Receptra Naturals Serious Rest Tincture Eased Sleepless Nights

We might have found the key to ending sleepless nights: Receptra Naturals Serious Rest + Chamomile Tincture.

We all know that anxious feeling of tossing and turning the night before an early morning work meeting. You’re trying to calm your mind but you just can’t seem to relax enough to fall asleep. At the Ministry of Hemp, we’re constantly on the lookout for the best hemp-based sleep aides on the market. This tincture from Receptra Naturals makes an excellent natural option for better rest.

The past few months have been a challenge for us all, especially when it comes to filling up our days with enough physical activity to wear us out for bed. That’s where the powers of hemp oil can really play a role in improving our daily lives and helping us maintain a healthy routine.

For this review, we looked at Receptra Naturals Serious Rest + Chamomile Tincture, in the 25mg strength. Receptra set out to craft a legacy of reliable and effective products, and we’re happy to say this rest oil really fits the bill. We found the potent effects of this tincture had us feeling calmer and ready to bed within minutes.

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Receptra Naturals Serious Rest Tincture helped us sleep better and reduced feelings of bedtime anxiety.

Receptra Naturals paid us a fee and offered us free products in return for our honest opinion. If you purchase a product from one of these links, we’ll receive a percentage of sales. Read more about sponsored content on the Ministry of Hemp.

Read on to learn more about Receptra Naturals and this great product.

A commitment to quality Colorado hemp

On their website, Receptra Naturals states, “Truth drives us to be better people, it allows us to solve problems faster, to listen harder, and to create better products for you.”

You can see how they follow this mission in every aspect of this product. With third-party testing, Receptra Naturals remains transparent, creating a trust with their consumers that’s paramount to their success. In our industry, transparency is something we at the Ministry of Hemp value greatly. We identify with the ethos of truth Receptra Naturals conveys with their products.

Receptra’s hemp formulations are developed by their internal chemist and cosmetic specialists whose advanced degrees and deep industry experience create a premium hemp product with strength you can rely on. They emphasize botanical, all-natural, and organically grown ingredients wherever possible.

Even their product labeling reflects their mission statement. We’ve frequently complained about poorly labeled CBD products. With Receptra Naturals, the packaging is extremely easy to ready, with a large, pleasant font. It’s simple to see the ingredients, find your dosage, and even look up the batch testing results for your product that ensure it’s purity and potency.

Enjoy seriously deep sleep with Receptra Naturals Serious Rest

Our reviewer has been having trouble falling asleep as of late. Like most of us, he’s got a ton of uncertainty on his mind. Our brains are in overdrive and he praised Receptra Naturals Serious Rest Tincture as a natural defense against these daily stresses. Almost immediately after taking this tincture, he could feel his eyes get tired and his mind grow relaxed.

We found Receptra Naturals Serious Rest Oil to be a very strong tincture. Our reviewer actually felt a bit of residual drowsiness in the morning until he reduced his dosage. If you’re new to hemp extracts, consider starting with a half dropper or less and see how you feel. That potency makes this tincture a great value for the budget-conscious hemp extract buyer.

CBD sleep aides are only growing more popular as people find their days filled with more stress than possibly ever before. Receptra Naturals Serious Rest stands out, combining full-spectrum CBD oil with chamomile and a rich array of additional cannabinoids and terpenes, including added linalool. Linalool is the main terpene in lavender, and some preliminary research in rats supports its use as a sleep aid. This tincture has a strong, potent mint and lavender flavor we enjoyed, as long as we remembered to shake the bottle to distribute the taste evenly.

Our reviewer enjoyed a real bodily relaxation from the Receptra Naturals 25mg Rest Oil, which extended to his mental state. The little and big details of work that normally loom overhead, faded away to the calming powers of lavender, limonene and passionflower. Overall, our reviewer praised the Receptra Naturals Serious Rest Oil as a far greater sleep aid than traditional melatonin or other sleep pills. It’s natural and effective at a price most people can afford.

Receptra Naturals Serious Rest + Chamomile Tincture (Ministry of Hemp Official Review)

  • Highlights: Receptra Naturals Serious Rest + Chamomile Tincture consistently induced a calming and relaxing state, helped alleviate bedtime anxiety, and ease us off to restful sleep.
  • Strength: 25mg per dropper, 750mg per 30ml bottle (also available in 375mg and 1500mg sizes)
  • Price: $41.99 – $134.99
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Fast and friendly customer service. Free shipping available.
  • Independent Test Results: Online.
  • Taste & Texture: Strong invigorating flavor of refreshing mint with a familiar calming taste of chamomile. This tincture has a texture similar to olive oil. We recommend you shake well for best flavor.
  • Ingredients: CBD oil / Full- spectrum Hemp extract in Organic MCT oil, Organic Sunflower oil, Organic flavors (Vanilla, Peppermint), Natural flavor (Chamomile), Valerian Root extract, Organic Linalool.
  • Other: A 30-day return policy is available or unsatisfied customers.

On March 4, 2020, Ministry of Hemp conducted our own lab test of Receptra Naturals Calm Drops using Analytical 360, our trusted lab. Download test results here.

Receptra Naturals uses hemp grown in Colorado in all their products. They offer other targeted CBD products for relaxation and pain relief in both tinctures, capsules and topicals.

Ministry of Hemp is America's leading hemp advocate.

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  • Krista says:

    Thanks so much for this thoughtful review and insight. I just got some of this for my elderly mom and I will definitely let her know to start slow. I have a friend who’s son was using melatonin but started using Receptra Rest instead and now is sleeping better than ever. So happy to know about CBD that actually works.

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