Here’s How & Why I Add Hemp Seeds To Every Meal Today!

The Ministry of Hemp Podcast
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The Ministry of Hemp Podcast
Here's How & Why I Add Hemp Seeds To Every Meal Today!
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The Ministry of Hemp Podcast Episode 2: Eat Drink and Be Hempy

In this episode, Matt looks at how to add hemp seeds to your daily diet with help from Ministry of Hemp’s video producer Jessica St. Cyr and writer Elijah Pickering.

Then Matt and his wife Kacie head to one of Omaha’s favorite cocktail bars, Herbe Sainte, for CBD cocktails prepared with care and style by Bar Manager Austin Elsberry.

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Below you’ll find the full written transcript of episode #2.


Matt: 00:04 Hey this is Matt with the Ministry of Hemp podcast welcoming you to episode two.

Matt: 00:10 Now today you might notice I sound a little bit different because we’re going to be talking about hemp in food. So it only seems right to maybe start this show in my kitchen. And that’s where we are.

Matt: 00:21 I’m here with my sous chef, a little black pug named Mable and we are making a hemp scramble for breakfast. It’s Sunday morning, super cold outside and I’m putting off shoveling. So why not make a protein packed scramble with some CBD goodness, to get the day started?

Matt: 00:39 So we’re starting with a shallot. If you don’t know what a shallot is, a shallot is like an onion, times two. They’re amazing. They’re purple. I’m going to use half of one because I’m only making food for me today. Although, this little pug tends to get a little bit every time too.

Matt: 00:54 From there, got some spinach that we’re going to chop up. This is a scramble so we’ve got some fresh, washed spinach. I’ve got some green onions. And I’m just going to rough chop this spinach. Do sort of a rough chop on the shallots as well. I like having big pieces of shallots in there.

Matt: 01:20 Always wash your spinach. Even if you wash it when you first bought it, wash it again. It’s just a safe thing to do.

Matt: 01:26 From there, I’m going to crack our eggs. Using three of them. Crack your egg on a flat surface, that’s going to prevent you from getting shells into your scrambled eggs.

Matt: 01:42 And then another little trick I learned back when I was working in a hotel. You know how hotel eggs are always yellow and fluffy and huge? The trick is fat. So we are going to add just about a tablespoon of sour cream into our eggs. And then from there, we’re going to whip them up real good. And this is an important step because not only are we whipping the sour cream into the eggs, whipping air into the eggs too. And that’s what’s going to make them fluffy.

Matt: 02:17 Get them good and whipped. The sour cream isn’t going to completely break down in there, but you will see it start to mix with the eggs real well. Just about ready here. I’m going to put a pinch of salt directly into the eggs.

Matt: 02:42 And now we’re going to get into the action. So now, we head over to the stove. And this is where the hemp oil comes in. If you’re making eggs traditionally, you need butter. I’m using one tablespoon of melted butter. I’ve got my pan on the heat, just about medium. You don’t want to go too hot.

Matt: 02:59 And because I am using full spectrum hemp oil, this one is from Populum, and it’s got a little bit of orange zest to it. But I don’t think that’s going cause any issues here.

Matt: 03:12 I am going ahead, and use half a dropper and combine it with my melted butter.

Matt: 03:21 And because the two are oils, the CBD oil’s going to join with the fat, cling to it nicely. From there, as soon as our pan is warm enough, shallots go in first. You want to make sure your pan is hot, but not too hot. We’re trying to cook the eggs, not overcook the eggs, right?

Matt: 03:41 Then I’m really getting little bit of that orange coming off of that CBD oil. Really nice as it heats up.

Matt: 03:46 Now you will want to be careful. I think the orange in this one is light enough that it’s not going to make a big issue, but you might not want to do anything too heavily flavored. Maybe even a neutral flavored one.

Matt: 03:55 Let’s go. Shallots in the pan. And as you can hear, not a screaming sizzle. Just a nice soft sizzle. Shallots are going to cook faster than onions. Keep that in mind. And they will brown up on you. So I’m going to go another tiny little sprinkle of salt in the shallots, because that helps pull the liquid out of them with the heat. Get some flavor on there.

Matt: 04:28 Now while those soften up, like I was telling you, we’re going to talk about hemp and food today. And just sort of explain some easy ways that you can add hemp to your daily diet.

Matt: 04:37 I got to thinking about this after our first episode when Kit, from Ministry of Hemp, posted something about hummus in a grocery store. And it was CBD infused hummus which, cool. I’m really glad that CBD is being infused into foods but the problem with this one is there was only three milligrams of CBD in the entire container. Now I’m not going to call out any companies, but that seems by no means a dosage that’s going to do anything, for anyone.

Matt: 05:06 But you know what it will do? It will raise the price of that hummus. This is the thing. As CBD’s introduced into our foods, we need to be conscious of how that is happening. Now, the scramble that I’m making right now? I know exactly what I’ve put into it. I know that I can trust Populum, I’ve dealt with them before. I know it’s a CBD oil I like. And I know that I am putting an amount in that will have an effect on me.

Matt: 05:27 So read your labels. We don’t need CBD to turn into another organic farming kick where we right a word on a package and suddenly we can sell eggs and vegetables and grains for five times the price. That’s not going to help anybody.

Matt: 05:43 So what we’re going to talk about today is way that you can easily incorporate hemp into your meals.

Matt: 05:51 Know what you’re putting in there and know that you’re doing yourself a favor, not just paying extra. In go the eggs.

Matt: 06:01 And the rule for scrambled eggs is done in the pan, over done on the plate. So I’m going to cook mine just a little runny. I introduced them first and I just let them sit. From there, my spinach is going to go in. And again, I’m just going to let it mellow here for a second while the eggs start to come together.

Matt: 06:23 Today on the show we are going to talk to Jessica, one of our videographers, and she is going to tell us how to make hemp milk at home. Then I’m going to talk to another one of our writers, Elijah, who’s written some great stuff about hemp seeds and the way you can use that in your food. And then from there, my wife Cassie and I are going to go to the bar, try some hemp cocktails with a good friend of mine. It’s all happening here on the second episode of The Ministry of Hemp podcast.

Matt: 06:48 But first, just like that, I have got a hemp infused scramble with shallots and fresh spinach. Of course, no eggs are any good without a little bit of fresh cracked, black pepper. And now it’s time for breakfast.

Matt: 07:16 Okay. Breakfast is over. I’m feeling the effects of the CBD, which is good because I’m an old man and I hurt my back shoveling yesterday. Yea winter.

Matt: 07:24 In this episode we’re really going to focus on two different ways to introduce hemp into our meal. And that is hemp oil, CBD, which we just talked about in scramble. And hemp seeds, or hemp hearts, which are the whole seed itself. Both of which are available most places and completely legal right now. Now the good news is the FDA passed some, well didn’t pass legislation but started talking about how they want to pass legislation soon. And I’ll get to that in a further episode when we talk about legality, efficacy and what’s coming.

Matt: 07:56 But in this episode, we’re going to focus on what you can get your hands on right now. Hemp seed and hemp oil. And let’s get started and learn to make some hemp milk with a little help from Ministry of Hemp’s very own videographer, Jessica St. Cyr who is going to teach us how to make hemp milk.

Matt: 08:17 So Jessica, I watched a video of you just the other day and you made hemp milk. This is something that I have not encountered. I’ve seen oat milk, I’ve seen almond milk, like we’re not supposed to drink it because it’s bad for the environment, I guess. And like soy milk is on its way out now as well because it curdles in your coffee and it’s gross. You know?

Jessica: 08:39 I’ve never liked soy milk.

Matt: 08:40 See, I like soy milk! I actually grew to like it. But I can’t put it in my coffee. And I need just a little something. So I’ve switched to like this oat milk, I don’t even know if it’s milk technically at this point. But it’s an oat beverage. And it doesn’t seem to curdle. And it tastes pretty good.

Matt: 08:55 Tell me about hemp milk. What’s the difference? Why should I change to hemp milk?

Jessica: 09:00 Honestly, that’s really hard to answer. I like a variety of different kinds of milk. I think because hemp milk in itself is full of omega-3’s and omega-6’s and lots of good vitamins and minerals and it’s just really easy to make at home.

Jessica: 09:17 You can make it with two ingredients and in like, two minutes.

Matt: 09:23 And what are the ingredients? How does that work?

Jessica: 09:24 You just need some hemp hearts. So the hulled hemp seeds and some water. And just a little bit of salt. If you want it to be sweet, you can have sweetener. But really you just need hemp hearts and water.

Matt: 09:41 Okay. And hemp hearts are technically hulled hemp seeds, right?

Jessica: 09:46 Yes.

Matt: 09:47 Okay because when I first saw the thing I was like, hemp milk? And I went to culinary school for four years. I was a chef and what not. And my head went straight to, she’s going to put leaves into a blender with something and make milk out of it. How is it not green? You know?

Jessica: 10:00 Yeah.

Matt: 10:00 Which is just idiotic I guess.

Jessica: 10:06 You can get them unhulled, but you just have to soak them.

Matt: 10:10 Got it.

Jessica: 10:10 Like beans, you know?

Matt: 10:13 Fair enough. And do you strain the milk afterwards? Is it gritty?

Jessica: 10:19 You can strain it if you prefer a smoother beverage. It’s not necessary. When you don’t strain it there’s a tiny bit of sediment at the bottom. I, personally, don’t mind it. It really just comes down to a personal preference.

Matt: 10:34 Sure.

Jessica: 10:35 I don’t mind it. Sometimes I do, you know I don’t want a gritty kind of milk. It’s really not that bad but you can strain it through a cheese cloth or nut milk bag if you want.

Matt: 10:47 And it’s full of like protein and you said Omega-3, fatty acids. I mean obviously you’re not going to get calcium from this. It’s not going to do that.

Jessica: 10:57 Yeah, no. But it does have a lot of things that other seed and nut milk do not have. The hemp seed itself is the only natural seed that makes linoleic acid. I think that’s how you say it.

Matt: 11:10 I think you pronounced it really well. I’ve tried to say it several times, and I did it as lo-lana-nano-lite.

Jessica: 11:16 But because it’s naturally producing, it’s a really good source of all of those really important things that we all need.

Matt: 11:27 And again, we’re not over-watering almond trees to make almond milk and using up aquifers. And we’re not over processing soy beans and growing too much soy. Like, hemp is plentiful. It grows really easy and the seeds, I assume, are probably pretty cheap.

Jessica: 11:43 Yeah. It’s honestly a really sustainable option. I feel like it’s definitely a much better option for the environment than some other types of nut milks. You know, like almond milk, I actually didn’t know that and now I’m going to go look into it, after I’ve talked to you.

Matt: 12:00 Oh yeah. Okay. Well here, I’ll teach you something. I drank almond milk for a while. And I had a buddy that was actually, that lived out in California and railed against almond farming and almond milk. Because, it takes a crap load of almonds to make almond milk. And almond trees use a ton of water and they’re growing them in California where there’s a lot of drought and water issues. And so very rich farms are using all the water for almonds and almond milk. And the almond people are like, “No, no, no, that’s not true!” But it absolutely is!

Matt: 12:34 So I won’t say don’t drink it-

Jessica: 12:39 Wow, that’s crazy!

Matt: 12:39 Yeah it’s not great for the environment and it’s not as renewable as you think either, you know?

Jessica: 12:43 Yeah. I do not drink almond milk and I will not start.

Matt: 12:47 Okay. I’m not judging you if you do. And I admit, I put a little bit of almond milk in my coffee this morning because we didn’t have soy at work. So. I’m ready to switch to hemp milk though!

Matt: 12:55 Okay. So you said that hemp milk is actually pretty expensive

Matt: 13:00 And making it’s pretty cheap. How much is a gallon of hemp milk if I go to Trader Joe’s?

Jessica: 13:04 I’ve never seen it in a gallon, but you know the little cardboard containers that the nut milks come in, different brands I’ve seen it for even $5.

Matt: 13:14 Oh, wow.

Jessica: 13:15 Which is crazy, right?

Matt: 13:17 Yeah.

Jessica: 13:18 That’s so expensive. And I mean, for a cup of hemp milk with one cup of the hemp hearts. So, seems a lot more economical for sure.

Matt: 13:32 Yeah. This goes back to part of the theme of this episode where I’m doing hemp in food and hemp in drinks. And it seems like, we could be right on the edge of creating another organic fad, where we start putting organic on food and it just magically becomes more expensive. And people start to think badly about organic farming and organic foods, which they shouldn’t. But, the marketing of it can easily take something … Like, you and I saw that article about the hummus that has 13 milligrams-

Jessica: 14:05 Three milligrams-

Matt: 14:06 Yeah, something-

Jessica: 14:06 … or something.

Matt: 14:07 … ridiculous. And I guarantee, that hummus cost seven or eight bucks because they say, “Yeah, we waved CBD over it,” or whatever. And I worry about that, in a situation like this, especially when you said, two, three ingredients, four, if you wanna season it, and they literally cost nothing. So, it’s something to watch for and worry about, really at this point, especially when we’re trying to encourage this.

Jessica: 14:28 I mean, that is something that happens with every industry, and I don’t think it’s ever gonna stop happening. I mean, everything has … it’s like the buzzword right now, hemp, or CBD, so people are just trying to turn a profit because of capitalism.

Matt: 14:49 Exactly. Yeah. I mean, like CBD water and whatnot. And it’s like, you can get Aquafina-

Jessica: 14:54 CBD water.

Matt: 14:54 … which is already overpriced like tap water from London basically. And you add a little CBD to it, and I mean, a trace amount that doesn’t do anything and, “We can sell that same six pack for $10.” It’s scary, but-

Jessica: 15:10 I think that’s where, just the education really comes in to really research what you’re buying.

Matt: 15:18 Yes.

Jessica: 15:19 Even if it’s just a little search, do something. Don’t just pay a bunch of money for something.

Matt: 15:25 No, absolutely. Especially when you can make it at home and it is so easy. And again, there’s a great video on, and you can see Jessica whipping it up and it’s literally nothing. It takes, maybe, 30 seconds to do it all, and maybe another minute if you wanna strain it. Why not just make it at home?

Jessica: 15:43 Yeah. It’s super easy. And honestly, take it from me, when it comes to making things at home … I have my groceries delivered to me. I am not a cooker. This is seriously so easy.

Matt: 15:57 The term cooker gives it away, right? Jessica, you have been wonderful. Thank you-

Jessica: 16:03 I’m not in the-

Matt: 16:04 … so much.

Jessica: 16:06 Thanks for having me.

Matt: 16:06 Yeah. This was great. I really appreciate it. You can find Jessica’s recipe and process for making hemp milk right over at And guys, it really is easy. Next up, I sat down with Elijah Pickering, who also writes for He writes about food for the site. And Elijah had some other ideas of what you could do with those hemp seeds. Speaking of which, I found hemp seeds right here in Omaha, Nebraska at Whole Foods, but then I found them a little cheaper at Trader Joe’s, too. So, why do I want hemp in my diet? What is the benefit of having hemp in a daily or weekly diet?

Elijah: 17:03 So, the benefit of having hemp is not only does it have the nutritional, it’s a super food basically. It’s extremely high in plant-based protein. It has anti-inflammatory qualities. And it just has a myriad of different things as well. And the easiest thing with it too is how I incorporate it into foods, which I’m sure we’re gonna get into in a little bit. But yeah, it’s extremely nutrient-dense, it’s easy to incorporate into your foods, and it’s fairly available to find as well.

Matt: 17:40 And pretty inexpensive, as far as I can tell, too. If you’re buying hemp hearts, which are called hemp seeds, they’re not expensive at all. And you can do all kinds of stuff with them.

Elijah: 17:49 Not really, yeah. If you go to Myer in the baking section is where the hemp hearts are, I usually get hemp hearts, flax seed, and chia seeds, and they’re each what, two and a half, $3, and they last you a long time as well.

Matt: 18:05 And you treat the hemp hearts the same way that you sort of treat the flax and the chia, in the same type usage?

Elijah: 18:11 Mm-hmm. What I usually do is I mix all three. So, it’s like a super grain type mixture that I can just sprinkle on anything. Yeah. I mean, you just use it the same way you would use sesame seeds, sprinkling on top of salads, on top of rice bowls. I put it in my protein smoothies and things like that.

Matt: 18:32 So, you’re basically adding protein. You’re adding a ton of fiber, really good for you. And then, you’re adding all manner of anti-inflammatories. What was the other? Lina, I can never say it, linoleic, linoloic acid, is that right?

Elijah: 18:47 No.

Matt: 18:52 I can’t remember it.

Elijah: 18:52 Yeah, I can’t remember that either. And it also has all that essential amino acids as well that your body doesn’t produce, so that’s really important to get into those as well. The main part is, it’s extremely good for you. It’s extremely nutritious. And the only thing it can do is help you. Yeah.

Matt: 19:12 Sure. So, take me through it. Let’s start with breakfast, for example. I wanna introduce hemp into my breakfast, what am I doing?

Elijah: 19:19 So, if you want to put it in your breakfast, for me, I don’t start eating until 2:00 PM, ’cause I do intermittent fasting. But, if you were to do it into breakfast, something that I eat a lot is oatmeal, right? That’s something that people eat for breakfast. So, you just make your normal oatmeal. Try to use good oatmeal, good milk, put good things in it, lots of fruits. I’ll take the hemp hearts and I’ll put those just right on top, directly.

Matt: 19:48 Just directly on top? Is it gonna add crunch? Do they soften up at all? I mean, what’s it like in your mouth?

Elijah: 19:53 It adds a little bit of a nuttiness taste, but it depends on how much you put on. I really put probably, a tablespoon and a half worth of hemp hearts on top of my oatmeal. And I put brown sugar, blueberries, strawberries in it too, so it’s like a mixture.

Matt: 20:14 That sounds great.

Elijah: 20:15 So, yeah, it blends right into it.

Matt: 20:20 So, just directly on top though? You’re not worrying about heating it up with the water or anything like the steel cut oats, for example, you wanna soften those up.

Elijah: 20:26 Nope.

Matt: 20:26 This just goes right on top like grape nuts almost?

Elijah: 20:29 Yeah, yep.

Matt: 20:29 Cool.

Elijah: 20:30 Sprinkle it right on top.

Matt: 20:31 So, I would assume you could do the same thing with, say, a salad for lunch? I mean, just sprinkle it right on top and you’ll add-

Elijah: 20:38 That’s exactly what I do. Yep.

Matt: 20:39 … add some texture-

Elijah: 20:40 That’s what I like, too. Yep, adds texture. I’ll just get my three greens mix. I’ll cook up a thing of salmon, ’cause I really like Salmon-

Matt: 20:53 I do, too.

Elijah: 20:54 … put that there. I put almonds there for the fat in them, then I’ll put the hemp hearts, then I’ll put my dressing, and then, sometimes I put a little bit of hot sauce just to add a little zing to it as well. So, it’s super easy. I mean, I’m in college, so-

Matt: 21:13 And so, you’re poor?

Elijah: 21:13 … I’m not … Yeah, I’m not always motivated to do meal prepping and do that every day, so salads are super easy, oatmeal’s super easy.

Matt: 21:25 Sure. Speaking of salmon, I’m thinking, if you took your salmon and then you did a mustard rub on it, and then encrusted it with hemp seeds and seared those on there, you would add an amazing crunch to it.

Elijah: 21:38 That would be awesome, actually. Yeah.

Matt: 21:40 That would be fantastic. I was just gonna say, what should we do for dinner? There it is.

Elijah: 21:45 I mean, that could work. I mean, my favorite part of the fish … Also, I mean, a little biased ’cause I come from the Philippians, so I’ve been eating a lot of fish all my life is the crunchy skin, that’s my favorite part.

Matt: 21:56 Yeah, man. Absolutely. Definitely. I’m gonna have to try that on salmon, that sounds wonderful. So now, I saw you had some articles about protein shakes and whatnot. You had one about milk, and I actually talked to Jessica and she went through making hemp milk with me. When you’re doing it in a protein shake, are you literally just buzzing it up?

Elijah: 22:15 Yeah. I just put it right on there just like when I put it on my oatmeals and things, so it’s the same exact thing.

Matt: 22:22 And it’s adding protein just like if you were adding walnuts, or flax, or anything else to it but actually, probably cheaper. And since it comes from hemp, a little better for the environment, too.

Elijah: 22:34 Yep. And I also have a … My mom actually bought me this hemp protein thing she got from the store and it’s like a protein powder but it’s from hemp.

Matt: 22:46 Really?

Elijah: 22:47 So, it’s all plant-based protein, so-

Matt: 22:49 That’s fantastic.

Elijah: 22:50 … I’ve been using that.

Matt: 22:51 So, as far as baking, you would do it the same way? Just introduce it directly into your flour, like if you were making muffins or making bread or something like that? You can literally just introduce the hemp seeds or the hearts, if you will, into the flour and bake as normal and you’ve got a seeded bread with plant protein in it instead of just wheat proteins?

Elijah: 23:11 Mm-hmm. You could do that. And then, also, if you have hemp milk on hand, anything that needs milk, you can use that and that’s already incorporated into it. And heart hemp milk, excuse me, is actually really good. I prefer it over almond milk, which is what I usually get.

Matt: 23:27 I’ve gotta try it. See, I live in Nebraska and there’s not a lot of hemp stuff here yet. So, I’m gonna make some hemp milk. I’m really interested.

Elijah: 23:34 Yeah, it is really good. I put a little … I remember when I made it, I made it with some pitted dates that were crushed up and some really nice Brazilian honey that I have, and it was really good. And it was just like a slight sweetness to it, and then you’re getting that nuttiness with the hemp hearts as well. And it’s just like a nice clean milk, too. It’s not zero percent fat milk, but it’s like 2% really, it’s a little bit thinner and not thick.

Matt: 24:05 But, it’s also a plant-based protein fat you’re getting. You’re not getting dairy fats?

Elijah: 24:11 Nope. Yep. It’s straight from the plant, no cow. It did not come from a cow.

Matt: 24:16 Yeah. They’re not milking hemp milk out of cows, huh?

Elijah: 24:19 No.

Matt: 24:20 So, what is your favorite thing to eat with hemp, to introduce hemp into if you had to pick one thing?

Elijah: 24:28 Well, one of my favorite things is, I already mentioned it, is oatmeal. I eat oatmeal pretty much every day. It’s an extremely … I mean, oatmeal within itself, I mentioned it in one of my past articles, in terms of the grain of it is again, also highly nutrient-dense, lots of carbohydrates, lots of protein, and lots of calories for a small amount as well. So, I mean, eating that pretty much every day is the best for me. And really, the best use of it is something that you’ll actually use every day.

Matt: 25:05 Sure. Sure.

Elijah: 25:06 For me, that’s the best hemp or that’s the best CBD product or that’s the best hemp product for anyone is which ever one you’re gonna use every day consistently.

Matt: 25:16 Yeah. Don’t fret over it, just make it as easy as possible, so you can introduce it into your daily routine.

Elijah: 25:24 I mean, really it’s the lowest effort thing you can do. You’re sprinkling hemp hearts over it-

Matt: 25:29 Totally.

Elijah: 25:30 … on top of something. If you can’t do that, then I don’t know what to say there.

Matt: 25:35 Yeah, you shouldn’t be cooking anything. Well, I tell you what, next time I’m in Michigan I’m gonna come by and I’m gonna sear up some salmon with some hemp for you and we’ll have a meal. How’s that sound?

Elijah: 25:42 Let’s do it. My roommate-

Matt: 25:43 I’ll treat you.

Elijah: 25:44 … and I-

Matt: 25:44 I’ll take care of you. Eli, thanks for your time, man. This was great. I really appreciate the info.

Elijah: 25:50 Okay, yeah. Thank you. Thanks for having me on, Matt.

Matt: 25:53 Yeah.

Matt: 26:02 You can check out Ellijah’s work at and find all kind of delicious recipes including his amazing and super health oatmeal.

Matt: 26:11 Right now why don’t we switch gears back to CBD. Folks I think it’s time for some cocktails.

Matt: 26:22 There’s some great videos on and plenty of other sites too that show bartenders, I’m not gonna use the word mixologist ’cause I kinda can’t stand it, making drinks with CBD, infusing it into their drinks. And not just for flavor, for a whole different cocktail experience. Now I’d grab my wife who went kicking and screaming I’m sure you can imagine down to a bar called Herbe Sainte where a good friend of ours, Austin, treated us to some CBD infused cocktails.

Austin: 26:51 Hi, my name’s Austin Elsberry. I’m the bar manager here at Herbe Sainte. So yeah, I run the bar program here, come up with the cocktail menu.

Matt: 26:59 And you’re gonna be helping us with some CBD infused cocktails.

Austin: 27:03 Yes I am.

Matt: 27:04 Can you give us a brief description of the cocktails that we taste?

Austin: 27:07 All right first cocktail up today is going to be one that’s on our menu right now called 75 Problems. Every menu that we’ve put put so far I’ve always got some sort of French 75 inspired variant on there.

Matt: 27:19 Gotcha and a little Jay-Z inspiration.

Austin: 27:21 Yes indeed. The full title of this one, 75 Problems but Gin Ain’t One. This is a tequila based French 75 style drink. Tequila, some Tattersall blueberry liqueur, lime juice, a little bit of Ancho Reyes which is an ancho chile liqueur as well.

Matt: 27:40 Oh my.

Austin: 27:40 Gives it a nice little darkness in there, a hint of spice.

Matt: 27:46 And now we’ve got a lemon-lime CBD that is made by Savage. It is their essentials. And then we’ve also got a Populum full spectrum hemp oil. Which one would you recommend for this first one?

Austin: 28:01 For this drink I’m gonna go with the full spectrum. Having tasted them both I think that orange oil in there is gonna work really nicely with this darker blueberry ancho chile thing going on.

Matt: 28:13 Cool. Let’s do it.

Austin: 28:15 Absolutely here we go.

Matt: 28:15 Whip it up, walk us through it.

Austin: 28:16 This is a cocktail that I’ve got the liquor in it already batched so I just have to pour one thing instead of three or four. Just a little bit of lime juice, we tried it with more and I had to back it way down because it was just a little too tart.

Matt: 28:31 Gotcha.

Austin: 28:31 And so here gonna do maybe a third of a dropper of the oil. Ends up being about seven or eight drops. See how this turns out.

Matt: 28:43 I should mention my wife Casey is here tasting with me.

Austin: 28:46 Hi Casey.

Casey: 28:46 Hi.

Austin: 28:52 All right so shaken that in a tin over ice. Strain it out into a champagne flute.

Casey: 29:01 Oh that’s fancy.

Austin: 29:01 In true French 75 style.

Matt: 29:03 Of course. It’s bright red.

Austin: 29:09 Yeah that blueberry liqueur is really vibrant. And then we’re topping that one with just a little bit of sparkling wine, whatever you like.

Matt: 29:17 And what did you use here?

Austin: 29:18 I’ve got, well known to bartenders everywhere, Wycliff. It’s a brut California sparkling wine. Just floating a lime wheel in the cocktail.

Matt: 29:29 I should say that it is shaved razor thin.

Casey: 29:31 Yeah. I was gonna say that’s the thinnest lime I’ve even seen.

Austin: 29:33 I did those this morning.

Matt: 29:35 Oh man, I was gonna say, who’s the poor jerk that has to do that? It’s you.

Austin: 29:37 Yep, it’s me.

Casey: 29:38 Oh that’s beautiful.

Austin: 29:40 The curse of having a relatively steady hand. And this is lovely, I can actually see the oil in the drink.

Matt: 29:46 Oh really?

Austin: 29:48 Because I shook the cocktail, whips it around in there …

Matt: 29:52 Is that around the rim basically, is that where that …

Austin: 29:54 Yeah, actually if you look in there, over the top, you can see those little bubbles around the edge of the lime, outside of it.

Matt: 30:01 Oh yeah.

Casey: 30:01 Oh yeah, that’s cool.

Austin: 30:03 It almost looks like a little bit of-

Casey: 30:05 It looks like olive oil.

Austin: 30:05 … really fine edible glitter or something.

Matt: 30:07 Really, it does, it’s really pretty. Ladies first.

Casey: 30:09 Yeah, for sure. I like that little bit of science there. Yeah, that’s super delicious.

Matt: 30:16 Oh hell. Yeah, that tastes like you’re doing yourself a favor for breakfast right there.

Casey: 30:21 That’s a great brunch drink for sure.

Matt: 30:22 Oh my God, that’s lovely. Well done sir. And you’re right, it does look so pretty as the oil catches the light. Look at that.

Casey: 30:30 Kinda reminds me when you finish a dish and you put olive oil on top-

Austin: 30:34 Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. For some reason I thought it might be oily feel in your mouth, but not at all.

Matt: 30:41 Yeah, and that’s what I was wondering about to see if that would come through. What is the title of our next drink?

Austin: 30:46 The next drink is Spelling Contest. I had this on one of our summer menus a year or two ago, I can’t remember, two years ago, summer. I was playing around just trying to make some syrups and I was like I want to do something herbal. Let’s make a sage syrup. What do I want to do with that? I need a rye cocktail, I need a rye whiskey cocktail. With this one, nice light, refreshing rye cocktail with that little bit of herbal from the sage syrup. So what we’ve go here, and I’m actually building this one from scratch since it hasn’t been on the menu in a while. I’ve got an ounce and a half of Old Overholt rye. Then half an ounce each of lime juice, Aperol-

Casey: 31:28 Oh I love Aperol.

Matt: 31:28 I do too.

Casey: 31:31 Underrated in my opinion.

Matt: 31:31 You’re a big Aperol spritz girl.

Casey: 31:31 I love Aperol spritzers.

Austin: 31:33 And then half an ounce of a sage syrup.

Casey: 31:42 Oh yum, I love sage too.

Austin: 31:45 And to this one I’m gonna do … which one is this?

Matt: 31:48 That’s the Savage.

Austin: 31:49 Then the Savage lemon-lime. Same deal, using about a third to a half of a dropper.

Matt: 31:58 So about eight drops.

Austin: 31:59 About eight drops.

Casey: 32:02 I feel like that was 12 but whatever you guys. I’m just kidding, I’m kidding.

Austin: 32:04 It’s gonna be fun. We’re just gonna have a great time.

Matt: 32:10 That’s the good thing about CBD, it’s just gonna mellow us out a little bit.

Casey: 32:10 Yeah, sit here, all my aches and pains will go away. And get drunk.

Austin: 32:16 And once again this is a shaken cocktail.

Matt: 32:17 Got the one handed shake.

Austin: 32:24 All right.

Casey: 32:26 That’s beautiful too. Both of these have been really pretty colors. Just not that that’s important at all.

Matt: 32:32 You get the sheen of the oil all along the top. It’s really pretty.

Austin: 32:36 Yeah, that’s one of the great things about shaking the cocktail. If you want it to be effervescent and aromatic, that’s one of the reasons why you shake a cocktail because those ice cubes whip all those tiny air bubbles into the drink. And as they rise to the surface and pop on the surface, all these little micro-bubbles, they carry that aroma up to you.

Matt: 32:54 Right and I would assume just like an egg white, here you’re dealing with an oil. You want to break that up as much as you can and infuse it into the cocktail. The ice, the wet shake, just tear that up.

Austin: 33:03 Yep, absolutely.

Casey: 33:04 Well, I dove in and that’s delicious. I think that one is unreal ’cause you get a little bit of that …

Matt: 33:13 There’s no trace-

Casey: 33:15 Citrus, yeah.

Matt: 33:15 … of rye whiskey.

Casey: 33:17 No.

Matt: 33:17 I would not know.

Casey: 33:19 No, you get that … yeah

Matt: 33:20 If you told me this was a non-alcoholic health tonic, I would say can we pour some alcohol in it.

Austin: 33:28 Jokes on you, fair amount of booze is in there already.

Matt: 33:31 That is delicious. That’s absolutely delicious.

Austin: 33:32 Thank you.

Matt: 33:33 And the lemon-lime, yeah, just sort of sets off a little bit of the citrus.

Casey: 33:37 It’s sweet.

Matt: 33:39 I don’t know if it’s ’cause it’s an oil and it’s not juice but it’s not bitter.

Austin: 33:43 It’s not bitter and it’s not overly bright.

Matt: 33:46 It’s not [inaudible 00:33:47]

Austin: 33:49 This Savage lemon-lime brings sort of a citrus but not in a syrup-y way, kind of round way.

Matt: 33:56 It’s totally different, yeah.

Austin: 33:57 I can only describe it as round.

Matt: 33:58 Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say, not mouth coating or anything but you get a citrus around your whole mouth as opposed to when you just get lime juice you get citrus right on the front of your tongue.

Austin: 34:07 Yep, and then your jaw goes uh.

Matt: 34:09 Yeah, that thing in the back of your teeth happens. Not at all here though. It’s really nice, it’s really rounded. I think we’ll sit here and we’ll enjoy these for a little bit and then we’ll check back in and see how we feel at the end of the cocktails.

Casey: 34:22 I already feel good.

Matt: 34:24 Yeah, it’s not like a drunk, it’s more like a …

Casey: 34:27 It’s not a high either. It’s like my body just is like ah.

Matt: 34:31 Nice kinda relaxed sort of.

Casey: 34:34 My body just feels very, again, lightweight is the only word I can keep coming up with. All my muscle pain or soreness or tension is done, like I’m on a cloud, I’m sitting on a cloud.

Matt: 34:46 I should mention we had a massive snow storm and we shoveled snow and then Casey went and taught aerobics. So her body is tired. I’m old and sore because I had to shovel snow. But yeah, I feel pretty good.

Casey: 34:57 Yeah, and my body feels really good.

Matt: 34:57 I feel pretty good.

Casey: 34:57 And my body usually doesn’t because I hurt it so much. But yeah, this is kind of nice.

Matt: 35:03 So CBD cocktails. Yay or nay? You’re into it?

Casey: 35:07 Yes, I am into it. I’m into it on a limited basis though.

Matt: 35:12 Yeah, I agree.

Casey: 35:13 I’m into it, especially when they enhance the flavor like these ones did, with his cocktails.

Matt: 35:17 Definitely.

Casey: 35:17 That was really cool.

Matt: 35:19 Austin thanks so much for your time. You were great man.

Austin: 35:21 Hey thank you very much, thanks for coming down.

Matt: 35:22 I appreciate it.

Casey: 35:23 I was great too, thank you.

Austin: 35:24 Thanks Casey.

Casey: 35:24 Yeah, thanks guys.

Matt: 35:29 Huge thanks to our friends at Herbe Sainte down at Aksarben in Omaha, Nebraska. If you’re ever in town, you should definitely swing through. Their Cajun food is wonderful. I highly suggest the jambalaya. We will have a link to their site in the show notes so you can check out their menu and their other cocktails. And I hope the next time you mix up a cocktail at home, you might think about adding a little CBD oil, see what happens.

Matt: 35:52 That about does it for this episode but I hope you guys learned some quick and easy ways to add both hemp seeds and CBD into your diet with things that are readily available everywhere right now. And of course, I want to hear from you guys. How are you already incorporating hemp into your diet? You can leave us a message on our Google Voice line at 402-819-6417 and tell us all about it. You can use that same phone number to ask any questions you’d like answered. Later on in the future I foresee having whole segments where we just take your questions and somebody smarter than me is gonna answer them. I promise you that. You can always reach out to us at @ministryofhemp on Twitter or \ministryofhemp on Facebook and drop your questions there too. Or you can email me your questions to As always you’ll be able to find a full transcript of the show attached to the notes, for the hearing impaired. And I want to say a huge thanks to everybody that reached out after the first episode and told me what you thought and how much you dug the show. And it really does do us a huge favor if you go to iTunes and write a short review. It really helps the show and it helps us get our message out to other people who want to learn about hemp.

Matt: 37:18 Thanks for listening to the Ministry of Hemp and we’ll see you in a couple weeks for episode three. In the meantime, take care of yourself, take care of others and make good decisions will you? This is Matt Baum Ministry of Hemp podcast.

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Matt Baum has been hosting, producing, and editing podcasts for almost ten years. He's been a touring musician, chef, journalist, and avid comic book fan for as long as he can remember. Currently, Matt lives in Omaha Nebraska with his wife Kacie and pugs Mable and Bobo.

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