5 Best Cannabis Seed Banks To Buy Seeds Online [2022]

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When the idea of seed banks first started decades ago, they mainly served as a place to store endangered hybrid seeds, as scientists feared that they would soon disappear forever. Today, however, seed banks have gained a whole new meaning as people are now able to meet their cannabis seed needs with the best seed banks across the world.

A recent poll from the Pew Research Center found that marijuana has reached an all-time high in America, with many people supportive of legalizing it. Thirty-seven out of fifty states have legalized it for medicinal purposes, while nineteen states allow recreational use. As a result, more Americans are exploring how to grow their cannabis plants.

This booming industry was only furthered by the recent Farm Bill that allowed for expanded hemp and cannabis production in America. As demand grows, so does interest in cultivating pot on one’s property.

That said, different cannabis seed sellers offer various levels of quality, and sometimes shoppers will find themselves stuck in a dilemma over which variety they should purchase for their garden. Thankfully, today, we have compiled a list of Americans’ top five best seed banks – so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our Top 5 Seed Banks of 2022

#1. Marijuana Seeds NL: Best Cannabis Seed Bank, Editor’s Choice

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Marijuana Seeds NL is one of the best online seed banks for personal and commercial use that ship to the United States. This company has been around since 1999, so it’s one of the most well-known in this industry.

Marijuana Seeds NL is an excellent choice if you need seeds fast and don’t want to wait for them to be processed and sent elsewhere.

The internet offers many varieties of these plants, so it’s easy to find one that thrives in your specific climate or environment. It is best to do some research beforehand to see which varieties do best in your area.

You can save time and money when you take advantage of the many deals this reputable seed bank offers. Though it doesn’t guarantee germination, it does provide plenty of both male and female seeds.

The company’s experts have been able to create cannabis seeds that can germinate and grow at rates of over 90%. They go through intense testing and quality control beforehand.

The professionals then take care of the cannabis plants from start to finish before checking them for any damages and sending them out to buyers.

Because of Marijuana Seeds NL’s fast and discreet shipping, it has quickly risen to become one of the most popular seed banks on the internet for cannabis seeds.

The company’s seeds have also been recognized by prestigious organizations such as Cannabis Cups and High Times, which further cements their status in the industry. Most deliveries take less than three weeks, so you don’t need to wait for long.


Company Discretion: Marijuana Seeds NL is a business that values customer privacy more than anything else. You don’t have to worry about your personal information being leaked or given away by this company.

They discreetly pack their cannabis seeds in different products, so people won’t know what you are buying. It’ll be easy for you to get these seeds because they are committed to customer satisfaction.

Free Company Offers: To show how much they value their customers, the company includes a free packet of seeds with each order you make. In addition, each purchase comes with an additional five or six seeds. For example, wholesale shipments contain over 50% more plants than a conventional seed box.

Excellent Customer Service: Most of the time, they usually deliver goods within 3 weeks’ worth of orders. These items have also won awards for being one of the best in their category on the market.

A wide variety of reviews are always available when you go to their official website. Marijuana scientists even gave them an award for their achievements in a short amount of time.

Bitcoin Payments Available: You will receive a 15% discount for all orders paid for in Bitcoin currency. Orders that arrive broken can also be returned if you provide an image demonstrating the damage.

If the company is at fault, they will send out a replacement order free of charge. Payments made via credit card or online banking transfer are also accepted.

Great Reward Programs: Marijuana Seeds NL rewards its most loyal customers through an account-based system of logging in and earning points with every order placed.

Customers who use this system will be rewarded automatically with up to 45% off their next purchase when they enter the code GREEN15 at checkout.


  • Various payment options
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great value for your money
  • Free seeds available
  • High-quality seeds
  • Fast shipping experience
  • Long-serving company


  • Delays for international shipping
  • Bulk purchases cost more

=> Click here to visit the official website of MSNL

#2. Ministry of Cannabis: High-Quality Seed Bank with International Shipping

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The Ministry of Cannabis is one of the best companies where you can quickly acquire marijuana seeds online. With the Ministry of Cannabis’s discreet and guaranteed delivery, they will help bring it right to your doorstep no matter where you are in the world.

The Ministry of Cannabis is located in Barcelona, Spain. The company has over 10 years of experience working with some of the most renowned growers and cultivators.

Despite being just one of many reasons people come to the website, CBD products are its most popular commodity, given their stress-relieving capabilities.

You may buy a packet of mixed seeds if you’re unsure which ones you need individually, but you need to know what they will do when they grow. For example, Indica seeds come in various taste and potency levels. Therefore, you can try new ones and see how things turn out.

Although some might say that the brand doesn’t offer as many promotions as other seed banks, the company has been able to gain the trust of its customers through its high level of dependability.

Every now and then, the brand rotates its inventory for seeds. In turn, these efforts help them attract more serious cannabis consumers who appreciate variety in what they’re purchasing.

All in all, the Ministry of Cannabis is an excellent option – even though they could use a few more advertisements to compete with the other seed banks.


High-Quality Seeds: You will be able to find many different types of high-quality cannabis at the Ministry of Cannabis, including newly developed hybrids and some traditionally prized varieties from around the world. The Ministry of Cannabis is based in Spain and was founded 15 years ago, making it one of the oldest cannabis seed companies.

Trusted Brand: Ministry of Cannabis has a long-standing involvement with the world’s top seed banks and growers to meet their customers’ expectations. This intimate knowledge allows them to produce seeds worth ordering, knowing they will be satisfied every time.

After learning about the market, founders created new hybrids to cater to their customers’ needs. Their knowledge of the brand and the people behind it sets them apart from their competitors.

Various Packages Available: The Ministry of Cannabis offers a variety of packaged mixes that contain 6 hybrid seeds each and are feminine or auto-flowering. The company also provides its customers with different packages for different tastes and needs.

Excellent Customer Service: They provide impeccable customer service, from thorough FAQs on their official website to guidance throughout the entire seed germination process.

Regardless of your purpose for using cannabis seeds or level of expertise, therapeutic or recreational, they are always ready to answer you.

Easy to Access Website: The brand’s official website offers diverse resources for beginner and experienced cannabis cultivators. Whether you need information, guidance, or want to learn more about the different strains of marijuana they offer, they’ve got it all on their website.

Their helpful articles are an excellent resource when it comes to finding solutions and advice when facing those problems that inevitably crop up during every growth session.


  • Great customer service
  • Perfect germination
  • Fast and free delivery
  • Exceptional packaging
  • Various payment methods
  • Customized hybrid strains
  • International shipping


  • Limited free shipping

=> Click here to visit the official website of Ministry Of Cannabis

#3. ILGM: Uniquely Mixed Strains for Undecided Beginners

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ILGM is a top online source for the most sought-after strains of cannabis seeds. They offer a wide variety of high-quality seeds that are available at affordable prices. They also provide large amounts of promotional deals and discounts regarding weed seeds.

With ILGM, customers can get anything from education and support to an excellent assortment of products, including top-notch strains with guaranteed germination rates. Payments are taken care of easily through different methods such as banks transfer, credit cards, or even Bitcoin.

Even with a 100% germination guarantee, you’re still entitled to receive free replacements for your seeds if they don’t sprout. On the official website, there are over one hundred varieties of different seed types.

The company doesn’t sacrifice safety and has never reported cases where its products were harmful to users. You can judge how satisfied people are by looking up the company’s customer satisfaction ratings on TrustPilot (where they have more than 4,000 reviews).

ILGM was an easy selection for us due to its widespread positive reputation and a large variety of quality cannabis seeds. Their only shortcoming is the high cost for monitored shipping, but alternatively, options such as standard shipping are available.


Safe and Fast Delivery: ILGM provides fast shipping and very well-thought-out framed packaging, so it looks safe while being delivered. With this level of care, all your orders will be delivered on time and protected from damage during shipping.

Furthermore, ILGM guarantees it will resend the order at no cost if anything happens to your shipment.

Mix Pack Option: ILGM offers a mixed pack of 3 strains for those who want to experiment but aren’t sure what they need. You can take one category at a time, starting with the Name, then moving on to Bud Color, Growing Conditions, and finally Flavor. It is always a good idea to try them all, and you’ll have an idea of which strain might work best for you.

The brand offers many strains of seeds for all sorts of growers – not just those with experience – but also those who grow indoors and outdoors. At ILGM, you can get any type of seed from high yields, feminized seeds, easy-to-grow varieties, etc.

ILGM has greatly benefited from this differentiation in product categories due to the sophisticated nature of its consumers.

Easy to Use Website: You can find information on products that ILGM sells on its official website. Aside from simply providing items for sale, this company also shares helpful tips and tricks with other gardeners of similar interest.

The company is an exceptional seed bank that focuses on maintaining the quality of its seed supplies. Receiving subpar seeds below industry standards would be the last thing anyone would want from ILGM.

Free and Fast Shipping: Free shipping is available throughout America, so you don’t have to worry about footing the bill yourself. VIP memberships are also available. These memberships include access to exclusive strains that others might not know about otherwise.


  • Different payment methods
  • Mix packs for beginners
  • Discreet packs
  • Free delivery
  • Great customer service
  • Better germination guaranteed
  • Exclusive membership available


  • PayPal payment is not available
  • Tracking costs are separate

=> Click here to visit the official website of ILGM

#4. Seedsman: Specially Crafted Therapeutic Seeds

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Seedsman is one of the most reliable cannabis seed banks online. With over 3,000 different marijuana strains to choose from, it’s no wonder they are so popular. They work with 65 other seed banks globally. However, there are so many more benefits that come alongside the brand outside of the huge selection of products their partnerships afford them.

The company has been selling cannabis seeds since 2003, paving the way for other businesses to follow suit. They are pioneers in this field and continue to lead it without fail. CBD genetics and auto-flowering were two of Seedsman’s first milestones.

On the Seedsman official website, one can buy cannabis seeds online from other vendors and themselves. All the genetic information for each strain is provided by skilled breeders who work around the world, including high-quality DNA data of THC and CBD percentages on every seed.

Seedsman has many trustworthy customers because of its affordability and high-quality seeds. With so many different seeds available, you’ll find what suits your needs and quality.

You can buy marijuana seeds online from this brand in bulk quantities, which often come with promotional free seeds too. This reliable brand delivers internationally for those who live outside the United States.

Medicinal marijuana seeds are also available so that you can take advantage of all their healing benefits. If you want more information about their products, please visit their official webpage and find out how it all works.

They offer guarantees on delivery – even if something goes wrong in transit – as well as plenty of customer rewards programs to cater to loyal customers.


Excellent Reward Policy: Seedsman offers 90 days of customer service from the date of shipment to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. If something doesn’t work out or you want a refund, they offer a 14-day grace period after shipping.

Please note that this only applies to items that have not been used and are still in their original packaging.

Fast Delivery: The company guarantees that your order will be delivered on time, and if it doesn’t make it, they will replace it as soon as possible. They also have an incentive program that rewards you when you place another order.

Therapeutic Seeds Available: Many different therapeutic seeds are offered to combat various health issues. The company provides medicinal cannabis strains for people who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, depression, or inflammation.

You can visit their official website for more information about each strain and how it can help you manage an illness.

Various Strains Available: Seedsman has one of the largest selections out there, with over 3,000 varieties in seed types – more than most other suppliers.

You can access quality and variety no matter where you live, thanks to Seedsman’s collection from more than 60 different seed banks around the world.

With this many choices, it may seem a little pricey at first, but comparing how much diversity each bag offers makes it more reliable.

Germination is Guaranteed: On their website, one can find out about the most popular products within their target audience.

They are famous for carrying only very select award-winning strains of plants suited to certain environments and conditions – such as high altitude planting needs or mold resistance.

Their seed germination guarantee may be less than that of other comparable companies, but it is worth taking into consideration all they have to offer in return.


  • Trusted brand
  • Many strains available
  • High-quality packaging
  • Loyalty programs
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Tracking orders is possible
  • Free seeds available


  • No free shipping
  • Expensive seeds
  • Additional fees for extra shipping

=> Click here to visit the official website of Seedsman

#5. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store: Excellent Attention to Customer Care

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The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store was established in 2012, and it offers high-quality marijuana seeds, discrete packaging, and great customer support.

With relatively low prices, the brand offers a variety of different strains from dealers all over the world. They also offer varieties for connoisseurs and first-time growers looking to take up gardening.

The company can help you cultivate the cannabis that suits your needs. That is why they have developed strains high in both CBD and THC. Furthermore, there are regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds available.

There are items for everyone on Vault Cannabis Seeds Store’s official website, including smoking accessories to go along with your order. Every purchase comes with free seeds as well.

The company’s official website showcases products and breeders that display the company’s superior quality products.

Additionally, visitors can find many deals and promos to save some cash on what they buy. Free UK shipping options are also available for all purchases made from this cannabis seeds store.

Additionally, the company provides guaranteed 3-5 day international shipping. You’ll also get your lost item back for free if it doesn’t arrive at its destination. All packages are delivered in privacy due to the product’s sensitivity.

In addition to making sure that your package arrives safely, another great benefit of purchasing from this company is the use of stealth shipping.

You can depend on discrete and timely packages because what you buy won’t give clues as to who sent it. Your purchase can be made using a credit card, cash, bank transfer, or bitcoin.

The company also accepts payments from international buyers. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can easily reach out to them within 30 days of purchasing it for any queries.


Excellent Customer Support: The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store has unbeatable customer service from what we could find online. Whether you need assistance before or after your purchase, they provide quick and efficient support through emails or UK and US phone details.

Easy Return Policy: If you are unsatisfied with your purchase of seeds, the company will gladly accept returns within 30 days of the order being placed. However, keep in mind that the company will only accept orders if they are unopened and in the same condition as when they were originally sent to you.

With an excellent return policy and a 100% money-back guarantee on products that are still factory sealed, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting value for your money.

Quality Germination Guaranteed: The company holds much pride in its status as an authoritative figure in the cannabis industry. This group of scientists has created the best germination seeds, guaranteeing a minimum of 90% success rate.

There are few others who can compete with such rigorous testing methods to check if the strain passes all requirements. Furthermore, this company always ensures they give quality seeds to customers.

Fast Shipping: The brand also offers Royal Mail Delivery, with a guarantee of delivery in 3-5 days. Additionally, if your package goes missing during transit, you will receive it free of charge. In addition, the brand carefully packages your purchase, considering its delicate nature.


  • Premium seeds available
  • Different strains
  • Great customer support team
  • Easy-to-access website
  • Excellent return policy
  • Many payment options
  • Stealth and fast shipping
  • Discounts and promos available


  • No germination guarantee

=> Click here to visit the official website of The Vault

How We Made the List of the Best Seed Banks

Seed banks are storage spaces that house (hybrid) seeds from different plants to promote genetic diversity. Getting the right high-yielding seeds is easy when you know which company to approach.

Seed banks offer strains for all sorts of cannabis cultivators – whether you’re just beginning or an experienced farmer with crops around the world.

Online cannabis seed purchases are made to avoid legal trouble because laws for them can be unclear and sometimes difficult to follow.

Finding the best online cannabis seed bank that legally ships to the United States might also be challenging because there are so many options available

Marijuana seeds are legal to buy and sell in some states, while they may be illegal to grow or possess in other states. So, you’ll need to check your state’s laws before planting the weed seedlings you just purchased.

State laws vary when it comes to ordering cannabis seeds online. As a result, we compiled this list and researched relevant businesses with questions any budding marijuana farmer might have.

Though it’s not an exhaustive list, only those brands which impressed us by checking off the requirements as outlined below remained in our list of recommendations.

What We Looked For

  • Company Website: We scoured different online seed banks to see what type of strains they had available and how their customer service would respond if we were looking for a specific type.

We compared and contrasted the websites of several online seed companies. Strains, delivery, customer experience, and other qualities were all taken into consideration when choosing which company would provide the best experience.

We paid special attention to how easy it was to navigate around each website so we could choose one that would make purchasing seeds as painless as possible.

  • Approved Seller: To ensure authenticity, we looked for vendors who other buyers or an authentication process had verified. In doing so, we found many unreliable sellers before discovering some that were fair and secure in their dealings.
  • Customer Experience: For this list, we excluded any cannabis seed banks that had lots of negative comments. After looking at reviews from across the web for reputable and discrete providers, we narrowed it down to these few quality sites.

Additionally, their banks only carry the best varieties of top-quality marijuana seeds from popular strains like Gorilla Glue and Purple Haze. Good customer service is also a necessity when working with such sensitive products.

  • Shipping Destination: Our research focused on the importance of buying high-quality weed seeds from vendors that ship all over the world. It was difficult for us to find information about international seed banks because many of them do not have an office in the United States. As a result, customers might experience delays when it comes to delivery time.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Seed Banks

When choosing which seed bank to invest in, there are numerous options available. With such a vast selection of choices, it can be overwhelming for someone trying to pick out the best one. As such, we have compiled a list of factors you can consider when ordering cannabis seeds online.

Payment Method

A platform for ordering cannabis seeds online is absolutely useless to you if there’s no reasonable way for you to actually patronize them. As such, before going ahead and deciding which brand to work with, we strongly suggest considering which payment options they have and which one works for you.

Many seed banks offer a variety of payment methods. Debit cards are the most widely used way for people to transfer money between banks because they offer speedy and secure transactions. Some seed banks also accept bitcoin payments now due to its convenience and security benefits.

It is also possible to use PayPal – a reputedly secure transaction platform. One downside, however, is that PayPal will block or prevent your bank account from funding controversial purchases. As such, you have to be extra careful when choosing a company to make your purchases from.

State Regulations

Several parts of the United States now have favorable laws regarding cannabis, but germination remains a concern. To avoid breaking the law, make sure your location allows you to grow cannabis plants. We cannot overstate the importance of this. If germination is illegal per your state’s laws, you could be in a significant amount of trouble when the authorities catch you growing cannabis in your garden. Even locations that once had no issues with germination might set laws or modify their laws to counteract previously favorable laws. As such, it’s important to keep up-to-date on your state rules before doing anything else.

Brand’s Terms and Conditions

One should always read through any brand’s website’s Terms & Conditions section before buying something to ensure they know what they are agreeing to.

If you don’t understand all of the details, then it is possible for things like lost product and monetary loss could happen because you didn’t take the time to read.

Germination Guarantee Process

When buying from seed banks, do your best to ensure that the company offers a reasonable germination guarantee. However, realistically speaking, many seed banks cannot guarantee success, which is something we all need to deal with. Nevertheless, buying high-quality marijuana seeds online is an important first step in this process. Without them, things will go downhill quickly.

Businesses often compensate for lost opportunities by offering a bonus amount of seeds to those who buy them. Companies do this to ensure the customer has enough seeds available when the initial batch doesn’t take root.

In addition, these bonuses allow you to trade in your investment – something that is impossible if they don’t offer compensation at all. So, even if the company isn’t offering a significant germination guarantee, look for a company that offers some sort of compensation so that you don’t end up entirely regretting your purchase.

Reliable and Trustworthy Company

To protect your investment, choosing a reputable and dependable seed bank is important. With a reliable company, you can request reimbursement through customer service if the need arises.

So, before making a purchase, research the company’s reviews online and check out their restrictions and terms of use. Also, while searching for a seed bank, inquire about what kind of compensation they offer if something happens to your package while getting shipped to you.

That said, by purchasing from a reputable company with years of experience, you can reduce the risk of this happening.

Quality Customer Support

Online purchases provide a certain amount of ease to many shoppers across the world, no matter what you’re buying. Cannabis seed buyers aren’t much different in this regard. However, it also comes with its own challenges.

For starters, you might have trouble finding answers to questions that you have about the product and/or service. Apart from that, your product might be damaged before it even gets to you or it might never get to you at all. Under any of these circumstances, you’ll need a good customer support team to help you get through it. Otherwise, you might find yourself feeling rather frustrated.

So, before you even begin buying from a brand, ensure that they have excellent customer support to get you through the entire purchase process. This includes having a group of trained customer support personnel as well as a library of reference materials you can look up if you’re more of a self-starter. Without either or both of these, you shouldn’t really be considering working with the brand at all.

Customer Reviews

It’s never a bad idea to do some preliminary research before you make an investment. At least, take time to find out what people who’ve used the product say about it. That way, you can make an informed decision on whether or not it will work for your needs.

If something doesn’t seem right at first, return and make another purchase of high-quality cannabis seeds if necessary.

FAQs About Best Seed Banks

1. Can I buy cannabis seeds online safely?

It is important to remember that there isn’t always a high chance of things going wrong when ordering seeds from online seed banks.

Stealth shipping methods mean the package can still be delivered -even if it was intercepted- so most customers are able to rest easy.

To avoid suspicion, the company ships seeds inside random objects such as plastic cases. Experts warn people against choosing a delivery method that requires a signature.

Following this recommendation keeps people from drawing too much attention to their parcel. Additionally, experts encourage customers to choose payment methods that would keep them away from having any potential issues.

2. How do you get the best genetics from your seed bank?

To get the best genetics when you buy cannabis seeds, it is important to check out reputable online seed banks. It will help your plants grow well and give them an edge, so they are worth the investment.

Researching customer reviews is the key to finding the best seed banks that exist. However, you should note that customers are wildly different when it comes to buying marijuana seeds. So, even while you look at customer reviews, you should still go for what suits your needs.

3. What is the difference between feminized seeds, ordinary seeds, and auto-flowering seeds?

Feminized seeds are just females – they can’t grow into males. This is significant because female plants only produce flower buds that you can smoke. Regular seeds, however, don’t carry this trait.

Instead, regular seeds always produce male and female offspring. So, there’s no way to know if the mature plant will turn out to be female – it could end up being one or the other.

Some growers also use auto-flowering/self-flowering marijuana seeds, which can bloom without light changes. They require less time to grow than conventional or feminized seeds, making them ideal for short or indoor growing seasons.

Final Thoughts

We have seen some of the best seed banks available. So, we recommend Marijuana Seeds NL to anyone looking for a high-quality online seed bank.

Its reputation in the industry is well-known. As such, you can rest assured that you’re getting top-quality goods and excellent customer service. Plus, you’ll also have a wide range of products to choose from.

Though these popular brands do not produce all their products here in the US, ordering from them is still possible.

Some of the benefits that top-of-the-line seed banks, such as those on our list, offer are smooth deliveries and a range of payment options.

The marijuana seed banks on our list typically accept returns without issue if you are unhappy with your purchase.

To make an informed decision about which marijuana seeds to purchase, it is essential to examine every aspect of each brand or company you are considering.

However, after reviewing the merits of these various seed banks, we can confidently recommend Marijuana Seeds NL and the Ministry of Cannabis as top seed suppliers for 2022.

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