Best Hemp Protein : Reviews Of The Top Hemp Protein Powders Online

The supplement market has reached a point of saturation as it is getting flooded with so many different types of protein products. With the influx of options, customers are becoming more conscious of the type of protein they intake. One realization they are coming to is that a lot of the whey protein powder products on the market are full of dubious ingredients. The best alternatives they can turn to are natural and/or organic plant-based protein powders. Among plant-based protein powders, hemp protein is king. Hemp protein is derived from hemp seeds, and offers the highest vegan source of simple protein available. As the Supplemental Label below shows, hemp products’ protein per serving averages from 14-15 g. Hemp protein is a great way to increase your daily protein intake, especially for those who are lactose intolerant or have difficulty digesting whey protein.

Hemp Protein Powder Nutrition Label
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Typical nutritional facts of Hemp Protein

Even the hemp protein market is getting flooded with various brands claiming they offer the best quality or value. It’s quite difficult for a customer to compare the different products to see which one offers the highest amount of protein or the lowest price. We have researched and compiled a list of all reputable hemp protein brands to help you get the best value in your next hemp protein purchase. Follow the steps below to figure out which protein product you should purchase next:

Hemp Protein Powder Products Chart

ProductOriginProtein/Serving Other Flavors? Price/lbReviews
Manitoba HempPro FibreCanada11gNo$9-$144.1/5.0 (1100+ reviews)
Bob's Red MillCanada14gNo$9.494.2/5.0 (52 reviews)
Manitoba HempPro 50Canada15gChocolate$9-$124.1/5.0 (1100+ reviews)
Nature's Way Hemp & FiberCanada11gNo$12.393.9/5.0 (120 reviews)
Nutiva Hemp Hi FiberCanada11gNo$12.674.1/5.0 (3000+ reviews)
Nutiva Organic Hemp ProteinCanada15gNo$13.164.1/5.0 (3000+ reviews)
Manitoba HempPro 70Canada20gChocolate$154.1/5.0 (1100+ reviews)
Navitas Naturals Raw Hemp ProteinCanada12gNo$15.574.4/5.0 (223 reviews)
Onnit Hemp ForceCanada16gChoco-Maca
$45.533.7/5.0 (105 reviews)
Lean HempCanada20gChocolate Maca
Peanut Butter Maca
$67.934.9/5.0 (14 reviews)

*Prices listed in range if brands sell products in different sizes

Top Recommendations by Criteria

Lean Hemp Protein offers the most protein per serving
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With 20g of protein per serving, Lean Hemp offers the highest amount of protein among products on the market. If you’re hesitant on spending a lot of money on protein, they also offer single serve pouches in 3 different flavors for you to try

Onnit Powerfood Active is the best tasting hemp protein
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Onnit is more than just a supplement company. They are a complete fitness brand that works with the highest performing athletes. They’ve done their research to make their hemp protein actually taste good – oh, and it was endorsed by Joe Rogan

Nutiva Hemp Protein has the best online customer reviews
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With a total combination of 3500+ reviews on their Organic Hemp Protein and Hi Fiber Hemp Protein, Nutiva’s hemp products have the most online customer reviews. If you’re skeptical about trying out hemp protein for the first time, go check out some of the raving reviews.

Manitoba Harvest HempPro hemp protein is the best overall value hemp protein on the market
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With three different hemp protein options to choose from at different price points (HempPro Fibre, HempPro 50, HempPro 70), the hemp protein with the best overall value is the Manitoba HempPro Series. With over 1100 total reviews, it’s easy for customers to trust the quality of the product. Our research has also shown that Manitoba Harvest offers top quality products, as they are the only hemp brand that grows, makes, and sells their own hemp.

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