Jetpack Included: Hemp CBD Protein Powder Lifts Off At NoCo Hemp Expo

Why launch a jetpack at a hemp expo? More like: why not?

On April 7 at the NoCo Hemp Expo, former pro-basketball player Will Carr teamed up with Apollo Flight Labs to mark the launch of Willpower Products new CBD-infused protein powder in a big way. While undeniably flashy, the jetpack stunt drew a huge crowd out of the Ranch Events Center in Loveland, Colorado. One thing we learned: jetpacks are loud!

There’s more to Carr’s offering than just a flying gimmick, however. In our interview, he explains why his new ReGen protein powder is the perfect choice for athletes and anyone who lives a fit, active lifestyle. Carr also explains how he discovered the benefits of CBD oil first hand after an injury:

Last August, I had my first encounter with CBD. I had turf toe, and I’d been taking ibuprofen for two weeks and it wasn’t helping. I took CBD and within 30 minutes my toe didn’t hurt anymore and I was like, “What in the world is this? Why have I never heard of this before?”

Stay tuned: we’ll be sharing our experiences with Willpower’s CBD protein powder and more from NoCo Hemp Expo in the coming weeks.

Apollo Flight Labs jetpack branded with the Willpower Products logo takes off at NoCo Hemp Expo
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A jetpack takes flight at the NoCo Hemp Expo to mark the launch of Willpower Protein Powder. (Backstage Flash)

Jetpack footage courtesy of Backstage Flash. Video produced by AJ Film


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Apollo Flight Labs jetpack branded with the Willpower Products logo takes off at NoCo Hemp Expo
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