Why should you wear hemp clothing over cotton? US Hemp, a hemp shirt startup, is making a compelling case with their most recent Kickstarter campaign. Contrary to many other hemp shirt companies that use a blend of hemp and cotton, US Hemp developed a 100% hemp shirt that offers higher performance and is more comfortable than a cotton shirt. Oh, and it’s also much better for our environment.

US Hemp


Hemp apparel has many benefits over cotton. Hemp as a fabric is not only higher quality and more durable than cotton, but also is much more beneficial for our environment. Here’s some facts about hemp:

  1. Hemp roots repair damaged soil during its growth.
  2. Cultivating and manufacturing hemp clothing requires half the water used on cotton clothing.
  3. Hemp fields absorb 4x more CO2 than trees, and grows back 120x faster. For example, trees cut down for wood typically require up to 30 years to regrow. Hemp plants can be grown and cultivated in 3-4 months.


If hemp is so superior, why aren’t more people wearing hemp shirts? There’s some good reasons. Hemp farming has been prohibited in the US for almost 80 years. Since we’ve had to import hemp, the price tag on hemp products was not cheap. There was no way a hemp shirt that cost $30 could compete against a $5 H&M cotton shirt.


Up until now, most, if not all, hemp shirts were made from imported hemp fabric. Most of the raw material came from countries such as China, India, or Nepal. However, US Hemp is looking to change that through their recently launched Kickstarter campaign.

Ministry of Hemp sat down with Brinkley Warren, US Hemp’s head of Business Development to better understand what they hope to accomplish through this crowdfunding campaign.


Tell us a bit about US Hemp?

Each shirt you buy actually removes 4 lbs of CO2 from the air we breath

Brinkley Warren: We are the world’s first luxury 100% hemp fashion label. With the slogan “Softer, stronger, and infinitely more ecological than cotton”, we are aiming to make the highest quality hemp shirts that are American made.

How’d you get started? What made you passionate about hemp?

BW: To us, this project is all about making a positive and significant impact in environmental sustainability. It’s about the freedom to wear the change you wish to see in the world. Hemp is one of nature’s best plants for human uses.

I got passionate about this project after I learned that cotton uses 60% of the total pesticides in the US. I came to realize that hemp is a better material to make clothing from than almost any other material and requires zero pesticides. Yet, most American consumers still wear cotton without even knowing the negative impact it has in our environment.

When we got started, I never honestly thought that we would be able to produce a 100% hemp fabric that is more comfortable than cotton. Hemp fabric, traditionally, is known to be more coarse (rough) than cotton. However, for the last 6 years my co-founder Darien had been experimenting and then finally one day he showed me a new fabric and I couldn’t believe it.

In the past, all 100% hemp fabrics are made to be uncomfortable and wrinkled — but with our new fabric, we change that entire paradigm. Unlike cotton which hurts the environment, our shirts actually revitalize the environment — each shirt you buy actually removes 4lbs of CO2 from the air we breath.

Why did you decide to launch a Kickstarter campaign?

US Hemp Co Kickstarter Campaign

BW: For us, Kickstarter was the best way to get our brand out there and connect with early customers. We’re hoping to use this opportunity to get the word out and start this hemp fashion movement.

What’s the long term goal/vision of US Hemp?

BW: Hemp is better than cotton in every way. Not only is it better environmentally, but it’s also better in terms of performance. Our product development has now made it more comfortable than cotton as well. Ultimately, we want to replace all American cotton products with hemp products.

Do you use domestically grown hemp?

BW: US Hemp is using domestically grown hemp from Kentucky, Colorado, and soon — California. Our whole vision is seed to shirt, and to support American jobs and American manufacturing in the process. Our products are proudly Made In America.

Why should someone wear hemp over cotton?

BW: Here’s a list of benefits of why hemp fabric is better than cotton fabric:

  • 4x as durable as cotton
  • 3x the UV protection
  • Better moisture wicking
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Naturally odor-resistant
  • Superior insulation index. Hemp shirts keep you cooler when it’s warm, AND warmer when it’s cool compared to cotton


US Hemp Shirts
There’s more when you think about the environmental benefits.

  • Wearing cotton ADDS to greenhouse gases, our shirts REMOVE greenhouse gases
  • Every single US HEMP shirt removes 4lbs of harmful CO2 gas from the air we breath
  • Uses 50% less water than cotton
  • Uses 250% less land
  • Zero pesticides. Big cotton accounts for 60% of TOTAL PESTICIDE USE in the United States

What makes US Hemp special?

BW: We have developed the world’s first 100% hemp fabric that feels more comfortable than cotton. The rest of the hemp clothing that’s available on the market today falls into two categories:

  1. Most shirts are a 50-50 blend between hemp and cotton
  2. If it’s pure hemp (100%), it typically feels like you’re wearing a canvas bag. (It’s very rough on your skin)

We are the first ones who took on the challenge to make a 100% hemp fabric that is a viable replacement for cotton fabrics.

I believe our brand is also special because we are all-in for America. We believe that looking stylish, feeling great, performing great, and living an eco-conscious life don’t have to be choices. You shouldn’t have to make sacrifices for one or the other. Our brand delivers on all of these thing. We’re one of the most sustainable luxury fashion labels in the USA and we’re just starting.

How can our readers get involved?

BW: Buy a shirt from us. They will literally the best shirt you’ll ever own. We also would like to ask everyone to contribute and share our Kickstarter to help us get the word out! Thanks so much!

Check out the Kickstart campaign here: World’s First Luxury 100% Hemp Clothing Company. USA Made.

Brinkley, thanks so much for your time today. We wish you the best of luck on your Kickstarter campaign and I can’t wait to try out your hemp shirts! We encourage all our readers to check out their Kickstarter campaign and support their cause of rebuilding the US hemp industry.