Just the other day, somebody asked me, “Why should I buy products made from hemp over others?”

That was a great question, so after giving it more thought, I broke my answer down to the top 6 reasons why anyone should start using hemp today. These reasons are in no particular order, as I believe all of them are equally convincing and important.

1. Looking for a healthy, natural supplement? It doesn’t get any better than hemp

hemp seeds on a spoon
Hemp is often called the Miracle Food or the Perfect Food. Why? No other single plant source can compare with the nutritional value of hemp seeds. Hemp is nutritionally superior to flax or chia seeds, as it offers more protein and also contains unique acids that can’t be found in the other seeds. It also offers an amazing balance of essential fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, and variety of other minerals.

For a full break down of its nutrition, check out our Hemp Superfood page.

2. Are you allergic to dairy? soy? gluten? If so, hemp seed is an an amazing alternative to meet your daily nutritional needs.

If you’re like me and can’t drink dairy, hemp milk is a great alternative for your daily protein (and a lot of other minerals and nutritional needs). If it’s hard to find hemp milk near you, try grabbing some hemp seeds and mixing it with your salad or cereal. You might like it even better than drinking it as milk! But if you’re interested in giving hemp milk a try, check out Tempt.

tempt hemp milk

3. Do you care about doing your part to preserve this planet? Hemp offers sustainable solutions to many of our earth-damaging practices

You might have heard that hemp has many different applications. In 1941, Popular Mechanics predicted that hemp could have up to 25,000 different applications. The amazing thing is all of hemp’s applications are completely sustainable and eco-friendly, especially compared to many of our current conventional products.

What are some examples? Cotton, trees, and plastic.

hemp's sustainable and diverse applications
Cotton severely damages the soil during its cultivation. We are cutting down trees faster than they can grow back. Plus, the newly planted trees don’t have a chance for forestation. Hemp plastic is completely biodegradable. Once buried in the soil, hemp plastic will completely be decomposed within 90 days. So, to do your part in saving this planet, try hemp.

4. Hemp can revive our economy as a profitable plant for our farmers and small businesses

industrial hemp can help our farmers
Hemp will offer two different economical benefits – it’ll help small businesses and our farmers. Most hemp brands in the US are small, boutique shops that started from the love they have for this plant. By buying a hemp product, you are supporting these small businesses across the United States. Hemp has also shown to be much more profitable for farmers than other industrial crops. If we take Canada for example, hemp farmers have profited over $250 per acre, which is unheard of from other crops. Many of our local government officials are also hoping to legalize hemp because of this exact reason. Check out this Newsweek article on how Kentucky local officials are working to legalize hemp to help its farmers and the state economy.

5. Hemp is grown organically

Hemp crops typically require little to no pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, or synthtic fertilizers. In Canada, where it’s been legal to grow hemp since 1998, there are no registered pesticides associated with hemp, and thus, the crop is grown chemical free.

Hemp uses no pesticides

Credit: Datsusara (https://www.dsgear.com/)

6. Your purchase of a hemp product will help grow the hemp movement and ultimately lead to its full legalization.

Hemp has been prohibited in the United States for too long. We have almost forgotten the many uses and benefits of this plant. But it’s time to help change that. By using a hemp product, you are helping to raise awareness of this plant’s application to your friends and family. As the awareness grows, this will only help eradicate the misconception surrounding hemp.

So go get yourself a hemp product today. You have many different products and categories to choose from. Hemp shampoo, hemp lotion, hemp snacks, hemp tea, hemp candles… the list goes on. Check out writeup of 73 Amazing Hemp Products to see an extensive list of hemp products available on the market today.

Try it and see for yourself the amazing quality of hemp!