5 Best Delta 9 Brands Of 2022: Buy Delta 9 THC Products Online

Are you looking for a safe and economical way to relieve pain and relax for a while? You’re not alone. The daily stresses of every day get to us sometimes. Everyone nowadays is looking for an easy way to relieve pain and get calm. Therefore, we might have just the right thing for you. We have made a list of the best Delta 9 brands so that you can decide which brand to choose for your Hemp products.

Ever since delta-8 spread like wildfire, the cannabis industry has been introducing new psychoactive products with medicinal benefits. The new delta-9 HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) comes from the hemp plant and hemp flower and has almost the same properties as CBD and THC. Delta-9 HHC offers a potent effect and is perfect for marijuana consumers as an alternative.

Top 3 Best Delta-9 THC Brands In The Market: 

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 9 Brand; Top THC Products
  2. Delta Extrax – Most Potent THC Brand For Delta 9 Gummies  
  3. Diamond CBD – Popular D9 Brand For Delta 9 Oils & Gummies

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks: 

#1. Exhale WellnessOverall Best Delta 9 Brand; Top THC Products

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Exhale Wellness is a huge name when it comes to delta-8 products, and now, it has made its mark in delta-9 HHC as well. They are famous for offering the most potent, additive-free, vegan-based gummies in the market. Moreover, these products are dairy-, cruelty-, and gelatin-free. 

It also offers free and fast shipment to its customers no matter which part of the world they live in. They are based in LA and only use natural, environment-friendly gummies derived from their farms. 

One of the major things Exhale Wellness is famous for is the team behind their gummies. It consists of cultivators, cannabis experts, researchers, scientists, and technicians who contribute to making gummies.


Exhale Wellness offers five different flavors, shapes, and sizes for their gummies. The new gummies are relatively bigger than the previous ones, and these come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. And each gummy comes in 25 mg of HHC, and since there are thirty gummies per bottle, you get 750 mg of HHC per bottle. Beginners are suggested to consume half gummy initially.

The brand’s legitimacy is evident from the fact that it prioritizes quality, safety, and customer experience. Ingredients, health facts, descriptions, and everything about the gummies is researched when it comes to Exhale Wellness. 

Every product made by Exhale Wellness is third-party tested. The results of these lab tests are available on the brand’s website.

Exhale Wellness’s hemp is sourced from Colorado and is 100% organic. Exhale Wellness is a relatively new brand to join the delta band, but it has quickly made its name in the market. It has thousands of customers owing to the fact that it offers a thirty days money-back guarantee, without any questions. 


  • Highly potent
  • Organic & Vegan friendly 
  • Free shipping 
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • Mixed flavors & shapes 
  • Third-party tested


  • A bit expensive
  • Can only be bought online 

Customer Experience 

Customers love Exhale Wellness’ service. In fact, one of the biggest reasons for a brand’s success is its customer service. Since delta-9 HHC is new to the market, there aren’t many gummies’ reviews. However, the people who have tried the new HHC gummies are full of praise for Exhale Wellness. 

⇒Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Delta Extrax – Most Potent THC Brand For Delta 9 Gummies  

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Delta Extrax is another brand popular for producing delta-9 HHC gummies. Cannabis experts love this brand for its original and delicious flavors. Furthermore, all of its products are lab tested, and you can verify the products for safety from their official website. They also provide an easy-to-use interface. 

The brand offers five colors and flavors in gummies, and the Green Apple flavor is a fan favorite. All the gummies use the purest material, ensuring that customers are in safe hands. Delta Extrax has always prioritized purity, quality, and safety, irrespective of all other factors. 

Delta Extrax’s products are always strictly in line with the rules and regulations. It also puts up blogs and articles about their preparation and research method. The gummies have a strong effect and rapidly deal with anxiety, stress, and other issues. 


Delta Extrax offers highly potent gummies and hemp flowers, and beginners are advised to consume a small dosage until they develop a tolerance. Its flavors include citrus burst, wild cherry, blueberry, kiwi mixer, and guava berry.

Each gummy contains about 10 mg of HHC, and there are twenty-five pieces present per bottle. So, you get 250 mg of HHC per pack and with top-notch quality.

Delta Extrax guarantees its gummies to be 100% organic, and the hemp source is derived from their farms. The gummies contain no animal fat or dairy products, so they are safe to consume under all conditions. 

The best part is that the gummies are pretty reasonable for anyone looking to clear their head in a low range. The Delta Extrax gummies are open for third-party lab testing, and you can view the lab tests on their official website as well. This assures that they are safe to consume. 


  • Various flavors
  • Potent gummies 
  • Organic & Vegan friendly
  • Lab-tested
  • Reasonable price 
  • 30 money-back guarantee 


  • Numerous options can be confusing
  • No free shipping 

Customer Experience

Delta Extrax’s customers are thrilled with the products, and their comments are proof enough. Additionally, the brand’s customer service is impressive, and the team behind the brand is proficient at what they do. From the packaging to the taste of the best THC gummies, customers love every bit of it. They are also very happy with the health benefits and instant pain relief that Delta Extrax offers.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Delta ExtraX

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Diamond CBD is one of the most experienced brands in the CBD and THC industry. It has been selling vapes, cartridges, and gummies for over a decade.  The brand has a solid customer base and keeps a good image in the market.

Diamond CBD lets you feel high and relax without any major side effects. It promotes better appetite, skin & health care. Moreover, it also instantly relieves all pains, including anxiety, headaches, stomach acidity, nausea, stress, etc. 

The gummies come in a small, handy bottle so you can carry it around with you in all places and at all times. Give yourself a dose of relaxation anywhere, be it on the bus or during a conference. 


The brand is famous for producing only the most natural products and is trusted for its quality worldwide. Furthermore, Diamond CBD offers a range of potencies, flavors, colors, sizes, and shapes, all packed within a bottle. It comes in yellow, red, green, and blue colors with seven flavors, including tropical mix, berry, and others.

They have a strict policy for observing and checking the extraction process from the hemp extracts, which remains untouched. Moreover, their website is user-friendly, and you can verify the COA and lab tests reports there. Each bottle contains about fifty thc edibles, and each gummy is infused with 25 mg of HHC, which offers you 1250 mg HHC to last a long time.

Diamond CBD is famous for its organic material, and it uses the purest hemp source in its products. Moreover, it comes with the best policy that lets you return the product within thirty days. You can return it if you simply don’t like it. 

Diamond CBD offers free shipping on orders above $100. So, you can’t avail free delivery with a small box of HHC gummies. However, you won’t have to pay a dime for delivery if you buy in bulk.


  • Strong image 
  • Experienced staff
  • Fast shipping
  • Exceptional flavors
  • Active return policy
  • Organic
  • Various health benefits 


  • Price limit on free shipping
  • Can be a little costly

Customer Experience 

Diamond CBD has been in the market for a long time now and has a long list of loyal customers. Even the new customers are in love with the quality of HHC gummies, and their website is flooded with positive reviews for its products. 

The best part about Diamond CBD is its fast shipping and different flavors. We scrolled through the page and did not find a single negative comment. 

How Did We Made The List Of Delta 9 THC Brands:

While purchasing something like the new HHC or THC, you need to make sure the product meets the highest quality standards. Especially when the entire market is bursting with HHC and THC products. We followed very strict criteria to choose the top brands in this list. These factors are as follows:

  • Quality

The first factor we looked for in each HHC brand’s product was its quality. If it’s something like a gummy that you are consuming, the quality needs to be the best.

The hemp plants absorb elements of its surroundings and is full of nutrients gained from the soil. Most of these brands use hemp grown in the US. We checked each brand for the quality of hemp used in their gummies, and the results were all positive. 

  • Legality 

Before consuming any HHC product, you need to be sure whether it is approved by federal law. Delta-9, just like THC and CBD, is now legal and you can buy legal THC gummies online. We ensured that each brand listed in this article is legitimate and approved by the FDA. We especially checked each brand for any previous or current differences with government organizations. And we did not come to any adverse results. 

  • Potency 

The delta-9 HHC gummies come in a variety of dosages. The lowest dose has a strength of 5 mg to 12 mg of HHC, whereas the highest has a potency of 30 mg to 60 mg of HHC per gummy. The best THC gummy brands offer products in many potencies. 

  • Brand Reputation 

The most important aspect was to check the brand for its image in the market. You feel a certain kind of self-satisfaction when you know the brand is established and well known. We made sure each brand was of top-notch quality and recognized by the majority of the public. 

  • Customer Service and Reviews 

We went through each brand’s website forums, talked to their regular customers, and analyzed personal experiences. After a thorough evaluation, we can say that each brand listed here has the best reviews and is proficient in customer service and convenience. 

  • Shipping 

Purchasing a product is no fun if the shipping is not free. Swift and convenient shipment must be the top priority of a brand offering psychoactive THC gummies to relieve pain. We ensured each brand offered the best shipment deals and a reliable return policy. 

  • Lab Tests 

To intake any edible, you need to be sure it is safe and healthy. The brand needs to be open and honest about its laboratory tests to ensure that its high quality products are free of heavy metals and unwanted substances. We checked each brand for accurate and readily available lab tests, and the results were positive. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Your First Delta-9 Gummies & Products:

In today’s world, numerous brands offer the same products within the same price ranges. However, not every product they sell is authentic. People still run shady businesses, which makes selecting a single brand from an ocean of brands even trickier. 

You need to be well-informed and set a standard of factors you need to consider before buying delta-9 gummies from some brand. To ease your difficulty, we have narrowed down this set of factors for you as below: 

  • Legitimacy 

The first thing you need to observe about a brand is its legitimacy. Are its products in line with rules and regulations and approved by the FDA? How long has it been since its launch in the market?

Ensure that the answer to all these questions is yes before purchasing your first delta-9 HHC gummies from that brand. 

  • Lab Tests

Check their website to gather all information about the brand and its products. The key to a brand’s success is its transparency. If the website displays their lab reports without any hideous changes made to it, you’re good to go. However, if that’s not the case, you might be putting yourself and your health in grave danger. 

  • Source

For anything to be healthy, its source needs to be pure and organic. Nowadays, even some of the most well-established brands sell HHC gummies derived from some sub-standard hemp plant. 

So, before you make your first delta-9 purchase, make sure that the hemp is all-natural and free of all pollutants. The organic source is the first step in creating an excellent quality product. 

  • Extraction Method

There is no one method to extract delta-9 from the ground. So, brands use chemical processes and machines to derive delta-9. However, anything combined with chemicals cannot yield health benefits unless thoroughly cleaned afterward. 

So, to be sure that the extraction methods were in line with a set of standards. For this, you can try reviewing the lab report. 

  • Ingredients

The brand you choose for your delta-9 gummies must be open about the ingredients it uses. Also, they must be organic, vegan-friendly, and gelatin-free. Moreover, the gummies should always have robust flavors intense colors and feel soft and chewy. Adding artificial colors and artificial flavors is not a big deal, but they are often avoided as safety measures for health. 

  • Variety

Consuming the same flavored gummies repeatedly can get boring at a certain point. While choosing your delta-9 brand, make sure they offer products with various flavors, colors, shapes, and sizes. It makes the whole idea of HHC more fun and makes you really appreciate the brand.

  • Side Effects 

HHC has a high number of side effects that can be controlled by using good quality raw materials. If the brand uses second-rate components in making the gummies, you may experience dizziness, nausea, fatigue, red-eye, etc. Make sure to check the ingredients used and look around for the authenticity of the sources they use. 

  • Cost

You will never find good-quality HHC for a low price. If you do, know that it’s fake or probably something harmful merely named HHC. The time and effort required to produce a delta-9 HHC gummy doesn’t allow it to be sold at a reduced rate. 

Also, delta-9 HHC is relatively new to the market and expensive. So, you will have to spend a few bucks for optimum quality relief.

  • Customer Feedback 

Another important factor, look for customer reviews on their website. Some brands might not have many positive reviews, which could be because delta-9 HHC is new, and many people might not have tried it yet. However, communicating with the team and reading a review or two will give you an idea of their services. And whether you should consider purchasing delta-9 or not. 

FAQs About Delta 9 THC:

  1. Does delta-9 HHC make you high? 

Yes, it does. That’s because it works and has somewhat the same properties as that of CBD and THC. So, depending on the dosage and your body’s tolerance to it, you will start feeling high in a matter of minutes only. 

If you’re looking for an alternative for marijuana, you can give delta-9 a try. It works the same but safely, and you will have to adjust the potencies accordingly. 

  1. Is delta-9 HHC safe to consume? 

Delta-9 HHC is perfectly safe to consume. However, unlike CBD and THC, HHC is relatively new to the market, and most people aren’t aware of the difference between the three. So, try to purchase your first HHC dose from a well-known brand, so you’re well-equipped with the usage. 

  1. What is the ideal delta-9 strength to begin with?

There is no ideal strength for HHC, and it varies from person to person. If your friend can consume 5 mg of HHC in a day, it doesn’t mean you will be able to handle the same. 

If you do not know what potency works best for you, try consuming HHC in small amounts daily, which will build up a tolerance in your body. Once your body adapts itself to the new addition, you can gradually increase the quantity. 

  1. How long does HHC take to make you high? 

Delta-9 HHC requires more or less an hour to begin working. However, depending on the potency and brand, the period may vary slightly. 

  1. Is HHC a good pain reliever? 

HHC is a pain reliever, just like THC. It instantly relieves about 60% of pain and takes up to an hour to relieve the remaining 40%. 

  1. Is delta-9 legal?

Since HHC contains 0.3% of THC, and THC was labeled legal by the farm bill back in 2018, HHC is legal. HHC or hexahydrocannabinol is the hydrogenated form of THC. However, some states do not consider this law and might confiscate gummies while traveling. So, make sure to check the policies to avoid trouble of any sort. 

  1. What are HHC’s side effects and benefits?

HHC is said to help deal with nausea, insomnia, inflammation, puking, headaches, muscular pain, and improving appetite. So HHC is actually pretty healthy to consume on a daily basis. 

  1. How are HHC and CBD different from each other? 

The major difference is that CBD does not offer the psychoactive effect HHC offers, while HHC possesses all the benefits CBD has. This gives HHC an advantage over CBD. 

  1. Can HHC be addictive?

Any drug can become addictive if used more than required. HHC comes from CBD and THC, a drug in itself. So, it’s better to remain within limits and consume a sufficient amount.

Concluding: Delta 9 Brands Of 2022

HHC is new to the market, and people have only introduced themselves to it yet. Many brands, old and new ones, produce delta-9 HHC products for the public in hemp and CBD industries. When it comes to consuming something, it needs to be original and safe. 

Choosing the right product for your first HHC experience from a plethora of brands can be pretty challenging. To ease your problem, we’ve listed some of the best delta-9 brands in the market. As per our opinion, the best is Exhale Wellness owing to the many features it has to offer. However, you can go with whichever you prefer, hopefully, any one from our list. Happy shopping!

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