About The Wonder Seed

The Wonder Seed Hemp body care products

Originally called The Healing Seed, Theresa relaunched the brand as The Wonder Seed to give it a more accurate description of its properties. In addition to improving your skin conditions, The Wonder Seed’s body care products can improve skin texture, balance your oil profile and give you your most radiantly healthy glow ever!

The Wonder Seed’s formula was developed over the course of 25 years from expertise in natural body care, botanicals and aromatherapy. The Wonder Seed is to nurture, heal and protect skin and hair with a complete line of products rich in virgin organic hempseed oil, the most nutritious oil on Earth

Our Favorites from The Wonder Seed

The Wonder Seed offers skin care products made only with natural ingredients

The Wonder Seed Hemp Shampoo

Hemp Shampoo

An optimal blend of Virgin Hemp Seed Oil to give your hair strength, elasticity and a healthy bounce

The Wonder Seed Hemp Conditioner

Hemp Conditioner

For all hair types to nourish your scalp and increase moisture and shine while making your hair smooth

The Wonder Seed Hemp Facial Cream

Hemp Facial Cream

Nourishes the skin, balances your natural oil profile and seals in moisture for a smoother, younger look

The Wonder Seed Hemp Facial Cleanser

Hemp Facial Cleanser

For all skin types to remove impurities, heal inflammation and hydrate the skin while cleansing

Customer Reviews of The Wonder Seed

Customers love The Wonder Seed Hemp Products

The best shampoo & conditioner ever!

“I have finally found the shampoo for me. I have tried so many different cruelty free, chemical free (EWG Skin Deep) shampoos and conditioners, and this is the BEST! Happy scalp, nice scent that doesn’t overwhelm you, and low toxicity / cruelty free, all at a decent price.”

– Anna

Customers love The Wonder Seed Hemp Products

Love this stuff! Hemp Rules!

“I’ve had acne most of my life. Finally I went to a dermatologist but have since not gone in almost a year. I know one of the reasons is this facial cleanser. It’s great for all types, I have combination skin. It feels nice and cooling on my face as I use it.”

– Karen

Customers love The Wonder Seed Hemp Products


“I’ve been using the face wash and cream for years, and this is about the only stuff my face will tolerate. The organic hemp oil helps to soothe inflammation and heal any rough or scabby spots, so even if I have an issue its less noticeable.”

– Rachel

Where does the hemp come from?

Since it is still illegal to grow hemp in the US, all of the Wonder Seed’s hemp oil are imported from Canada. Canada is the lead producer of hemp seed in the world and they offer the highest quality seeds, as farmers do not use any pesticides (herbicides, insecticides or fungicides) when growing hemp.

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