Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying Hemp Products – A Hemp Buying Guide

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More brands are starting to use hemp for its superior quality


With all the controversy and confusion surrounding hemp, it’s still quite confusing to shop for hemp products. If you’re new to hemp and just learning about how awesome it is, you might still have some lingering questions, like “is it legal?”, “how healthy are hemp seeds?”, or “which brands offer the best value?”

To get to the point, you’re probably reading this guide because you decided you want to try hemp. Perhaps you’ve heard about the health benefits hemp can have on your diet or your skin. Or you might be looking for sustainable products and have heard about how eco-friendly hemp is. Whichever is the case, our goal is to help you select the right hemp product so you can enjoy hemp in your healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.


Hemp is the most sustainable and versatile crop in the world. Yet, it has been prohibited in the US over the past 80 years due to its misconstrued association with marijuana. Your purchase of hemp will help eliminate these misconceptions and help our society adopt more sustainable measures through hemp.


In this guide, I will go over the basics on selecting a hemp product that you will enjoy and benefit from. Elsewhere on the site, we go into more detail on each of these topics and more, so make sure to check out those resources as well!

Here’s how our guide is broken down:


  • Learn all the benefits and uses of hemp
  • What type of hemp products are you interested in?
  • Make sure to find out where the hemp is from
  • Read the Hemp Product Reviews
  • Purchase your next hemp product



Now let’s get started.

1. Learn all the benefits and uses of hemp – Hemp 101: What is Hemp?

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Did you know hemp is one of the oldest crops in human history? Traces of hemp and its variety of applications have been found in every single continent (except the arctics). In 1941, a US magazine actually touted hemp to be the “Next Billion Dollar Crop” with over 25,000 applications. Learn about all the different aspects of hemp through our Hemp 101 Resource.

2. What type of hemp product are you interested in? – Products Made From Hemp

Now that you know how amazing hemp is for you, let’s find out what type of hemp products are out there. There’s really limitless applications of hemp available – it’s a matter of how you want to adopt it into your life. Hemp offers a sustainable alternative to many products we use today, such as hemp plastic, paper, fabric, etc. Check out our in-depth review of each hemp product category.

3. Make sure to find out where the hemp is from – Hemp Growing Countries

Hemp Buying Guide
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It is still federally illegal to cultivate hemp in the United States. So all the products made from hemp has to be imported from other countries. Each region in the world grows different strains of hemp that are better suited for certain types of applications. For example, Canada is known to produce the best hemp seeds, whereas China mainly focuses on hemp fabric. Before you buy your hemp product, check their labels to see if you can find out where they get their hemp seeds from. If it’s an honest company, they’ll be transparent where they source their hemp from.

Also check our Hemp Countries page to see which countries are best known for different types of hemp applications

4. Read the Hemp Product Reviews

There’s a lot of different hemp brands and products now available in the market. How do you know which product offers the best quality? fit? price? Our team researched and broke down all the different types of hemp products and their brands to help you get the best value in your next hemp purchase.

Interested in trying one of the best hemp CBD extracts available on the market? Visit our CBD Oil Reviews page to see the top hemp extract brands on the market. We’ve reviewed top US brands under 10 different categories to help you with your next CBD purchase.

5. Purchase your next hemp product and enjoy the benefits of hemp! – 73 Real Life Amazing Hemp Products

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Ready to adopt hemp into your lifestyle?

If you used our Product Reviews section to compare products, we’ve provided direct links on those pages to the sites that offer those products at the lowest price.

If you want to further explore and shop online, come check out our list of hemp products, where we’ve curated the highest-quality boutique hemp products.

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