Best HHC Carts of 2022: Top 4 HHC Brands To Buy Vape Cartridges

An HHC cart is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in trace levels in pollen and seeds. However, by hydrogenating delta-9 THC, HHC can be obtained in the lab.

HHC carts are highly concentrated in hexahydrocannabinol, and when combined with other chemicals, the experience is highly elevated. It is tobacco-free, odorless, and gives pure bliss. HHC, just like THC, is psychoactive and produces bliss when ingested.

We have prepared an informative review to help you enjoy this product to the fullest.

Top 4 Picks For Best HHC Carts:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best HHC Vapes On The Market, Editor’s Choice
  2. Delta Extrax – Highly Potent HHC Vape Cartridges      
  3. Hollyweed CBD – Premium Vape Carts To Buy Online
  4. Diamond CBD: Most Popular For HHC Cannabinoid Products

#1. Exhale Wellness– Overall Best HHC Vapes On The Market, Editor’s Choice

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Exhale Wellness acknowledges your desire for a CBD product of the highest quality with euphoric effects. For this reason, the brand created an exceptional line of HHC goods.

The company’s distinctive and successful goods are created through green manufacturing. Because of the company’s mission, many people now believe in the ability of nature to provide products that are both healthy and fulfilling.  


Exhale Wellness’ HHC Carts are unique commodities that contain pure HHC distillate. The brand uses a technique for extracting, which maintains the contents of the substance using a low-temperature and high-pressure environment. This technique is the safest way to extract cannabinoids from hemp plants because there are no solvents. Additionally, Exhale Wellness HHC carts are a perfect combination of HHC distillate and natural terpenes which make you enjoy a well-balanced blissful high.

The HHC Carts are 1ml, free of VG, PG, and MCT oils, and are available in three flavors: Pineapple Express, Sour Candy, and Purple Space. 

Exhale Wellness follows one of the most stringent manufacturing techniques available to ensure that the completed product is devoid of heavy metals, pesticides, and other pollutants. Rigorous laboratory testing confirms the Exhale Wellness HHC vape cartridges’ quality to be top-notch. 


  •  Variety of flavors
  • Third-party lab testing
  •  Cruelty-free
  •  95 percent THC and 5% terpenes
  •  30 days refund policy


  • No reviews available yet

Customer Reviews

The HHC carts have elicited little feedback to date. However, the company has an outstanding track record of authentic user feedback. Nothing objectionable, but positive reviews drew our attention to the company’s site, from the blends and flavors to the customer service. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. DeltaExtrax – Highly Potent HHC Vape Cartridges


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Delta Extrax is a brand name synonymous with the alternative cannabinoid business. The brand’s product selection includes the newly launched HHC, the famous delta-8 and 10, and THC-0.

Delta Extrax is unquestionably the most incredible option for a well-known hemp industry specializing in unique and alternative cannabis-based products. This firm pioneered the production of delta-8 and 10 products, and the manufacturing of HHC goods has followed a similar trajectory. 

Delta Extrax HHC carts are the only method to obtain the delicious and numerous beneficial properties of HHC Carts. 


Delta Extrax Hydro vape cartridges include a high concentration of 93 percent THC and seven percent terpenes, which soothe the nerves. In addition, these HHC carts contain a superior HHC extract derived from natural hemp.

The primary selling point of the HHC carts is their availability in several strains, for example, Sativa, which has a sweet, piney, and acidic citrus flavor, and Indica has a blend of banana and strawberry flavor.

The brand extracts HHC using the most environmentally safe ways possible. Delta Extrax tests its finished product and provides its third-party laboratory findings for the essential components it employs, making Delta Extrax one of the most accessible brands.


  • COA available on the site
  • Good reputation
  • Diverse flavors
  • Three strains
  • 93 percent HHC and 7% terpenes
  • Excellent customer service
  • Discounts regularly


  • No free shipping
  • Only ships to areas where delta-8 is legally permitted 

Customer Reviews

We were impressed with how the HHC Carts prompted verified consumers to write in-depth reviews. According to consumer feedback, the Delta Extrax HHC carts are monstrous hits with out-of-this-world potency. Additionally, buyers rave about how these exquisite strains elevate one’s mood and creativity.

The $6.29 flat shipping price is unsatisfactory to buyers; however, buying in bulk reduces the need to pay delivery for each purchase.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Delta Extrax

#3.HollyweedCBD– Premium Vape Carts To Buy Online

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Hollyweed CBD is a well-established brand with a favorable reputation among cannabis consumers. The company sources hemp from farmers in Colorado and isolates cannabinoids via CO2 extraction. The laboratory tests for residual solvents, cannabis potency, and potency.

Hollyweed CBD offers a diverse range of CBD and THC products, as well as the newly launched HHC brand. The company also provides access to laboratory reports on its website.


Hollyweed CBD HHC vape cartridges come in three flavors: Candy Skies, Venice Haze, and Tropical Express. These carts are composed of well-balanced HHC distillate and naturally occurring terpenes. As a result, when you vape Hollyweed CBD’s HHC carts, you’ll experience sweet and tropical thrills from a variety of fruit tastes.

The HHC carts contain less than 0.3 percent THC and are therefore legal in states that have legalized cannabis. Before commercialization, Hollyweed CBD was subjected to thorough laboratory testing by third-party laboratories, and proof of these tests is available on the company’s official website. Additionally, the brand does not use artificial flavors, propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin in vape juice. Vaping Hollyweed CBD HHC cartridges results in inhaling pure HHC.


  • Three distinct strains
  • Cartridges with a high concentration of HHC
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Third-party certified for quality
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping


  • No customer reviews yet

Customer Reviews

The Hollyweed CBD HHC carts have received few reviews, resulting from the products’ current availability. On the other hand, the brand has earned favorable reviews on Trustpilot from satisfied customers.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed

#4 Diamond CBD – Natural Hemp-Derived HHC Cart on Sale

Our fourth pick is Diamond CBD, and the company’s main objective is to manufacture a wide range of hemp extracts with high quality, unique capabilities, and a diversified profile of cannabis.

Diamond CBD is one of the world’s most well-known CBD and THC firms, with a wide range of product lines, including HHC vape cartridges, drinks, edibles, capsules, and more. So, whatever you are looking for, they will almost certainly have it.

The main goal of this company is to research and create cutting-edge hemp products and make them available to people all over the world. Before deciding on this outstanding company, you should be aware that HHC vapes from this brand have changed many people’s lives across the United States. Now, it is your turn to experience the true effects and appreciate these HHC vape cartridges.


  • Their HHC carts are available in many different strains such as Maui Wowie, Apple Fritter, Grape Ape, Skywalker OG, and more. 
  • Each cartridge contains 900mg of hexahydrocannabinol. 
  • Each cart contains 1ml of pure HHC distillate and less than 0.3% THC. 
  • There are no toxic ingredients or hazardous solvents present.
  • Their carts are tested by a third-party lab.
  • The lab test reports are exposed on their website for everyone to view.


  • Variety of strains
  • Affordable 
  • Free, two-day delivery for orders over $100
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Third-party lab tested


  • No separate description on the website about products 

Customer Feedback

According to online reviews, customers seem to like this naturally produced HHC vape cart. It is inspiring to learn that the Artisan HHC carts have helped a number of individuals feel more calm and relaxed.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Diamond CBD

How Did We Choose These Best HHC Vape Cartridges:

It takes a considerable amount of time to conduct research and produce novel cannabis products. Additionally, determining the specific effects on the flavor, resin formation, and psychological impacts requires significant time and effort. 

As a consequence of our study, we’ve produced a high-quality and delectable list of HHC carts that feature a revolutionary HHC mix.

To begin, we devised a criterion for ranking each popular HHC cart. Throughout our assessment, we investigated the following standards: 

  • Potency

Many clients prefer HHC carts because of their well-documented health advantages. However, their efficacy takes precedence over everything else in this attribute. As a result, we centered on how these objects work in practice before selecting a location for them. A high-quality HHC cartridge should provide consistent relaxing effects and have a pleasant smell and the effects should be long-lasting rather than transient.

  • Brand Reputation

Due to the unique appearance of HHC items in the cannabis market, an increasing number of brands are developing HHC products. It was challenging to narrow down the list of brands experimenting with this cannabinoid. For this reason, we only selected established companies with a solid reputation.

  • Customer Service Procedures         

Many cannabis businesses do not deliver excellent customer service to earn their customers’ trust and that is why we chose to work with businesses that gave a money-back guarantee on their products.

  • Customer Reaction

We looked at the consumer’s review of the brand after extensive research. We observed during our research that HHC products lack sufficient reviews to rely on. As a result, we investigated the brand’s general concepts for delta-8 and 9 and other product lines. We listed only brands that had no negative feedback on our list.

  • Laboratory Testing By a Third Party

Numerous firms’ testing of herbal goods have been hampered by scandal and dishonesty. As a result, our experienced team verified the third-party testing results conducted on each of the brands on our list. This aided in developing our grading system’s quality and safety requirements. 

  • Extraction Methods       

The process by which cannabinoids are extracted from the hemp plant differs by brand, and HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found at minute levels in cannabis.

Consequently, laboratories generate it and blend it with other strains. As a result of our search for the greatest HHC vapes, we researched the cannabis industry’s extraction procedures.

  • Strain

Businesses frequently break new ground and provide a new strain that delivers a unique experience to gratify their fans. As a result, they are able to find new favorites as well as reach a larger audience. We took this into account before including the HHC carts, which come in a variety of styles.                                            

Factors to Look Out for When You Buy HHC Vape Carts

You are entitled to additional benefits from HHC. However, exploring the websites of many firms and merchants with the hope of acquiring new information is another way to locate these great products. We’ve highlighted numerous variables to consider when buying an HHC cart.

  • Cartridge Type

Cartridges are readily accessible in the market nowadays, both disposable and non-disposable. A few online sellers sell cartridges that are device-specific. As a result, you’ll want to double-check your selections first, as this will assist you in narrowing down your search for the most suitable retailer. 

  • HHC/CBD Ratio

For instance, HHC carts with an HHC/CBD ratio of 20:1 will provide psychoactive instead of relaxing effects. It’s also worth noting that HHC carts have increased levels of weak cannabinoids. 

  •  Dosage and Strength

The quantity of HHC that will be consumed is referred to as “dosage while the amount of potency in a HHC Cart is referred to as “strength.” One manufacturer, for example, sells 900mg HHC carts whereas another sells 1g. Ensure you always put into consideration your current level of tolerance before choosing your HHC cart.

Vapes heat oils at varying speeds due to its wide range of voltages. Additionally, a number of factors also influence dosages, such as purpose, tolerance, and strain.  For this reason, it’s critical to inquire about these concerns before you start vaping.                

  • Terpenes

Vaping terpene is a lovely and fun way to obtain cannabinoids. To maximize your experience, mix your favorite cannabis with a terpene profile comparable to yours, giving in a balanced and robust vaping experience.

  • Manufacturing Techniques

As vaping’s popularity grows and consumers become picky in their search for safe, dependable, and quality products, some shady companies have begun packaging their products using misleading marketing techniques. 

Whether experienced or new, no vaper wants to purchase e-liquid that includes harmful ingredients. As a result, you must ensure that the cannabis brand uses eco-friendly production processes to produce pure and safe HHC carts.

  • Certificate Of Analysis

Numerous companies that produce and sell hemp oils have their purity questioned. The bulk of HHC carts on the market have not been subjected to independent laboratory testing to ensure quality. 

Companies assert that their goods are developed in consultation with physicians to treat specific health concerns. However, it is unknown how they get perceptual effects. As such, you must check that the product is safe, pure, and assessed by licensed pharmacists.

Always check the company’s website for Certificates of Analysis to verify the quality of a HHC product. If the company is candid about its processes, third-party laboratory reports will be made publicly available on its website.

If the company does not have the Certificate of Analysis, this raises concerns over the ingredients that they use. You should avoid purchasing discounted HHC products.

 FAQs About HHC & HHC Vape Carts: 

  1. What is HHC, and how can I find the greatest HHC vapes?

HHC is a THC-like molecule that binds to endocannabinoid receptors, which are the receptors that cause euphoria. It is already being used to treat nausea, loss of appetite, muscle discomfort, and other symptoms.

HHC, also known as hexahydrocannabinol, has a limited amount of information available right now. This hydrogenated form of THC is available in several isomers. HHC is essentially identical to THC in terms of chemistry and structure, except that it contains two additional hydrogen atoms.

      2.  How long do cannabinoids with a high concentration last? 

HHC produces the same high as delta-8 or THC chemicals. Vape juices containing HHC have a duration of between two and three hours, while tincture oils (taken sublingually) have a duration of around an hour longer. 

HHC edibles have a half-life of up to eight hours, significantly longer when ingested on an empty stomach. Although it is uncertain whether the body develops tolerance to HHC, given that it operates on the same CB1 receptor as delta-8 and THC, it is reasonable to assume that it does.

     3.  What are the benefits of using HHC cartridges? 

The best feature of HHC vapes is that they can provide instant relief from pain and muscle spasms. This is accomplished by forging a strong link with the body’s endocannabinoid system, promoting sensations of calm, relaxation, and pleasure.

 There are several benefits to using HHC vapes, and if you purchase HHC vapes online, you should be aware of some of the most major ones.

If you’re undoubtedly wondering whether HHC vapes are legal in the United States, fortunately, practically every state in the United States of America has legalized it.

HHC is the consequence of a chemical reaction between two cannabinoids that have been identified.

Since this phrase encompasses both psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabinoids, it is not primarily connected with inducing euphoria, which is why many cannabinoid drugs and supplements are illegal. Currently, HHC derived from hemp products is deemed legal, and Herbz Depot will assist you with shipping and labeling to most states.

    5.  What is the distinction between THC and HHC?

While the structures of HHC and THC are identical, THC has a double bond on the ring’s upper side while HHC does not. This is a result of the hydrogenation process employed to convert THC to HHC.                                       

HHC is more stable than THC over time because of the absence of a double bond. HHC, on the other hand, is only around 80% as potent as THC. In general, these cannabinoids are substantially identical. 

    6.  What are the benefits of purchasing HHC vaporizer cartridges?

A minimalist HHC cart with a single button would be simple to operate and would require a minute or no experience at all. Due to its small size, you may conceal it in your bag or pockets without drawing notice. You can also use HHC quietly while experimenting with the wide variety of strains available without generating any raw aromas or apparent smoke clouds.

       7.  What are the advantages of using HHC vape cartridges?

The advantage of HHC vapes is that they may provide instant relief from pain and muscular spasms. This is accomplished by a strong relationship with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which promotes serenity, relaxation, and pleasure.

       8.  Is it feasible that HHC might result in you failing a drug test?

You’ll be happy to discover that HHC is undetectable on any drug testing, such as blood or urine tests. By contrast, THC replacements such as delta-8 and ten commonly result in a positive drug test.

The presence of HHC in a drug test, on the other hand, remains debatable. There is some unsubstantiated evidence that HHC doesn’t convert to 11-hydroxy-THC in the body, the primary metabolite found during drug testing.

      9.  How should HHC Carts be used?

The first step is to fully charge the battery. Use a screwdriver to secure the HHC cart to the battery. Power the switch before inhaling. Take a dry puff as you gently blow away from the vaporizer without lighting it. After that, store the HHC cart in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight.

Conclusion: Best HHC Vape Cartridges To Buy

Cannabis continues to be a source of contention. However, that is about to change. When a market grows and becomes saturated, numerous moving forces become involved. That is where understanding of HHC is advantageous. The CSA requires that all CBD products include less than 0.3 percent THC. 

Numerous marijuana products fall short of the quality, accessibility, and diversity standards. As a result of our thorough research, we’ve compiled a list of the top four HHC carts. We believe that our information assists you in making the best possible option. All the best.

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