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With the mission to offer delicious, nutritious, 100% organic gourmet hemp seed foods for people who live a natural lifestyle, Hippie Butter offers a wide array of hemp food that you could add to your daily diet. Brad Ervin, its founder, decided to dedicate his career to hemp after personally benefiting for its use during his time as a rock & roll sound engineer. Originally starting with two basic hemp products, toasted and hulled hemp seeds, Hippie Butter has since developed a wide-variety of vegan-certified gourmet hemp seed products.

Why We Love Hippie Butter

Hippie Butter’s Hemp Seed Butters taste delicious and are nutrition packed!

Hippie Butter Gourmet Hemp Seed Butter

Gourmet Hemp Seed Butter

Hippie Butter Raw Organic Hemp Seed Butter is the finely ground and pressed form of the Hemp Seed, similar in consistency to almond or peanut butter

Hippie Butter Cacao Hemp Seed Butter

Cacao Hemp Seed Butter

Cacao Hemp Seed Butter is a raw, organic, Hemp Seed Nut Butter blended with cacao and cashew. It’s a terrific tasty treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth

Customer Reviews of Hippie Butter

5 star reviews


“Wow!! Cacao Hemp Seed Butter proves that something that tastes like a treat can actually be a double Superfood!!”

– Karen

5 star reviews


“Oh this is way better than I expected! My original thought was that it would be good for me and I’d put up with the taste. I was so wrong.”

– Diane

5 star reviews

Super healthy

“Hemp butter is super healthy and I use this on sprouted hemp bread and mix it with raw almond butter, peanut butter, etc….for variety and extra nutrition. It’s a complete protein on its own”

– Louanne

Ministry of Hemp’s Full Review

Learn why Ministry of Hemp fully endorses Hippie Butter & its hemp seed butters

Our team reviewed the hemp seed butter products over the course of several weeks and broke it down into 4 categories: texture, taste, nutrition, price (value). Our recommendation is that for those who are on the fence of trying any hemp seed products, give Hippie Butter’s Hemp Seed Butters a try. They’re a great way to add hemp seeds to your diet and for you to fall in love with hemp!

Hippie Buter Hemp Seed Butter Review Graph

Where does the hemp come from?

All of Hippie Butter’s hemp seeds are imported from Canada. Canada is the lead producer of hemp seed in the world and they offer the highest quality seeds, as farmers do not use any pesticides (herbicides, insecticides or fungicides) when growing hemp.

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