Hemp Beer Goes Nationwide: New Belgium Launches The Hemperor (VIDEO)

Last month, we got to try a unique new hemp beer and talk to part of the team behind it.

“We finally brought together hemp and hops,” said Steve Navas, brand activation manager for New Belgium Brewing.

The private bar in downtown Austin where the tasting took place was filled with the incredible smell of The Hemperor hemp pale ale. As we spoke with Navas, the sounds of local bluegrass band Steel Betty tickled our ears.

Over the past few months, New Belgium has traveled the USA sharing their new hemp beer, The Hemperor.
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Over the past few months, New Belgium has traveled the U.S. sharing their new hemp beer, The Hemperor. (New Belgium Brewing)

“We’re one of the first breweries to be able to nationally roll out a beer like this,” Navas told us. “This is two years in the making.”

As for The Hemperor? We thought it was delicious. Here’s how we described this hemp beer in our official Hemperor review:

Wow! Powerful green hemp aroma from this pale ale. The hemp adds a nutty, smooth flavor that balances out the hops, especially in comparison to most IPAs. This beer is sweet with a very mild bitter aftertaste.

You can also feel good about your purchase, because one dollar from every bottle sold goes to support hemp legalization. Keep an eye out for The Hemperor at a store near you.

Kit O'Connell is an Editor of Ministry of Hemp. His writing has also appeared at The Establishment, Firedoglake, YES! Magazine, the Texas Observer and Truthout.

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