Green Earth Medicinals CBD Oral Drops Offer Tasty Relaxation

Green Earth Medicinals CBD oral drops are a flavorful cannabidiol extract that expertly mixes lemon and ginger flavors with the natural taste of hemp.

Green Earth Medicinals creates organically-sourced broad spectrum whole-plant CBD oil grown in the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. 

Don’t expect an intensely spicy lemon ginger taste. Instead, this oil celebrates the natural taste of CBD oil, and the lemon and ginger enhance the flavor. The earthy flavor fondly reminded our reviewer of her hippy childhood. One can almost taste the farm where the oil was sourced, like in a good lettuce or raw milk. Those who appreciate the natural flavor and full mouthfeel of CBD oil with more gentle accompaniment will find this oil delicious. 

Three different sized bottles of Green Earth Medicinals CBD Oral Sublingual Drops against a lightly colored background.
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Green Earth Medicinals CBD Oral Sublingual Drops are made from organically-grown Oregon hemp plants.

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Keep reading for our full review of Green Earth Medicinals CBD Extra.

Physician-Developed, Organic Hemp Extract

Green Earth Medicinals worked closely with physicians to develop their CBD oil.

Their team works with carefully selected source plants which test rigorously along at every step of the way. Their CBD Oral Drops offer several different natural terpenes. In addition to cannabidiol, our testing found a small amount of the natural cannabinoid CBD-A in this tincture. These may enhance the “entourage effect” of hemp extract, when multiple natural compounds work together.

Green Earth Medicinals carefully triple-tests their product. First, they test their hemp plants for their cannabinoid and terpene profiles as well as perform contaminant tests. Second, after extracting cannabinoids and terpenes through a supercritical CO2 or ethanol extraction (depending on product), they test the oil for potency and contaminants. Finally, they check the potency of each batch before bottling. Once bottled they pull and test random product samples. further ensuring potency and consistency.

While Green Earth Medicinals suggests a dose of one dropperful (20 drops, or 10 mg), our reviewer found optimal relaxation and restful sleep by taking more. Everyone responds differently to CBD oil so it’s always a good idea to start small and work your way up. Green Earth Medicinals offers two flavors and also makes multiple strengths if you need a different dose or a different flavor.

Green Earth Medicinals CBD Oral Sublingual Drops (Ministry of Hemp Official CBD Reviews)
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Green Earth Medicinals CBD Oral Sublingual Drops Official Review

  • Highlights: Green Earth Medicinals CBD Oral Sublingual Drops are a broad-spectrum oil made with organically-grown hemp plants. This product is vegan, kosher, and free from gluten and other common allergens.
  • Strength: 600mg per 30mg bottle (also available in 15mg and 60mg bottles)
  • Price: $39.99 to $124.99
  • Special: Use coupon code MOH5 for 5% your order!
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Fast, friendly customer service. Free shipping is available.
  • Independent Test Results: Online.
  • Flavor & Texture: This oil-based sublingual drop has a full mouthfeel and a pleasant, well-rounded earthy flavor with a touch of ginger and lemon.
  • Ingredients: CBD oil / Broad-spectrum hemp extract in MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil, Organic Sunflower lecithin, Natural Lemon and Ginger flavor.
  • Other: Available in spearmint or cinnamon drops. A high potency formulation is also available. This brand offers a generous 30-day guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

On May 7, 2019, Ministry of Hemp conducted our own lab test of this CBD oil, using a third-party lab. Download test results here.

Green Earth Medicinals grows their hemp in Oregon, where their organic growing methods are regulated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Green Earth Medicinals also makes several other great CBD products like their Muscle Relief Spray, and Relief Cream.

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