Patagonia’s Hemp Collection

The high-end outdoors clothing brand offers more than 20 different hemp apparel.

We’ve highlighted some of our favorites here:

patagonia hemp back step shirt

Men’s Back Step Hemp Shirt

The Back Step’s fabric blend – 55% hemp/45% organic cotton – has an open weave for airflow and a soft hand that stays light on the skin.

patagonia woman's hemp shift dress

Women’s Island Hemp Shift Dress

This sleeveless dress is made from 55% hemp/45% organic cotton fabric that rests lightly on your skin

patagonia hemp crossover dress

Women’s Island Hemp Crossover Dress

Made from 55% hemp/45% organic cotton plain weave with an elegant, linen-like drape, the dress has a full skirt with a faux wrap front

patagonia back step shorts

Men’s Back Step Shorts

Light and multifunctional, these shorts are made from 55% hemp/45% organic cotton blend.

Benefits of Hemp Fabric

Patagonia makes their hemp apparel with 100% hemp or blends it with other fibers like recycled polyester, organic cotton and spandex

Hemp adds durability to summer shorts

Hemp is one of the most durable natural fibers on the planet, with 8X the tensile strength and 4X the durability of cotton.

Hemp shirts are lightweight and breathable

Hemp fibres are porous so they allow your skin to breathe. The fiber also softens with age, which essentially makes your clothes more comfortable over time

Where does the hemp come from?

Since industrial hemp is still mostly illegal to grow in the US, Patagonia works with its suppliers to import high-quality hemp from China. Patagonia’s mission is to help legalize hemp in the US with the hope that it will soon grow freely again on our soil.

Patagonia Fully Backs Hemp Legalization

In early May of 2016, Patagonia released a short 12 minute film that follows the journey of Michael Lewis, a veteran and American farmer. As a Kentucky-based farmer, Michael plants industrial hemp on his family farm and uses its fiber to make an American flag. This American flag was taken to Washington D.C. and flown in the national capitol to symbolize the hope and potential of hemp.  The film partnered with Growing Warriors  and FiberShed to advocate hemp as a crop that our veterans can learn to grow. The film ends with a powerful message:

“Industrial hemp is a cornerstone for financial and resource stability on a family farm. I can only imagine what wonders we will see when every American farmer has the opportunity to grow this amazing crop.”

About Patagonia

patagonia supports legalization of hemp

Patagonia is an American clothing company which focuses mainly on high-end outdoor clothing. It is a certified B Corp, meaning that the company is beholden to public-benefit concerns alongside its profit motive.  Patagonia has been a leader of many environmental and sustainability movements and also is also very environmental conscious in their operations and supply chain. They won the ‘Eco Brand of the Year’ in 2008 and have donated over $46 million to environmental groups since 1985.

Most recently, it has partnered with Growing Warriors, FiberShed, and National Hemp Association to voice its support for hemp. Through its “Harvesting Liberty” video, Patagonia is encouraging people to sign a hemp petition that will be delivered to Congress on July 4th. The petition will ask for the passage of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, which would federally legalize hemp farming in the US.

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