Best Delta-8 Cigarettes: Buy Top 3 Smoking D8 Brands For Relaxed Mood In 2022

It is hard to keep up with the daily chores and workload in a world that never sleeps. Some of us do our best to keep up with the fast-paced competition, while others try to escape the chaos and seek peace. Now the new rising star of the cannabis world comes into focus, which brings these problems together and solves them both.

You might have already heard about delta-9, which has been making quite a name for itself since the ’60s. But delta-9 is old news as one of its close cousins has surpassed it to provide better and more mellow effects on the human body. We’re sure you’re trying to guess what this new substance is, so keep reading as we reveal the answers to your questions.

Delta-8 is a hemp-derived minor cannabinoid with psychoactive properties, and customers are already raving about this new substance and its effects. This substance provides euphoria and relaxation depending on the strain you intake. Moreover, you can get these products in the comfort of your home.

Keep reading as we explain everything there is to know about delta-8 and its infused cigarettes.

List of Top 3 Delta-8 Cigarette Brands Of 2022:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Potent Delta-8 Cigarettes, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Plain Jane – High Quality & Smooth Flavored Cigarettes 
  3. Bearly Legal Hemp – Best Hemp derived Cigarette Strains Online

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Potent Delta-8 Cigarettes, Editor’s Pick

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Exhale Wellness is the superstar of the delta-8 market. This brand tops every chart for top-rated quality, and its sales are escalating fast. It promises authenticity, quality, safety, and the best effects in every product.

Exhale Wellness is set in Los Angeles, although its crops grow in Colorado. The brand sells flowers in raw and pre-roll form, oils, tinctures, and edibles in gummy form, vape carts, and many more. The flower is brought in for further lab work, including purification and rearranging the molecules (known as isomerization).

Exhale Wellness has now added cigarettes to their merchandise, hoping that people would switch to a safer approach to smoking instead of regular tobacco, which is harmful to human health. This brand sells cigarettes made from pure hemp flowers. Each pack consists of eight joints with 80mg each, which means the pack contains 640mg. The filter attached is disposable after a single-use.

The products are made with commercial-grade lab equipment, and the highest quality of flavoring is added. In addition, every product that comes from this brand is third-party tested. The lab sheets are displayed on their websites, which show all the added ingredients lie within the legality and safety bounds. The brand has its hemp grown in government-regulated farms which practice natural and organic farming.


  • All of the products are 100% natural and organic
  • All ingredients of the products are obtained via cruelty-free methods
  • Its products are GMO-free
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Available online only

Customer Reviews

Whenever you come across a top brands list for delta-8 products, you will always see Exhale Wellness’s name at the top. The highest critics acknowledge this fact, too, as this brand has featured in Forbes, LA Times, LA Weekly, and The Observer. In addition, this brand has an overall of five stars when it comes to customer reviews.

Delta-8 joint users say that they feel a significant change after they smoke it. Consumers claim smoking gives them instant relief from anxiety and provides them with a sense of euphoria. Others say that smoking the flower offers pain relief from chronic ailments.

The brand is secure in its standing as it offers 100% money-back in case of an unsatisfactory experience. Additionally, if you subscribe, you will get 25% off on products.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Plain Jane – High Quality & Smooth Flavored Cigarettes

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Plain Jane is the runner-up on our list because it sells the best hemp cigarettes, and it’s also the brand that came up with hemp cigarettes in the first place. This company has a license from the Oregon Department of Agriculture, so its products are safe and legal to buy. They obtain their hemp from local family farms.

This brand is focused on producing sustainable and good quality hemp products, and their cigarettes follow up on this promise. Moreover, all their products are third-party tested and safe for consumption.

The flowers come in two favorite flavors, which include Sour Space Candy and Hawaiian Haze. The delta-8 cigarettes are available in a pack of 20 joints per pack. Moreover, each cigarette contains three to six percent delta-8 content and five percent CBD.


  • Manufactured from naturally occurring ingredients
  • Locally-sourced hemp
  • Third-party tested
  • First-class shipping


  • Unsatisfactory delivery process

Customer Reviews

Plain Jane is one of the top brands in the delta-8 market, and this is due to their high praise from customers. Consumers have claimed that the cigarettes were smooth and gave a mellow high. Others said the smoke was dense and fun to smoke. In addition, users have given good reviews and noted that the pricing is excellent compared to others in the industry.

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Bearly Legal Hemp is one of the highest quality selling brands. Their hemp-infused flowers are a best-seller. The brand gives all-natural products and believes in delivering hemp in its best form. The company obtains high-quality CBD-rich hemp plants. The company’s most noticeable feature is that it began selling pre-rolled hemp cigarettes before expanding into everything CBD and delta-8.

The flowers are full range and sprayed with high-quality delta-8. Moreover, the flowers are broad-spectrum, which accounts for their potency. In addition to this, the brand offers all legal products and cGMP manufactured. Bearly Legal uses natural and organic farming practices to grow its pure quality and high-grade hemp in California farms.

A purchase from Bearly Legal Hemp includes one pack, which has 20 cigarettes inside. Each joint has 50mg of delta-8, which makes it 1000mg per pack. The delta-8 included in each joint is sprayed in solvent form, and no alcohol is added.


  • Products are manufactured from natural ingredients
  • It offers a smooth high
  • The products are very aromatic
  • Third-party tested
  • 30-day money return


  • Low potency

Customer Reviews

Bearly Legal Hemp has excellent reviews overall, and customers say that the aroma is excellent, while the taste is bitter, almost like coffee. The cigarettes have proved to be a great replacement for tobacco cigarettes, and customers are enjoying the purchase of this brand.

The brand also offers great deals. Every two to three days, there’s a new deal or discount on the products. Moreover, on purchasing two packs, you get 5% off the total price, 10% off on three packs, and 15% off on purchasing four packs. Additionally, you get to return damaged products within 30 days. Finally, on purchases of $50+, you get free shipping.

How We Chose These Products For Best Delta 8 Smokables ?

Delta-8 is a sensitive subject that entails a lot of crucial constraints. Before choosing a particular brand, we need to make sure the product formation is perfect from beginning to end. Our Delta 8 THC cigarettes are among the best on the market because they do not contain any additives or harmful chemicals, resulting in a smooth and flavorful smoke.

Keeping all these constraints in mind, we have come up with selection criteria that assisted when choosing brands for this list.

  • Production Method

The term “production method” usually includes every part of the manufacturing process, from growing hemp flowers to sending them out for delivery and everything that comes between these.

Delta-8 cigarettes are flower rolls stored in the containment of rice paper, and they usually contain a filter. The flower buds come from the hemp plant, are kept in the utmost care, and are safe from pesticides and insecticides. After the harvest, the flower dries naturally, and from there onwards, the brand’s lab takes control. The isomerization and purification process takes place in labs under expert supervision.

After all the lab work, each product is put into packages and made ready for delivery. Before delivery, each product goes to an external lab for testing to avoid in-company biases. The brands we’ve chosen all follow this and other production methods.

  • Third-party Testing

As we’ve mentioned before, delta-8 has a lot of crucial constraints attached. This makes the product an extremely sensitive thing to produce. The best brands always try their utmost to fulfill any and all safety and legality criteria. However, it is natural that you might have doubts, so every reputable company sends its final product for third-party testing to rid you of any reluctance.

What is third-party testing? External certified labs test the final delta-8 product that comes from a company. The product testing includes checking that the THC percentage is lower than 0.3%, the hemp quantity makes up 98% of the product (natural flavoring makes up the remaining percentage), and the product is safe from toxins.

All the brands we’ve mentioned above follow third-party testing procedures.

  • Customers Reviews

The internet has the opinions of hundreds of customers. People use social platforms to voice their opinions about good and bad experiences. When they make a purchase, most of them leave good remarks in case of a good experience. However, rage is a better motivator, and more people leave comments when a product isn’t worth their money.

Since customer reviews are not impartial, good reviews say a lot about how a product is selling. This makes buyers a considerable asset to companies. Similarly, on the other hand, bad reviews have the capability of shutting a company down. This is why you should choose a brand that has mostly good reviews and near-to-none bad ones.

The brands we’ve mentioned follow suit and regulate themselves per the highest standards. You will observe that most of the reviews sing high praises of the brand’s products.

  • Brand Image

The best brands will always put aside some time and effort to market their products. This shows that a brand is willing to spare some more expenses for marketing even though the product and quality assurance of delta-8 is quite an expensive process in itself.

Two essential things make up a brand’s image. These include their social media presence and what the buyers have to say about them. Customer reviews are not in the control of the company, but the social media presence is. Reputable brands often hire social media managers for this work.

All of this shows that if a brand is willing to put hard work into building its image, it must be doing something right and authentic. This is why all the brands we’ve mentioned have a good reputation and an overall excellent brand image.

Buyers’ Guide: How To Choose The Best Delta-8 Cigarette?  

Before you decide on a brand or product from the vast variety given in the delta-8 world, you must know a few things about delta-8 and the strings it comes with. This buying guide is made with your safety in mind. If you ignore the key advice mentioned in this guide, it could be a hindrance later on.

  • Legality

You might be wondering that since delta-8 is sold in such mass production, why is there a legality section here? Similarly, if the hemp plant is legal for growth and cultivation, how can delta-8 be illegal?

The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration put cannabis under Schedule I Controlled Substances. However, when the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, delta-8 was opted out of the illegality list, but it wasn’t mentioned in the legality section. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires this notice. This has put delta-8 in a legally grey area.

As a result, vendors have started producing delta-8 in mass quantities. Buyers and sellers are openly making this exchange, and as of yet, the authorities have turned a blind eye to the matter.

Delta-9 is still illegal as its source is marijuana, which remains a controlled substance to this day. However, Delta-8 escaped this illegality grasp because of its origin plant, which is hemp. This also makes delta-8 legal as long as the total THC percentage is lower than 0.3%.

However, a few states have chosen to ignore the delta-8 ruling, and they’ve developed their own rules. Those rules declare delta-8 as an illegal substance, and hence the sale of delta-8 products in those states is illegal. Therefore, if you currently reside in any of these states, unfortunately, you won’t receive legal delta-8. These states include Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Arkansas, New York, Iowa, Idaho, Delaware, Montana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah, Kentucky, and Vermont.

  • Dosage

You are probably also looking for a dosage guide that points you towards the safest way of smoking or intaking delta-8 products.

Direct inhalation of the delta-8 flower through a joint will give you an instant high as the flower follows direct absorption. However, if you want to open the joint and add the flowers to your daily edible recipes, it might take two to three hours for the effects to show.

Overall, if you are a beginner, you shouldn’t smoke more than one joint. After a tolerance builds up, people usually increase their dose by two to three joints in one go. Below is a generic dosage guide to help.

Amateurs can take one joint in one go, comprising 5-15mg of the flower. Intermediate users can increase their dose to 15-45mg administered in two to three joints after the tolerance goes up a bit. Advanced users can administer the flowers themselves, according to their tolerance level, and raise them above 45mg if they are advanced users.

  • Checking For Transparency

Delta-8 is slowly becoming a saturated market. As a result, businesses often collide with each other. However, excellent and reputable brands keep their quality levels high along with their aims, as they do not pull another brand down.

However, some other brands try to make their products better through good display, better taste, and higher potency. All these feats can be obtained illegally; for instance, potency can be increased by adding more than 0.3% THC.

To avoid illegal products and ensure you don’t put your health at risk, you should always check for transparency. A brand is only good as long as it is honest. For transparency, you can look at the impartial customer comments and the lab sheets on display. These lab sheets mention everything that goes into a delta-8 product and its consistency.

  • How To Stay Safe When Dosing Delta-8 Cigarettes?

Ever since hemp products were legalized, delta-8 sales have shown a steep incline in the market. The products are expensive but worth every buck since the best brands are selling these products with high-quality assurances and external lab testing. The problem comes when local knock-off vendors skip all these processes and sell the product for the same price as high-end brands.

Delta-8 hasn’t been added to the legality section yet, so authorities do not have any obligation to check each brand for quality assurance processes and legality constraints. This has given cheap brands a free hand to sell impure delta-8 products.

A few years back, the cannabis council did a study that showed alarming results. Local vendors were selling delta-8 products with a lot of impurities and toxins. The addition of these impurities made delta-8 unsafe for consumption, and the more alarming finding was that these products were being sold to minors. The same products were also illegal as the total THC percentage was higher than 0.3%.

The 2019 studies show that a few consumers were brought into the ER under excruciating circumstances. Hundreds of delta-8 consumers were found with chronic lung diseases, and more than sixty of these patients died. The culprit was the addition of Vitamin E acetate to thicken the vape oil and metals like lead, nickel, chromium, etc. 

We hope this is enough to convince you not to trust local vendors and gas shops. Instead, it would be best if you only trusted online brands with authentic websites and transparent lab results.

FAQs On Delta 8 Cigarettes

Q1. What is the difference between a delta-8 and a tobacco joint?

Tobacco joints or regular cigarettes are overall harmful to your health given their nicotine and carcinogen percentage. People often go for traditional cigarettes because they are cheaper per pack, disposable, and easy to find anywhere. Regular cigarettes don’t cause serious addiction for people either. Moreover, hemp joints follow safe production, and besides, there has been no severe toxin found in hemp joints yet, as nicotine is.

Secondly, the hemp and tobacco plants aren’t even closely similar. The production of both is very different, too, since tobacco cigarettes follow no quality procedures. On the other hand, hemp joints use rice paper and fiberglass filters, which are better for your overall oral health.

Q2. What is the difference between a delta-8 and a CBD joint?

Delta-8 joints contain delta-8 infused hemp flowers dried and rolled into a joint, whereas CBD joints are CBD hemp flowers in a pre-roll form. As a result, CBD joints don’t get you high and do not induce any effects of intoxication. This also accounts for no addictive properties forming over regular use. Delta-8 cigarettes, on the other hand, are psychoactive but non-addictive, unlike tobacco and marijuana cigarettes.

CBD joints offer more flavor and aroma, but as they provide no intoxicating effects, most people forsake them and choose delta-8, despite having a bitter earthly taste. However, many brands offer choices in flavors now so that you can customize your delta-8 joint accordingly.

Q3. How many cigarettes can I smoke in a day?

Smoking more than a regular dose is never a good idea, no matter how many benefits you might be observing. We suggest you consult your general physician as well in this regard, just to be sure how many cigarettes might be safe for you and your respiratory health. The blunts wraps are usually made of tobacco leaf, which adds a buzz to the smoking experience.

Secondly, as per general observation, one to three cigarettes per day might prove to be a good area, to begin with. On the other hand, don’t increase the dosage too quickly, either. 

Q4. What are the potential risks of overdosing?

If you’re worried about overdosing on delta-8, you shouldn’t be. Even if you take delta-8 in a high dose, it will not pose any serious risks to your body. This is because the legal concentration of THC is only 0.3%, which is a relatively low amount and is incapable of causing damage to the body.

However, if you take a higher than the recommended dose, you might feel some negative side effects for some time.

Q5. Will I fail a drug test?

Yes, you will fail a drug test if you take it soon after smoking a joint or taking any other delta-8 product. Drug tests usually go off on any substance with a THC trace. This shows that if you take a delta-8 product, you will most likely fail it.

Now you might be wondering that delta-8 is legal, so why would you fail the test? The reason behind this is a bit chemical. Delta-9 is a marijuana derivative, and after delta-9 is ingested, it breaks down into THC-COOH, which is the same metabolite that delta-8 breaks down into, and the one that shows up on a drug screening. As there is no way to determine the difference between delta-8 and delta-9 from a simple drug test, the test overall fails.

We suggest you avoid taking delta-8 if you have a test coming. If you have already taken it, then you should wait for 30 days before taking a urine test and three to six months before taking a nail or hair test for the drug to pass from your system entirely.

Q6. How quickly will I get high?

This question is subjective as there is no one answer to this. Every person has their own metabolism and absorption levels, so you might not get high at the same time as your friend. There are two reasons behind this, and we will see both.

Firstly, people with a quicker absorption and metabolism level will experience the effects quicker than those with a slow metabolism. Secondly, people develop a tolerance to delta-8 over time. The ones who have a tolerance will take longer to see effects of the same dose compared to those who are new to delta-8 and have near to no tolerance for it. These cigarettes are made from hemp flowers harvested from hemp plants grown in the United States in accordance with the federal Farm Bill compliant.

As a flower joint is ingested by direct inhalation, it will take a total of 30 minutes at most to see the effects.

Q7. Are there any harmful side effects?

Delta-8 hemp flowers demand a lot of research, but researchers lag in this study. The legal amount of delta-8 is safe and, thus, has no harmful side effects. So, scientists are unsure how the human body will be affected by the intake of delta-8 in higher concentrations.

We suggest that you do not swerve from the dosage chart. At a higher dose, you will get an itchy throat that may last for some hours. Apart from this, dry mouth, red eyes, grogginess, anxiety, paranoia, and sleeplessness might also be lasting side effects.

Scientists hint that regular use of delta-8 might cause delayed embryo issues, potential liver damage, and potential nasal damage.

The Final Verdict: Best Delta 8 Smokables

As we have emphasized delta-8 being a safe choice for psychoactive effects, it is also important to note that many constraints come with buying a delta-8 product, including legality clauses and dosage restrictions. We looked into brand reputation further by participating in various forums for these D8 hemp derived products. Delta 8 THC cigarettes, like CBD cigarettes, are made with Delta 8 flower as the main component rather than hemp flower and wrapped in a white paper. Those who have smoked delta-8 cigarettes are impressed by the smooth smoke, slow burn, and lack of odor.

The best delta-8 joints contain only the best non-GMO hemp flowers rolled into a convenient holding shape, making them easier to smoke. Before you dive into the ocean of having the joy of delta-8 at your doorstep, we advise you to trust only those brands that fulfill all the requirements, like the brand’s image and customer reviews.

We hope this article helps you make a sound choice and answers all your questions about purchasing delta-8 cigarette rolls. Finally, we wish you a safe, healthy, and happy high!

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