Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil: A High Potency CBD With Mild Flavor

The Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil Tincture helped our reviewer relax, recharge and rebuild during the stresses of isolation. 

The past few months have been a challenge for us all, especially when it comes to feeling like our best selves. That’s where the powers of hemp CBD can really play a role in improving our daily lives. If you’re looking for a higher dose of CBD without a strong hemp taste, this is a great option.

For our latest review, we took a look at this high potency CBD from Vida+. This is a CBD company with a commitment to helping customers live healthy lifestyles. This California company has dedicated itself to creating premium broad-spectrum hemp CBD extracts and capsules, sourced from the highest quality hemp and natural ingredients available on the market. 

This is a very strong CBD tincture, so for most consumers, a little goes a long way. If you’re new to CBD, consider starting with a half dropper or less and see how you feel. This also makes this tincture a great value for the budget-conscious CBD buyer.

Which brings us to what stood out most about Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil: the mild flavor. Compared to many other high potency CBD oils, there was almost no bitterness. That made this easier to take than similar tinctures.

Photo: A bottle of Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil Tincture posed outside on a wooden log among grass, with a stone wall in the background.
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Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil offers high potency CBD stress relief with a surprisingly mild flavor.

Vida+ paid us a fee and offered us free products in return for our honest opinion. If you purchase a product from one of these links, we’ll receive a percentage of sales. Read more about sponsored content on the Ministry of Hemp.

Helping Customers Live A Balanced Lifestyle

With third-party testing from Folium Biosciences, advanced phytoforensic testing from Flora Research Laboratories, plus intensive internal testing, Vida+ ensures the highest quality, purity and potency from their world class San Diego manufacturing facility. A QR code makes it easy to access these lab results. Vida+ uses only Colorado hemp grown using organic methods in these products.

All of this contributes to the Vida Plus mission to help reduce the world’s dependence on pharmaceuticals and provide choices that allow customers to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. 

We appreciated that these CBD oil tinctures had just two main ingredients: broad spectrum CBD and organic hemp seed oil. With their discreet packaging and CBD oils’ ability to mix well into your water, smoothie, juice etc., this tincture makes a great companion in your daily life.

We do have a small critique on the labeling. The lettering on the bottle is very small, and could be challenging for some older or otherwise far-sighted readers. We also noted that they didn’t encourage consumers to hold the tincture in their mouth, which can increase bioavailability.

We appreciated the graduated dropper top. This makes it easier to measure how much you are taking, though it took a couple of tries to get exactly 1ml (the full 60mg dose).

Trying out Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil

Each dropper of Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil Tincture contains about 60mg of CBD, a potent dose. Each bottle is also packed with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, and infused with the benefits of hemp itself. Like so many of us, our reviewer starts his day with just water and coffee. Adding 60mg of Vida+ helped him start his day with more focus and seemed to encouraged him to eat a healthy breakfast sooner.

Our team appreciated the natural flavor of this CBD oil. With an oil with such of high potency, generally users will want to keep water, juice or another healthy beverage handy to hide the taste. But Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil Tincture is great tasting on its own. We also think it’s a great addition to your morning beverage, especially green tea.

Our reviewer felt a real sense of ease, similar to the calmness of a morning walk or the lucid moments after meditation. During isolation, we all could use a little help to feel like our best selves again. Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil Tincture is a simple addition to your daily routine. It’s a portable, clean and organicly-sourced dietary supplement offering natural stress relief. 

Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil Tincture Official Review

  • Highlights: Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil Tincture left us feeling energized and more focused, while easing symptoms of stress and anxiety. For a high potency tincture, it tastes surprisingly good.
  • Strength: 1,800mg of CBD per 30ml bottle, also available in 600mg and 1200mg strengths
  • Price: $59.99 – $139.99
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Fast, friendly customer service. Free shipping is available.
  • Independent Test Results: Online.
  • Taste & Texture: Earthy delightful taste of pure organic hemp, with a texture similar to olive oil. Generally, the more potent, the more bitter, but Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil Tincture is an exception. Delightful without compromise.
  • Ingredients: CBD oil / Broad Spectrum Hemp extract in Organic Hemp Seed oil
  • Other: Vida+ offers a 30-day return policy for unsatisfied customers.

On April 28, 2020, Ministry of Hemp conducted our own lab test of Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil using Analytical 360, our trusted lab. Download test results here.

Vida+ sources uses hemp grown with organic methods in Colorado. They also make CBD capsules in two different strengths.

Photo: A bottle of Vida+ Ultimate CBD Oil Tincture posed outside on a wooden log among grass, with a stone wall in the background.
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