Hemp brands offer top quality products

Many boutique hemp brands have launched to offer healthier and better solutions than the conventional counterparts. These entrepreneurs have created truly unique applications of hemp through honest and quality ingredients. The best thing about the smaller startups is that their business is driven by the passion of this plant. The founders discovered the benefits of hemp, fell in love, and then created a product that they wanted share with their loved ones. It is this passion and appreciation of this plant that makes their products so unique. Even several bigger consumer brands in the US have started committing to hemp. The top natural superfoods companies, such as Navitas and Nutiva, have heavily invested in offering hemp seed and hemp protein powders. High-end outdoor clothing companies, such as Patagonia, are using hemp fiber to design quality apparel. The Body Shop and many other high-end body care brands have introduced product lines made out of hemp oil. Ministry of Hemp has curated an extensive list of both types of brands, as they are all doing amazing work to grow the hemp movement. We encourage you to check out all the applications of hemp and adopt them into your lifestyle. It can only make you and your family healthier.

Boutique Hemp Brands

Hippie Butter hemp products

Hippie Butter

Hippie Butter offers gourmet hemp food products for those who live a natural lifestyle

Fay Farm Hemp Products

The Fay Farm

Dedicated to creating natural body care products, The Fay Farm offers hemp salve, lotion, and more

SuperEgo Clothiers Hemp Shirts


Superego is a lifestyle brand that promotes sustainability through quality hemp clothing

Get Hemp Butter offers hemp products

Get Hemp Butter

Offering an all-in-one hemp butter that’s great for use on hair, hands, body, cuticles, and more!

The Wonder Seed Hemp body care products

The Wonder Seed

The Wonder Seed’s body care products are rich with hemp seed oil to nurture your skin and hair

Livity Foods Hemp Ever Bars

Livity Foods – Ever Bars

Using sustainable ingredients such as hemp seeds, their bars show how tasteful foods can be from nature

Kushed Candles Hemp


The aromatherapy candles made from hemp essential oil helps you unwind, relax & feel luxurious

Hemp Kettle Tea hemp beverage products

Hemp Kettle Tea

Organic herbs, spices, & hemp seeds are blended together for unique and delicious tea recipes

Global Brands That Embrace Hemp

Patagonia hemp products


As a high-end outdoors clothing company, Patagonia offers hemp shirts, pants, and shorts

The Body Shop hemp products

The Body Shop

Offering beauty in nature’s way, the Body Shop offers natural hemp lip balms, body butter, foot protectors

dr bronner's hemp products

Dr. Bronners

Dr. Bronners has been making high quality soaps through natural oil (including hemp) for 150 years

natures gate hemp products

Nature’s Gate

Nature’s Gate offers hemp body wash that smells and feels amazingly refreshing

carapex hemp products


Carapex’s Bc Bud Hemp line retains hemp oil’s amazing skin benefits to deliver healthy, youthful results.

nutiva hemp products


Offering hemp seeds, protein, and oil Nutiva is on a mission to change the way the world eats

navitas hemp products


With the vision to invigorate the modern Western diet, Navitas offers hemp seeds and protein

onnit hemp products


Onnit provides athletes with peak performance through earth-grown hemp-infused protein powders

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