With a motto of “Make it a Hippie Day!”, Hippie Butter’s mission is to offer customers healthy foods and to work to leave a healthier planet for our future generations.

Ministry of Hemp sits down with Brad Ervin, founder and Chief Hemp Officer of Hippie Butter – a food company offering hemp products ranging from hemp seed bars, protein, to even hemp coffee!

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We got the opportunity to chat with Brad to learn more about what got him so passionate about hemp and what makes consumers so addicted to Hippie Butter products.

Tell me a little bit about where you’re from and about the hemp community there?

Brad Ervin: I live the bucolic life on 5 acres in Kauffman County, Texas. We ARE the hemp community out here. We’re Hippie-Buttering practically 24/7 around these parts. Early mornings start with a pot of Hemp Seed Coffee as we yawn, stretch, feed the chickens, donkeys, dogs, cats, fish and tackle overnight emails.

We drink Hemp Seed Protein Powder smoothies while we connect with more than 500,000 folks through social media – FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. We take time for lunch and meditation. The rest of the day, evening and late night is spent working on our website, writing blogs, answering phone calls, taking orders, creating content and advertising graphics with lots of breaks for walking and playing with our dogs. No wonder we’re so happy!

Oh, yeah, I forgot to add that we do it all without having to wear a business suit, tie or pantyhose. (My wife, Melete, added the pantyhose part). Um, now it sounds like we don’t wear clothes. I meant to say that we get to dress comfortably as we go about work, which adds to our hempy happiness factor.

What’s your background before Hippie Butter? Why are you so passionate about hemp?

BE: I’m a former chef, 25-year rock ‘n’ roll sound engineer and now the Chief Hemp Officer of Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Products. As I toured the world with artists like George Strait, Bette Midler, Paul McCartney, and many others, I discovered the “superfood,” hemp seeds.

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During a tour in Canada, I became sick and exhausted from too many long hours and bad food, which is so common in the entertainment industry, and I stopped for a snack at a convenience store that happened to carry hemp seeds. When I tried some, I fell in love with the nutty, crunchy taste, and started eating a handful a day. It wasn’t long before I was feeling more energized, less stressed, and had a heightened sense of well-being.

Hemp seeds were too good to keep to myself, so I took some home to share with my wife, Melete, who is a thyroid patient. She also found that hemp seeds made her feel better, by increasing her energy and sense of well-being! She passed them along to her friends and before we knew it, people were clamoring for my hemp seeds–I couldn’t keep up with the demand!

“There should be a company that makes a wide variety of high-quality hemp seed products in America!”

When I started buying hemp seeds by the case, the problem I ran into was finding a U.S. company that actually carried them. Finding quality hemp seeds was next to impossible, so I thought to myself, ‘There should be a company that makes a wide variety of high-quality hemp seed products in America!’ My wife agreed and that was the “lightbulb” moment five years ago which prompted us to launch Hippie Butter!

What’s your vision and mission?

Our motto, “Make it a Hippie Day!”

  1. We never forget our root passion: HEMP!
  2. We adhere to our mission statement – “To develop, process, package, promote and deliver a growing line of delicious, nutritious, organic gourmet hemp seed foods, beverages, skin care/hair care and CBD products for people who live a natural lifestyle, love healthy foods and work to leave a healthy planet for future generations.”

How do you best describe Hippie Butter as a brand? If you could describe the essence of it, what would it be?

BE:Our products are Superfoods for Super Families and you can think of our brand as Happy. We do think of ourselves as the Happy Hippies of Hippie Butter and our logo IS a smiling, Hemp Seed whom we call, “Hempie” – she’s totally groovy!

We love what we do, we love connecting with our friends and customers through social media, events and festivals. We hope that our commitment to healthy, happy people and hempy foods comes through in our social interactions and hemp seed products.

Out of the many products Hippie Butter offer, your dietary products such as hemp bars, hemp seed butter, and hemp coffee seem to be truly unique. How have customers taken to it?

“They love our hemp products because they’re non-GMO, THC-free, herbicide/pesticide-free, non processed and are the perfect alternatives for dairy, nut and flour”

BE: Once consumers try our free hemp seed samples, they’re immediately sold on how delicious hemp seed products are so it’s an easy transition for them to jump into our unique hemp seed food products. Moms are really our biggest proponents and customers; they love our hemp seed products because they’re non-GMO, THC-free, herbicide/pesticide-free, non processed and are the perfect alternatives for dairy, nut and flour.

Our Hemp Seed and Cacao Butter is the real mind-blower for our customers. Most people write and call us to say they eat it straight out of the jar. So do we.

hippie butter hemp seed butter

With hemp being such an amazing plant, why aren’t more companies and consumers aware of it? What are some of the biggest roadblocks and misconceptions?

BE: Our biggest roadblock is that most people don’t know about the plethora of benefits that the Hemp Plant offers. We combat this by teaching people that hemp seeds are delicious, healthy and legal. That’s why our main focus is on hemp education.

Hippie Butter’s multiple-platform, interactive website, and social media showcase educational, historical, and nutritional information about hemp seeds, as well as easy, step-by-step cooking videos that demonstrate methods to incorporate the healthy, nutty goodness of hemp seeds into your favorite family recipes. We also offer free hemp seed food samples so consumers can “try before they buy” (at www.freehempseedsamples.com.)


What’s the best part about being an entrepreneur in the hemp industry for you?

We love meeting people and seeing their excitement when we tell them about the greatness of the hemp plant.

BE: Our early successes came in the formation of personal relationships with Hemp Industry experts. I was fortunate to have several phone conversations with the phenomenal Jack Herer – author of the most influential book of my life, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.”

Jack was an enthusiastic mentor who gave us our “reason to be” along with the inspiration and confidence to continue following our Hemp Seed Dreams. Jack encouraged us to meet more of the “movers & shakers” in the hemp community who became our friends, mentors and educators: we truly found our “tribe.” These early successes keep us steadfast.

Have there been any obstacles along the way that have taught you valuable lessons? Any that you’d like to share?

BE: Stay away from the temptation of inexpensive Chinese hemp products! ALL of our hemp seed products have ALWAYS come from hemp fields grown in North America. We are working directly with Colorado and Kentucky hemp farmers planning future hemp products. America, yeah!

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

BE: Hippie Butter embraces Jeff Hunter’s” Evolutionary Business” philosophy, which he so eloquently defines as:

“the new socially responsible business… in the process of re-examining basic assumptions about mission, vision and values and distributing ethical, moral and spiritual dimensions throughout the business culture to support this new way of being and operating. It is the reintegration of spirit and matter, of business and compassion, of head and heart, of conscious management and the feminine archetype in business and of a sense of love and play along with the mandate of making a profit so that these activities can thrive.”

–Jeff Hutner, The Birth of Evolutionary Business

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Brad, this was truly informative and I love the work you’re doing with Hippie Butter. I’m looking forward to seeing what new hemp products you develop!