I’ve been on a hemp craze lately.

After realizing how much I’m missing out by using conventional products (rather than hemp), I’ve decided to slowly introduce more hemp into my daily life. That included adding hemp to my diet, skin care, and even clothing.

Here’s a summary of things I’ve changed so far:


  • Hemp seed

Adding hemp seeds to a lot of my snacks has been revolutionary! I’ve been mixing hemp seeds with my yogurt and oatmeal. I also love sprinkling hemp seeds on my toast with honey. The key benefit I’ve noticed is that hemp helps me not get hungry as quickly – aka, reduces my craving of unhealthy snacks.

  • Hemp spread


Howdy Hemp spread

Howdy Hemp spread

I bought some hemp spread through Howdy Hemp at the local farmers market. Howdy Hemp offers two main types of spread: regular hemp seed butter & cacao hemp seed butter. I’ve been using them by spreading it on my toast or putting them on my sliced apples.

  • Hemp oil

Unrefined hemp oil is known for its nutritious content of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and a lot of other minerals. I decided to take hemp oil daily as a “supplement”. The nutty taste makes it hard to drink it straight, but it’s a delicious addition in my daily shakes or with my oatmeal.

  • Hemp bars


Howdy Hemp Bar

Hemp bar from Howdy Hemp

I bought some hemp bars through Howdy Hemp and Hippie Butter. Both their hemp bars are decent sizes and the best thing about it is that they keep you full for a lot longer than typical energy bars. Also a great substitute for a meal if you’re running late!


  • Hemp lotion


Hemp360 body care

Body products from Hemp360

I got a body care package from Hemp360 at the local farmers market. I out their sampler and a tub of Olive hemp lotion. The sampler included a variety of facial products. The greatest thing I’ve noticed about their lotion is that even with a small amount, you can apply generously. So this thing will probably last me a while.

  • Hemp shampoo

Using the bcBud hemp shampoo that I got off Amazon, and I’ve felt great so far. There’s not much else I can say other than to check out the Amazon reviews on how much people love this stuff.

  • Hemp body wash


Hemp Body Wash

Nature’s Gate Hemp Body Wash

We decided to try Nature’s Gate’s hemp body wash after reading reviews online. What I love most about this product is that there’s no artificial scent and I feel “clean” using the product. The body wash doesn’t smell nutty or anything like that, but I also don’t feel like I sprayed Old Spice all over my body.

  • Hemp facial cleanser

As part of Hemp360’s body care package, they had a hemp facial soap. I love the clean, natural scent when I’m using it on my face. It doesn’t just smell completely nutty, so don’t worry about your face smelling odd or anything.

Apparel / Accessories

  • Hemp shirt


SuperEgo Hemp Shirt

Hemp shirt from SuperEgo

Leading the movement of “Cut from a different cloth”, SuperEgo offered a uniquely designed hemp shirt that I tried out. Made with 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton, their shirt is silky smooth, durable, and feels like premium quality.

Thoughts & Results from using hemp daily

After 2–3 months of using hemp products, I have to admit I’m quite addicted to using hemp throughout my days. As a dietary supplement, hemp has helped me feel more energized. I feel less lethargic and I also noticed that it’s helped with my digestion problems.

I’ve noticed the biggest changes after using hemp body care products. My skin is the cleanest and smoothest it’s ever been (I’ve actually gotten compliments about my skin….which never happens). Overall, these hemp body products have given me more peace of mind as I know I’m applying natural oil on my skin

As for hemp apparel, I believe there’s a promising future for hemp clothes in the US and the SuperEgo shirt really attests to the quality of hemp fabric. I’m excited to see hemp’s adoption into the mainstream as more brands incorporate hemp into their products.