Best Hemp Clothing: Reviews Of Best Affordable Hemp Clothing Brands

We’ve reviewed the top hemp clothing brands available on the market. All of these brands offer great sustainable clothing options. But what are the differences among each brand and which one is right one for you? Our review breaks down the brands and their offerings into more specific criteria to help you make your purchase decision. Are you looking for simple hemp t-shirts? Or are you looking for outdoor clothing? Do you value price? Our reviews can help you make your final purchase decision.

Follow the steps below to figure out the best hemp clothing brand you should purchase next:

  • Decide on the type of clothing that you are most interested in – We have reviewed hemp apparel brands that offer a variety of different types of clothing, such as comfortable t-shirts, fight gear, to fashion wear. Make sure to decide what type of hemp gear you’re looking for before deciding on the brand. Scroll through our Category List to find the type of apparel you are most interested in.
  • Go through our comparison chart to see what matters most to you – We’ve reviewed each brand by the amount of hemp they use in their clothing, the quality of ingredients they use, price point of their products, and overall reviews from customers. This should help you decide which brand is the best fit for what you’re looking for. Would you pay more for a higher hemp mix? Make sure you know what you’re paying for.
  • Review our top recommendations for each apparel category – To make it easier for you, we’ve also picked our top choice for each apparel category. We know that it might get annoying trying to compare differences among the brands, so we’ve personally tested out the products to recommend which ones you’d like most. Get your new hemp apparel today and get ready for the best piece of clothing you’ve ever owned!


List of apparel categories that we reviewed

  • T-Shirts
  • Fashion Wear
  • Pants/Jeans
  • Hoodies / Jackets
  • Fightgear
  • Outdoor Clothing

Full Review of Hemp Apparel Brands

Type of ApparelBrandHemp Mix Variety of Design Options Price Ratings
ShirtsHempy's60% Hemp / 40% Organic CottonLow$$A-
ShirtsJungmaven100% HempMedium$$$B+
ShirtsOnno55% Hemp / 45% Organic CottonLow$$A-
ShirtsSuperego Clothiers60% Hemp / 40% Organic CottonLow$A
Active WearDatsusara30%-100% hemp depending on productLow$$-$$$A
Fashion WearHoodlamb45-55% Hemp depending on productHigh$$-$$$A+
Outdoor ClothingPatagonia55% Hemp / 45% Organic CottonMedium$$$A
AllRawganique100% HempHigh$$$B-

Ministry of Hemp’s Top Recommendations by category

To make it easier for you, we’ve picked the top choice for each apparel category

    • Top Choice for Hemp Shirts: SuperEgo Clothiers

With the slogan “Cut From A Different Cloth”(CFADC), SuperEgo offers quality, affordable clothing so you can promote a more sustainable lifestyle through their t-shirts. They offer plain hemp shirts that are 60% hemp / 40% organic cotton in a variety of different colors. They also offer a couple signature designs that showcase their #CFADC movement. Their shirts start at $20 with the signature design shirts going up to $32.

    • Top Choice for Hemp Fashion Wear: Datsusara

“Datsusara” (Dot-sue-sah-rah) was started when its founder couldn’t find gear that met his functional needs or addressed his environmental concerns. Following his vision, he create a line of high quality, functional gear made with hemp textiles. Datsusara offers apparel ranging from active shorts, athletic hoodies, to combat gis (used in mixed martial arts). Datsusara’s products are reasonable with prices widely ranging from $25-$200.

    • Top Choice for Hemp Active Wear: Hoodlamb

Lot of hemp apparel get a bad name for having poor design and fashion sense. Hoodlamb is the leading brand that’s working to change that perception. They offer stylish hoodies and jackets that you could wear out with your friends. Their products are a bit pricier, in the range of $80-$100.

    • Top Choice for Hemp Outdoors Clothing: Patagonia

Already established as a brand that promotes sustainable outdoor clothing, Patagonia is a strong supporter of hemp as well. They have a variety of shorts and tops that bring out the lightweight and airy qualities of hemp. Patagonia is typically a bit pricier, with their products ranging from $60-$80

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