PlusCBD Oil Café Mocha Spray Gave Our Morning Coffee A Delicious Boost

PlusCBD Oil Café Mocha Spray is the perfect way to start our day off right.

This spray has a strong coffee taste with delicious chocolate undertones that pairs wonderfully with almost any cup of coffee. It also makes a great addition to smoothies, hemp milk and other food and drinks. If you are a lover of coffee flavor, you’ll probably enjoy spraying PlusCBD Oil Café Mocha Spray directly in your mouth, too.

For this review, we tested the this spray in the 500mg strength. According to PlusCBD Oil, each 2 ounce bottle contains about 160 servings of 2 sprays each. Each serving provides about 3mg of CBD, or 1.5mg per spray. This is a relatively low dose of CBD, but we found it made a great start to our day which we could supplement later with CBD in other forms … or by going back for a second cup of CBD coffee! Since CBD oil can promote relaxation, it may even reduce some of the negative side effects of coffee.

Bottles of PlusCBD Cafe Mocha Spray sits near a cup of black coffee and scattered coffee beans and chocolate chunks. PlusCBD Cafe Mocha Spray helped our review team start our day with a relaxing and flavorful cup.
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PlusCBD Oil Café Mocha Spray helped our review team start our day with a relaxing and flavorful cup.

PlusCBD Oil paid us a fee and offered us free products in return for our honest opinion. We only select the highest-quality CBD products for review on our site. Read more about sponsored content on Ministry of Hemp.

Read on to learn more about PlusCBD Oil Café Mocha Spray and see our official review.


In order to create top-quality hemp products, PlusCBD Oil monitors every stage of manufacture and the supply chain from “seed to shelf.” Using an in-house laboratory, they carefully test their hemp and CBD for strength, impurities, and to ensure they are free from toxins like pesticides and heavy metals. Of course, for full transparency, a third-party laboratory tests all their products before they reach the market. Certificates of analysis are available to customers on request.

PlusCBD Oil works closely with the hemp industry to ensure access to CBD and encourage hemp growing across the United States. The care they put into their products is readily apparent in the final product. PlusCBD Oil Café Mocha Spray came in a high-quality bottle with a great, reliable spray mechanism. The bottles are very clearly labeled too, offering clear guidelines for usage and an easy to read ingredients list.

PlusCBD Cafe Mocha Spray covers the taste of hemp extract with a strong, rich chocolate-coffee flavor that’s perfect for adding to drinks.
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  • Highlights: PlusCBD Oil CBD Café Mocha Spray covers the taste of hemp extract with a strong, rich chocolate-coffee flavor that’s perfect for adding to drinks..
  • Strength: 500mg of CBD per 2oz bottle, about 1.5mg of CBD per spray, also available in a 100mg 1oz bottle
  • Price: $67.95
  • Special: Use coupon code MOH for 15% off PLusCBD Oil products sitewide.
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Fast customer service. Free shipping available on orders over $99.
  • Independent Test Results: Available on request.
  • Flavor & Texture: This CBD Café Mocha Spray has a strong coffee flavor with rich chocolate notes. The spray feels a bit oily when sprayed into the mouth but combines well with beverages.
  • Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp extract / CBD oil plus Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Coffee Flavor, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Silica,  Monk Fruit (Siraitia grosvenorii), Monolaurin, Quillaja Saponaria, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Alpha Tocopherol
  • Other: Also available in peppermint and unflavored CBD sprays

PlusCBD Oil products are made from high-quality non-GMO hemp grown in Europe. They also offer a wide range of products including CBD oil, topicals, capsules and softgels, and concentrates. All PlusCBD Oil products are gluten-free, including their gummies.



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Kit O'Connell is an Editor of Ministry of Hemp. His writing has also appeared at The Establishment, Firedoglake, YES! Magazine, the Texas Observer and Truthout.

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