How To Read CBD Oil Labels (VIDEO)

This video will help you read and understand a CBD oil label.

So you’ve decided to try a CBD product! Maybe you want to foster relaxation or get better sleep? Awesome! This video is made to help you figure out what you’re doing.

It’s important to know that there are no industry standards for CBD labeling so they’re all a little different. There are a few things to look for in reliable brands. 

For this video, we used two products for comparison: Healist Naturals Calm Chews and their Double Strength Calm Drops. Thanks to Healist for partnering with us on this video!

Tips on reading CBD product labels

Everyone reacts a little differently to CBD, so it’s important to know how much you’re buying. One thing to watch out for are brands that sell hemp seed oil as CBD, or only list total amounts of hemp extract on the label, instead of the total amount of CBD.

In this video, we show you how to read the exact dosage per dropper, using the label for Healist Naturals Double Strength Calm Drops. We also talk about other features you might find in CBD products like terpene blends.

Finally, it’s important to compare the product label with the third-party lab results. Reputable brands pay to have their products carefully tested by an independent laboratory. These results, also known as a Certificate of Analysis (COA), verify the potency and purity of the product. Some brands only test for cannabinoids without also showing you terpenes or testing for impurities. However, the more thorough the better.

In the video, we also explain briefly how to compare the lab results and product label. If you can’t easily find these labs, look for a better brand!

So that’s basically how to read labels for different CBD products.

Enjoy! Feel well! 

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