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Hemp Starter Kit: Back To The Roots Promotes Home Hemp Growing Kit

Back to the Roots, known for their home mushroom and herb kits, just created a new hemp starter kit that gives families a chance to grow their own hemp at home.

A new hemp starter kit gives families a chance to grow their own hemp at home.

We all know hemp is one of the most efficient and easiest plants to grow in the world. Yet, how many of us actually grow it ourselves?

Understandably, perception of hemp is still closely related to a psychoactive drug. While hemp is now legal, the plant isn’t very accessible. And there’s still the risk your neighbors think you’ve started a marijuana operation in your backyard.

That’s why the Back to the Roots Hemp Grow Kit can be an essential tool in spreading awareness. Not only does it supply you with everything you need to grow, but it also teaches you about the plant itself. So, if your nosey neighbors do ask questions, you’ll have the ability to explain to them what hemp truly is.

Photo: A person waters one of two hemp seedlings in small pots from Back to the Roots hemp starter kit.

Back To The Roots Hemp Grow Kit can spark a conversation and educate people about the benefits of hemp. (Photo: Back to the Roots)

We talked with Nikhil Arora, co-founder and co-CEO of Back to the Roots, about his excitement in offering the public such a unique product.


Like many companies, Back to the Roots sees legalization as an opportunity to enter the hemp market. Their goal is to offer a product that teaches people how to grow hemp and why that matters. They want their hemp starter kit to teach the general public about the importance of this plant.

“My friend and co-founder, Alex and I started an urban mushroom farm out of college,” Arora told us.

“After a few years of growing fresh produce and talking to countless families at demos in stores, farmer’s markets, etc. we realized there was this bigger need and opportunity to not just offer fresh produce, but really reconnect people back to where food comes from — back to the land — Back to the Roots. And, over the next few years, we launched a line of gardening kits as an easy and fun way to inspire people to start growing.”

By developing a variety of kits — from little gardens that stick in your windowsill to hydroponic systems — Arora and his team found a way to get people talking. With many journalists and documentaries, such as “Food Inc.,” waking the public up to the dangers of big agriculture, a huge market was opened to more organic food sources.

Photos: Founders Alex and Nikhil pose with Back to the Roots home growing kits.

Founders Alex and Nikhil pose with Back to the Roots home growing kits. In addition to hemp, Back to the Roots offers mushroom and herb growing kits. (Photo: Jay Mantri)

People also grew more interested in harvesting their own foods.

“Our passion — our focus — is to educate & inspire a whole new generation about organic gardening & real food … to get them hands on and connected with where food comes from,” Arora said. “In that vein, just like we did with mushrooms, and aquaponics, and biochar, we’ve been diving deep into hemp and all its incredible benefits!”


Back to the Roots efforts would be meaningless if there wasn’t an evergrowing interest in hemp. People are finally opening their eyes to the absurdity of keeping hemp illegal.

Of course, this isn’t anything new. Over the last decade, we’ve seen a tremendous change in the public’s interest when it comes to hemp and CBD. So has Arora:

“There’s been so much activity and movement surrounding hemp and CBD. Especially, these days. And still, there’s a misunderstanding — a lack of clarity — around what’s hemp, what’s CBD, how’s this plant different than its famous cousin. The more we learned, the more fascinated we were by it and thought there was an opportunity to educate our community as well about the amazing history and uses of hemp!”

With this motivation, Arora and his team developed the Back to the Roots Hemp Kit. The kit contains garden pots, organic soil, organic legal-standard hemp seeds, and a planting guide. There’s also a discovery booklet that walks people through the 10,000-year history of hemp.

“We currently have this crazy, fun grow lab with a bunch of varieties of plants growing and hemp just captivated our creativity, our passion, and our curiosity,” Arora said. “We fell in love with it — with the history, the plant itself, and just the fun of growing it.”

“And with the recent Farm Bill, we wanted our consumers to experience that too.”


Admittedly hemp’s true effectiveness is primarily on an industrial level. Though there are plenty of at-home remedies for the plant, the majority of current growers are working under mass cultivations.

Photo: The contents of Back To The Roots Hemp Grow Kit. Creators hope their hemp starter kit will spark a conversation about this important but misunderstood plant.

Back to the Roots hemp starter kit offers everything you need to grow hemp at home. (Photo: Back to the Roots)

The main purpose of Back to the Root’s hemp starter kit is start a conversation. As Arora puts it:

“We talk a lot about the magic of growing. We find gardening can really bring out the kid in you and is a great way of bringing people together — there’s something so communal about it. I think, what better way to drive this [hemp] industry forward and do our small part in it by focusing on the home & educational aspect.”

Similarly to the way big agriculture made a lot of people want to grow their own food, the goal of Back to the Roots, as a company, is to teach people how to develop a successful garden. Though hemp isn’t (yet) a threat to big ag, the lack of understanding about it is the driving force for this hemp starter kit.

Most Ministry of Hemp readers already know about the public’s misconceptions and do their part to educate. Arora hopes the Back to the Roots Hemp Kit, “will be another way to engage and share their passion.”

“I’m really excited to help your community have the opportunity to grow hemp and make them all the more passionate about this incredible plant.”

Get 20% off a Back to the Roots Hemp Grow Kit with coupon code GROWHEMP20.

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CBD Liquor: Exploring CBD Rum And CBD Gin With Wee Hemp Spirits

One Aberdeen-based firm specialises in CBD liquor: rum and gin infused with hemp and CBD. Created by a Scottish couple, Wee Hemp Spirits may be a world first.

One Aberdeen-based firm specialises in CBD liquor: rum and gin infused with hemp and CBD.

So, you’ve tried the UK’s best CBD beer, but now you’re keen to try something with a little more kick? Wee Hemp Spirits have exactly what you’re looking for. It’s not only a first for the UK but possibly the world at large.


The people behind the first CBD liquor are husband and wife team Calum and Rebecca Napier. They also run The Wee Hemp Company, a CBD-based firm which won Scotland’s Micro Business of the Year in 2019’s FSB Awards. We spoke to Calum about the origins, development and future plans of their journey in CBD spirits.

The Wee Hemp Company was launched in May 2018, largely thanks to Rebecca’s inspiring experiences with CBD.

Photo: Two bottles of CBD liquor posed in front of a waterfall: CBD-infused gin and CBD-infused rum.

Canna B have created unique CBD liquors that are also infused with hemp seed oils and delicious other botanicals.

“Rebecca has suffered with Crohn’s disease since she was five years old, and in 2016 she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic illness that causes pain all over the body,” said Calum. “I did some research and found that in America many people were using CBD to help with fibromyalgia so we took a weekend trip to Amsterdam and purchased some.”

The changes were remarkable. “Over the next few months Rebecca regained her life back,” said Calum. “She changed her diet, did intolerance tests and had great success using CBD. We then trialled many different CBD products before jetting off to a lab in Europe to create our own product line and start our own company.”

In these early days the duo looked into growing four acres of hemp in Aberdeen, but the UK government made it near-impossible to gain the appropriate licenses. Then they had the idea of experimenting with hemp as a botanical in distilling spirits.


“We contacted a local distillery and they were more than happy to let us do some experimenting with our hemp in their facility. Over the next few months we perfected the recipes and Wee Hemp Spirits was born!”

Wee Hemp Spirits currently offers hemp-infused Canna’B Gin and Canna’B Rum, with a full spectrum limited edition CBD-infused Canna’B Spirits about to be released.

“All spirits have hemp seeds and hemp plant material as botanicals,” said Calum. “The rum has been aged in charred hemp stalks. This is a world’s first aging technique that gives our rum a subtle smoky yet sweet finish, and a beautiful golden colour.”

The name ‘Canna’B’ is a smart play on Scottish dialect, pronounced ‘cannae be,’ as in ‘cannot be.’ It also serves as a neat reference to the cannabis sativa L plant and the bees which provide the honey used in these CBD liquor products.


This impressive attention to detail even goes as far as the H2O used to create the spirits.

“The water used in each of these is from the Cairngorms,” explained Calum. “It’s been filtering through the cracks and rock formations for 50 years before ending up in Canna’B.”

According to Calum, the special water gives the flavors in his CBD liquor “more depth.”

Even the water used by Wee Hemp Spirits is carefully selected to enhance the flavor and effectiveness of their CBD liquor. Photo: A rum and coke with ice in a lowball glass, sitting on a table at the edge of a blurry nature scene.

Even the water used by Wee Hemp Spirits is carefully selected to enhance the flavor and effectiveness of their CBD liquor.

When it comes to the actual creation of these spirits, it’s a multi-layered process, simple in parts, complicated in others, that serves to create a wonderful handcrafted artisan product.

“The hemp seeds and plant material are steeped with our other botanicals to give more depth of flavour before it is distilled in small 250 litre batches,” said Calum.

“The rum is then aged in charred hemp stalks giving it the smokiness and glorious golden colour. When the spirits are ready, a percentage are infused with our full spectrum water soluble CBD and sent away for cannabinoid profile analysis, before Rebecca and I begin the process of bottling, corking, sealing, labelling and quality checking each and every bottle.”


And it doesn’t stop there. The founders have big ideas for the future.

“Our plans are to expand our Canna’B product line into many more spirits, utilising our unique ageing technique,” said Calum.

“Rebecca has been experimenting with CBD-infused vegan chocolates and full spectrum CBD-infused Canna’B rum and raisin fudge — which, I might add, is next level!”

Calum has his sights set on more than just CBD liquor:

“Wee are not just a CBD company however. Hemp can be used for just about anything, so expanding our portfolio is on the horizon. We’re looking at a solution for the plastic crisis with biodegradable hemp plastic, hempcrete for sustainable housing projects with local building companies, and fashion from 100% hemp fabrics – these are just a few areas we wish to expand into. We want this ancient plant to make a big comeback. And why not, after decades of demonisation it deserves it.”


In a sign that the UK government is finally coming round to the idea of CBD oil products, Calum and Rebecca found the legal process of bringing their products to market surprisingly easy.

“There have been zero issues,” explained Calum. ”In fact the response has been very welcoming, and everyone is excited to try and stock Canna’B. It appears the stigma is being broken down day by day.”

The tide is certainly turning, not just in the UK but worldwide. Some of the biggest alcohol companies in the world are investing many millions of dollars in acquiring cannabis producers and research facilities. It’s clear this crossover market is on the verge of exploding and boutique companies like Wee Hemp Spirits are right at the cutting edge. If you’re a CBD user and enjoy a drink, the future is set to be very bright indeed.

You can buy Canna’B products online and in various stockists across the UK (see their website for more details). Wee Spirits are looking at expanding into other markets around the world, depending on local laws.

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7 Women Owned CBD Brands We Love (& You Will Too)

Why women owned CBD companies? As of 2018, women made up only 27% of executive positions in the cannabis industry. In 2015 they held 36% of the executive positions. More…

Why women owned CBD companies?

As of 2018, women made up only 27% of executive positions in the cannabis industry. In 2015 they held 36% of the executive positions. More and more women are getting into the cannabis industry, so WHY are these numbers dropping? As consumers, we have to make conscious decisions about where our money is going.

Today we’re going to take a look at 7 women owned CBD brands that we love, and think you will too. When it’s time to stock up on more CBD, give one of these brands a try!


Two Cranes Botanicals

Two Cranes Botanicals was founded by two (identical) sisters! They both had their own journey to CBD oil, but they came together to create Two Cranes once they both realized how many dirty products were out there. They have 3 strengths of CBD tinctures to choose from, and they are currently working on something that sounds amazing. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but it’s going to be out within the next couple of months, so keep your eyes out!

      • CBD Type? – Full spectrum
      • Flavor: – Unflavored
      • Lab testing? – Yes, available on request
      • Origin of Hemp: – Colorado
      • Pricing: – 300mg $49, 725mg $89, 1000mg $129 (all bottles are 30mL)

Uplifted Company

Uplifted Company is a local to Austin woman owned brand! Jackee has put so much thought and work into everything from her tincture formula to the labels on her bottles and the droppers that make dosing easier. I love how clear and concise all the information on the bottle is, and all lab results are available online and easy to find. These are some really great tinctures, definitely one of my go-to’s

      • CBD Type? – Full spectrum
      • Flavor: – Unflavored
      • Lab testing? – Yes! Available on the website under each product
      • Origin of Hemp: – Colorado & Kentucky
      • Other products: – Currently 2 strengths of tincture
      • Pricing: – 500mg $55, 1000mg $89 (30mL bottles)

Moon Mother Hemp Company

Moon Mother is from Boulder, Colorado. I’ve been using their CBD muscle balm on some arm pain I’ve been having lately and it’s been really soothing and helpful! I love the variety of products that Moon Mother Hemp Co. offers. Not only can I get a tincture in a couple different flavors or unflavored, but I like that they offer different kinds of topicals and even a face serum.

      • CBD Type? – Full spectrum
      • Flavor: – Peppermint, cinnamon & unflavored
      • Lab testing? – Yes! Available online
      • Origin of Hemp: – Colorado
      • Other products: – Tinctures, supplements, topicals, and pets
      • Pricing: – Tinctures are $60-$200

Soul Addict

Soul Addict is a new age hemp wellness brand whose mission is to empower women. Laura has spent a lot of time and care in her products and you can really tell. The ingredient list in the Manuka honey mask is so unique and it’s such a great mask, my skin felt so amazing and nourished! The hemp pre-rolls too, so many beautiful herbs along with organic hemp. I’m honestly in love!

      • CBD Type? – Full spectrum
      • Flavor: – Unflavored
      • Lab testing? – Yes, available upon request
      • Origin of Hemp: – Colorado
      • Other products: – Tinctures, manuka honey mask & hemp flower pre-rolls
      • Pricing: – Tinctures $48-$215, Manuka Honey Mask $58, Hemp Pre-Rolls $46


I first noticed Rosebud on Instagram! They have such a great lifestyle presence. Even if you’ve never been interested in CBD before, you will be after looking at their feed. Alexis has a story that resonates with many of us, myself included. She turned to CBD to help manage stress and upon research, just couldn’t find a brand that had the quality and transparency that should be the standard in this industry, and Rosebud was born.

      • CBD Type? – Full spectrum
      • Flavor: – Unflavored
      • Lab testing? – Yes! Available online
      • Origin of Hemp: – Oregon
      • Other products: – Tinctures & salve
      • Pricing: – 350mg $55, 700mg $95, 1000mg $125 (all 15mL bottles)

Exhemplary Life

Born from advocacy and education, Exhemplary Life was created after the founder was being asked where one could find quality hemp products. Today, Exhemplary Life carries all the CBD you can imagine: all different flavors of gummies, chocolates, tinctures in different flavors and dosages, topicals and even suppositories! You really can buy all of your CBD needs in one place and I love that.

      • CBD Type? – Full spectrum
      • Flavor: – Tangerine
      • Lab testing? – Yes, available on request
      • Origin of Hemp: – Colorado
      • Other products: – Edibles, salves & lotions, pets, suppositories
      • Pricing: – 500mg $69 (30mL bottle)

Fine Healing Goods

Fine Healing Goods is another amazing woman owned Austin based brand! This tincture is flavored using a lemon extract and it’s absolutely perfect. I know this is going to end up being one of my go-to oils this summer in the Texas heat. That little burst of citrus is really refreshing! They also have a bath soak, body cream, and exfoliant that I’m excited to try, it looks like the ultimate spa self-care day.

    • CBD Type? – Full spectrum
    • Flavor: – Lemon & unflavored
    • Lab testing? – Yes! Available online
    • Origin of Hemp: – Colorado
    • Other products: – Tinctures, body cream, bath soak & exfoliant
    • Pricing: – 600mg $75, 1000mg $115 (30mL bottles)

Looking for more CBD reviews?

Check out our Best CBD Oil Reviews page, which we’re always updating to bring you the latest hemp CBD products & reviews.

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Hemp Surfboards: Riding The Wave Of Hemp Hype With A New Kind Of Board

Chad Kaimanu Jackson, a Native Hawaiian, sustainability scientist, and pro surfer, creates the world’s premiere hemp surfboards. He uses hemp fibers instead of fiberglass and wraps the boards in hemp foam.

It took becoming versed in “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” world travel, and going back to school to study earth sciences and anthropology for Chad Kaimanu Jackson to come up with hemp surfboardS.

“I was learning of the great legacy of hemp in ancient China and up to the founding of the US. And in my study of human history and attempting to integrate the concepts of sustainability in my scientific and academic career I found myself in a bit of cognitive dissonance,” says Jackson.

Photo: A surfer in a wetsuit rides a hemp surfboard.

Despite being more sustainable, hemp surfboards cost about the same as conventional boards. (Photo: Bee Line Hemp Wick)

“I knew I had a mission to incorporate my life as a surfer, a Native Hawaiian, and a scientist into contributing to the sustainability/conservation movement in tandem with the cultural revival that was occurring with Indigenous Nations.”


Jackson, 39, has been building surfboards since a young age and started wearing hemp clothes in 2001. For the past 15 years the surfer, who has competed on the Big Wave Tour, has been the primary hemp surfboard builder in the surfing world.

He initially began using an alternative form of surfboard foam based from soybean oils, but became interested in using hemp in any way after becoming involved with the Hemp Museum, a nonprofit originally located in Santa Cruz, and its store.

Jackson briefly made boards for the store before starting to construct his own after gaining sponsorship through Hawaiian-based surf brand Da Hui. He also had a stint with Local Clothing.

In 2007, Jackson started HempSurf. Today he has support from brand Vissla who help him with the boards as well as his surfing and science work.

Photo: Chad Jackson laying on the ground surrounded by 7 of his hemp surfboards.

Jackson’s hemp surfboards are made from hemp along with other sustainable materials. (Photo: Chad Jackson)

Other alternative materials Jackson uses in his surfboards include recycled redwood, flax, agave wood core, and bio-based resins and epoxies.

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in hemp surfboards, says the surfer.

“(It) is a simple delayed response of the public and surf communities finally catching on to the sustainability movement, which in terms of hemp, has been fueled by the recent legalization of hemp agriculture, (the) CBD industry, and the prevalence of Instagram and other social media outlets,” says Jackson.

Compared to the price of conventional surfboards, Jackson says the cost of a hemp surfboard is virtually the same. Shortboards are priced between $500 – $600 while a longboard ranges from between $800 and $1,000 and agave boards start at $1,500.


It’s important that hemp is recognised as it has the ability to offset environmental impacts derived from corporate agriculture, big pharma, and the petro-chemical industry, stresses Jackson.

“The organic nature is superior to synthetic materials in the overall life energy the fibers carry, the strength-to-weight ratios are the strongest found in nature (along with flax), superior flexura,” he says.

“This carries over to sustainable agriculture, economics, indigenous cultural revival and empowerment, and celebrates our connection with our ancestors and the tools they have passed on to us.”

He is currently involved in a film project about the Hawaiians who brought surfing to Santa Cruz in 1885.

“The film will segue into how suffers can come together to solve environmental problems and mobilize as a very powerful and influential subculture,” says Jackson.

For Jackson, hemp surfboards are a way to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. (Photo: Jensen Young-Sik)

Kea Eubank’s interest in hemp started over 15 years ago, when he was looking for better alternatives to smoking with butane lighters and matches. Hemp was the way forward. Eubank, born and bred in Maui, and his partner Miranda Campbell formulated “the hemp wick,” a term Eubank says is now used by over 70 different companies, and the first hemp wick company, Bee Line Hemp Wick. Bee Line combines hemp and beeswax, both ancient and renewable resources used in lighting medicinal herbs, pipes and fine cigars, and hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes.

“(We) came to realize how versatile hemp is, and have been looking for other uses ever since, which tends to keep us pretty busy, as there are thousands,” says Eubank.


About three years ago Bee Line Hemp Wick partnered with Conway Bixby of Bixby Surfboards, a board shaper and river surfer in Bend, Oregon, and began making surfboards out of made out of recycled foam and organic hemp fiber in place of fiberglass.

“We were hoping we could trade out even more of the standard surfboard materials for hemp while maintaining the high performance,” says Eubank.

The hemp comes from Romania in eastern Europe, which Eubank, 38, says he’s found to have the best organic hemp in the world.

“They use a traditional process called retting where they let the hemp break down in the field and then finish with machine processing it into long strands which they spin/twist back together,” he says.

“A lot of other manufacturers use chemicals to break down their hemp to a pulp, and then bleach it.”

Jackson catches a massive wave on a hemp surfboard.

Jackson catches a massive wave in Oregon, reiding on a hemp surfboard. (Photo: Richard Hallman)

Bee Line Wick uses the hemp in a unique way to make the boards, using hemp fibers instead of fiberglass, wrapping the recycled foam in hemp.

“I’m not sure if anybody is doing it quite like us,” says Eubank.


The boards, which he says start at $650 but vary in price depending on size, are popular.

“Half the people love that they utilize hemp and the other half just love how they look,” says Eubank.

“(Customers are) mostly river surfers, and then there’s people just stoked on anything hemp and to have a hemp surfboard in their quiver.”

Eubank says traditional materials used to make surfboards are chemical-based.

“Surfers naturally want to keep the earth and ocean clean because they are immersed in the elements daily,” says Eubank.

“Hemp, if processed responsibly has a lot less impact on the earth, while (the board is) being made, and in the end when the board is no longer surfable.”

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Mission Farms Rest CBD Promotes Sleep With Chamomile & Essential Oils

Mission Farms Rest CBD put us to sleep fast and gave us deeper, restful sleep. This unique CBD tincture includes organic chamomile oil and other restful organic essential oils.

Mission Farms Rest CBD put us to sleep fast and gave us deeper, restful sleep.

Imagine combining the power of a cup of chamomile tea with the balancing effects of CBD oil. Mission Farms takes a novel approach to their CBD blends, by combining them with essential oils designed to enhance their effects. Mission Farms Rest CBD adds organic chamomile essential oil, bringing these two herbal relaxers together, along with organic bergamot, orange, and lavender as well.

The power of these combined ingredients had us drifting off to sleep in no time after we dropped it under our tongue. Before we dozed off, we enjoyed the tasty combination of citrus and lavender with the added organic vanilla flavoring. This CBD oil has a strong flavor, but you won’t taste the hemp. We were also impressed by the care and transparency that Mission Farms brings to their whole product line.

Photo: Mission Farms Rest CBD and a dropper sit on the edge of a bathtub, with a bowl of Mission Farms CBD Bath soak.

With essential oils like chamomile and lavender added, Mission Farms Rest CBD helped us fall asleep fast. We also loved sampling their CBD bath soak!

Mission Farms paid us a fee and offered us free products in return for our honest opinion. If you purchase a product from one of these links, we’ll receive a percentage of sales. Read more about sponsored content on Ministry of Hemp.

Read on to learn more about Mission Farms and their delicious, effective CBD oil.


In addition to Rest CBD, Mission Farms also offers CBD oil blends designed for stress-relief and to ease the symptoms of pain. While other CBD brands are adding ingredients like melatonin to their sleep CBD blends, we appreciated the unique approach of focusing on essential oils and the terpenes they contain. There’s a growing body of research to suggest that terpenes can have beneficial effects, especially when combined with cannabinoids like CBD.

But Mission Farms are doing more than just creating unique CBD blends. They take a “farm-to-family” approach to CBD products, where they own and manage the farms where their hemp is grown in Bend, Oregon. They’re involved in every stage of the process, from hemp growing to the final supplement. This care is evident in their CBD, from the clear labelling to the high-quality, easy-to-measure dropper in each bottle.

Ministry of Hemp commissioned our own independent lab tests of this CBD oil. See lab results for Rest CBD from April 05, 2019.

Mission Farms Rest CBD (Ministry of Hemp Official CBD Review)MISSION FARMS REST CBD OFFICIAL REVIEW

  • Highlights: Mission Farms Rest CBD will ease you to sleep with the combined power of CBD, chamomile, and other soothing essential oils.
  • Strength: 1000mg per 30ml bottle (also available in 250mg trial size)
  • Price: $29.00 – $99.00
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Fast, friendly customer service. Mission Farms charges a flat $5.00 shipping fee on orders.
  • Independent Test Results: Online.
  • Flavor & Feel: The essential oils give this CBD tincture a strong, distinctive flavor of citrus and lavender with notes of vanilla. With this oil, our reviewer fell asleep fast and slept deeply.
  • Ingredients: CBD oil / Full-spectrum Hemp extract in MCT (Coconut-based) oil with Organic Vanilla flavoring and Organic Essential oils (Bergamot, Orange, Lavender, Chamomile)
  • Other: Also available in Relieve, Relax, and Pure (just CBD) formulas. Mission Farms offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

All Mission Farms products are made with hemp grown in Oregon. They also offer CBD topicals, CBD soap and even a CBD bath soak that our team loved. It soothed our muscles while leaving our skin super soft!

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King Kanine King Kalm: A Unique Krill Oil-Based CBD Supplement For Pets

King Kanine King Kalm is a high-quality CBD oil for pets. Unique features include a syringe applicator and krill oil as a healthy base for this supplement..

King Kanine King Kalm is a unique, high-quality CBD oil product for pets.

We were impressed with King Kanine’s packaging, and pleasantly surprised by some of its key features. While most CBD oils come in glass vials with dropper tops, King Kanine CBD comes with a needleless syringe and a stopper to reduce the size of the mouth opening on the vial. The veterinary-style syringe makes measuring the dose and administering CBD to pets much easier and far less messy.

Another thoughtful departure from traditional CBD oils? King Kalm supplements use arctic krill oil for their base. While dogs, cats, and other pets can learn to take other carrier oils like hemp seed or olive oil, they’ll likely have less problems with this fishy smelling oil. In a note on sustainability, krill oil is an environmentally smart choice. Krill is renewable, full of omega-3 fatty acids, and does not contribute to runoff from fish farming. Vets often recommend krill oil for older dogs to help with aching joints as well as the flakey skin that old age can bring.

Photo: A bulldog takes King Kanine King Kalm CBD from a needleless syringe.

We were impressed by the unique features of King Kalm, such as the easy syringe applicator.

King Kanine paid us a fee and offered us free products in return for our honest opinion. If you purchase a product from one of these links, we’ll receive a percentage of sales. Read more about sponsored content on Ministry of Hemp.

All our reviewer’s pets came to love this CBD oil. Read on for our full review.


King Kanine is a relatively young company, founded in 2015, but they’ve quickly carved a niche in the pet CBD industry. This brand formulates their products with the assistance of pharmacists who have experience working with CBD, in an ISO 6 clean room. Their oils and CBD treats are certified organic. The CBD used in King Kanine’s products is CO2 extracted and then the products are tested by a third party independent lab for purity and potency. All CBD extracts are free from pesticides and solvents.

Our reviewer easily switched her pets to King Kanine King Kalm CBD oil. A sixteen year old former feral cat has new enthusiasm for her morning fishy treat, while a middle-aged Shih Tzu with a bad back became unexpectedly energetic and spunky. Where previous CBD oils improved the quality of life for her pets, this oil has brought even greater energy and playfulness to all the animals when given a daily dose.

We reviewed King Kanine King Kalm in its 300mg strength, designed for large dogs. Each time you fill the syringe, you’ll get about 10mg of CBD. If you have smaller dogs, or cats, you may want to try their 150 mg, or 75 mg strengths. All strengths come with the same syringe and opening for easy application. We gave the oil to the cat in wet food, while the dogs got theirs dropped onto their morning treats. Larger dogs would be even easier, as the syringe would allow the oil to be squirted directly into their mouths, without worrying about mixing into wet food or applying to treats.

King Kanine King Kalm CBD 300mg (Ministry Of Hemp Official CBD Review)KING KANINE KING KALM CBD OFFICIAL REVIEW

  • Highlights: King Kanine King Kalm is a high-quality, lab-tested CBD in a unique krill oil formula for dogs and cats. Their syringe system makes dosing a breeze.
  • Strength: 300 mg per 30ml bottle (also available in 75 mg & 150 mg strengths)
  • Price: $49.99 – $99.99
  • Customer Service and Shipping: Fast, friendly customer service. Free shipping on orders over $100.
  • Independent Test Results: Online.
  • Taste: A strong fishy odor and flavor that our pets loved.
  • Ingredients: CBD oil / Full-spectrum Hemp extract in Arctic Krill oil
  • Other: This brand offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

King Kanine uses U.S.-grown hemp in their products. They also make CBD pet treats and CBD topicals for pets.

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Hemp Food Wraps: Sustainable Food Covering As A Substitute For Plastic

Hemp food wraps, created by an Australian couple from local hemp and beeswax, are a new, sustainable alternative to plastic for covering food. The same business also offers hemp soaps and artisanal hemp paper.

Hemp food wraps, created by an Australian couple, are a new, sustainable alternative to plastic for covering food.

After launching her hemp business with her husband, Maxine Woodhouse didn’t want to concentrate on products she felt were already being done, like oil and protein power.

So she chose something that would stand out – hemp beeswax food wraps.

Available in funky retro tie dyed colors, which makes them perfect for a dinner party, you might say they really are the bees’ knees of food wraps.

“We decided we wanted to have something different because we want our business to be a bit unique from everyone else, so we went ‘okay what if we dyed them and dipped them and we get our beeswax’,” Maxine Shea, co-founder of Australian-based business Hemp Collective and Fields of Hemp, told us.


The locally made wraps, which can be purchased online, are all-natural, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, water-resistant and sustainable.

An Australian couple created sustainable hemp food wraps using local hemp and beeswax. Photo: A picnic party place setting including a bowl covered with a hemp food wrap.

An Australian couple created sustainable hemp food wraps using local hemp and beeswax. (Photo: Hemp Collective)

The beeswax is sourced locally and infused with organic coconut oil and pine tree resin from the Byron Bay community in northern NSW, not far from where Shea and her husband and business co-founder Mike have a hemp farm for industrial use.

“People go ‘oh is it farmed from bees that are being harmed’ and we went ‘well no the bee keepers look after their bees,’” Maxine said.

With a background that includes studying and teaching about waste education, the product also fits in with the ethos of the couple and their business.

“We came up with the hemp beeswax wrap because we’re trying to eliminate plastic within our business. I come from that zero waste (belief) and also moving forward I think it’s important to do that for society,” Maxine said.

“There’s so much going on with plastic at the moment that it is an unsustainable product and it is killing a lot of wildlife, so the beeswax wraps made sense.”

Perfect for storing food and keeping produce fresh – from vegetables and fruits to flowers to kids’ lunches – the list of uses for the wraps is endless, say the Hemp Collective.

The biodegradable wraps, which can be moulded into a pouch or cone (no pun intended) are also easy to use, are water-resistant, and are easy to wash.


Following their launch, the Hemp Collective unveiled their hemp paper and hemp business cards.

“I couldn’t find any hemp business cards. I thought ‘no one’s actually making them in Australia’,” the entrepreneur said.

“We went ‘okay you know what we could actually do wedding invitations, we could do all sorts of things with it.’ But the business cards were what we started out with.”

The fact that it’s a premium product again sets it aside from the others that do exist, Maxine said.

Photo: Hemp food wraps molded into a cone shape to hold fresh fruit on a table.

The reusable sustainable biodegradable hemp food wraps can also be turned into pouch or cone shapes for serving snacks. (Photo: Hemp Collective)

The Hemp Collective’s soaps come in myrtle, activated charcoal, lavender oil, peppermint and eucalyptus, and oatmeal flavors. Ingredients include organic cold pressed coconut oil, purified water, Australian hemp seed oil, and organic unrefined shea butter.

“There’s probably seven ingredients in there and it’s all either organic or Australian,” Maxine said.

Next up they will launch their hemp shampoo and conditioner bar range. A healing balm is also in the pipeline.

The main concern for their products, Mike said, is that they are producing high quality.

“We made sure that we got not just any coconut oil, we made sure that it either came from a sustainable source but also good quality,” he says.

“The same with the shea butter.”


The couple’s business is based in the small town of Mullumbimby, not far from the tourist hot spot Byron Bay, with a wall of hemp that the community helped make for their office.

“We said we’re going to build this hemp wall. Ten people (said) ‘oh we’ll come and help’,” Maxine said.

“We hand harvested that hemp. The community has been amazing around here.”

The couple, who have been together for 17 years, were based in New Zealand, where they had a distribution company, before they moved to Australia in 2017.

Photo: Three different colors and textures of hemp paper from Hemp Collective.

In addition to hemp food wraps, Hemp Collective makes hem paper and body care products. (Photo: Hemp Collective)

Maxine had earlier given birth to the couple’s son who was diagnosed with a severe form of eczema. Maxine was later diagnosed with a brain tumor, a type that affects only one to two per cent of people. In New Zealand, they were given some CBD oil.

“When we came over here, we did a whole change and we looked at hemp and went yeah, I think there’s something in this,” Mike said.

“And then the food law changed (in November 2017) and that’s when we thought ‘well this is what’s going to get the wheels moving for the hemp industry.’”

The couple say they have recurring customers and their main customers are probably mostly female, but their ages are different.

“The soap gets an older demographic whereas we feel like shampoo bars and conditioner bars are going to be good for that travellers 18 – 35 type age groups where they’re kind of on the move,” Maxine said.

“It’s perfect for travel, you just shove it in your bag. You don’t have to carry all these big bottles.”

“Artists are loving the paper.”


Maxine said there’s also some exciting things happening “behind the scenes”.

“We really want to start getting some infrastructure happening around the region, farmers growing but growing so they’re actually going to get better yields and outputs and also money because farmers are always struggling,” she said.

Maxine Shea poses with a collection of Hemp Collective products and a small hempcrete wall.

Maxine Shea poses with a collection of Hemp Collective products and a small hempcrete wall. (Photo: Ministry of Hemp / Pearl Green)

She said the Australian hemp industry was “stifled due to a range of different things”.

“It’s stifled due to thought process the fact that there’s stigma around the products,” Maxine said.

“Australia is behind due to its crazy policies.”

Maxine said her vision for the hemp community in Australia was one where people could collaborate but every single person could still have a niche within their business that sets them, their story, and their product apart.

“If everyone can work together you’ve actually got a bigger way of talking to government and getting things changed,” she said.

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Joy Organics CBD Vape Pen Offers Smooth, Citrus-Flavored Natural Relief

Joy Organics CBD Vape Pen provides all-natural CBD oil in a gentle, tasty vape that is simple to operate and pleasant to use. This rechargeable vape from Joy Organics works…

Joy Organics CBD Vape Pen provides all-natural CBD oil in a gentle, tasty vape that is simple to operate and pleasant to use.

This rechargeable vape from Joy Organics works through simple inhalation with no need to press buttons or turn on or off, which makes for a more intuitive process than many other rechargeable pens. We enjoyed the mild citrus flavor and smoothness of this vape and were impressed by its elegant design.

Photo: A brunette woman in an orange sweater and long pearl necklace holds an elegant Joy Organics CBD vape pen in one hand.

We were impressed by the elegant design, ease of use, and delicious citrus flavor of Joy Organics CBD vape pen. Most of all, we enjoyed its potent, relaxing effects.

Joy Organics paid us a fee and offered us free products in return for our honest opinion. If you purchase a product from one of these links, we’ll receive a percentage of sales. Read more about sponsored content on Ministry of Hemp.

Read on to learn more about Joy Organics and their delicious CBD vape.


The advantage to vaping over other methods of CBD oil delivery is that the user should feel a response to the oil within a minute or two, so dosing can be very straightforward. You know if you’ve had enough to relax, feel better, or sleep deeper quite quickly. That said, if you are new to vaping, it might be a good idea to inhale a small amount at first and only hold it in the lungs for 10-15 seconds, as suggested on the box.

Even if you are accustomed to vaping, keep in mind that Joy Organics uses a distillation process that transforms their oil into nano-sized emulsions. Their CBD is more bioavailable than many other oils. This means that each inhalation goes far. We experienced relaxing effects using half the amount our reviewer generally requires.

Joy Organics CBD Vape Pen comes with everything you need to get started. The box includes a battery and a cartridge containing 450ml of CBD. We almost missed the USB charger, tucked away under the white insert in the vape’s box. This vape uses standard 510 threading, so it is compatible with your existing equipment. You can also buy just Joy Organics CBD Vape Cartridge as a refill or use it with your existing batteries.

The Joy Organics rechargeable vape pen requires no button to press and works with a simple inhalation, similar to an e-cigarette. The vape is smooth, with absolutely no harshness, and the taste is decidedly grown-up: a faint citrus flavor with hints of vanilla.


Joy Organics makes their CBD from industrial hemp then further processes it remove any trace of THC. Their CBD is broad spectrum and organic, using only hemp grown in the United States. All products are shipped free, and Joy Organics offers a 30-day 100% money back guarantee if you don’t find that the products work for you.

Joy Organics is a family-owned company with a commitment to giving back. They give a portion of sales to nonprofits, and offer products from charitable organizations at their retail locations.

Joy Organics also posts some of the most detailed third-party lab results we’ve seen. Both internal and third-party tests verify that each lot contains the right amount of CBD oil as well as passes pesticide tests. The third-party certificates even include a QR code customers can scan to verify the authenticity of the report.

Joy Organics offers their products online as well as at three retail locations in Fort Collins, CO, Austin, TX, and Deer Park, IL.

Joy Organics CBD Vape Pen (Ministry Of Hemp Official CBD Review)JOY ORGANICS CBD VAPE PEN OFFICIAL REVIEW

  • Highlights: Joy Organics CBD Vape Pen provides smooth, pleasant vaping delivery of pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil in one convenient, elegant package.
  • Strength: 450mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil per cartridge.
  • Price: $99.95 for a vape pen + cartridge; $79.95 for replacement cartridge only.
  • Customer Service & Shipping: 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. Free shipping.
  • Independent Test Results: Online.
  • Flavor & Feel: This vape oil and pen provides a mellow, gentle vape with a mild citrus flavor and no harshness. The effects were more relaxing than some other CBD we’ve tried.
  • Ingredients: CBD oil / Broad-spectrum Hemp extract in Organic MCT Coconut Oil, plus Added Terpenes from Fruits and Plants.
  • Other: This brand offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

Joy Organics makes their products from organic hemp grown in the USA. Joy Organics is one of our Top CBD Brands. They also offer tinctures, softgels, salves, pet products, and beauty products.

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Hemp Cheeba Chews: Cannabis Candy Maker Turns To CBD

After years of success with their THC-infused taffy, new hemp Cheeba Chews combine their great flavors with the healing power CBD oil. We took a closer look at why this company is transitioning into industrial hemp.

Cheeba Chews, longtime makers of THC-infused candies, is turning to CBD. We thought we’d take a closer look at hemp Cheeba Chews.

Every election season, more and more states open their doors to psychoactive cannabis (“marijuana”). Alongside that, many THC-focused companies are expanding across the country. Businesses that could only operate in Colorado or Washington can now open doors in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Michigan. This expansion is bound to eventually hit the entire country.

However, these very companies are now seeing an ever-growing market for a cannabis product which is already legal nationwide. Since the 2018 Farm Bill, the demand for hemp has skyrocketed. The stigma we hemp enthusiasts fought against is now diminishing. And people who never had interest in cannabis are opening up to all the possibilities CBD products have to offer.

Cheeba Chews transition from psychoactive cannabis to hemp seemed worth exploring to us.

In 2009, James Howler developed a THC-infused taffy for medical cannabis patients within the state of Colorado. The goal of these candies was to provide the public with a safe, reliable form of cannabis which didn’t require a puff of smoke. A decade later, after much success, Cheeba Chews set its eyes on hemp.

Eric Leslie, the Marketing Officer of Cheeba Chews, discussed with us the transition from THC to CBD.

“The demand [for CBD] was coming from many consumers outside of legal cannabis states that we operate in,” Leslie told us. “I believe there is a large contingent of consumers that are totally apprehensive about trying THC infused products, due to societal perception through years of probation.”

After years of success with their signature THC-infused taffy, Cheeba Chews branched out this week with the launch of their CBD chews. Photo: A collection of Cheeba Chews hemp products in various flavors.

After years of success with their signature THC-infused taffy, Cheeba Chews branched out this week with the launch of their new CBD chews.



While marijuana continues to fight against stigma and prohibition, hemp has taken a large towards becoming the social norm it should have always been.

As Leslie believes, the main reason people are turning their heads towards CBD is to seek out, “an outlet to experiment with alternative health and wellness options while not worrying about any sort of psychoactive disorientation.”

Public opinion and demand seems to confirm this statement. Just recently, CVS Pharmacy announced it’s going to begin carrying CBD products. This is pretty big news since consumers trust drug stores more than the smoke shops that often sell CBD. Furthermore, it really shows the demand has now reached a very corporate level.

“The conversation about CBD has hit a tipping point,” Leslie said, “and consumers are more open than ever to trying hemp derived products.”

Businesses are trying to get into this game as quickly as possible, before the market is saturated with competition. Cheeba Chews are no exception to this. One of their primary goals in creating hemp-based taffy is to reach the very states where marijuana remains illegal.

“We will track local, state, and federal regulations closely as we develop our distribution plan,” Leslie noted. “Having our website as a direct purchasing source for consumers means anyone, in any part of the country, can have access to our reliable and delicious hemp infused Cheeba Chews.”


The healing benefits of CBD encouraged Cheeba Chews decision about releasing a hemp line of products. Despite the many benefits of marijuana, the psychoactive effects turn off many consumers.

“We have always believed in making a positive impact in the lives of those that trust in and consume our products,” Leslie mentioned. “Federal regulations and limitations on ‘official’ research restricts us from explicitly expressing any sort of specific medical benefits, but we believe in the power of CBD.”

Everyday consumers also believe in this power. Word of mouth is powerful! While the government remains reluctant to study hemp, regular CBD users are already discovering new benefits. Due to this, they’re spreading the word around to others in need of natural medicines.

This word of mouth is one of the main reasons finance professionals predict the hemp industry will hit well over $2 billion by 2022. Still, it takes more than just oral communication to develop a prediction. Just as importantly, companies must build trust with their customers.

A densely packed hemp field in front of a tree-lined hill.

The 2018 Farm Bill fully legalizes hemp in the U.S. Legalization helps to reduce the stigma around hemp increase demand, too.

Leslie claimed the primary goal of Cheeba Chews is, “to help distribute our reliable, and trusted products to more people, and assist in continuing to change the narrative and stigma around CBD.”


Leslie expressed excitement about Cheeba Chews’ growing line of CBD-based taffy products

“We’re looking to expand out award-winning taffy flavor variety,” Leslie anticipates. “In fact, next month, we will be launching our new Orange Cream taffy flavor in both our cannabis and hemp line.”

Still, they’re keeping an open mind for products outside of taffy.

Hemp Cheeba Chews are currently available in four flavors on the official website. They’re available for sale to all 50 states. Each taffy piece offers 25mg of CBD.

“With the global CBD movement amplified by the passing of the U.S. Farm Bill, greater understanding of the benefits of Cannabidiol has helped shift public perception of the plant, increasing demand for hemp-based products,” said Eric Leslie.

“With award-winning flavors, consumers already trust and rely on the brand for creating the highest quality cannabis products, and we have taken that same approach in developing our line of hemp chews.”

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Holmes Organics CBD Oil Tincture Is A Pleasantly Relaxing Experience

Holmes Organics CBD Oil relaxed our reviewer and promoted restful sleep by combining potent cannabidiol with delicious, lightly sweet peppermint flavor. Their website also offers great information on uses for hemp and CBD.

Holmes Organics CBD Oil Tinctures provides broad-spectrum, completely THC-free CBD with a delightful taste.

Their Tranquil Peppermint CBD oil provides its dose in an easy-to-take light oil that, for peppermint connoisseurs, delivers a true peppermint flavor: bright, smooth, and with a very gentle peppery bite, gently softened with natural stevia sweetener. Those who do not particularly enjoy the earthy taste often associated with CBD oil will be pleasantly surprised by the light, fresh quality of the taste. And those who do not like overly-sweetened oils will also be pleased with the light hand Holmes Organics uses with the stevia.

Think “peppermint tea,” not “mint gum.”

Those who do enjoy the natural earthy flavor of CBD oil are in luck: Holmes Organics also offers a Natural flavor.

While Holmes Organics does not suggest any specific dosages, our reviewer noticed definite relaxation and sleep-promoting effects with a dosage of about two dropperfuls (30 mg). Everyone’s chemistry and experience with CBD oil is different, however — so it’s always a good idea to start small and work your way up if you desire a stronger effect. Two flavors and three different strengths of oil to meet your specific needs.

A woman using a laptop drops Holmes Organics CBD Tincture

Holmes Organics CBD Oil Tincture left us relaxed and promoted restful sleep, while delighting our tastebuds with its lightly sweet mint flavor.

Holmes Organics paid us a fee and offered us free products in return for our honest opinion. If you purchase a product from one of these links, we’ll receive a percentage of sales. Read more about sponsored content on Ministry of Hemp.

Keep reading for our full review of Holmes Organics CBD Oil.


Holmes Organics is a minority-owned company offers that rare combination: broad-spectrum THC free CBD oil. It’s made from a specialty strain of hemp bred to be high in CBD.

As a black business owner, founder Cory Holmes believes producing completely THC-free CBD oil is vital for his and other marginalized communities.

“The challenge,” as a company’s recent blog post on the topic explains, “is that adoption of both medical marijuana and CBD supplements is lower than in white communities, as illegal drug and substance abuse is a stereotype minority communities work hard to overcome, so there must be more education regarding the difference between no-THC supplements and THC products.”

Holmes understands this reality only too well, and started Holmes Organics when he discovered the benefits of CBD oil on his own when researching ways to combat his own stress and trauma from dealing with the legacy of racism and violence in his own neighborhood, as well as head trauma from college football injuries.

In addition to offering products with high-quality THC-free CBD oil, Holmes Organics has a particularly robust hemp-based wellness blog full of timely information, recipes, and focused articles on mental health and sexual health. Many pieces devote time to focusing on information especially helpful to those from marginalized communities.

Holmes Organics offers two types of lab results, both internal and backed up by a third-party.

Holmes Organics CBD Oil Tincture (Ministry Of Hemp Official CBD Review)HOLMES ORGANICS CBD OIL TINCTURE OFFICIAL REVIEW

  • Highlights: Holmes Organics CBD Oil is an organic, broad-spectrum oil with all natural beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids and flavonoids contained in hemp preserved.
  • Strength: 16.67 mg of organic full-spectrum CBD oil per dropperful, 30 servings per bottle.
  • Price: $69.95 ($44.95 current sale price) for 500 mg.
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Fast, helpful customer service. Free shipping within the US.
  • Independent Test Results: Online.
  • Flavor & Texture: This oil-based tincture has a light mouthfeel and a pleasant, true-peppermint flavor that is not too sweet. It is also available in Natural flavor.
  • Ingredients: Organically-grown full-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, peppermint oil, and stevia.

Holmes Organics makes their products from organic hemp grown in Colorado. They also make CBD dog treats, along with salve, softgels and even CBD bath bombs. They also plan on releasing skincare and hair care products infused with their CBD oil soon. Holmes Organics also offers an unlimited 15 percent discount on all products for veterans.

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