledge- 9/10

If this countdown was based on a companies ability to teach the world about CBD and its benefits, legalities, and even dosages, Absolute Nature Inc. would be fighting for the number one spot. Their website features a comprehensive “CBD Education Center,” which is packed full of erudite information that earned them the “Most Innovative CBD Training Education” award.

Methodology- 5/10

There is only a small number of negative things that can be said about Absolute Nature Inc. Other than the small selection of CBD flower strains, one thing to be noted is that the site shoves discount after discount in your face, then follows up with a coupon. This is a bad thing because overly pushy discounts are usually a sign of bad quality. In this case, it’s hard to say for certain, but they are willing to sacrifice website appeal to lose profit and there has to be a reason for that.

The reason could also be that they need a new web designer. On the home page of the site, the first thing that sticks out is a picture of a wooded area covered in moss (not exactly the most hemp-related scenario) and to make matters worse, the resolution of every picture you see is just terrible.

Still, I like to think the good heavily outweighs the bad! Their 3rd party testing is rigorous as they come, and it’s a transparent process that you can read all about on their site. You can also check the certificates for every product they market! 

Mandatory Buys

T1 Trump is easily one of the most potent CBD flower strains you’re likely to come across! It’s an Indica hybrid which means that it’s a cross between two Indica strains. In this case, it’s a perfect pairing of The Wife and Afghan Skunk.

Strong aromas of fruity, skunky, and spicy with a flavor that’s piney, yet fresh. T1 is also notably smooth for how strong it is!

With an overall CBD content of 17.44%, you’re definitely in for a hard hitter! Grown indoors, hand-trimmed, GMO, and pesticide-free, all without a single bad review to be found.

Bubba Kush is a well-known Sativa dominant hybrid with a 60/40 ratio of unknown genetics. The mystery of its inception doesn’t keep it from being a highly rated best-seller from the handful of CBD flower strains you’ll find at Absolute Nature CBD.

Minty, fresh, woody, and piney collaborate to give your olfactory senses a sweet treat!

Total CBD content is 15.1%. This strain is boasted for its relaxation properties, while also being credited for giving users a helpful focus when the need arises.

#4. Green Flower Botanicals

Another promising, young brand making a big name for itself; Green Flower Botanicals has been in business for quite some time, but only recently was incorporated as a business. With a myriad of products to boast they’re sure to have something that will suit you.

One of the most commendable things about them is that they produce their oils from locally grown hemp cultivated by local farmers!

Green Flower Botanicals, even has something for your pets; especially if that pet is a horse! It’s worth surfing over to their site and checking it out!

3rd Party Reviews- 5/10

Their website has a decent feedback report. Not a single review dipped under 4/5. That’s not shabby but it becomes slightly worrisome when you note that not much else can be found on the internet in terms of actual reviews. However, the ones that can be found are just as they are onsite; all positive with very low negative feedback.

Knowledge- 9/10

This is where Green Flower Botanicals stick out. Their attention to detail regarding the factual nature of the information they teach is second to none! If you’re new to CBD usage or even if you’re a long-time veteran of the hemp game, the “Learn CBD” section of the Green Flower Botanicals website will have you educated to the fullest.

Also, you’ll find an extensive and incredibly useful FAQ section to answer any basic common questions that one might have regarding CBD and its many uses. Both of these sections are available right at the top menu on every page, for convenience.

Methodology- 5/10

It’s not so bad that they were only recently incorporated when you account for the sheer professionalism that they exhibit at Green Flower Botanicals. From the moment you land on the web page, you can sense that they know what they are talking about, and they do! It has a very modern, clean, no-nonsense aesthetic and it is so easy to navigate that anyone of any age can figure it out quickly.

You can find a link to their blog at the bottom right of any page in the footer menu under “CBD Article Dispensary.” It’s an up-to-date blog, so no worries about getting outdated information, and it’s all coordinated quite well!

The fact that they use all locally produced hemp from small farms is a great trait for a company to have. The one downside to this brand (other than the very small selection of raw hemp flower) is that the COA section is either hidden away or simply not there… This could be for a lot of reasons, but at the end of the day it does matter and it does take a toll on the score for this countdown.

Mandatory Buys

Super Lemon Haze is a heavily Sativa-dominated hybrid crafted expertly from the genetics of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It is an award-winning strain; winning two Cannabis Cups at the Green House Seeds comp, making it more revered than ever!

As one would expect the flavor is very citrus oriented. Zesty lemon flavoring is the strength in this strain, but it’s the aroma that takes your breath away. Notes of citrus unlike any other flower strain with a barely noticeable twinge of ammonia.

With a CBD content of 10.6%, SLH has one of the lower CBD contents of our countdown and that’s ok because it makes up for that simply with the way it looks, smells, tastes, and has an uplifting, energetic feeling that’s unforgettable.

Chemdawg OG may sound like a silly name and maybe it is, but that doesn’t make this beautiful combination of OG Kush and Sour Diesel any less beautiful. You can visually see the forests of red hairs knitting their way through the flower buds.

The taste is that of citrus and pepper which finishes off fruity and smooth. Olfactory can say the same; smells of sweet fruity citrus with a speck of peppery topping.

14.5% is the CBD content on this mix of legendary flowers putting it somewhere in the middle average on our list. Sativa dominant, this is one that will allow you relaxation while still enabling a very uplifting positive vibe that anyone would be elated to experience!

#5. ATLRx

Based in Atlanta, this young but promising company has begun to make a pretty big impact on ATL locals and more. With two locations and opportunities for franchises, it’s safe to say they will likely be in the business for some time to come. With a noble goal, “To help people and their loved ones live a happier and more healthy life,” it’s no wonder they have grown so quickly.

We certainly have high hopes for ATLRx and would love to see them continue to flourish as quickly as they have been thus far! Here’s why they made the list!

3rd Party Reviews- 7/10

The onsite reviews are primo quality, which is to be expected almost every time. However, when we searched third-party ratings we found very little as far as quantity of reviews. Until we realized that the reviews on Google were bordering two-hundred, and every single one was a five-star review across the board! That’s seriously impressive for such a young company.

Knowledge- 5/10

This may be the sole reason that ATLRx didn’t earn a higher spot on our countdown. Most other notable companies in the CBD industry have a dedicated section on their web pages for the spread of factual CBD knowledge. While we are confident that ATLRx knows what they’re doing, the only real information on their site is in the form of an FAQ which is slightly hidden away in a footer menu. Their blog does have some incredibly useful information, therefore it can be considered an educational section as well.

Methodology- 6/10

Aesthetically speaking, ATLRx has a very nice image built thus far. It’s clean-cut, coordinated, and professional as well; the site almost looks like a pharmacy website. The layout is fairly simple to navigate except that the 3rd party lab test results are tucked away at the bottom of the page in a footer menu, along with the “wholesale,” and affiliate marketing opportunities links. 

A great feature of the web page is the “chat with us” widget on the side of the page, which can be accessed 24/7, and you’ll be replied to within minutes! Also, if you create a free account, you’ll have access to discounts and deals that you wouldn’t be offered otherwise. It’s a refreshing experience to be on the site, except for the fact that the product descriptions are fairly minimal.

Something you can’t help but love about them is that they import their products exclusively from small family-owned farms throughout Colorado and Oregon. This is a trademark of a great, and humble business.

Mandatory Buys

Hawaiian Haze is a Sativa-specific flower that has a sweet pineapple and mango flavor that is contrasted by a sharp note of earthiness and spice. When ground, the flower exudes a pungent tropical fruit essence that is hard to resist.

It contains an 11.1% CBD content, which isn’t one of the higher CBD contents on this list, but don’t let that fool you! It produces an energetic feeling with the ability to remain focused; making this one a morning strain, without question!

Special Sauce strong berry flavors combined with a diesel twist make this Sativa dominant CBD flower very special, indeed. It has quite a unique flavor and scent profile which accents the oily resinous flowers nicely.

Packed with an incredible CBD content right around 17.23%, this one will have you in your seat. Great for anxiety or even simply relaxing with a book. Not an award winner but worthy of a spot on this list, nonetheless.

Buyers Guide: CBD Flower Edition

Just a few years ago, it was impossible to buy hemp flower online, and now there are dozens of different top-shelf strains begging for your attention.

With the legalization of hemp in 2018, the market is now flooded with hemp flower, and the number of different options can be overwhelming. With names like Papaya Nights, Frosted Kush and Blood Diamond, it can feel impossible to know what you’re really buying. 

Instead of trying to understand each strain that you come across without any context, we suggest you break things down into a few basic categories. In this guide, we’ll help you figure out how to sort through all the different strains, moods, and other qualities of CBD hemp flower available on the market.

Location, Location, Location

The most important factor in buying your CBD Hemp flower will be who you choose to buy from. By selecting a renowned supplier, and one who is known for their etiquette in cultivation, preparation, shipping, and customer service, you automatically cover a few other important details that will be mentioned soon. 

Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid

Hemp doesn’t get you high. The effects of smoking hemp change, however, based on the terpene profile that a particular strain contains. Most hemp flower strains are either Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant. Some strains, called hybrids, are roughly balanced between these traits.

Sativa-dominant hemp strains provide an energetic, creative mood that’s great for getting work done or going outside. Most hemp smokers choose to use sativa strains during the day, and hemp strains with sativa characteristics are usually lighter-colored and fruitier-smelling.

Indica-dominant strains, on the other hand, provide a relaxing effect that’s great for sleep. Hemp strains with Indica genetics are often darker-colored, and they often have sweeter and richer flavor profiles. Hybrid strains take the best of both worlds to offer hemp buds that hit the spot no matter what mood you’re aiming for.

Lab Testing / COAs

Hemp has exploded in popularity recently, pushing the “green rush” to even greater heights. As a result, lots of aspiring entrepreneurs have gotten into the hemp industry, and some hemp flower companies are better than others.

Photo: Screenshot of third-party lab test results from Secret Nature website.
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Lab tests help you verify the purity and potency of your hemp flower.

Unlike lots of other crops, hemp is a bio-accumulator, which means it absorbs and stores toxins from soil or other substrates. Therefore, it’s necessary to grow hemp very carefully in controlled environments. It’s just as important to process hemp safely, but some companies don’t follow generally accepted hemp production standards.

Thoroughly independent, third-party lab testing is the best tool at your disposal if you want to make sure the hemp flower you’re purchasing is safe and high-quality. Here are some of the testing criteria that good hemp lab reports might contain:

Total cannabinoids

Every hemp lab report should show the total percentage of cannabinoids present in the tested flower.

CBD concentration

CBD is the dominant cannabinoid in most hemp flower strains, so the total concentration of CBD is an important value to represent in hemp lab tests.

Terpene profile

By providing the percentage of each terpene present in a hemp flower sample, thorough hemp lab tests tell you what to expect from the strain’s flavor and aroma profile.


As the most prevalent contaminants in hemp, chemical pesticides are one of the most-tested toxin categories.

Bacteria, fungus, and mycotoxins

If applicable, lab tests may also provide information on other potential contaminants.

CBD Concentration

The highest CBD concentrations in raw Hemp flower are no more than 24% but that’s on the farthest polar end, whereas most strains will float between 10-17%. If you are not used to using Hemp flower, then start low and work your way up! Still, the higher the content of CBD, the more you’ll experience the effects.

Appearance: How does the CBD hemp flower look?

Have you ever been around a hemp plant in full bloom? Grown correctly, mature hemp is a sight to behold. To the trained eye, however, problems with hemp are easy to recognize from appearance alone.

Photo: A nug of the "blood diamond" strain
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The visual appearance of a hemp strain can tell you a lot about its quality. (Photo: Secret Nature)

There are natural variations in appearance between different strains of hemp flower, but here are some of the visual cues you should watch for that indicate your flower is high-quality:


Can you see straight through the nug in the featured picture for a strain you’re considering? Chances are that it didn’t receive enough care during its life cycle, reducing potency.


Female hemp plants don’t have pistils, but they do have the female equivalent: stigmas. These red-orange hairs are hallmarks of healthy hemp plants.


Does your hemp flower look like it was just dusted by a blizzard? Those shimmering crystals on the surface of your non-intoxicating buds are actually tiny oil sacs called trichomes. The more trichomes your hemp has, the more potent it is.


Photo: A woman exhales as she smokes a hemp flower joint in a field of wildflowers.
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Different strains of hemp flower have different flavors due to their terpene profile and can help create different moods. (Photo: Secret Nature / Nathaniel Gerdes)

These are the little beauties that determine the taste profile, as well as the aroma that is experienced from your CBD flower. There are over 100 Terpenes in any given Hemp plant, but only 7 affect the overall Terpene profile. These are as follows:


Known for its citrus properties and mood-boosting effects.


Emits a lavender profile and is said to have a calming effect.


The most widely encountered Terpene throughout nature. Has a pine flavor and scent, and is purported to have memory-aiding properties. 


Boosts the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids. A higher concentration will produce an amplified CBD experience.


Used as a sleep-aid, and well known for its calming effect.


Produces the hoppy aroma that comes from hops when they are steeped in hot water. It is also known for its sleep-aiding effects and is also known to soothe sore muscles.


Found commonly in chamomile, honey, and apples; it’s no wonder this has such a warm aroma. Known for its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

Each Terpene will have different effects on the taste, smell, and experience received from your CBD flower. It’s all a matter of preference in deciding which suits you best. Hopefully, this allows you to have a firmer understanding of which you prefer.

Cultivation Etiquette

A lot goes into the cultivation aspect of Hemp plants; far too much to add in this article. Here are the important things to look out for and the most important things to know before you buy. Firstly, check the COA for the CBD Hemp flower that you have in mind. Since you checked the reviews already and know that you’re working with a reputable vendor, then they will certainly have the COA for the flower strain you want! 

Ideally, you want there to be no chemicals used in the cultivation of your flower. This means no pesticides, plant steroids, or GMOs. To have it as organic as possible is the best cultivation method, by far. 

Look at the pictures provided of the strain. You want to check the consistency of the buds and determine if they were trimmed properly, or cured effectively. To check the trimming quality, just make note of one thing: are there little leaflets sticking out all over the buds that cover the main flower bud? If so, then that’s a bad trim. 

As for the cure, it’s hard to tell without having the flower buds in your hand, but usually, you can safely assume that it was properly cured if it’s not overly wet-looking in appearance and if it has an airy fluff to it. Too much density with fresh wetness is a bad thing unless otherwise noted by the vendor.  

Final thoughts on picking CBD flower strains

Using customer reviews, lab reports, product pictures, and product descriptions together provides you all the information you need to pick the perfect hemp flower for your purposes. 

Do your research and make careful choices. There are new hemp flower vendors appearing every week. Some of the brands are just looking to make a quick buck, while others are taking the time to create quality products. By following our guide above, you’ll be able to pick out the top-shelf CBD flower. 

Remember that hemp renaissance has truly arrived, bringing a veritable cornucopia of amazing hemp flower options with it. Have fun, and enjoy experimenting with different strains until you find the ones that suit your needs.

Is there anything you’d like to add? Have stories to tell, or more advice to give newcomers? Join the discussion! You may help someone without realizing it!

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