Kit O’Connell, Editor & Hemp Advocate: Meet Our Editor In Chief (Video)

In our newest video, we get to know Ministry of Hemp’s Editor in Chief, Kit O’Connell.

Kit O’Connell is an experienced journalist, activist and community organizer with a passion for hemp in all its forms. He has fibromyalgia, an illness which combines chronic pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance and other challenging symptoms. Like so many others, he uses THC and CBD to treat fibromyalgia.

In addition to our website, you can find Kit’s writing has appeared in Hemp Magazine, the Texas Observer, Truthout, YES! Magazine, and other publications. He lives in Austin, Texas with his spouse and two cats.

Got questions, feedback or story ideas? You can reach Kit by email at [email protected].

Jessica St. Cyr contributed footage to this video.

Photo: Kit O'Connell, Editor in Chief of Ministry of Hemp, gestures during a recorded interview.
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Desiree Kane

Desiree Kane (Miwok) is a long-time journalist and multi-media producer who can be found behind her camera off somewhere random most of the time.

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