3 Best Delta 8 THC Pre-Rolls Of 2022 : Top D8 Joints Review

If you are thinking of using hemp products, there are many products to choose from. According to the trends, new consumers in the CBD industry prefer using delta-8 pre-rolls. The main reason for this choice is convenience. It takes skill to roll a joint.

You don’t need to go through all that stress when you can order delta-8 pre-rolls from reputable brands. However, finding the best brands selling pre-rolls on the market can be challenging. There are too many of these brands now because the CBD market is booming. 

The hack to finding the best delta-8 pre-roll brand is following the reviews. We have reviewed the top brands you can order pre-rolls from conveniently.

New users prefer pre-rolls for many other reasons. Second to the convenience is the mildness. The pre-rolls are not as intoxicating as many other CBD products. That makes the pre-rolls one of the products new users can take while blending into the CBD community.

With their perfectly formulated structure of top-tier ingredients, the delta-8 pre-rolls have become the new norm. To start on the right foot, you need the purest and highest quality pre-rolls that are also totally safe for human consumption. This article lists the three best pre-rolls from leading delta-8 brands.

Our Top 3 Picks For Best Delta 8 Pre-Rolls:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Pre Rolls To Buy, Top Pick
  2. HollyweedCBD – Highly Potent Delta 8 Carts For Strongest Vaping
  3. Plain Jane – Top-Rated Delta 8 Brand For Weed Carts

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Pre Rolls To Buy, Top Pick

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Exhale Wellness is one of the leading brands selling top-quality delta-8 pre-rolls. The company’s main goal is to educate people about hemp products. They also offer users an alternative to enjoy hemp without becoming too high. Furthermore, they have developed some of the most wholesome, enjoyable, and highly beneficial cannabinoid-infused products on the market. 

Moreover, the experts who manage this brand have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing hemp-infused products. Its products are professionally and safely crafted to ensure all users get the desired effects. 

Exhale Wellness has taken the lead ahead of numerous competitive brands with its high-quality products. They achieved this by offering pure and organic hemp products. We observed that at Exhale Wellness, their priority is customer safety and satisfaction. So many customers are praising their product’s unique and excellent features. Their products are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients sourced from reputable vendors. Also, they provide third-party lab test reports to allow their customers to confirm the ingredients used to make their pre-rolls and their quality.

We searched various review websites and found out that 99% of Exhale Wellness’s customers are extremely happy and satisfied with their customer service. This is a good sign because new customers can start their delta-8 experience without a hassle. Also, the company allows its customers to return products if they are not satisfied with the effects. You can also find usage recommendations on the product packaging, which is a great feature to guide new users on how many rolls to use at a time. 


Exhale Wellness ensures its products are the most reliable and safe to use. They maintain high-standard protocols during quality assurance checks. The flowers used in their pre-rolls are grown in the U.S., according to the regulations for cannabis cultivation. We also confirmed that the farmers don’t use harmful chemicals or chemical fertilizers. Therefore, cultivating under strict rules and regulations, the hemp they grow is 100% pure, organic, healthy, and safe for you.

Exhale Wellness stands out among other competitors because they offer a wide variety of strains to choose from. These strains include northern lights, zkittles, cookies, lifter, Hawaiian haze, space cady, etc. 

In addition, they make their pre-rolls easily accessible by upscaling production when necessary to meet demand. All you have to do is light up the roll and enjoy convenient smoking with these pre-rolls. 

What makes Exhale Wellness the top brand is its concern for its customer’s well-being, safety, and satisfaction. To this end, the company follows the constructive feedback from its customers, making sure their product remains the public’s favorite. 

Furthermore, they also offer their pre-rolls in solid waterproof packs, providing customers premium quality pre-rolls that won’t be damaged during transit. 

The company is always open to answering your questions about their pre-rolls. They have a customer support team ready to start a live chat with you. We think this is a good move because new users may have countless questions about using delta-8 pre-rolls. 


  • 30-days return policy 
  • Enjoy frequent Discounts 
  • Free shipping 
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Available in numerous strains 


  • Available only online 

Customer Reviews 

The best thing that we observed in the customer reviews is that these pre-rolls are highly effective and packed with intense flavors that the users like. Many customers shared their pleasant experiences after smoking these pre-rolls, and they say it has become their favorite brand. According to their experiences, apart from smoking, these rolls also feel like eating a cookie or candy. In addition, we also noted that many customers claim that these joints last much longer than other brands during a smoke.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness for the Best Discount

#2. Hollyweed CBD – Highly Potent Delta 8 Carts For Strongest Vaping

Hollyweed CBD is fast becoming an old and dependable name in the industry. The company is controlled by highly experienced intellectuals who understand the business. With over decades of experience in the medical cannabinoid market, the manufacturers aim to produce a product that is both effective and safe to use. Hollyweed CBD strives to develop and sell delta-8 pre-rolls to help you achieve mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.  

Although pre-rolls are among their recent addition to the product line, Hollyweed company has wasted no time to make the product one of the best sellers in the market. It has outdone many more prominent brands on the CBD market. 

They also invest in P.R. to enlighten their audience about the benefits of using delta-8. The brand is often featured in renowned news publications such as The Times, Reuters, and Vanity Fair. 

Hollyweed CBD has focused its business on manufacturing various CBD and delta-8 products. Their product catalog includes flowers, pre-rolls, carts, gummies, tinctures, soft gels, edibles, cigarettes, and disposable vape pens. 

Their pre-rolls offer you the luxury of having a quick smoke while on the move. The contents in these pre-rolls are 100% pure, organic, and vegan. Also, the flowers used in these pre-rolls are grown on farms that prioritize quality and leave no exception in their farming techniques. If you want to know more about their product and the ingredients they use, you can always visit their official website and view third-party lab reports which confirm the quality of Hollyweed’s pre-rolls

In addition, the brand gives back to its customers. New users may get a discount on their first purchases. Over time all users get discounts as appreciation for their patronage. The brand also grows an online community by encouraging customers to join their email lists. They offer answers to questions and promote the safe use of their pre-rolls while creating a channel for anyone to express themselves freely. However, the brand frowns at underage usage, which it seriously fights online.


Hollyweed CBD uses legally grown organic non-GMO flowers to make its pre-rolls. The flower is produced in the U.S., and it comes from certified farms located in Oregon and Colorado. Once the strain is ready, the materials undergo CO2 extraction, which experts in the industry highly recommend. 

After that, they examine the flower to determine the cannabinoid content. Subsequently, they perform various procedures to ascertain size and form, flower-to-stem ratio, and terpene profile. This is how the brand makes sure they only use the best hemp flower in their products. 

Their third-party lab tests are the most evident proof of their overall transparency about the pre-rolls they sell. These tests confirm that it is safe to use and healthy since the flower is cultivated in a non-toxic and harmless environment. In addition, their pre-rolls comply with the Federal Farm Bill. The bill specifies the cannabis strains to be sold under federal and state rules and regulations. 

User convenience is yet another hallmark of the Hollyweed CBD. Customers can enjoy a flat 25% discount on their orders if they get a regular delivery subscription. In addition, they do not demand a shipping fee regardless of the value of your order. The customer-friendly brand also allows returns if you order and change your mind for any reason. That said, the order must be returned within 30-days of delivery. 


  • U.S. grown hemp flower
  • Organic raw materials
  • Discounts on purchases
  • Vegan pre-rolls
  • 30-days money-back guarantee 
  • Free shipping 
  • Affordable 


  • Only a few flavors 

Customer Reviews 

Customers claim that if you want to get a pleasant high sensation with a quick smoke prepared without hassle, go for Hollyweed CBD pre-rolls. Many reviews indicate the product packaging is perfect. Another common thing mentioned in customer reviews is how they love this brand for its transparency and straightforward approach. Moreover, customers also love its customer-friendly shipping and return policy. They consistently receive their orders without any issues. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD for the Best Discount

#3. Plain Jane – Top-Rated Delta 8 Brand For Weed Carts

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Are you searching for a more budget-friendly solution for your delta-8 cravings? Check out the Plain Jane delta-8 pre-rolls. This rising brand sells top-tier CBD and delta-8 products. They maintain excellent quality through a secured production process and thorough inspection of all products before shipping. Furthermore, the pre-rolled joints are made from highly potent hemp flowers with long-lasting effects. 

The Delta 8 flower contains THC and CBD in the right proportions, offering the best smoking experience. In addition, the rolling paper used to make these rolls are 100% organic and vegan. Moreover, the pre-rolls don’t contain artificial flavors or harmful additives. Pre-rolls from Plain Jane have a nutty, sweet taste, and the flavors include pine nuts, chamomile, and citrus. Furthermore, these premium quality pre-rolls will give you a mild sensation with a soothing feeling. 

When it comes to manufacturing pre-rolled joints, the Plain Jane company has worked out of the box and came up with two unique variants. 

Plain Jane’s pre-rolled products contain less than 0.3% of THC, making them legal and safe to use in the U.S. Furthermore, they also provide test reports from third-party labs so that you can check the quality of their products on the brand’s official website. 


Pre-rolled joints from Plane Jane are highly potent, and their effects last for a long time. They are the perfect pre roll blend for new and old users since the THC content is less than 0.3%. In addition to that, the other ingredients are purely organic and vegan. Using quality ingredients and perfectly formulated hemp has made this brand’s pre-rolls among the top-rated in the industry.

Also, another product feature that makes Plane Jane’s pre-rolls stand out among other giants in the hemp industry is the tasty flavor. Although they don’t come in many flavors, the customers love their flavors. Pre-rolls from Plain Jane have a nutty, sweet taste, and the flavors include pine nuts, chamomile, and citrus.

In addition to their top-tier pre-rolled joints, they also offer premium delta-8 cigarettes and blunts. The cigarettes are available in packs of 20 cigarettes and blunt in packs of 10. Also, this brand provides usage guidance for new users who may want to try delta-8 pre-rolls for the first time.

Plain Jane charges no fee on orders over $30. Moreover, there is no money-back guarantee on orders. That said, you might get a refund on opened packages. The company also offers shipping insurance, so if you get a broken or damaged product, you can always return it.


  • Highly potent and lasts longer 
  • Super tasty 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Package includes a filter 
  • Organic and vegan 


  • Available in one flavor only 

Customer Reviews 

According to Plain Jane’s pre-roll customer reviews, these joints are super-tasty and have long-lasting effects. Customers love these pre-rolls for their long-lasting calming and relaxing effects. Moreover, customers also comment that these are among the most affordable pre-rolls on the market. There are also comments pouring accolades on the customer service team, describing them as professional and responsive.

How We Made the List Of Top Delta 8 Brands For Vape Pen

Although many delta-8 pre-roll brands are thriving in the hemp market, every industry has its top brands. These are brands you can rely on because they are consistent. While finding the best delta-8 pre-rolls brands online, our experts assessed numerous companies. Once we created a long list of the current brands, we started screening and removing names of companies that lacked certain features, and only three of those brands passed our strict selection process. We can say that these brands are the best and most popular pre-roll sellers. Here is what we considered while shortlisting the top pre-roll brands. 

Source of Raw Materials 

We looked for brands that only used the flower buds of hemp plants they sourced from reputable farms. These farms are strictly regulated, ensuring they cultivate the highest quality hemp flower. Furthermore, none of these pre-rolls contain marijuana or other ingredients that make them illegal in some states. 

Product Purity 

The best pre-rolls are made from the purest form of hemp, and so we assessed each brand’s products to determine the level of purity. Furthermore, we understand that the hemp flowers are also infused with distillates of delta-8 THC. Since no solvents remain in the final product, the pre-rolls are the highest quality and the purest form. We used this knowledge to select the best brands for you. 


We only looked for brands that sold potent products with long-lasting effects. In addition, we also ensured that these products had the right proportion of hemp. We also checked their reviews to see if customers mentioned they felt a calming, relaxing, and soothing high sensation after using the delta-8 pre-rolls. Also, we checked whether brands sold pre-rolls with less than 0.3% THC, which is considered legal in the U.S. 

Third-Party Lab Testing 

The best way to make sure a brand’s pre-rolls don’t contain harmful ingredients is by looking at their third-party lab certificates. The reputable brands have verified their pre-rolls by allowing tests in third-party labs. Since third-party lab testing is unbiased, their reports are the authentic proof of the pre-rolls quality, safety, and effectiveness. We removed brands that did not publish third-party lab reports on their sites.

Brand Reputation 

The best way to verify a brand’s reputation is by checking what their customers and others say online. We read the reviews for each brand and removed companies that sold low-quality products according to customer reviews. We also screened out brands with poor customer service and others that had breached their agreement with clients by failing to ship orders on time. We looked for brands that had a massive number of customers. We also selected brands that used consumer-focused marketing methods instead of focusing on profits only. 

Brand’s Official Website 

Most people prefer to buy pre-rolls online; therefore, having an excellent website is essential. We looked for brands that have a user-friendly website. We also chose brands that have implemented a seamless process through which their customers can make payments without stress. 

Product Prices 

We observed that some companies sell their pre-rolls at outrageous prices. This is not fair to new and older users. Therefore, we made proper pricing criteria to choose the best delta-8 pre roll brands. All the names on our final list sell their products at fair rates. 

Buyer’s Guide For Beginners: How To Buy The Best Delta-8 Pre-Rolls?

Although we see a tsunami of brands claiming their products are the best, not all of them are reliable. Hemp flower is highly effective when the makers have followed the best procedures to process the flower. Cutting corners during the manufacturing process only yields low-quality pre-rolls. 

To ensure you don’t end up being scammed by fraudulent brands, we recommend you buy from the brands on our top list. Overall, we have written this buyer’s guide to help you identify good products on the market. Never be in a hurry to buy from random sellers. Using the best pre-rolls is worth the experience. So, ensure you buy from the best source. 

Hemp source 

You should check the brand’s site to know where they source their hemp flowers. The best source in the U.S. is Colorado, Nevada, and a few other locations. We believe brands that trust their sources will prominently feature these farms on their site. Please avoid any brand that is not transparent about its source of hemp flower.

Pure and Organic Ingredients 

In addition to the high-quality hemp, make sure all the other ingredients used in your pre-rolls are organic and natural. Furthermore, they should contain premium quality cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Also, ensure that your pre-rolls don’t contain substances you are allergic to. The pre-rolls you choose must be free from allergens, nicotine, artificial additives, or tobacco.

If you are vegan, you have to ensure your pre-rolls don’t contain gelatin and other substances derived from animals. The top brands’ products are all made of organic and pure ingredients, and they are suitable for vegans. 

User Satisfaction 

pre-rolls are a waste of money if they don’t provide the soothing and relaxation you want after smoking them. That said, you also don’t want to get super high from intoxicating pre-rolls with a high percentage of THC. Therefore, always make sure the joints you are going for can help you experience a soothing high. In addition, also ensure THC content in the pre-rolls is lower than 0.3%. Hemp products with THC greater than 0.3% are illegal in the U.S. 

Proof of Third-Party Testing 

Product testing done by third-party labs is unbiased, which makes them trustworthy. Such reports are authentic proof of a product’s quality, effectiveness, and safety. A legitimate brand will always provide third-party lab testing certificates. Check their official website for third-party lab reports when looking for a pre-roll brand. Please avoid brands that do not visibly display this report on their site. 

Customer Service

At any time, you may need the support of professional customer service staff. So, it is best to buy from brands that have a dedicated helpline or customer help desk. Even better, patronize brands that have a live chat feature on their site. This allows you to get help quickly. 

Product Packaging 

Most brands offer a 30-days return if you change your mind for some reason or get a broken product. However, this can be time-wasting, especially if you have run out of your pre-rolls. To ensure you don’t get a damaged product, use brands that invest in secure packaging for their products. 

Shipping and Return Policy 

Always go through the shipping and return policy of the delta-8 pre-roll brand you choose. Make sure the brand delivers its product to your doorstep. Furthermore, it should also have a customer-friendly return policy.


Make sure the brand you choose is affordable. However, never compromise quality for a lower price. Also, look for brands that offer discounts and free shipping. 

FAQs About Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

How are delta-8 pre-rolled joints made?

The main ingredients in delta-8 pre-rolled joints are hemp flower and traces of delta-8 THC. The hemp flower comes from registered hemp farms. It is processed, and the final hemp product is infused with delta-8 THC and pre-rolled. The pre-roll paper is made from organic and premium quality ingredients which are safe for the environment. 

How potent are delta-8 pre-rolls?

Delta-8 pre-rolls will give you a soothing and relaxing high. They contain the right proportion of delta-8 THC less than 0.3%. That means you won’t feel stunned or intoxicated like users feel after smoking marijuana pre-rolls. 

Delta-8 pre-rolls are famous for providing therapeutic properties. The pre-rolls help relieve anxiety, depression, pain, nausea, appetite issues, and body aches. 

Are delta-8 pre-rolled joints safe?

You are safe if you adhere to the manufacturer’s dosage instructions. Experts recommend taking three to four puffs a day. That said, if you are a beginner, you should only take one puff a day for starters and then gradually increase your dosage. Also, you should get advice from your doctor if you are on medication to avoid health complications. 

Since delta-8 pre-rolls contain less than 0.3% THC, they are legal in the U.S. That said, there is a ban on all THC products in 18 states. Therefore, we highly recommend you don’t use them. In addition, you must be 21 or above to buy or smoke delta-8 pre-rolls. 

Why should I buy delta-8 pre-rolls?

Delta-8 pre-roll is the most convenient way to enjoy the therapeutic properties of the delta-8. Since they come pre-rolled, you have to light the roll and enjoy puffing. You don’t have to worry about buying hemp flowers and then manually rolling joints by hand with these pre-rolled joints. Moreover, preparing joints by yourself increase the risk of accidental overdose. These pre-rolls contain the right proportion of delta-8 THC, so there are no risks of overdosing. 

Can you fail a drug test after taking delta-8 pre-rolls regularly?

A blood test detects THC in your system. Furthermore, the test does not differentiate between the form of THC you are using. So if you are smoking delta-8 pre-roll joints on a regular basis, you may test positive for banned substances. Therefore, experts recommend you should not use any delta-8 pre-rolls a few weeks before taking a drug test.

Where can I store delta-8 pre-roll packs?

Always store delta-8 pre-rolled joints in a cool and dry place and away from moisture and heat. If you keep them in the recommended places, your pre-rolls will retain their aroma and flavor for a long time. 

Are delta-8 pre-rolls budget-friendly?

Generally speaking, the pre-rolls usually come at an affordable price. However, brands sell their products at different prices. Some brands also sell at lower prices to customers who subscribe to their plans, so you can explore that. Regardless, you should go for quality instead of a low price and often use brands that offer discounts.

What is the difference between pre-rolls and vapes? 

Delta-8 pre-rolls contain hemp flowers, and they are rolled by machine or hand, much like the traditional cannabis. On the other hand, vapes contain a concentrated form of delta-8 THC in a vaporized state.

Are there other potent delta-8 THC products?

There are numerous delta-8 products with higher potency. The hemp flower used in pre-rolls contains only 8-25% of delta-8. Other delta-8 products have over 95% of delta-8, such as the delta-8 dabs. If you want a delta-8 product with higher potency, then go for delta-8 dabs.

What is the best Delta-8 strain?

We searched various brands and found that diesel hemp has the best delta-8 strain. That said, they don’t manufacture delta-8 pre-rolls yet.

Final Thoughts – What Is The Strongest Delta-8 Pre Roll?

Pre-rolls are the most convenient way of enjoying all the benefits of delta-8, especially for beginners. If you want to get a soothing and relaxing high while working night shifts or going on a long drive, delta-8 pre-rolls are the best way to get that feeling. That said, if you don’t purchase your pre-rolls from a reliable and popular brand, you might end up not enjoying it. Therefore we highly recommend you buy from trusted delta-8 pre-roll brands. 

You can also go through our buyer’s guide and find important factors to consider while selecting your pre-rolls.To ensure you get the best delta-8 pre-rolls, you should buy from one of our reviewed brands. These brands are very popular, and their products are excellent. Moreover, they are budget-friendly and safe for everyone. Moreover, these pre-roll papers are organic, environmentally friendly, and safe for human consumption.

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