ThoughtCloud Review: Why You Should Trust This Delta-8 Brand

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Are you looking for a new brand of hemp product?

Or, are you a complete newbie to this market?

In any case, you could easily get lost in the massive number of brands and products out there.

It’s definitely tedious for newbies to maneuver this massive marketplace and find that perfect hemp product. 

Some love gummies, but now they want to try a tincture instead to help with their insomnia. Maybe you’re someone who is accustomed to CBD tinctures, but want to get a bit adventurous with Delta-8 vapes.

If you’re already using a hemp product, you may have done a bit of research to understand the market a little better. But have you heard of ThoughtCloud?

You’re probably thinking: Why should I trust a brand when I haven’t even heard about it or tried its products before?

Well, firstly, you won’t know if they’re any good if you haven’t tried them. It could even be better than your current brand. It’s also possible you’d find more value and quality in this new brand.

Secondly, this brand instills a host of amazing qualities in its products that would surely make it worth your money.

Yes, hearing just that won’t suffice. We know that.

To agree to either of these points, you need a lot more information about the brand and how its products are doing in the market; something that only first-hand experiences can give you.

We help you with both.

In this article, we’ll give you five major reasons (and several minor ones) for trusting this brand. And, we’ll also give you an insight into why we trust it.

So, go ahead… find out about what its strong points are and how our experiences of using a couple of its products have been. Then, decide for yourself.

Let’s begin…

What Makes Us Trust ThoughtCloud So Much?

ThoughtCloud is among the few brands in the market that focuses on quality from a whole new dimension. That is not to state the obvious, i.e., the products are sourced and manufactured right here in the US, are lab-tested, and are sourced from only organically produced hemp.

Interestingly, it was established in Manchester, England in 2017.

Its holistic approach towards natural healing and wellness is based on organic, clean, plant-based products. It grows its hemp in organic, licensed vegan farms across the USA through sustainable farming processes. Its hemp strains and final products are meticulously lab-tested.

Its farming does not include any animal product or by-product, including blood meal, bone meal, feces, or any other animal-origin matter. Besides, its formulations are created carefully to make them reiki-infused.

ThoughtCloud aims to treat a person’s complete body and mind, instead of simply addressing the symptoms. This renders the brand the healing touch to help people build their natural defenses with the help of pure and clean cannabinoids.

Here are some of the main reasons why we trust this brand so much.

Organically Grown Eco-Friendly Products

What is the first and most thing you look for in a product? If you ask us, we will say quality. We are pretty sure you’ll agree to that. ThoughtCloud checks off this box with its superior quality ingredients.

The brand maintains sustainable and waste-free farming, extraction, manufacturing, and packaging practices. Its extracts are sourced from organically cultivated hemp plants. ThoughtCloud keeps repeating its commitment to the betterment of the planet – all the way “From the farm to the lab to your doorstep…”.

100% Vegan Ingredients

No one sells completely vegan products – except ThoughtCloud. All its products are 100% vegan, including its beauty and body care products. They refuse to lab-test their products on their “furry friends” as they like to call them.

This also ensures that its production method remains sustainable and waste-free. So that you can pamper yourself guilt-free.

Extensive Lab Testing

All its cannabinoid extracts are safe and legal. They are extracted from organic hemp farms. Since hemp is the only legal source of cannabinoids in the US, these products are completely legit.

The quality of the source does not necessarily ensure 100% pure extracts that are safe for human consumption.

So, how can you ensure the safety and purity of the products?

By checking their lab reports.

Each of ThoughtCloud’s products undergoes extensive testing by third-party labs. The brand has adopted advanced extraction techniques, driven by supercritical CO2. The brand prides itself in manufacturing one of the best and purest hemp products in the market.

Infused With Reiki

Here is one benefit for the believers. At ThoughtCloud, they have a very holistic approach towards natural and wholesome healing. So, each of their products’ energy is neutralized by their Reiki masters who fill them up with bountiful positive vibes of love, creativity, positivity, and prosperity.

Brand Reputation

A brand’s reputation is built on performance, dedication, commitment, transparency, and care. So, look at their ratings. You’d see ThoughtCloud has over 15,000 reviews with a high rating of 4.8. If you read their customer reviews on their website’s homepage, you’d know how satisfied its customers are, how much they love the products and the benefits that come with them. The quality, effectiveness of the products, and their smooth and efficient services create a happy and satisfying experience for the customer.

All that reputation is based on how well all their products fare in the market. But, in this article, we will not talk about all of them. We’re just going to talk about two very specific and popular products and why we believe you should give them a try.

Thought Cloud Products Review

#1. ThoughtCloud Isolate Delta-8 Tinctures

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ThoughtCloud’s Delta-8 Isolate Tinctures is quite popular among Delta-8 lovers and if you belong to the same fan base, you’ll definitely love this tincture. It is free from all kinds of herbicides, pesticides, and GMOs, and is 100s% vegan.

The best part about this tincture is that it helps you uplift your mood without causing any anxiety or fogginess. It comes in a tubular container with a dropper to make its consumption easy.

Ingredients:  Coconut MCT Oil, Delta 8 Isolate, Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors

D-8 Strength: 37 mg (sample size), 140 mg, 280 mg, 560 mg.

Flavor: Blend of natural lemon and lime flavors

Customer Reviews

The customers who bought this product absolutely loved it. A customer stated in his review that his father suffered from insomnia and body aches. No matter what he tried, nothing helped. So, when he finally tried the sample product, it was highly effective.

Another couple, who tried this product for similar reasons, found it quite effective too. They stated, “We slept great and woke up fresh.”

The MOH View

We, too, were highly impressed by the product’s effectiveness in promoting better sleep and relaxation, without any side effects.

We would definitely recommend this product for people with anxiety and sleep issues, as well as body aches and spasms.

#2. ThoughtCloud Delta 8 Triforce Prerolls/Joints

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ThoughtCloud’s Delta 8 flowers are very popular among CBD lovers as it comes in a preroll form of completely organic, purest Delta 8 flower, with a natural lemon and lime flavor that you simply enjoy and effects that you can appreciate. This preroll provides you a smoke session without side effects such as fogginess, anxiety and stress.


·      Delta 8 Triforce: Lemon and lime flavor; Uplifting smoke session; Anxiety and stress free. 


·       Weight: 0.7oz

·       Dimensions: 1 x 3.7in

The MOH View

We tried out at least 5 of the strains and found the effects bang on! We can’t emphasize enough how well they soothed our nerves, alleviated all kinds of symptoms like pain and anxiety, and put us exactly where we wanted to be. We particularly liked the Mantra, Purple Lotus, Golden Hour, and Orange Crush.

ThoughtCloud: PROS & CONS


·       Quality products from licensed organic vegan hemp farms

·       All vegan ingredients

·       Advanced CO2 extraction method

·       Lab-tested products

·       Extensive range of products

·       Easy shopping; Easy exchange, return, and refund.

·       Subscription-based delivery


·       A strict policy on returns and exchanges

·       If you return a product bought from a BOGO sale, you will need to return the free item as well

·       Limited shipping and payment options

Buying Guide On Hemp-Based Products For Beginners

Choose A Suitable Product Type For You

In this article, we’ve discussed tinctures and hemp flowers. But there are plenty of other choices out there. You could choose from a whole range of hemp products, such as gummies, vape pens, vape juices to go with larger vape devices, topical creams, capsules, as well. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Weigh your options depending on the speed of intake you require, the kind of effect you desire, and other preferences, including taste, aroma, etc.

Decide On The Cannabinoid Strength

Each person’s body reacts in a certain way to a specific cannabinoid. It won’t be the same for all cannabinoids. Nor will it be the same for other individuals. So, deciding on the strength can be tricky. It is a bit of trial and error. So, it is best to start with the smallest dose if you’re new to the compound, irrespective of which cannabinoid it is. To find the right dose you need to calculate the strength of the compound in each product. So, pay close attention to it while ordering.

Don’t Forget To Verify The Brand Reputation

Brands survive on the quality of their products and commitment to the customers. Reading up on brand reviews will give a good insight into the minds of people who have purchased from any specific brand. That will give you an idea of what to expect from that particular brand. This logic is particularly more pertinent to the hemp industry that is still not entirely regulated.

FAQs About ThoughtCloud

Q: Are ThoughtCloud’s Products Lab Tested?

A: Absolutely, there are. All products made by ThoughtCloud are individually tested to ensure that only the best quality products reach their customers.

Q: Does ThoughtCloud Ship To All 50 States?

A: Yes. The brand ships to all 50 states in the US. However, if you’re purchasing Delta-8 products, you need to know whether your specific state allows its entry into its jurisdiction. At least 11 states are yet to make Delta-8 legal. Those include Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Q: Does ThoughtCloud Ship Internationally?

A: Yes. They ship their products internationally, too. They have a flat shipping fee of $14.95 for all countries (except New Zealand and Australia, where it is $24.99). However, in this case, you will need to wait a little longer for your package to arrive, approximately 12 to 30 days. Additionally, you also need to check the customs rules of your respective country to ascertain if your country allows the entry of hemp products.

Q: Is it Legal To Consume ThoughtCloud’s Products?

A: For most parts, yes. CBD products are not only legal at the federal level, but it is also permitted under all state laws. However, that is not the case with Delta-8 products, which are also available with ThoughtCloud. So, make sure you live in a state where they are all allowed before ordering Delta-8 products. If you don’t, you should stick to CBD products only.

So, Would You Try?

Not only does ThoughtCloud produce some of the best hemp products in the market, but it’s also committed to serving you in the best possible way.

So, what do you think? Would you try ThoughtCloud’s hemp products on your next purchase? 

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