Best HHC Cigarettes Of 2022: Top HHC Brands For Smokable Hemp Products Online

HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol is an exciting new type of cannabinoid that gains more and more attention. This is a compound discovered by an organic scientist from the University of Illinois, Boston. His name is Roger Adams, and back in 1994, he succeeded in curtains HHC. To do so, he mixed hydrogen with THC molecules, modifying their physical properties. As such, HHC is somewhat similar to THC in structure. However, it took the CBD industry almost three decades to utilize HHC to its fullest potential.

This is due to the fact the HHC naturally occurs in only meager amounts. Cannabis plants produce over 150 different cannabinoids, but mostly in small quantities. Hence, scientists had to find a way to replicate this process. In time, they even created convenient items like HHC cigarettes.

Aside from the similar effects to THC, HHC has a significant advantage of having a longer shelf life. The shelf life of cannabinoids increases significantly by hydrogenation, which involves saturating the molecule with hydrogen atoms.

So, while it is easier to find THC as a natural CBD, it also deteriorates fast in touch with oxygen. But, the additional hydrogen atoms in HHC protect it from breaking down soon. As a result, any HHC product is much more resilient than similar items. Meanwhile, HHC remains roughly 80% as potent as THC.

Therefore, HHC is safe for daily use as long as one follows the recommended intake cycle. Then, it can help regulate mood and appetite and has anti-anxiety and pain-relieving properties. An excellent way to try out this compound is the best HHC cigarettes. 

Top 2 Best HHC Cigarettes To Buy In 2022:

1.  Exhale Wellness – Overall Best HHC Cigarettes In The Industry, Top Choice

2.  Hemp Living USA – Top Rated HHC Vape Cartridges On The Market

1.   Exhale Wellness – Overall Best HHC Cigarettes In The Industry, Top Choice

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Exhale Wellness is among the top-rated brands that make natural hemp products. They use quality Colorado hemp originating from verified sources. In that way, they keep things safe and maintain a high level of quality. 

They source their products from Farm Bill-compliant farms, following strict non-GMO growing methods. As a result, they work only with the purest primary ingredients. This approach is one of the main reasons for preserving their current standards. 

Exhale Wellness is a leading brand when it comes to producing HHC cigarettes, too. Also, they extend their services to all related areas. For example, they’ve developed an excellent customer support service, available 24/7. 

Moreover, this brand is among the few that provide a complete one-month return policy. So, in case you don’t like the product you’ve purchased, there is room to return it and still get back your money. On a similar note, they offer a whopping 20% discount on your first order, especially first-time buyers. 


Customer Care: Over the years, Exhale Wellness has received quite a recognition in the CBD market. They’ve earned a brand reputation for being a customer-centric brand, and you can quickly locate anything you need on their website. This includes lab test reports, hemp sources, and all the way to user feedback. 

Exhale Wellness success depends on their customer’s care and satisfaction. They offer a 20% discount during sign-up; once you type in your email address, you will receive a coupon instantly. You can even save more money if you sign up for their subscription plan.

Shipping Service: Their free shipping service takes four to seven business days to deliver your order. Similarly, you can place a fast-shipping order that costs extra cash, but you’ll receive the product within the next three days that way. Also, all orders are quickly processed and shipped from their warehouse within 24 hours. You can also track your order with the tracker I.D. sent via your confirmation mail. 

Transparency: Exhale Wellness practices full transparency about their methods. Hence, they make sure to have all of their third-party lab reports available on their website. There is a lab test report for every product they have in stock and a Certificate of Analysis for any product listed on the website. So, any visitor can easily get all the details about the content of the HHC cigarettes.

Customer Feedback: The company has successfully built a brand reputation by consistently providing high-quality products and caring for its fans. Many customers explain feeling calmed and relaxed after puffing these hemp cigarettes. Also, they appreciate their measured potency, giving them respite without posing a risk. On the other hand,  customers cannot overlook the 20% discount available on Exhale Wellness’ website on every new user’s first purchase. 

Furthermore, many consumers applaud the product’s quality, customer service, and delivery time. Plus, Exhale Wellness offers a 30 day free trial of their entire product line. 

Refund Policy: You can only apply for a refund 30-45 days after purchasing any product, which should be enough to get a clear picture. You can find the refund form on their website. There is also an avenue for anyone who would like to be a wholesaler of Exhale Wellness products. In that way, this company deems its customer satisfaction as the primary marketing tool.

Potent Blend: The HHC cigarette contains only hemp flowers. So, no tobacco was added to it, just the correct blend of carefully chosen elements. Exhale Wellness aims to preserve the all-natural benefits of the compound with their HHC cigarettes.

Next, you can smoke this cigarette anywhere. Each puff is followed by feelings of relaxation and pleasant aromas. At the same time, these HHC cigarettes support stable mental health. 

Attractive Product: OG Kush, Exhale Wellness’ 8-pack HHC Cigarette, is an exciting new hemp strain. It is famous for its fruity, spicy, mouthwatering fragrance and reliable effects. Plus, users prefer it for the accompanying notion of freshness. For that, OG Kush sports a unique lemon fuel flavor.

This strain is rolled with hemp flower coated in HHC. It is naturally grown and contains no trace of GMOs. Hence, this item is legally compliant with the federal Farm Bill regulation. Also, independent third-party labs verify the content and efficacy of the blend.  

Portability: Exhale Wellness HHC cigarettes feature a stylish and compact design. They fit easily in your pocket, allowing for discretion and convenience. As a result, you can take them with you on travels or for an evening stroll in the park. 

Health Benefits: OG Kush’s healthy mix provides outstanding mental and physical benefits due to its high THC percentage. It also relieves chronic and severe pain and helps relieve stress, depression, and anxiety symptoms. For best results, users should follow the recommended intake cycle and mind their dosages. 

On the other hand, OG Kush has a strong flavor and aroma, making it a persisting favorite for smokers. As a result, many look forward to enjoying every single puff. Plus, it provides them with a myriad of health benefits without the risk of adverse side effects.


  • Free shipping 
  • 100% naturally grown ingredients 
  • One-month money-back guarantee
  • Fam Bill-compliant product
  • 100% lab tested 
  • 20% discount on sign up


  • Only available online

2.   Hemp Living USA – Top Rated HHC Vape Cartridges On The Market

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Hemp Living USA is a well-recognized brand for pure and enjoyable hemp products. This company originates from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Therefore, they source their hemp from local Wisconsin farmers and hand-pick the hemp plant. Later, all of their items undergo independent lab testings to guarantee the safety of their products. In that way, each new batch must pass several phases before the brand moves to distribution.

Hemp Living USA provides a diverse range of high-quality products featuring CBD, delta 8, delta 10, and HHC. Plus, they aim to provide for their fans by selling each of them at affordable prices.

Their high level of dedication earned them their current top-of-the-line position on the market. However, they continue to innovate and support their public image and reputation. Hence, they are always after the next big discovery. This allows them o expand their assortment with many worthwhile additions. That’s why today, users are not short of choice with Hemp Living USA. They offer 25 different delta-8 Dab Wax flavors, six more delta-8 flower flavors, and ten different CBD flower varieties.

They also make and sell their own Hemp Living Gummies in CBD, delta-8, and delta-10 varieties. Therefore, if you need some long-lasting hand pipes or full-spectrum CBD oil, they’ve covered you.


Focus on Quality: Hemp Living USA is a brand that made it a mission to raise the bar within the CBD market. They strive to provide authentic and helpful products to their customers. To that end, they keep a well-staffed research team. Also, they cut no corners when it comes to curating the perfect formula. Then, they double-check each aspect of the new line of products, focusing on quality and efficacy. 

Years of Experience: Over the years, Hemp Living USA has been one of the most reliable CBD companies on the market, always coming true for their fans. They do so by evolving with the times, keeping good track of any new discovery. At the same time, they’ve proven to put the well-being of their consumers in the first place. Hence, none of their products contain dairy, gluten, GMOs, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. They stay committed to this idea and don’t venture far from it. Instead, they rely on external sources to verify their products’ content and test their effectiveness. As a result, they only offer 100% natural and healthy items, like their line of HHC cigarettes. 

Fair Policies: Hemp Living USA cultivates a great customer relationship. They provide you with a 25% discount on every first order of their product. Also, you can utilize the free shipping option available for 48 US states. Upon placing an order, expect a delivery time of around 72 hours. Plus, every customer can track their shipments via USPS and UPS website links. 

Verified Content: On the brand’s website, you can find third-party-issued certificates for all of their products. By consulting them, you can find out every detail about the contents of these items and summarize their effects. In that way, the company exercises honesty and transparency. Hence, make sure that the item you’re about to get won’t lead to a possible allergenic reaction.

Reliable Services: Hemp Living USA provides a free shipping policy with USPS first class mail, USPS priority mail, and UPS grounded as options. These options extend to almost all US customers, with added benefits for newcomers and loyal fans.

Returning vape disposables or cartridges are only accepted within five days after delivery. However, it is also important to note that there is no room for returns when you purchase consumables. Lastly, if you ever want a refund on a damaged or bad product, you can realize it within ten days after the delivery date.

Five-Star Reviews: Customers have appreciated the quality products and services Hemp Living USA offers. For instance, many describe how the company provided for them after a lost shipment. This forward-looking business looks at the bigger picture when examining such protests. So, they don’t need much more aside from a reliable piece of proof to resolve such queries.

Another focal point is their attractive offers and discounts. Hemp Living USA opens many money-saving venues for its fans to keep things interesting. As a result, fans often return for more or buy in bulk to upkeep the supply of their favorite HHC cigarettes. Plus, most of them keep an eye out for the next subscription offer.

Alto Heights-Blueberry HHC Cigarette: Alto Heights Blueberry is a 10-Pack HHC cigarette sold by Hemp Living USA. Each carton contains ten packs of ten cigarettes, packing up to 400 mg of HHC and 700 mg of CBD. Blueberry Pie is an Indica-dominant cross of Keebler’s Grasshoppers cookies and Blue Dream. So, there are no tobacco, nicotine, or fillers in this product. Instead, each strain has its claim to fame in this potent mixture. At the same time, they provide reliable relaxing effects and soothing fragrances.  


  • 100% safe
  • Free shipping across the US
  • Reliable customer care support
  • 100% secure payment methods
  • 25% discount on all first orders 


  • No shipping for vape related products
  •  P.O. Box restriction in all states
  • Available online only

How We Chose Top HHC Brand Products

HHC’s popularity is rising in the market, with more and more users taking an interest in this kind of recreational product. However, since it’s a bit tricker to produce it, not many companies have decided to divert resources here. Here are the criteria we used to single out the best brands making HHC cigarettes:

  • The Brand’s Reputation

Both of our choices are experienced companies that stood the test of time. They are proof that hard work and innovation are the keys to a long-term presence on the market. Plus, they intend to preserve their position, putting taking the extra step to stay ahead of the competition. This goes for all parts of the production process. So, we went full in-depth about their organically farmed hemp sources, extraction methods, product design, prices, etc. Hence, we decided to include these two cookies as part of our selection. 

  • Product’s Efficacy

We made sure that these strains promote one’s overall well-being without comprising of risky substances. The best HHC cigarettes have alluring aromas and leave the user relaxed and at ease in the end. So, they offer benefits and the means to chill after a long day at work. Plus, they come in packages sufficient for a moderate pace. As a result, the habit of using HHC cigarettes doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

  • Safety

Given that companies are just starting to break new ground regarding HHC, the question of the safety of these items was a concern for us. To clear any doubt, we had to look past the advertisements. So, we examined the labeling of the products and went through each denoted element. Then, we consulted with the COAs to deduce whether their formulas underwent prudent lab testings. Lastly, we searched the net for honest reviews, preferably ones touching on the least commendable aspects, too.

In that way, we were able to single out the best brands making HHC cigarettes available today. These are the top options for this part of the market and the best starting choices for all newcomers. 

Buying Guide For Beginners: How To Find The Best HHC Cigarettes Online?

Currently, it may be challenging to find HHC cigarettes in local pharmaceutical stores. After all, this is compound is still somewhat of a novelty, and not many brands opted to work with it. However, even among those that do create HHC products, there are a few wrong choices.   

Therefore, before purchasing any type of HHC cigarette, try and find out more about the product. Your inquiries will assist you in ensuring that you only consume high-quality stuff that won’t pose any risks to your well-being.

In other words, when shopping for an HHC cigarette, just like with its related products, there are essential features one should be mindful of. Factors in the vein of:

  • Quality

Quality is the primary aspect to consider when buying HHC cigarettes and other CBD products. High-quality items come from proven factory processes and do not contain any strange chemicals harmful to your body. So, before your next purchase of HHC cigarettes, check the Certificate of Analysis report. The easiest way to do so is to visit the brand’s official website.

  • Policies

Most consumers frequently overlook return policies until a problem appears. However, this “fine print” is available much sooner than such stadiums arrive. Also, you can quickly access these points by navigating some online menus. Alternatively, you can reach out to the customer support team of the brands.

Always look into a brand’s return policies before shopping because it will help you better understand how much they value quality and customer satisfaction. At the same time, you’ll get familiar with how much of a safety net there is in store for you. Plus, you can judge a brand’s overall quality by the fairness of these types of services.

  • User Feedback

Even if HHC cigarettes are a new thing on the market, you can still find online user reviews for them. These first-hand viewpoints are often insightful and unbiased. As such, they can assist you in evaluating which company deserves your trust the most.

Frequently Asked Questions About HHC Cigarettes

1.   Is there a difference between HHC and THC cigarettes?

THC cigarettes are made with delta-8 flowers as the main ingredient. On the other hand, the HHC compound is the product of the hydrogenation of the THC molecules. In turn, it has a longer shelf-life but similar effects.

2.   What are the health benefits of HHC cigarettes?

HHC offers soothing and relaxing effects that many find helpful. Also, it helps with chronic and severe pain and alleviates stress, depression, and anxiety symptoms.

3.   Which brands manufacture the best HHC cigarettes? 

Exhale Wellness and Hemp Living USA are the top brands when it comes to HHC cigarettes. Plus, they’ve created user-friendly websites, allowing one to choose an item and place an order quickly. 

Conclusion – Best HHC Vape Cartridges Online

This piece examined various strains of the best HHC cigarettes available right now. Both OG Kush and Alto Heights Blueberry offer a pleasant smoking experience and can assist the user in more than one way. We thoroughly evaluated these products from several aspects. This included summarizing the customers’ reviews and reliable open sources. Aside from that, we devoted extra attention to the safety of these products. Hence, we cross-checked the ads against the independent lab tests results.   

Another advantage of HHC cigarettes is that they are undetectable during drug tests. However, this isn’t a green light for anyone to exploit. Instead, its’ best to consume in moderation. Find a decent pace and put your well-being in the first place. In that way, you’ll get to savor the immediate effects and also upkeep your mental health. 

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