Why You Should Make the Switch to Hemp Underwear Now

Privates, we all have them and we now can finally protect them naturally with hemp.

Up until recently the best material we had for our undies was cotton. 100% cotton underwear is undoubtedly a very good option, as it is a natural material which wicks away moisture from the skin and discourages the growth of yeast.

But now there is an even better natural option with hemp underwear from WAMA. As we explain below, we believe anything cotton can do, hemp can do better. Now with hemp undies you can feel more comfortable, fresh and relax knowing your privates are protected by the natural powers of hemp.


The hemp plant is known to be a miracle plant for all of its uses and benefits. Hemp is known to have anti-bacterial properties and may also be anti-microbial, so hemp textiles provide natural odor protection. Hemp fabric is also a very breathable material and comfortable when worn. Hemp clothing also offers some natural UV protection. And, after all, who wants a sunburn down there?


Advantage of hemp underwear
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With all of these benefits coming from hemp fabric, it is easy to see the best application for hemp fabric would be underwear. Hemp underwear can kill microbes and bacteria growth allowing you to wear your undies longer without it smelling. Hemp fabrics are also very breathable which helps with airflow, which research suggests can help fight against yeast infections.

Many brands claim their underwear will help kill bacteria growth and odor by adding silver to the fabric. Silver embedded in textiles can definitely kill odor, but silver exposure can also be harmful. While scientists currently believe silver in clothing poses minimal health risk, why take any risk when there’s a completely natural, and naturally odor-killing alternative?

Another great benefit to hemp underwear is that it is super comfortable — we believe it will be the most naturally comfortable underwear you have ever worn. All in all, once you try a pair for yourself you may never go back.


WAMA HempUnderwear
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WAMA Underwear is a new hemp apparel start-up releasing hemp boxer briefs for men and hemp hipsters for women. We wanted to make hemp underwear cool and fashionable so that we can bring more awareness to hemp in the fashion world.

Today, clothing production is the second largest polluter in the world and we are here to do our part and fix this. Most underwear in the world today are made from a synthetic fiber or cotton, or a blend of the two. Synthetic textiles are well, synthetic. They are man made usually starting from a laboratory and don’t offer the health benefits of breathable, natural textiles. Cotton is a plant and is natural, however it requires more than its fair share of water to grow and is one of the most chemically dependent crops in the world. Luckily, hemp requires little to no pesticides to grow and uses only a fraction of the water that cotton uses. It is easy to see that hemp is the most sustainable option.

Here at WAMA we have chosen to only partner with suppliers who are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to ensure our textiles are organic. Not only is the transparency of our production important to us but we have also spent almost two years building the perfect pair of underwear. From visiting the biggest hemp factory in the world in Shanxi, China, to developing the perfect fabric, patterns and overall design, WAMA Underwear has changed the game. We’re nott just providing a pair of hemp underwear but a fashionable everyday underwear that you will feel good about wearing.


Feeling good is very important to us and you will feel good when wearing your new WAMA’s. Everyone who has tested or worn WAMA prototypes tell us how comfortable the natural fiber feels against their skin. Product testers say the fabric gets softer and more comfortable with every wash. They have also mentioned that it “wears in” instead of wearing out, making hemp underwear very long lasting. Test after test and fact after fact, it is easy to see why you need to make the switch to hemp underwear.


Hemp Underwear Present
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Help us help nature. Yes, we think creating hemp underwear is cool but we have always wanted this to be more than that. We believe with more purchases of hemp clothing comes more awareness to hemp as a textile option. With more awareness comes more use and with more use comes less pollution and the preservation of nature.

So it all started with us creating sexy cool organic hemp underwear, but now it is your turn to support the hemp movement. By backing our campaign on kickstarter, you are not only helping bring WAMA Underwear to life; you will be supporting the hemp movement in the fashion world by bringing more awareness to hemp and all of its benefits.

Visit the WAMA Homepage

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