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Hemp Horizon Brings Flowing Elegance To Women’s Hemp Fashion

A new UK company is blowing away outdated ideas about women’s hemp fashion. Hemp Horizon offer a diverse range of items, featuring everything from tight-fitting high-necked dresses to more free-flowing outfits with elegant bows.

A new UK company is blowing away outdated ideas about women’s hemp fashion.

Putting aside the health benefits for a moment, how do you feel about clothes made from hemp? You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s an heavy, course material, mostly popular with hippy-types who favour function over fashion. While most hemp clothing companies trade in little more than simple t-shirts, Hemp Horizon offer a diverse range of items, featuring everything from tight-fitting high-necked dresses to more free-flowing outfits with elegant bows.

Hemp Horizon is redefining women's hemp fashion and spreading awareness about hemp's potential. (Photo: Hemp Horizon hemp culottes and hemp two-tone t-shirt)

Hemp Horizon is redefining women’s hemp fashion and spreading awareness about hemp’s potential. (Photo: Hemp Horizon hemp culottes and hemp two-tone t-shirt)

Their products blend hemp with other organic materials, demonstrating not only its versatility, but also how much hemp production has been refined over recent years.

“Hemp is very much misunderstood,” said Karen Kay, head designer at Hemp Horizon.

“Forty years ago the fabrics made from hemp were crude, and didn’t have the refinement that today’s mills can produce,” Kay told us. “Now, when blended with fine silks and other organic yarns, hemp is soft yet durable.”

Kay works closely with business partner Steve Esser, who looks after marketing. Zoey Kay models the products.

We spoke to Karen Kay about the values behind the brand, the development process, and why hemp is a perfect fit for the future of fashion.


“[Hemp’s] the perfect choice for high quality, comfortable garments that look great, feel good, and last for years,” Kay said.

This is the most remarkable aspect of Hemp Horizon’s products: the fabric used is light and silky, making for items that wouldn’t look out of place at a luxury high-street store. It’s a far cry from the rough, scratchy hemp-based clothes of yesteryear.

Zoey Kay models the Hemp Horizon hemp silk wrap shirt. Hemp Horizon creates comfortable, elegant women's hemp fashion, and is now expanding into menswear too.

Zoey Kay models the Hemp Horizon hemp silk wrap shirt. Hemp Horizon creates comfortable, elegant women’s hemp fashion, and is now expanding into menswear too. (Photo: Hemp Horizon)

The design philosophy is simple, Kay said. “High quality, flattering and comfortable with a unique design which is unmistakably Hemp Horizon.”

She continued, “Our tag-line is ‘Awareness Is Key,’ as we’d like to be a part of this revolutionary movement around this magnificent plant.”

Of course, the hemp world has its fair share of unscrupulous traders attempting to capitalise on its increased prominence in the mainstream media. Happily, Kay and Esser take an altogether more reputable approach.

“We searched the globe for mills that produce fine hemp-blended fabric, sourcing from China and the USA, and we’re now looking also to source from Eastern Europe to reduce our carbon footprint.”

These environmentally-conscious credentials play a major part in the forward-thinking philosophy that underpins Hemp Horizon.

“We hope that our customers will appreciate our endeavours and belief,” said Kay. “We are very aware of the eco-friendliness of hemp and the other organic fibre we use for our garments.”


Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly crops on the planet. It uses very few pesticides, and can often be grown almost anywhere. Hemp is ideal for a future in which sustainability becomes ever-more important.

“As well as being the base fibre for creating high quality fabrics it’s a high yielding plant with a very diverse range of uses,” agreed Kay.

Although CBD derived from hemp is becoming more popular in the UK, there is still a lack of understanding about hemp’s legal status.

“We’ve never had any legal issues,” Kay said. “But we have found that people need to be educated about the simple fact that hemp cannot get you high.”

As an independent business, Kay admits that getting things off the ground hasn’t been easy:

It’s been quite a long journey to get to this point, almost two years — designing the garments, creating templates for the patterns and investing in machinery, all to ensure we’re totally self sufficient. Our development journey has been challenging, and required a whole new learning curve. There have been delays along the way, mainly in terms of investment as this project has been totally self-funded.

For now, Hemp Horizon’s range is mostly focused on women’s clothes such as t-shirts, skirts, dresses and jackets. There are plans to expand.

“We’re planning to launch a more extensive range of men’s products in early 2019,” said Kay.

Currently this is limited to a smart herringbone design cap made from 100 percent hemp, and a pair of bamboo wood sunglasses.

Hemp Horizon has no plans to move into hemp-based health products, in part because of ongoing confusion between hemp and psychoactive cannabis (“marijuana”).

“As the public become more aware of the differences then we can look to cross sell all the benefits.”


Hemp has been grown for centuries, used for everything from paper, rope to food and has a range of uses far beyond the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids.

With the prohibition era juddering to a halt across the Western world, we can look forward to more forward-thinking companies using hemp in increasingly impressive and sustainable ways. Fashion is just one industry to benefit, as both the public and government authorities realise just how useful this plant can be.

As for Hemp Horizon, the products speak for themselves. This boutique brand is a cut above the rest, not only with their stylish range of products, but in how they point toward a future where eco-friendly hemp becomes established as the most important crop on the planet. Like so many others, Kay believes hemp can be a key part of creating a more sustainable way of life.

“If everyone is thinking more consciously we can help contribute to the healing and sustainability of our planet for the future generations.”

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Review: iLoveBad Boxer Briefs Are Super Comfortable, Soft & Breathable

iLoveBad boxer briefs are blended from organic cotton and ethically sourced hemp for undies that are both comfortable and sustainable. iLoveBad makes all their products in the U.S. in small workplaces with fair labor practices.

iLoveBad boxer briefs quickly became a favorite pair of undies, especially after “breaking in.”

Hemp fabrics are known for both their durability and becoming more comfortable over time. These boxer briefs, blended from hemp and organic cotton, were no exception. The fabric grew softer, and seemed to fit better with every wash. Thanks to hemp’s superior breathability, they stayed fresh feeling even in the Texas heat.

Beyond making a great pair of undies, iLoveBad is dedicated to making sustainable, healthy products in an ethical manner. Customers can feel good about how iLoveBad makes their boxer briefs, in addition to how good they feel to wear.

A shirtless man seen from behind, holding a guitar and wearing iLoveBad boxer briefs in black.

iLoveBad boxer briefs are a comfortable, breathable choice for even the hottest weather.

We were paid a fee by iLoveBad and offered free products in return for our honest opinion. If you purchase a product from one of these links, we’ll receive a percentage of sales. We only select the highest-quality hemp products for review on our site.

Read on for our full review of iLoveBad Boxer Briefs and more about the care iLoveBad puts into every product they make.


iLoveBad began with their signature hemp blankets. Founders Brittanny and Daniel discovered that natural fabrics like hemp cured a night sweating problem that was keeping Daniel awake. After designing a great blanket, iLoveBad expanded into other essentials like underwear.

While hemp fabrics are better than cotton for the environment and for wearers, iLoveBad takes their products even further when it comes to sustainability. iLoveBad make all their products in the U.S. using ethically sourced hemp and organic cotton. They partner with small, employee owned manufacturers in the United States that promote fair labor practices and clean working environments. You can read about their passionate, diverse team on their website.

iLoveBad also donates a portion of their profits to important causes like LA Habilitation House and Corazon de Vida Orphanages.

Three pairs of iLoveBad boxer briefs resting on a wooden background.ILOVEBAD BOXER BRIEFS OFFICIAL REVIEW

  • Highlights: Organic Cotton & Hemp Boxer Briefs from iLoveBad are ultra-comfortable and breathable, making them great for everyday wear in almost any weather.
  • Sizes:  Available in Small Through Extra-Large.
  • Price: $24.00 in black or white, or mixed 3-pack for $63.00
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Fast customer service. Standard shipping on a pair of hemp undies started at $2.79, with faster options available for an additional fee.
  • Features: Soft, comfortable boxer briefs that are great for work and leisure. The waistband is looser than most undies, but they were comfortably snug in the thighs and didn’t slip.
  • Materials: 64% Organic Cotton, 28% Hemp and 8% Lycra
  • Other: Women’s panties also available. iLoveBad accepts returns during a 100-day “Happy Shopping Window” to ensure customer satisfaction.

iLoveBad sources their hemp from a cooperative in China, which their supplier visits regularly to ensure high standards in both growing and working conditions. In addition to iLoveBad Boxer Briefs, they also make hemp socks, t-shirts, and of course, hemp blankets.

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Why You Should Make the Switch to Hemp Underwear Now

Privates, we all have them and we now can finally protect them naturally with hemp. Up until recently the best material we had for our undies was cotton. 100% cotton…

Privates, we all have them and we now can finally protect them naturally with hemp.

Up until recently the best material we had for our undies was cotton. 100% cotton underwear is undoubtedly a very good option, as it is a natural material which wicks away moisture from the skin and discourages the growth of yeast.

But now there is an even better natural option with hemp underwear from WAMA. As we explain below, we believe anything cotton can do, hemp can do better. Now with hemp undies you can feel more comfortable, fresh and relax knowing your privates are protected by the natural powers of hemp.


The hemp plant is known to be a miracle plant for all of its uses and benefits. Hemp is known to have anti-bacterial properties and may also be anti-microbial, so hemp textiles provide natural odor protection. Hemp fabric is also a very breathable material and comfortable when worn. Hemp clothing also offers some natural UV protection. And, after all, who wants a sunburn down there?


Advantage of hemp underwear
With all of these benefits coming from hemp fabric, it is easy to see the best application for hemp fabric would be underwear. Hemp underwear can kill microbes and bacteria growth allowing you to wear your undies longer without it smelling. Hemp fabrics are also very breathable which helps with airflow, which research suggests can help fight against yeast infections.

Many brands claim their underwear will help kill bacteria growth and odor by adding silver to the fabric. Silver embedded in textiles can definitely kill odor, but silver exposure can also be harmful. While scientists currently believe silver in clothing poses minimal health risk, why take any risk when there’s a completely natural, and naturally odor-killing alternative?

Another great benefit to hemp underwear is that it is super comfortable — we believe it will be the most naturally comfortable underwear you have ever worn. All in all, once you try a pair for yourself you may never go back.


WAMA HempUnderwear
WAMA Underwear is a new hemp apparel start-up releasing hemp boxer briefs for men and hemp hipsters for women. We wanted to make hemp underwear cool and fashionable so that we can bring more awareness to hemp in the fashion world.

Today, clothing production is the second largest polluter in the world and we are here to do our part and fix this. Most underwear in the world today are made from a synthetic fiber or cotton, or a blend of the two. Synthetic textiles are well, synthetic. They are man made usually starting from a laboratory and don’t offer the health benefits of breathable, natural textiles. Cotton is a plant and is natural, however it requires more than its fair share of water to grow and is one of the most chemically dependent crops in the world. Luckily, hemp requires little to no pesticides to grow and uses only a fraction of the water that cotton uses. It is easy to see that hemp is the most sustainable option.

Here at WAMA we have chosen to only partner with suppliers who are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to ensure our textiles are organic. Not only is the transparency of our production important to us but we have also spent almost two years building the perfect pair of underwear. From visiting the biggest hemp factory in the world in Shanxi, China, to developing the perfect fabric, patterns and overall design, WAMA Underwear has changed the game. We’re nott just providing a pair of hemp underwear but a fashionable everyday underwear that you will feel good about wearing.


Feeling good is very important to us and you will feel good when wearing your new WAMA’s. Everyone who has tested or worn WAMA prototypes tell us how comfortable the natural fiber feels against their skin. Product testers say the fabric gets softer and more comfortable with every wash. They have also mentioned that it “wears in” instead of wearing out, making hemp underwear very long lasting. Test after test and fact after fact, it is easy to see why you need to make the switch to hemp underwear.


Hemp Underwear Present
Help us help nature. Yes, we think creating hemp underwear is cool but we have always wanted this to be more than that. We believe with more purchases of hemp clothing comes more awareness to hemp as a textile option. With more awareness comes more use and with more use comes less pollution and the preservation of nature.

So it all started with us creating sexy cool organic hemp underwear, but now it is your turn to support the hemp movement. By backing our campaign on kickstarter, you are not only helping bring WAMA Underwear to life; you will be supporting the hemp movement in the fashion world by bringing more awareness to hemp and all of its benefits.

Visit the WAMA Homepage




The market is getting saturated with many different CBD brands. We’ve compared the top brands to help you with your decision. Check it out.

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US Hemp Proves Hemp Shirts Are Better Than Cotton

Why should you wear hemp clothing over cotton? US Hemp, a hemp shirt startup, is making a compelling case with their most recent Kickstarter campaign. Contrary to many other hemp…

Why should you wear hemp clothing over cotton? US Hemp, a hemp shirt startup, is making a compelling case with their most recent Kickstarter campaign. Contrary to many other hemp shirt companies that use a blend of hemp and cotton, US Hemp developed a 100% hemp shirt that offers higher performance and is more comfortable than a cotton shirt. Oh, and it’s also much better for our environment.

US Hemp


Hemp apparel has many benefits over cotton. Hemp as a fabric is not only higher quality and more durable than cotton, but also is much more beneficial for our environment. Here’s some facts about hemp:

  1. Hemp roots repair damaged soil during its growth.
  2. Cultivating and manufacturing hemp clothing requires half the water used on cotton clothing.
  3. Hemp fields absorb 4x more CO2 than trees, and grows back 120x faster. For example, trees cut down for wood typically require up to 30 years to regrow. Hemp plants can be grown and cultivated in 3-4 months.


If hemp is so superior, why aren’t more people wearing hemp shirts? There’s some good reasons. Hemp farming has been prohibited in the US for almost 80 years. Since we’ve had to import hemp, the price tag on hemp products was not cheap. There was no way a hemp shirt that cost $30 could compete against a $5 H&M cotton shirt.


Up until now, most, if not all, hemp shirts were made from imported hemp fabric. Most of the raw material came from countries such as China, India, or Nepal. However, US Hemp is looking to change that through their recently launched Kickstarter campaign.

Ministry of Hemp sat down with Brinkley Warren, US Hemp’s head of Business Development to better understand what they hope to accomplish through this crowdfunding campaign.


Tell us a bit about US Hemp?

Each shirt you buy actually removes 4 lbs of CO2 from the air we breath

Brinkley Warren: We are the world’s first luxury 100% hemp fashion label. With the slogan “Softer, stronger, and infinitely more ecological than cotton”, we are aiming to make the highest quality hemp shirts that are American made.

How’d you get started? What made you passionate about hemp?

BW: To us, this project is all about making a positive and significant impact in environmental sustainability. It’s about the freedom to wear the change you wish to see in the world. Hemp is one of nature’s best plants for human uses.

I got passionate about this project after I learned that cotton uses 60% of the total pesticides in the US. I came to realize that hemp is a better material to make clothing from than almost any other material and requires zero pesticides. Yet, most American consumers still wear cotton without even knowing the negative impact it has in our environment.

When we got started, I never honestly thought that we would be able to produce a 100% hemp fabric that is more comfortable than cotton. Hemp fabric, traditionally, is known to be more coarse (rough) than cotton. However, for the last 6 years my co-founder Darien had been experimenting and then finally one day he showed me a new fabric and I couldn’t believe it.

In the past, all 100% hemp fabrics are made to be uncomfortable and wrinkled — but with our new fabric, we change that entire paradigm. Unlike cotton which hurts the environment, our shirts actually revitalize the environment — each shirt you buy actually removes 4lbs of CO2 from the air we breath.

Why did you decide to launch a Kickstarter campaign?

US Hemp Co Kickstarter Campaign

BW: For us, Kickstarter was the best way to get our brand out there and connect with early customers. We’re hoping to use this opportunity to get the word out and start this hemp fashion movement.

What’s the long term goal/vision of US Hemp?

BW: Hemp is better than cotton in every way. Not only is it better environmentally, but it’s also better in terms of performance. Our product development has now made it more comfortable than cotton as well. Ultimately, we want to replace all American cotton products with hemp products.

Do you use domestically grown hemp?

BW: US Hemp is using domestically grown hemp from Kentucky, Colorado, and soon — California. Our whole vision is seed to shirt, and to support American jobs and American manufacturing in the process. Our products are proudly Made In America.

Why should someone wear hemp over cotton?

BW: Here’s a list of benefits of why hemp fabric is better than cotton fabric:

  • 4x as durable as cotton
  • 3x the UV protection
  • Better moisture wicking
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Naturally odor-resistant
  • Superior insulation index. Hemp shirts keep you cooler when it’s warm, AND warmer when it’s cool compared to cotton


US Hemp Shirts
There’s more when you think about the environmental benefits.

  • Wearing cotton ADDS to greenhouse gases, our shirts REMOVE greenhouse gases
  • Every single US HEMP shirt removes 4lbs of harmful CO2 gas from the air we breath
  • Uses 50% less water than cotton
  • Uses 250% less land
  • Zero pesticides. Big cotton accounts for 60% of TOTAL PESTICIDE USE in the United States

What makes US Hemp special?

BW: We have developed the world’s first 100% hemp fabric that feels more comfortable than cotton. The rest of the hemp clothing that’s available on the market today falls into two categories:

  1. Most shirts are a 50-50 blend between hemp and cotton
  2. If it’s pure hemp (100%), it typically feels like you’re wearing a canvas bag. (It’s very rough on your skin)

We are the first ones who took on the challenge to make a 100% hemp fabric that is a viable replacement for cotton fabrics.

I believe our brand is also special because we are all-in for America. We believe that looking stylish, feeling great, performing great, and living an eco-conscious life don’t have to be choices. You shouldn’t have to make sacrifices for one or the other. Our brand delivers on all of these thing. We’re one of the most sustainable luxury fashion labels in the USA and we’re just starting.

How can our readers get involved?

BW: Buy a shirt from us. They will literally the best shirt you’ll ever own. We also would like to ask everyone to contribute and share our Kickstarter to help us get the word out! Thanks so much!

Check out the Kickstart campaign here: World’s First Luxury 100% Hemp Clothing Company. USA Made.

Brinkley, thanks so much for your time today. We wish you the best of luck on your Kickstarter campaign and I can’t wait to try out your hemp shirts! We encourage all our readers to check out their Kickstarter campaign and support their cause of rebuilding the US hemp industry.

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How SuperEgo is Making Hemp A Lifestyle

SuperEgo is making hemp cool again. When Tommie Lark founded Superego, his mission was simple: Let’s change the standard of clothing to hemp. With hemp being more durable and breathable…

SuperEgo is making hemp cool again.

When Tommie Lark founded Superego, his mission was simple: Let’s change the standard of clothing to hemp. With hemp being more durable and breathable than cotton, hemp apparel offers a real, sustainable solution to the environmental damages caused by cotton.

As for Superego, their goal is to be more than a hemp t-shirt company. They are using hemp at the core to promote sustainability as a lifestyle

Ministry of Hemp sat down with Tommie to learn more about SuperEgo’s mission and the global movement of “Cut From A Different Cloth” (#CFADC)

superego founders

Tell me a bit about where you’re from?

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, but decided to go to a Liberal Arts college in Connecticut. It was there we got the idea behind SuperEgo.

Wesleyan University is a very liberal college and it definitely influenced our thinking. My two other friends and I really started talking about how we wanted to start a brand that was different. We wanted to get into entertainment, music, or fashion – and with a twist that could differentiate us.

How do you best describe SuperEgo as a brand? If you could describe the essence of it, what would it be?

Superego is a lifestyle brand building a culture of sustainable living through quality hemp products and multimedia. We want to make hemp the new standard as we expand our catalog. We plan to expand our product portfolio to other lifestyle products.

Superego brand

What’s the story behind SuperEgo?


“At the core, we’re trying to change the standard of t-shirts through these hemp shirts.”


After realizing how sustainable hemp is and how many different applications there are, we wanted to find a way to introduce hemp to urban areas. We wanted to inform people on hemp’s benefits and sustainability without coming off too educational. We also wanted to get rid of its negative stigma with marijuana.

That was when we came across a unique organic hemp blend textile at the Hempest. So we started making our own shirts and built a community around the slogan “Cut From A Different Cloth” (#CFADC). We invited creative millennials around the world that resonated with being #CFADC to join our movement.

We’re trying to disrupt the fashion industry by showing people our products are different. We not only have our own products, but we also work with people on content and designs. For example, we work with creative designers to release their designs through our hemp shirts.

Through the years, we have been able to develop a community, activists, and thought leaders around this movement. At the core, we’re trying to change the standard of t-shirts through these hemp shirts. We are changing the very fabric of reality.

Central to SuperEgo is its #CFADC movement, could you explain the background of the movement and how customers have taken to it?

CFADC movement
Our co-founders all have pretty creative minds – one’s a musician and we were all psychology majors. We came up with the slogan together and started using the hashtag #CFADC in our marketing to grow the curiosity of our audience. We added the hashtag in our graphics and pictures, and people started to ask “what does CFADC stand for?”

For us, #CFADC is not just clothing, it is a way to represent a lifestyle for everything from tech, multimedia, to fashion.

On average there are about 50–60 people unique users using the phrase “Cut from a different cloth” on twitter every day around the world.

How did you get introduced to hemp? Why are you so passionate about hemp?

I originally found out about it from marijuana. We came across its counterpart (hemp) and found that you can make t-shirts with it. So we dug deeper and found that there’s actually over 25,000 applications of hemp.

So we just started asking ourselves, “Why are we not making stuff with hemp anymore?”

You mentioned that you learned about hemp first through marijuana. Now that you’re the owner of a hemp business, what do you think about hemp’s association with marijuana?


“We need to educate people on the uses and benefits of this crop to show that there’s a clear difference between the two plants”


I think marijuana has a stigma that has caused the negative association to hemp. People say they can’t tell the difference between the two plants.

What we’ve done is to try to distance ourselves because the reason hemp was banned in this country in the first place was because they were associated and confused with one another.

We need to educate people on the uses and benefits of this crop to show that there’s a clear difference between the two plants

How has the hemp industry changed since you guys have been in it?

SuperEgo started in 2010, so we’ve been around for about 6 years now. We were one of the first brands to launch a hemp product for the younger generation back then. Since then, the biggest thing we’ve noticed is the political movements. It’s growing quickly – states have started legalizing it and farmers are starting to actually plant this crop.

What’s been really cool is that we anticipated this and it’s been amazing see it actually happening and hemp being more commercialized.

What has been the best part about being an entrepreneur, especially in the hemp industry?

Being an entreprenuer is great is because you’re your own boss. You have to have self-discipline but you know you’re creating value for other people and you get rewarded for it. You know you’re making a difference.

Specifically in the hemp industry, the plant is getting more commercialized, so this is helping with our growth. There is unlimited things we can do with this crop the more we educate everyone else about this plant.

How about challenges? Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs who are looking to enter this industry?

Being in the hemp industry, access to this unique fabric was pretty hard to get consistently, in terms of quality and quantity. So this has been a struggle for us. But now we have a more secure supply that we are using as the demand grows. This will help us scale in the US now.

We want to eventually be a “Made in the US” company – which is impossible to do now – while providing an affordable product for popular culture.

The negative stigma with hemp has been the biggest challenge and risk for being in this industry.

superego hemp shirt

Thank you for your time today Tommie. I’m excited to see the #CFADC movement continue to grow!

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Hemp vs Cotton: How Cotton is killing the earth

Cotton has become the de facto source for materials ranging from apparel, bags, sheets, towels, and pretty much most other household fabric. Approximately half of all textiles are made of…

Cotton has become the de facto source for materials ranging from apparel, bags, sheets, towels, and pretty much most other household fabric. Approximately half of all textiles are made of cotton.

Yet, we don’t hear much about the impact cotton makes to our environment.

cotton vs hemp

Here are some quick facts:

  • Cotton is the largest user of water among all agricultural commodities
  • It can take 2,700 liters to produce the cotton needed to make a single t-shirt
  • Cotton cultivation severely degrades soil quality. In the past 70 years, cotton production has depleted and degraded the soil in many areas
  • Cotton farming uses 25% of the world’s pesticides and consumes 7% of all fertilizers
  • Runoff of pesticides, fertilizers, and minerals from cotton fields contaminates rivers, lakes, wetlands, and underground aquifers
  • These pollutants affect biodiversity and have caused species extinction throughout the world

Considering this reality,the World Wild Life contends that current cotton production methods are environmentally unsustainable — ultimately undermining the industry’s ability to maintain future production.

So what can we do about it?

It’s unlikely that we’ll stop wearing cotton shirts tomorrow. We can’t just start boycotting cotton products – what would we wear if it wasn’t for cotton? Yet, we can start building the foundation that could provide us with an alternative to cotton. Yes, we probably won’t ever be able to “get rid of” cotton, but we can at least reduce its production level to a sustainable amount. And what better alternative is there than hemp.

“I believe that hemp is going to be the fiber of choice in both the home furnishing and fashion industries” – Calvin Klein

Hemp offers us a viable, affordable, and sustainable option to moving away from cotton:

  • Hemp uses 50% less water than cotton to produce
  • It does not require any agrochemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers
  • Hemp actually helps improve soil condition and stabilization thanks to its long, fast-growing taproots
  • Hemp’s wide climatic adaptation and fast-growing foot-long roots allow it to thrive in drought-damaged soil
  • Hemp offers 8X the tensile strength and 4X the durability of cotton

When more consumers, textile manufacturers, and apparel brands become aware of hemp, it will become a viable alternative to cotton. Many pioneers of the clothing industry have already predicted this, including Calvin Klein saying, “I believe that hemp is going to be the fiber of choice in both the home furnishing and fashion industries”.

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