Enjoy THC with Urb Extrax Premium Gummies

Tired of smoking or vaping delta-9 THC? Why not chew it instead? 

No, we do not want you to chomp down on weed. We are talking about some mouth-watering delta-9 THC gummies.

However, good-quality delta-9 gummies are not always available in the market. But, one brand has certainly exceeded our expectations — Delta Extrax. The brand brings you delta-9 THC in only one product type — fruity-flavored gummies. 

So, for those of you who are not satisfied with plain old delta-8 and are looking to get a more potent yet “legal” high, then there is no better option than Urb Extrax Premium Delta-9 THC Gummies

These gummies come in three awesome fruity flavors, in packs of ten pieces, with each gummy containing 15mg hemp-derived delta-9 THC. 

So, if you want to feel the delta-9 high in the most delicious — and legal — way, read on to know more about them.

Delta Extrax: An Overview

The global cannabis leader Savage Enterprises owns the Delta Extrax brand, which was earlier known as Delta Effex. The brand is a pioneer in legal delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 THC products. 

Delta Extrax products currently include cartridges, concentrates, bundles, disposables, flowers, pods, tinctures, and gummies. Only now has the brand started dealing in delta-9 THC products — as recent as when it changed its name. And, that means the Urb Extrax hemp-derived delta-9 THC gummies are its latest introduction. 

Note: As of now, the brand does not offer any other delta-9 THC products except for the gummies.


The delta-9 THC extracts used to make these gummies are derived from organically-grown natural hemp. These gummies are made of 100% natural ingredients, so no artificial additives, preservatives, or sweeteners are used in manufacturing them.

Extraction & Manufacturing

Delta Extrax uses a distillation process to extract delta-9 THC from natural hemp plants. Then, the gummies are infused with the delta-9 distillates.

Third-Party Lab Tests

Delta Extrax ensures third-party lab-tested and verified products only. Third-party labs do not show any bias in their reports, and their results are always authentic. Therefore, products verified by third parties tend to be of genuine quality, safe, and effective.

Brand Reputation

Delta Extrax is a highly reputable brand in the cannabis market, and it provides premium products, all of which have been rated with five stars by customers.

User-Friendly Website

You will not come across a website as user-friendly as Delta Extrax’s, as you will get all of the options listed at the top of its homepage. So, simply select your desired options from the drop-down menus for an ultimate shopping experience. In addition, Delta Extrax’s website features informative blogs regarding the products and the cannabis sector in general.

Shipping & Returns

There are a number of states that do not allow the entry of any THC products into their jurisdiction. 

As a result, Delta Extrax does not ship any of its products to the following U.S. states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan (from October 2021), Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Cancellation of orders is possible, since the brand changed its policies. Now, you can cancel any unshipped order for a full refund. There is no time limit for cancellations, provided the product has not been shipped. 

However, note that the brand does not accept any returns and does not entertain refunds if the item(s) has/have been shipped out, as that makes the sale complete and unreturnable. 

If your state allows THC purchases, then you should get your order delivered within ten business days — one to three days for processing and three to seven days for shipping. Like any other company, order processing does not take place on weekends and holidays. 

Note: The company ships most of its orders via USPS. So, in case of any delivery issues, you must take up the matter with the carrier. The brand does not take responsibility for its shipments after notifying you of the USPS tracking number.

Urb Extrax Delta-9 THC Gummies Review

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Due to the innovative nature of the brand, Delta Extrax has introduced its new Urb Extrax Premium Delta-9 THC Gummies to cater to a wider range of customers. 

These premium THC gummies come in three fantastic fruity flavors, and they contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC (hemp-derived). A pack contains ten pieces and is priced at $19.99. The brand also offers excellent deals, discounts, and offers on its products, as you can even buy them in bundles (ten-pack).

Extract Type

The Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies are made of pure, natural hemp extracts. Each gummy contains 15mg of hemp-derived delta-9 THC, for a total of 150mg per pack. 


Apart from delta-9 THC, the other ingredients of Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies include apple pectin, sodium citrate, corn syrup, sugar, coconut oil, citric acid, lecithin, natural colors, and flavors. All ingredients are 100% natural, and no artificial additives or preservatives are used.


The Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies come in three delicious flavors — Blueberry Citrus Burst, Guavaberry Fruit, and Kiwi Mixer.


Note that delta-9 THC is highly potent and highly addictive. Therefore, these gummies will give you quite a buzz, and even a single gummy is enough to make you very high. So, consume these gummies cautiously, and follow the recommended dosage instructions mentioned on the packs. Nevertheless, for safety and legality purposes, these gummies contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC.

Customer Reviews

The brand has received an overwhelming response from customers regarding the Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies., and they have especially praised the fantastic flavors. Customers are also overwhelmed that Delta Extrax has come up with a tasty delta-9 THC product, thus allowing them to have access to delta-9 THC in an enjoyable manner.

Our Take

We appreciate Delta Extrax’s innovative style of charging into the delta-9 THC market with its Urb Extrax Premium Delta-9 THC Gummies. We hope the brand innovates more in the delta-9 niche to bring out other products as well.

The flavors, the quality of experience, and the after-effects make these gummies totally worth the price. We would recommend these to anyone who expects to have a soothing, calming, and smooth experience with delta-9 THC. 


#1. All-Natural Ingredients

The Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies contain only 100% natural ingredients, so no artificial additives or preservatives are present in them.

#2. Gets You Enjoyably High

Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies contain small amounts of delta-9 THC, which has highly potent effects and can give you an intense high.

#3. Possible Therapeutic Benefits

The Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies have possible therapeutic benefits, as they may relieve you of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, and appetite problems.

#4. Flavorful & Tasty

These gummies come in three mouth-watering, fruity flavors, including Blueberry Citrus Burst, Guavaberry Fruit, and Kiwi Mixer.

#5. Third-Party Lab Verified

Rest assured, like all other products of the brand, the Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies have been tested and verified by third-party labs for quality, safety, and efficacy.

#6. Discounts & Offers 

You will come across lucrative offers and discounts on the brand’s products while checking out on Delta Extrax’s official website.


#1. Beware of Side Effects

A delta-9 THC overdose may lead to numerous side effects. But then, that is to be expected from any delta-9 product. In addition, quite a few significant side effects occur among people who are allergic to delta-9 THC. Generally, the typical side effects include paranoid delusions, depression, impaired motor skills, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, palpitations, heavy perspiration, and headaches.

#2. No Refunds

Once your order is shipped, Delta Extrax will not accept any returns or refunds. However, you can cancel an order which has not been shipped yet, and in such cases, you will get a refund.

A Buying Guide for Delta-9 THC Gummies

We devised a meticulous buying guide to help you make the right choice while buying delta-9 THC gummies. This market is filled with brands that offer a variety of flavors and promise excellent effects. 

But beware, as not all claims are genuine.

So, you need to consider certain factors before making a purchase. If you happen to be an avid delta-9 enthusiast, do not go for e-retail platforms or over-the-counter products if you want genuine delta-9 THC gummies. You may end up with fake, ineffective, or harmful products from these platforms. So, we suggest you place your orders only on the official website of the brand you are going for.

Factors to Consider While Ordering Delta-9 THC Gummies Online

Product Type

Check the product type. If you are going for delta-9 gummies, make sure the gummies you are ordering from the brand website contain delta-9 THC only. There are also delta-8 THC gummies available. So, ensure you do not order them by mistake. 

Extract Type

Make sure the delta-9 THC gummies you are opting for are made of pure and natural hemp extracts. Also, take note of the methods deployed by the brand for extracting the delta-9 THC from hemp. Go for the gummy brands that follow industry-approved extraction methods.

Check the Strength

Check the potency of the delta-9 THC gummies you are planning to buy. They should always contain less than 0.3% THC, as anything above 0.3% is illegal. Also, make sure they will give you the right kind of high in accordance with their mentioned dosages.


Check the customer reviews on the product, as this will make you acquainted with its effectiveness. You will be able to know to what extent the customers benefited upon consuming it and how quickly they achieved their desired results.

Third-Party Lab Certification

Go for third-party lab-tested and verified delta-9 gummies only, so check whether your preferred brand has its products third-party lab-certified or not.

Brand Reputation

Do some online research on the overall popularity and market penetration of the brand from which you are planning to purchase. Go for reputable brands only, as they will ensure you get quality and genuine products.

Legality of the Product

Delta-9 THC gummies are mostly illegal throughout the U.S. However, if you are still planning on making a purchase, you need to be at least 18 years of age, or in some cases, at least 21.

Also, your delta-9 THC gummies should contain less than 0.3% THC. So, make sure you check your local state laws regarding the possession and use of delta-9 THC.

Shipping & Refunds

Finally, check whether the online brand will ship the products to your location and if the brand has convenient and reliable return and refund policies. That will save you any later inconvenience if you must return an order/product.

FAQs: Delta Extrax

Q: Other than gummies, what other THC products does Delta Extrax manufacture?

A: Apart from gummies, Delta Extrax  manufactures a variety of THC products, such as cartridges, concentrates, bundles, disposables, flowers, pods, and tinctures. Delta Extrax offers products under the delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 categories. It has newly penetrated the delta-9 THC segment and is only offering the Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies as of now.

Q: Can Delta Extrax’s Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies get you high?

A: Delta-9 THC is a highly potent compound. The Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC and can surely get you high, as that is what they are consumed for.

Q: What are the benefits of the Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies?

A: Apart from getting you high, delta-9 THC may several therapeutic benefits:

  • May calm you down and improve your mood
  • May act as a great reliever from stress, anxiety, and depression
  • May relieve you from pain and inflammation
  • May resolve your appetite problems

Q: Do the Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies have side effects?

A: Some side effects may occur from Urb Extrax delta-9 THC gummies, which could include paranoid delusions, impaired motor ability, dizziness, nausea, and headaches.

Side effects may occur if you overdose or if you happen to be allergic to delta-9 THC. Therefore, it is always advisable to consume these delta-9 gummies following the dosage instructions mentioned on the packs. If you are allergic to delta-9, consult your physician before consuming these gummies.

Urb Extrax Gummies — Delta-9 Just Got Tastier

If you love the effects of delta-9 THC, then the Urb Extrax Premium Delta-9 THC Gummies are your pocket pals. 

You can carry these tasty treats wherever you go and munch on them at ease. But, take care, as these gummies contain delta-9 THC.

Moreover, stick to the brand’s recommended dosage if you want to experience the best of natural delta-9.

However, ensure you do not give away these delicious fruity-flavored gummies during Halloween, as they are not your regular trick-o’-treat candies. So, store and use them carefully.

Now that you know everything there is to know about these fantastic delta-9 THC gummies, check them out on Delta Extrax’s official website. We bet you will not be able to resist them!

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