CBD Cocktail Recipe With PlusCBD & Ministry of Hemp (VIDEO)

Ministry of Hemp teamed up with PlusCBD and and San Diego mixologist to offer this great CBD cocktail recipe!

Looking for other CBD cocktail recipes? Check out these favorites from our archives:

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Ministry of Hemp and PlusCBD teamed up to bring you this CBD cocktail recipe.

And look for more CBD cocktail recipes coming up next month for Valentine’s Day!

Ministry of Hemp is America's leading hemp advocate.

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  • Lilian says:

    I have been using PlusCBD Oil for a long while . I feel a very noticeable drop in inflammation & chronic pain levels. PTSD/mood/anxiety issues have plagued me 40+yrs. In this winter season, I’m noticing much more balance & great energy! Still trying to balance sleep problems, but hey!!! I see light over the horizon?I am now devising my own cbd mixtures!!! I’m back into the healing work God called me into…my own & the other Souls seeking to grow & expand on their journey??

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