Delta Effex Review: All About This Exciting D-8 Brand

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If you are a Delta-8 enthusiast, you must have heard of Delta Effex.

It has become one of the hottest brands in the market right now.

Over the years, Delta Effex has become quite popular. It is one of those cannabis companies that believe in producing high-quality products without compromising on the potency of the products.

As Delta-8’s euphoric potency is a lot lower than that of Delta-9 THC, people seem to love the idea of getting high safely. And, Delta Effex is one of the best routes to that heavenly sensation. It has some amazing products for you to choose from. The Delta-8 THC extract is entirely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Here are a few important details about Delta Effex that you need to know.

Delta Effex: What’s So Great About It?

As you already know, Delta Effex has grown to become one of the most popular players in the Delta-8 THC industry. The reason for that is simple and clear — the company focuses only on products infused with that compound.

This cannabinoid was discovered in 2019. Since then, it has taken the cannabinoid world by storm. By then, most cannabis enthusiasts had had first-hand experience with Delta-9 THC — the infamous compound in marijuana that makes people anxious and even paranoid.

Delta-8 THC, on the other hand, was a great source of relaxation even though its chemical structure was quite similar to that of Delta-9. People fell for the new compound at once.

By manufacturing top-quality products with Delta 8, Delta Effex became stronger as a brand. If you visit its official website, you will find a wide variety of Delta-8-infused products. Many users have a hard time picking out only one item from the website due to the multitude of options.

The best part about Delta Effex is that it offers a statutory disclaimer regarding Delta-8 products.

Brand Reputation of Delta Effex

A cannabinoid company can be popular simply by being honest with its customers. Delta Effex gets full marks in this regard, as it adheres to practices that make its products safe. However, it wasn’t easy at first. Delta Effex had to deal with strict federal regulations.

Delta Effex’s compliance with every law makes its hemp-derived products so reliable and popular among consumers. Even though the products do not undergo tests in FDA-approved labs, these are quite famous on unofficial forums. A large number of hemp lovers have rated the brand quite highly due to its high-quality products.

Now, you might wonder, “Am I supposed to believe in a brand’s reputation only by relying on people who love it?”

Of course not. There are numerous reasons why this brand has become such a popular name among cannabinoids.

Lab Tests Conducted by Delta Effex

People prefer cannabinoid products only after these have been tested in third-party labs. Nobody would believe in a hemp company’s reputation if it tests its products in its own labs.

So, by now, you might be wondering where this company gets its products tested. The answer: Kaycha Labs in Desert Valley, California. Delta Effex diligently adheres to the two-phase lab-testing policy. The third-party lab looks at the percentage of the different cannabinoids—CBD, CBGA, D8-THC, D9-THC, THC-A, CBC, and others—while testing the products.

However, the lab reports do not offer a clear idea regarding the presence of pesticides or mycotoxins, or other hazardous materials in the products.

Delta Effex Certifications

Kaycha Labs provides Certificates of Analysis to the company for all its products. You can easily download the certificates to know the different ingredients used in making Delta Effex’s products, their safety, and their potency/strengths. It is all available on the brand’s official website. 

Ingredients Used

All the products available on the Delta Effex website have been prepared by using natural ingredients. First, the CBD compound is derived from the hemp plant. Delta-8 THC, which is an isolate of the CBD compound, is then extracted from it.

So, you can well understand that the primary ingredient of Delta Effex products is entirely organic. The company assures its customers that all its products meet the uncompromised quality that everyone deserves.

Refund Policy of the Brand

Delta Effex does not offer refunds to its customers. However, if you receive a damaged or wrong product, you will get a replacement if you can provide valid evidence. Just keep the receipt and the pictures of the products you received. You will have to send the details to Delta Effex within 14 days of receiving the product. Remember, the company does not exchange products for any other reason.

Customer Service by Delta Effex

Delta Effex makes sure its customers get unhindered services throughout the year. The process of ordering products from the Delta Effex website is quite easy. If you visit the site, you will find every possible answer to your queries regarding the company. If you have more questions, you can contact the company directly from Monday to Friday, 8 to 5 pm PST. You will get the contact info on the site.

Top 4 Delta Effex Products That Every D-8 Lover Will Adore!

Delta Effex offers many products. But we have jotted down three of its bestsellers. Here are the details.

#1. Vape Cartridges Infused With Delta 8 THC

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If you have ever tried Delta-8 THC, you’d know that the easiest way to do it is by vaping or smoking. Many people prefer vaping to smoking because it’s considered to be relatively healthier. Delta Effex Vape Cartridges are becoming quite popular among vapers because they come in a wide variety of flavors. From Banana Candy Kush to Cali Orange Kush, from Blue Dream to Grand Daddy Purp, all the vape cartridges are immensely popular among customers.

Delta Effex did a smart thing by including a lot of favors in its line of vape cartridges. All the cartridges differ in strain, too. The products have either Indica or Sativa. The percentage of these ingredients makes the actual difference. But Delta Effex makes sure that all products have less than 0.3% THC, following federal norms.

Since all Delta Effex cartridges are removable, it is quite easy to use them. Apart from Sativa and Indica, the company also uses terpenes to produce these vape cartridges. Unlike most cannabinoid companies, the cartridges by Delta Effex are created by using the highest quality of Delta-8 distillate.

The high quality of Delta Effex vape cartridges makes people love them. These products offer people a sense of euphoria in a calming and relaxing way.


Delta Effex uses both terpenes and Delta-8 THC distillate in its vape cartridges.


  • Razzberry Kush
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Blue Dreams
  • Banana Candy Kush
  • Grand Daddy Purp
  • Cali Orange Kush 


  • Hybrid (3)
  • Indica (2)
  • Sativa (1)

Potency and Effectiveness 

According to the tests conducted by third-party labs, the vape cartridges by Delta Effex contain more than 90% cannabinoids in some of its variants. For example, in the flavor Banana Kush, the percentage of total cannabinoids is 91.9%. But in Cali Orange, the total percentage is around 64%. The amount of THC in these cartridges also varies from one product to another. Most Delta Effex cartridges have 959 mg/g Delta 8 THC.

That is why the effectiveness also differs from one product to another. For example, Strawberry Cough is quite strong in potency. Some users have disclosed that by taking only four puffs, they got high. For them, this cartridge did its magic in just about three minutes.

Most consumers think that the Delta-8 products of this brand are way more potent than those of most other companies.

Views of Users

Customers of Delta Effex cartridges seem quite satisfied. They have expressed their satisfaction on different social media sites. Most of them agreed that these carts helped them relax and achieve a mellow high within a short time.

People seem to appreciate all the flavors the cartridges come in. They said the flavors enhance the quality of puffs. Some of them have even claimed that these cartridges helped them overcome insomnia.

#2. Edibles Infused With Delta 8 THC

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If you are a cannabinoid lover but do not want to smoke or vape, Delta-8 THC gummies by Delta Effex could be a great choice for you. These edibles are quite popular among CBD lovers because not only do these make them high but are quite tasty, too. Many people prefer gummies because of their discreteness. 

The great thing about Delta Effex edibles is that they come in rainbow packs meaning you will have ten different flavors to enjoy in just one pack. CBD lovers enjoy the sweetness of these edibles along with their strong potencies. Some of the flavors that are popular among consumers include green apple, strawberry, and mango.

Even though edibles take longer to take effect than vapes, the effect stays longer. But remember to keep these edibles away from the reach of kids. They might eat a handful since they do look and taste exactly like regular gummies. That might be extremely hazardous for them.

Ingredients Used

  • Food coloring
  • Carnauba leaf wax
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Citric acid
  • Natural flavor
  • Vegetable oil
  • Natural hemp oil
  • Gelatin
  • Pectin
  • Corn syrup


  • Mystery
  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Blueberry razz
  • Green apple

Potency and Effectiveness

Entire packs of Delta Effex gummies contain 20 mg of Delta-8 THC. One gummy contains almost 4.43 mg/gm of Delta-8 THC. So, eating an entire pack in one day is not advised. It’s best to start with one gummy—or even half a gummy if you are completely new to it.

Usually, users start experiencing mild euphoria within an hour of taking these edibles. Other forms of Delta-8 products by this brand certainly start working way sooner, but edibles help consumers ease into the process. All the gummies contain a low amount of THC. That is why the high that you will feel after consuming them will not be extreme.

Most people have expressed that the Delta-8-infused edibles by Delta Effex have helped them get a mellow high and increased their energy for a long period of time.

Views of Users

Among all the products offered by Delta Effex, its gummies are certainly quite popular. Many customers buy these edibles regularly. Some users have said that regular use of these edibles has made them feel healthier. However, the proof of whether these products work medically has not been discovered yet. But people seem to feel rejuvenated and energetic after consuming the Delta Effex gummies.

Most Delta Effex customers think that the best part about these gummies is that they do not make them anxious. Their discreetness also scores big among consumers. The only negative point most users have mentioned is that the gummies need to be refrigerated. If they forget to refrigerate them, the gummies start rotting after a few hours.

#3. Tinctures Infused With Delta-8 THC

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Among all the different modes of intaking Delta-8 THC, tinctures might be one of the easiest and most discreet ones. All you need to do is to put some oil drops under your tongue. Many new users prefer this method to others.

Tinctures pass directly into your bloodstream through your salivary glands. Since Delta Effex uses MCT oils and hemp seeds to prepare these tinctures, its users achieve a mellow high for quite a long time. The company uses both Sativa and Indica strains to manufacture the tinctures.

Delta Effex offers different types of flavors. You can choose from among Grape, Spearmint, and other flavors. These Delta-8-infused tinctures are quite easy and safe to use. These contain no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. So you can rest assured that you won’t get extremely high by consuming these.

Apart from the product quality, Delta Effex tinctures have great packaging as well. They come in cute bottles with pipettes that allow you to measure the number of droplets you put so that there’s no risk of an overdose.


  • Hemp seed oil
  • MCT oil
  • Natural hemp extract


  • Cedrene
  • Nerolidol
  • Borneol
  • Pulegone
  • Terpineol
  • Linalool
  • B-Pinene
  • Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene


  • Spearmint
  • Grape
  • Tropical Passion Fruit

Potency and Effectiveness

Delta Effex has three different categories of tinctures available for its users. These are India, Sativa, and Hybrid. So, it is quite natural that their potencies would vary. But each one can take effect quite easily. According to lab results, the tinctures by Delta Effex contain 3.29% of total CBD or 3.11% of Delta-8 THC in 1 ml of its solution. The amount of total CBD or THC also varies from one variant of Delta Effex tincture to another. These tinctures usually contain 31.63mg/ml of Delta-8 THC.

The effectiveness of these tinctures lasts for quite some time. You might not remain high for as long as you would after consuming an edible, but tinctures last longer than vapes.

However, the tinctures by Delta Effex will never leave you stoned. You won’t feel anxious or restless after ingesting them.

Views of Users

Delta Effex customers love its tinctures. Most consumers admire how these products alter their moods quite easily. Since these tinctures are not as potent as Delta-9 THC-infused products, they feel a lot safer while using them.

Apart from the effectiveness, people also love the flavors. Most users have said that even one drop of a Delta Effex tincture has made them high.

#4. Premium Shot Infused With Delta-8 THC

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The Fruit Punch Premium Delta-8 THC Shot is an edible D-8 product. The brand calls it the perfect on-the-go product. It comes in a small 1 fl. oz. bottle (30 ml).

The suggested dosage is half a bottle for first-time users. You can increase your doses according to your tolerance level. The product promises to give you a strong body high and cerebral focus.

Extract Type

Delta-8 distillates


  • High-fructose corn syrup 
  • Water
  • Citric acid 
  • Gum Arabic
  • Natural and artificial flavors 
  • FD&C Red No. 40
  • Ester gum
  • Brominated soybean oil
  • BHA
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Delta-8 THC


Fruit punch

Potency and Effectiveness

This Delta-8 shot comes in one size of 75 mg. This shot of Delta-8 is effective within an hour of consumption. It will leave you feeling more focused and clear-headed. 

Views of Users

The product is a new launch, so there aren’t any customer reviews yet. However, going by the popularity of Delta Effex products, you can expect the shot to join the bandwagon of sought-after products within a few days. Delta Effex products are known to be powerful. Customers of other products have praised those for their taste, flavor, and effectiveness. So, we don’t expect another horse from the same stable to disappoint us.

Pros & Cons of Delta Effex

Like every other product in the world, Delta Effex also has its share of pros and cons. Some of the most important ones are given below.


  • Delta Effex products do not contain over 0.3% Delta-9 THC
  • All Delta Effex products are tested by third-party labs
  • Certificates of analyses (CoAs) are available on the website
  • Most ingredients are natural
  • All products are impressively potent, with a mellow high
  • Wide variety of products with distinctive taste and aroma


  • Lack of transparency in certain areas of its hemp cultivation, such as location
  • Once opened, a product cannot be returned or exchanged
  • Products may not be vegan; no information available

Summing Up

The final decision is always yours. But if you were hesitant to buy Delta Effex products simply because you didn’t know enough about the brand and its products, we hope this blog has been of help. This brand is quite well-known and reputable and its products seem to be of good quality.

All products are manufactured using natural components and their potency and quality are tested by a third-party lab. The transparency in the analysis of the product components makes it trustworthy. Also, customers vouch for the potency and safety of the products. So, you can surely try it out one time and then decide for yourself whether to stick to it or find something more suitable.

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