Be Careful When You Buy Your Next CBD Oil

There’s a lot of crappy CBD oil products out there.

The sad part is, there’s no easy way for consumers to know who or what to trust. Barely in its infancy, the CBD market is still largely unregulated, quality control is meager at best, and consumers are largely unaware what to look for when shopping for the products. So, as an outside observer that is not affiliated to any CBD brands, we conducted our own research to dig into the root causes of these problems and to provide you with the best advice on how to shop for your next CBD oil.


The CBD market has been exploding the past couple years. Known for its remedies of suppressing seizure activities, reducing nausea, and combating cancer cells, CBD had originally been a tribal medicine in many civilizations around the world. Yet, it is quite foreign in our modern society because all CBD products had been prohibited for the past several decades. There’s the government and the huge marijuana (THC cannabis) community to thank for that (I’ll further elaborate on this later). Although industrial hemp and CBD products are now partially legalized within the US, those who are suffering from seizures, epilepsy, or cancer still have to jump through many hoops to buy CBD oil.


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CBD was first introduced to western medicine in the mid 1800s and numerous research and articles were written behind the topic over the course of the century. However, the surge of marijuana usage and our confused political leaders led to the prohibition of all cannabis plants in the 1900s. This included all industrial hemp and CBD oil applications. Unfortunately, these restrictions caused much of the findings and progress behind CBD to be quietly forgotten during the rest of the 20th century.

However, with the legalization of hemp in the early 2000s, this started the reemergence of CBD oil as well. But with its reintroduction came a big risk. Since CBD has been suppressed in our society for so long, there’s very limited understanding and transparency behind the products. This has made it easier for greedy businesses to take advantage of customers who are looking to pay big money for a remedy that could potentially help heal their sick loved ones.


Let’s first try to understand why it has come to this. From the research we’ve done, we can essentially break it down to four reasons that has caused the CBD oil industry to get out of control.

  • Nature of the customer demographic: sick patients (and their friends and family)

Think about the demographic that CBD companies are targeting. They’re mainly ones who are suffering from some type of illness. This can range from those who experience frequent nausea to those who are fighting cancer. Whatever the illness, these patients are suffering chronic pain that aren’t getting cured by regular medicine. Thus, many who turn to CBD oil are desperate to find a treatment that works. A perfect demographic for greedy businesses to target.

  • Businesses still have to import most (if not all) of their CBD oil from other countries.

Hemp farming is still largely prohibited in this country. Although the federal government legalized domestic hemp farming in 2014 via the Farm Bill Act, only a few states actually have granted licenses to farmers to commercially cultivate hemp. These limited supply volumes and the resulting high prices are nowhere close enough to compete against importing CBD oil from countries like China or Eastern Europe (mainly Romania). The main problem for end consumers is the lack of transparency when it comes to the CBD’s origin. There are basically no data behind the volume and quality control behind these CBD oil imports.

The main reason why hemp’s cultivation environment is so important is because of hemp’s properties of absorbing contaminants from the soil while it grows. So if the soil it was grown on is not good, clean soil, then that plant might contain high levels of lead or mercury. According to an industry insider, there have been instances where children have almost died taking hemp extracts that were high in lead. Essentially, “those companies have given the rest of the CBD industry a black eye because they were more interested in profiting off the sick instead of creating a quality product and testing it.”

  • Regulations and quality control behind the production of these products are very grey

A couple years ago, an industry insider turned into a whistleblower as she blasted her company and the entire CBD industry for its deceptive practices. Tamar Wise, a former Dixie Botanicals employee, posted on her Facebook that

“These formulations start with a crude and dirty hemp paste contaminated with microbial life (I have seen this and these organisms decompose the paste. The paste perhaps even contains residual solvents and other toxins as the extraction is done in China) made using a process that actually renders it unfit for human consumption.“

Whether this is completely true or not, one thing we know for sure is that the vague regulations behind CBD products is leading many helpless and sick customers to buy uncontrolled and dubious products.

  • It is easy for companies to mislead clients with their labeling

The biggest problem regarding labeling is that companies mislead their customers when it comes to the CBD dosage on their bottles. A transparent company’s CBD milligram(mg) strength is reflective of the actual active CBD in that particular product. If a bottle says 100mg of CBD, then that products should contain 100mg of actual active CBD. However, a lot of companies currently on the market will list the mg dosage of their CBD hemp oil without publishing the strength of their actual active CBD.

For example, let’s say Company A’s CBD Hemp Oil is only 30% CBD by weight but they label that they have 100mg of CBD hemp oil, then that product actually only has 30MG of active CBD in it. This happens a lot in this industry and buyers need to beware when they buy CBD oil.

CBD Oil syringe

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We sat down to discuss how customers can avoid these risks with Carlos Frias, founder of Green Lotus, who has been in the cannabis industry for over 15 years by being an actual cannabis grower in California. The main question I had posed to him was how customers can tell the good from the bad when they buy CBD oil products.

  • Always request third party lab results

His number one advice was that customers should always request third party lab results that test for potency, pesticides, residual solvents, and mycotoxins of the CBD hemp oil. If a company is reluctant to share these results with you, it should automatically be a red flag and indicate that they have something to hide.

  • Pay attention to the product labeling. What is the dosage of the actual active CBD?

Frias encourages customers to pay particular attention to the product labeling. Is the dosage (mg) listed on the bottle the actual active CBD in that product? Or is it the dosage (mg) of the CBD hemp oil? These are two clearly different measurements that could make a strong difference in the potency of the product.

  • Ask for advice

Don’t be shy to ask for expert advice when you’re buying CBD oil products. The CBD oil market is young and immature, where the regulations and quality control practices are still subpar at best. Don’t just trust a product because it’s a “known brand” (we’ve found many reports of bigger CBD brands having dubious quality control). Make sure to check online reviews to see if you can read about other customers’ experiences. You can even reach out to us reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns while shopping for CBD oil. We’ll make sure to guide you in the right direction.


The CBD industry is a booming market. Many good intentioned entrepreneurs are entering this space to provide an alternative solution for patients who are suffering from chronic pain. But with any growing market, we are also seeing a growth in greedy businesses who are taking advantage of the vulnerable customer demographic who are looking for a remedy for their loved ones.

There’s no question that all restrictions behind CBD hemp oil will soon disappear and be replaced with stronger regulations that will help improve the transparency and quality control behind these products. But until then, customers have to be cautious of what brands they trust and buy from. We hope that we’ve been able to offer some insights and transparency into this industry and hope you’ll be able to find higher quality products through our advice.

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  • Avatar Stephen Pearson says:

    I just ordered a bottle of CBD oil from Chalotte’s Web. I didn’t see your site till now. What can you tell me about Chalotte’s Webs products. It says it is 60mg pure dose and a dose is one eye dropper. I heard they are a good site but are not cheap. I paid over a 160.00 for my 30ml bottle and that was with a Disabled Veterans discount of 15%. Thanks for any info. I just don’t know where and who to buy from.

    Stephen Pearson

    CBD Oil: 60mg CBD/mL
    Extract Size

  • Avatar Janette says:

    Anyone know anything about plant of life cbd oil or George botanicals cbd drops please?

  • Avatar Jamie says:

    Jades of Green Hemp oil from Kentucky was a complete dissapointment. My first brand worked wonderfully and I had no problems! Jades of Green was my second after the place in Nicholasville ran out of their usual brand. Even though I went from 1000 MG to 3000MG strength I couldnt tell it was doing anything what so ever??!! The Jades of Green oil tastes horrible like its rotten….gives you a sore throat and reminds one of motor oil. I dont think it’s real Hemp Oil. I went with the BHG brand of extra strength and it worked even better than my first brand….Jades of green…complete waste of money! Bluegrass Hemp oil works fantastic! It’s light and has a light taste..and you get fast results~!

  • Avatar Nevin Bull says:

    Stay away from Whole Greens! They will send you a trial sample and then uses your on file credit card you give them for shipping costs and then start billing you into a membership with product sent out right away! The government needs to step in and really look into this corrupt process they are exploiting they people’s emails etc I had to destroy my card immediately when receiving a email from them that they were using my “card” on file and product was “ on the way”…. Stay away from Whole Green!! Scam n I would not trust they’re product if this is the way they do business

    • Avatar Randy says:

      I was scammed by Wholegreens free trial just pay shipping next thing i see 69.00 dollars taken out of my bank

    • Avatar Ron Price says:

      Thank you for your information Mr. Nevin Bull. I will not use any company that takes credit card information and then abuses the credit card information that is given them. I have had this happen with other companies Like “Purity” but they at least stopped the shipment when I immediately contacted them to stop automatically shipping me product without me requesting it. I will not order products from Green Whole CBD because of your feedback: Thank You!

  • Avatar Margret Schrock says:

    I would like to know what you know about CFTO CBD oil?

  • Avatar Madison says:

    I have been diagnosed with bipolar type 2 since 2010 after my son was born. I ordered Organic Hemp Oil by 2Healthy Company for anxiety and to help me sleep. I work on a naval base for 2 years; hypothetically, if I get randomly drug tested and im using a few drops maybe 4 times out of a week, do you think it’ll show as positive.

  • Avatar Rachel Barnes says:

    Can this help with menopause systems?
    Thanks for the article, it’s sad some companies do this.

  • Avatar Jennifer Syers says:

    What about Primemybody CBD hemp oil? They advertise that they have a unique technology Nano liposomal absorption that carries more of the CBD faster into the body. I asked for third party lab results and clarification on ” nano liposomal absorption” and was just given more information from the main company. Made me weary with no third party labs.
    Have you heard about this company?

  • Avatar Jan Buczak says:

    What you think of the company clean remedies CBD tincture

  • Avatar Jami Golden says:

    So I placed an order with Pure Kana on 3-28-18 well its now 4-2-18 and I’ve yet to recieve my order. I’ve reached out to the company numerous times and have yet heard anything back. They were real quick to take my money but obviously don’t care to follow through with sending me what I paid for. Very disappointed.

    • Avatar Thom D says:

      They take 5-7 days to process and then they send it USPS from New Jersey, so depending on where you live it will take another 3-5 days. Their product is good, but their customer service is crap. I am looking for alternatives, but if you can get used to the 10-14 day wait for your CBD, then you will probably be happy.

      • Avatar Michael says:

        We sell various brands in our clinic and I’ve found that Charlotte’s Web has the best results overall but we sell others like Lazarus and Green Roads and have had good results with those companies as well.

    • Avatar Garth D Newman says:

      I ordered from them and did get my order, it just took a while.

  • Avatar penny mcauley says:

    I have Meige Syndrome, a neurological disorder that affects my eyes and mouth – constant involuntary spasms. I bought cbd oil locally which states that it is 300mg strength – 40 mgs per dose of active cannibinoids. The brand name is Pure, however I have found no reviews( or even images ) online for this brand. . they do have there own website, although it is at an early stage of creation. If anyone knows anything of this brand I would be grateful for advice. I researched and found that with movement disorders the dosage should be 10mgs per kg of active cannibinoids. I am not suere what this means other than that it is refering to my weight, which would mean I should take 470mgs per day. Any advice would be helpful. many thanks for reading. penny

  • Avatar sheila u fedaczynsky says:

    first time pain free in yrs.

  • Avatar Martin Jones says:

    I want to share my experience about the chronic pain. About six to eight months ago, I was suffering from chronic pain and no medicines were working on me. One of my friends suggested me to take CBD Oil for my chronic pain. Then I started some researches on CBD on the internet, read some articles and blogs about CBD products, CBD Laws etc. I found this company named All Natural Way which sells CBD infused products with 0% THC and tested in third party lab. I purchased CBD oil from there and start taking it. After a few weeks, my pain was all gone and there were no side effects at all. I really liked the quality of the product. I recommend this everyone who needs it.

  • Avatar Heather HeatherHeather says:

    I read this and the guide/review of the products but, what about all the products st the local head shops? I have fibromyalgia and other related chronic disorders. I can’t afford the ones from those kinds of companies. I can afford the ones at the head shops. How do I check into those? Each store carries different brands and a lot of them!

  • Avatar Jeannine Franco says:

    I have Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and wonder if Cannabis oil would be helpful to me. Not sure where to find advice. My doctor is no help in this regard.

  • Avatar Molly says:

    Looking for a good topical cream for peripheral neuropathy. Any recommendations?

  • Avatar isolated cbd says:

    Good article, a lot of companies selling low quality low dose cbd for extremely high prices. Make sure you do your research.

  • Avatar julie says:

    Do you have an opinion on Elixinol drops or Pluscbd oil brands?
    I’m just starting to look into this product. I will be trying the Pluscbd oil capsules soon, and am thinking about the Elixinol tincture drops, the higher potency ones.
    Now, after reading this, I don’t know what to trust. I believe Elixinol does have links to third party testing. Not sure about Pluscbd oil though.
    I have Crohn’s disease, with chronic pain and anxiety.

  • Avatar Shirley says:

    Im looking for advice on which oil do i buy to help with chronic Crohns pain I’m currently taking morphine liquid i was told this oil is good for pain control the only trouble is I wouldn’t have a clue what to look for. Any advice please?

    • Avatar Neil says:

      Your Crohns is caused by a gut microbial community in dysbiosis. Look into healing your gut microbiome by cutting out ALL industrial chemicals from your foods, personal care products, and household products. Eat as much raw fruits and veggies as you can. Eliminate most meat, processed food, and restaurant food. Consume fermented foods. Take capsule probiotics with strains that have been proven to survive to the large intestine.

    • Avatar Jane says:

      Low Dose Naltrexone is great for Crohn’s. Join Got Endorphens FB group for more info

    • Avatar Barb says:

      Does the morphine liquid help with your pain? If so, where do you presently get it or do you have to have a prescription?
      Thank you

      • Avatar Arnie Joseph Edwin Carr says:

        any opioids have to be by prescription or the illegal underground market but there you do not know what you are getting

    • Avatar KD says:

      I too have Crohn’s and have seen many C patients saying CBD works miracles for them… I can’t answer your question but I thought I’d chime in and let you know you aren’t alone. This disease is awful…

    • Avatar Carlos says:

      I would recommend a strong tincture , capsules , or raw oil. You need a very high mg dosage

  • Avatar Jose Antonio Berrios says:

    We have a good quality product Doctor Green’s Hemp Tonic 1oz bottle with 300mg
    And we have third party labs for our products.
    The only situation right now is in our website we been band from companies like Paypal, Stripe cause the confucion with hemp and medical marijuana.
    We are looking for a merchant account to precess our transaction.
    But you can call Us 787-224-9917

  • Avatar Patrick says:

    Definately helped me with anxiety ,id definately recomend it

  • Gunhee Park Gunhee Park says:

    Thanks for sharing this resource!