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As you’ll notice under each category, all the products that we’ve reviewed are great products that have stellar online reviews. This might make it challenging when you’re shopping for hemp products. What are the differences and which one is right for me? So we broke the products down into more specific criteria to help you make your purchase decision. Do you value price? Or would you be willing to pay a bit more for better texture and smell? Our reviews can help you make your final purchase decision depending on what matters most to you.

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We’ve reviewed all the hemp body & hair care products based on the quality of their ingredients, value (price), texture, smell, and curation of other online reviews.

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Hemp Shampoo & Conditioner

BrandAmount of HempQualityTextureSmellPriceReviews
The Wonder SeedAA+BA+$$$A (4.5 stars / 18 reviews)
Carapex BC Bud HempA-AAA-$$$A (4 stars / 105 reviews)
Nature's GateBA-AA+$A- (4 stars / 55 reviews)
Dr. Bronner'sAA+CB$A+ (4.7 stars / 3000+ reviews)
HempzCBAA$A (4.4 stars / 30 reviews)
ProBeaute HempCB-BA-$A (4 stars / 235 reviews)
Ministry of Hemp recommends BC Bud shampoo as the best hemp shampoo

Our Recommendation:

BC Bud Hemp Shampoo & Conditioner

With so many great hemp hair care available, it’s extremely tough to pick the winner. If you’re looking for the best value (most bang for your buck), definitely try the Nature’s Gate or ProBeaute Hemp shampoo and conditioners. We’ve decided on recommending Carapex’s BC Bud hair line as it delivered the best hemp benefits while also having great texture, smell, and a decent value overall.

Hemp Body Wash

BrandAmount of HempQualityTextureSmellPriceReviews
Nature's GateBA-AA$A (4.6 stars / 34 reviews)
Dr. BronnersAA+BA$A+ (4.7 stars / 3000+ reviews)
The Wonder SeedAABA+$$$B (5 stars / 3 reviews)
HempzCBAA$$B (4.6 stars / 7 reviews)
Carapex BC BudA-ABB$$$A (4.6 stars / 55 reviews)
dr bronners liquid soap is our most recommended body wash product

Our Recommendation:

Dr. Bronner’s Castille Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner’s soap is actually an All-In-One soap that you can use for quite literally everything. You can use it as a shampoo, face wash, body wash, dish detergent, laundry detergent, etc. So at first, our team was a bit skeptical on how one product could be good for everything. But wow, were we surprised! The soap offers a natural, clean scent that makes you feel great during and after your shower.

Hemp Lotion

BrandAmount of HempQualityTextureSmellPriceReviews
Hemp360AA+CC$$$A (4.3 stars / 100 reviews)
The Fay FarmAA+A+A-$$A- (4.5 stars / 30 reviews )
HempzCBB+A$A (4.4 stars / 2000 reviews)
The Body ShopBB+AA$$A (4.4 stars / 560 reviews)
The Wonder SeedAAAA+$$$A- (4.7 stars / 8 reviews)
The Fay Farm Hemp Lotion is our top recommendation for hemp lotion products

Our Recommendation:

The Fay Farm Healing Lotion

The Fay Farm delivers an amazingly clean feeling and non-oily body lotion that is a pleasure to apply on the body. Out of the 4-5 different hemp lotions we’ve tried, our team has come to always go back to the Fay Farm’s healing lotion. It has a very natural and subtle scent that isn’t overpowering whatsoever. With all of its ingredients organically and locally sourced, The Fay Farm’s products are worth trying out.

Hemp Facial Care (Cleanser and/or Cream)

BrandAmount of HempQualityTextureSmellPriceReviews
The Wonder SeedAA+AA+$$A (4.3 stars / 26 reviews)
Hemp360 Face KitA+A+BB$$$A- (4.6 stars / 14 reviews)
BC Bud Facial CleanserBAB+A-$A (4.2 stars / 100 reviews)
The Body Shop Face ProtectorBB+AA$$A+ (4.7 stars / 19 reviews)
The Wonder Seed Facial cream and cleansers are our top recommended hemp facial product is our top recommended hemp facial product

Our Recommendation:

The Wonder Seed Hemp Facial Cleanser & Cream

The Wonder Seed offers unique and delightful products across the entire body care categories, but it really hit it out of the park with the hemp facial products. Just a couple nights of trying their facial cleanser and facial cream, our team noticed the difference in how clean and bright our skins turned. Only using natural flagrance, The Wonder Seed facial cream is a true pleasure to apply on your face.

Hemp Lip Balms

BrandAmount of HempQualityTextureSmellPriceReviews
The Body ShopBB+AA$$A (4.3 stars / 21 reviews)
HempzBBAA$$A (4.3 stars / 70 reviews)
Get Hemp ButterAA+AA+$$B+ (4.2 stars / 10 reviews)
Dr. BronnersBAAA$A+ (4.5 stars / 100 reviews)
Merry HempstersAAB+B$$B+ (4 stars / 55 reviews)
Get Hemp Butter Hemp Balmz are our top recommended hemp lip balms

Our Recommendation:

Get Hemp Butter Hemp Balmz

Hemp oil is known to be ingredient for lip balms as it is high in essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, and 9. The even ratio closely resemble our bodies lipids so it is easily absorbed. All the hemp lip balms that we reviewed are of great quality – they all make your lips feel great! What made Get Hemp Butter’s Hemp Balmz stand out for us was that hey offer amazing flavors and great packaging. Hemp Balmz comes in a variety of unique flavors, such as Crunkey Monkey, Blueberry Dreamz, and Vanilla Cloudz. What we also love about Get Hemp Butter’s balms is that they come in bamboo packaging. So every aspect of the product is sustainable! How awesome is that!

Hemp Massage Oil

BrandAmount of HempQualityTextureSmellPriceReviews
Carapex BC BudB+AAA$$A+ (4.7 stars / 53 reviews)
Earthly BodyBBAB$B (4 stars / 5 reviews)
Hippie ButterAAAA$$B+ (5 stars /4 reviews)
BC Bud Hemp Massage Oil is the top recommended hemp massage oil

Our Recommendation:

BC Bud Hemp Massage Oil

If you’re into massages, hemp oil is a great massage oil to try. Hemp oil is naturally great for your skin, and BC Bud fully utilizes that aspect of hemp. It’s massage oil smoothly gliding along your skin and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth without feeling greasy by the end of the massage. Get yourself a bottle and take it with you next time you go to your massage therapist. Or better yet, get your significant other to give you a hemp oil massage!

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