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SuperEgo Clothiers Hemp Shirts

Superego is a lifestyle brand that promotes sustainability through quality hemp clothing and engaging multimedia. When Tommie Lark founded Superego, his mission was simple: Let’s change the standard of clothing to hemp.

SuperEgo wants to offer real, sustainable apparel through hemp fabric. Say no to cotton and wear hemp, which is more durable and breathable than cotton. Superego started the “Cut From a Different Cloth” (CFADC) movement, which was not intended to be just clothing, but a movement to represent a lifestyle.

Our Favorites from SuperEgo

Make a statement to promote hemp by wearing a hemp shirt

SuperEgo Hemp Black Shirt

Hemp Black T-Shirt

Made of lightweight hemp and cotton blend that feels amazing to the skin

SuperEgo Cut From A Different Cloth shirt

CFADC Hemp T-Shirt (Black)

Made from 60% Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton

SuperEgo Hemp White Shirt

Hemp White T-Shirt

The softest and most durable t-shirts you’ll ever own

SuperEgo’s “Cut From a Different Cloth” Campaign

Hemp shirts are literally “cut from a different cloth” than majority of other retail clothing. Capable of growing and healing the soil in the poorest conditions, hemp is the versatile plant that the SuperEgo brand reflects. Compare this with cotton shirts, which requires over 700 gallons per shirt to make! Considering over 2 billion shirts are sold every year, that’s around 1.4 trillion gallons of water being used for cotton shirts every year. Hemp can reduce this water consumption by at least 50%. Try out Superego’s hemp shirts and make your own story of how you’re Cut From a Different Cloth.

Where does the hemp come from?

Since commercially growing hemp is still illegal in the United States, SuperEgo sources their hemp from Asian countries. China is currently the largest producer of hemp textiles. Check out our Where is Hemp Grown page to learn more about where companies typically source their hemp from.

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