5 Best CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression: Potency, Price, and Highlights

Did you know that roughly about 284 million people worldwide are diagnosed with anxiety every year? Anxiety is something that we all experience in our lives and is more common than you’d think. If you’re someone who’s been experiencing a lot of anxiety, it can be both exhausting and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know how to treat it.

There are many different ways to treat anxiety, and once you start following the right and effective treatment, life can be much easier as you start gaining control of your anxiety.

Fact is, there are a lot of treatments and remedies available for anxiety. But most treatments for anxiety don’t really work and may have many side effects, especially in the long run – which is why many people like to opt for more natural treatment.

The reason behind it is that natural treatments are known to have fewer side effects while being effective simultaneously, and one of them being CBD Oils.

But what is CBD? In a nutshell, CBD (Cannabinoid) is a non-psychoactive substance found in cannabis that has calming properties. It has been used to treat anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses and is highly effective.

However, it’s very important to note that if you’ve never used any CBD oil before, it may cause you to have more anxiety if you don’t use it properly. And truth be told, the many and diverse options in the market can be quite confusing.

That’s why it’s extremely important to do your research because anxiety isn’t a physical illness where you can treat it with exact medicine, and you’re going to be miraculously cured – because it’s a mental illness, it can be quite difficult to control. Understandably, researching about this could be quite overwhelming, especially if you’ve never tried cannabis before.

That’s what we have covered for you. In this article, we’re going to discuss CBD Oils very thoroughly; the best CBD oil products in the market, what they are, how to use them, how they work, what dosage is the right amount, while also pointing out different points that you should keep an eye out when you’re purchasing CBD products. 

Top 5 CBD Oils for Anxiety:

  1. Fab CBD Oil – The Best Overall Product
  2. Cheef Botanicals  – The Best Product for its Price Point
  3. Joy Organics – The Best Broad-Spectrum Product
  4. NuLeaf Naturals – The Best Potency Product
  5. CBDistillery – The Best Product with Most Variety

Different Components That Help Determine the Best Product

CBD oil is extremely beneficial for all those people who are suffering from anxiety and depression. Many components come into play when trying to find the best CBD oils for anxiety. 

We have compiled a list of points that were considered to determine the best CBD oil product for anxiety – and these are the pointers you want to check out before getting your first CBD oils.

  • Cannabinoid Types

You should always check what type of cannabinoid your CBD oil product is. Overall, there are three different types of CBD oils based on the quality of their extractions. The first one is a CBD isolate – where all there is left of the extract is CBD, and everything else is removed. 

The second one is a full spectrum mixture – which means that it contains all the cannabinoids in its entirety, and yes, that means that this type contains THC. 

While they contain THC, it’s lower than 0.3% of the product’s total weight. And last is the broad-spectrum mixture – which is essentially the same as the full spectrum, only that it does not contain any THC.

  • Origin of the Hemp in the Product

It’s very important to know where the CBD oil originated from. Chances are that if the company uses strains that are grown in the US or Europe, they will be of high quality and safe. Make sure that you check where the product is from.

  • Product Potency

You should always check for the product potency. This can be seen by how concentrated the product is. It is normally calculated in milligrams, and the higher the capacity is, the more potent the product is. 

This is particularly helpful for people who just started trying CBD oils – because they can manage and control their dose – and have the option to change it.

  • Product Ingredients

It is always important to keep track of any product’s ingredients, especially if you consume it. Most importantly, it can help you make sure that it does not contain any ingredient that may be hazardous for you if you’re allergic.

  • Size of the Product

Usually, CBD oils are about 30 ml in size. Some brands do sell smaller sizes, which is 10ml. And variety in sizes of the product is always great because it can give you more freedom to customize your dosage.

  • Price of the Product

Price is always important! Make sure that you get products that are well within your price range yet have very good properties. And always make sure that you get the quality that you pay for – don’t spend money on products that are barely working!

  • Overall Taste

The taste should weigh in. Your sense of taste and smell while you’re anxious is heightened, so some of the flavours offered by some products may not be for you. But then again, it depends on the person.

  • Laboratory Testing Results

It’s important to know that one of the most foolproof ways to verify the credibility of your CBD product is to check their third-party lab testing results. 

The test will check the potency of the product, and besides, if the product vendor is transparent about this, you’ll know they are legit, and they can be trusted. Whereas if they hide it, then it might mean that they have something to hide.

  • Brand and Company

It’s also important to check the brand and company behind the product. A brand that has a lot of satisfied customers means that they are doing what they can to make sure that it’s beneficial for them and the customer, which is good. 

Another thing to check is to see how transparent the company is with their customers – if they are upfront and informative, that shows a good sign. If they’re not transparent to their customers – they probably have something to hide.

Besides that, we should also always check the company to see what their policies are like for their customers – if they put the customers first – then rest assured you will be satisfied!

  • Website Experience

It’s quite important to be able to navigate through the product website without a hassle. So this is a point worth taking into consideration because we can know if the brand has made its products more accessible to its customers by seeing if their website is user-friendly!

5 Best CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression

1. Fab CBD Oil – High-Quality & Top-Rated

Best Value
  • Improves Mood and Eases Anxiety
  • Non-GMO
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • Wide Variety of Flavours
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This product is simply the best overall product because it checks every box on the list. 

Here are more details of the products:

Product Highlights:

  • Best product overall to treat anxiety
  • This product is 100% organic
  • This product is both vegan and gluten-free
  • Has a variety of flavours and potency

Cannabinoid Type: 

Full Spectrum Mixture (as mentioned before, this means that this product contains less than 0.3% THC of the overall weight of the product)

Origin of Hemp: 

Colorado, USA

Product Potency:

This product has a wide range of potency, which are:

  • 300mg
  • 600mg
  • 1200mg
  • 2400mg

Product Ingredients:

This product contains:

  • Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Mixture (<0.3% of THC)
  • The strain that is grown organically
  • Medium-chain triglycerides

Product Size:

This product is 30mL in size (or 1fl oz.).

Product Prize:

The price range for this product varies from $39 to $129.

Product Flavor:

  • Citrus
  • Mint
  • Berry
  • Vanilla
  • Natural

Laboratory Testing Results:

ProVerde Laboratories

Brand and Company Overview:

Fab CBD is one of the most popular brands in the market. They have established a strong position in the ever-growing cannabis industry with high-quality products. 

They’re 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free, which makes them a favourite amongst most customers. They also have a wide range of products with a variety of flavours, which makes them really likeable and easily trusted.


Free shipping within the US for orders above $89.

Return and Refund:

30-day money-back guarantee

Website Experience: 

Their website is very simple and easy to navigate. It doesn’t glitch and doesn’t have a lot of ads, which is good, and everything seems to be working great.

2. Cheef Botanicals – Best Value

Best Overall Product
Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil
  • Full Spectrum Products
  • Natural Ingredients
  • High Potency
  • 30 Days Refund Policy
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This product is the best one for its value. Here are further details on it;

Product Highlights:

  • Contains only all-natural ingredients (no additives or preservatives)
  • Full spectrum mixture
  • The best value overall
  • Organic, NON-GMO

Cannabinoid Type: 

Full Spectrum Mixture (as mentioned before, this means that this product contains less than 0.3% THC of the overall weight of the product)

Origin of Hemp: 

Colorado, USA

Product Potency:

  • 300mg
  • 600mg
  • 1200mg
  • 3000mg

Product Ingredients:

This product is:

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • All-natural ingredients (hemp seed oil)

Product Size:

This product comes in different sizes:

  • 15mL (0.5 fl oz.)
  • 30mL (1 fl oz.)
  • 60mL (2 fl oz.)

Product Prize:

The price range for this product varies from $24.95 to $374. They usually have deals on buying a bundle of three.

Product Flavor:

This product is all-natural, so it’s unflavored.

Laboratory Testing Results:


Brand and Company Overview:

This brand was established in California by hemp supporters and enthusiasts. It is considered to be the most effective CBD product in the market and has a high amount of satisfied customers.


Free Shipping within the US

Return and Refund:

30-day money-back guarantee

Website Experience: 

The website looks a little old-school and feels like a western vibe, which we live for – and is easy to navigate. There’s a lot of deals too, so that’s a plus.

3. CBDistillery – Best Variety & Refund Policy

CBDistillery CBD Oil
  • Wide Variety of Tinctures
  • Isolate & Full Spectrum Available
  • 4 Potencies: 500 to 5000mg
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

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This product is the best for having a wide range of options while still being very affordable. Here are the details on this product:

Product Highlights:

  • Affordable prices
  • Wide range of options
  • Has all types of cannabinoid

Cannabinoid Type: 

  • Full Spectrum Mixture (as mentioned before, this means that this product contains less than 0.3% THC of the overall weight of the product)
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (Contains 0% THC)
  • CBD Isolates

Origin of Hemp: 

Colorado, USA

Product Potency:

Full Spectrum:

  • 500mg
  • 1000mg
  • 2500mg
  • 5000mg

Broad Spectrum:

  • 500mg
  • 1000mg
  • 2500mg

CBD Isolates:

  • 500mg
  • 1000mg
  • 2500mg

Product Ingredients:

Both the full and broad-spectrum products contain:

  • Fractionated coconut oil

Product Size:

This product is 30mL in size (or 1fl oz.).

Product Prize:

The price range for this product varies from $45 to $260.

Product Flavor:

This product is all-natural, so it’s flavourless.

Laboratory Testing Results:

  • ProVerde Laboratories (for their Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Products)
  • Botanacor Services (for their THC-Free Pure CBD Oil Products)

Brand and Company Overview:

CBDistillery is a company founded in Colorado and is best known for “The CBD Movement Podcast,” which is intended to raise awareness about cannabis and how it can be used for our health.


Free Shipping for orders within the US

Return and Refund:

A 60-day satisfaction guarantee for first-time purchases. No returns needed for refunds and exchanges.

Website Experience: 

The website is also easy to navigate. It has a lot of deals on many of the products, which is great to see that they make their products so accessible and affordable.

4. NuLeaf Naturals – The Best Potency

Nuleaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Natural Ingredients
  • High Potency & Strong for Sleep
  • 30 Days Refund Policy
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This product is the best because of its high potency. Here are more details on the product:

Product Highlights:

  • Full spectrum mixture
  • Wide variety of potency
  • Wide variety of product size

Cannabinoid Type: 

Full Spectrum Mixture (as mentioned before, this means that this product contains less than 0.3% THC of the overall weight of the product)

Origin of Hemp: 

Colorado, USA

Product Potency:

  • 300mg
  • 900mg
  • 1800mg
  • 3000mg
  • 6000mg

Product Ingredients:

This product contains:

  • Full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Organic virgin hemp seed oil

Product Size:

This product comes in different sizes, depending on the potency. The smallest size is 30mL (or 1 fl oz.), and the biggest size is 100mL (or 3.38 fl oz.).

Product Prize:

The price range for this product varies from $38.50 to $439 for a single bottle, depending on the potency of the product.

Product Flavor:

This product is natural, so it doesn’t have any flavour.

Laboratory Testing Results:

ProVerde Laboratories

Brand and Company Overview:

NuLeaf Naturals is one of the first companies to make CBD products. Their products are all manufactured by a full spectrum third-party, which are 100% pure, sterile, solvent-free, and non-GMO. 


There are two options:

  • Around 2-3 business days and free delivery via USPS Priority Mail
  • Express Shipping, which is 1-2 days.

Return and Refund:

30-day full refund only on new, unused, and sealed products. Also, important to note that shipping costs for return are to be paid by customers.

Website Experience: 

The website has a simple design and is easy to navigate for our needs depending on the product. It has a lot of reviews that show on the website, which is good to know that so many people have succeeded with this product.

5. Joy Organics – Best Broad-Spectrum

Broad Spectrum
Joy Organics CBD Oil
  • THC Free Products
  • 4 Potencies
  • Free Shipping All Over US

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This product is the best for those of you who want a broad-spectrum mixture instead. Here are more details on the product:

Product Highlights:

  • 0% THC on all products
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Offers a wide range of broad-spectrum CBD products

Cannabinoid Type: 

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (Contains 0% THC)

Origin of Hemp: 

Colorado, USA

Product Potency:

  • 450mg
  • 900mg
  • 1350mg

Product Ingredients:

This product contains:

  • Organic extra-virgin olive oil
  • Organic phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract
  • Organic (various flavour) essential oil

Product Size:

This product is 30mL in size (or 1fl oz.).

Product Prize:

The price range for this product varies from $53.95 to $99.95. You can use promotional codes to buy Joy Organics products at a discounted rate. 

Product Flavor:

  • Tranquil Mint
  • Natural
  • Summer Lemon
  • Orange Bliss

Laboratory Testing Results:

Different products are tested from different labs, including but not limited to:

  • Botanacor Services
  • Cloud Labs
  • Green Scientific Labs
  • PhytaTech Metrics and Solutions
  • PIXIS Labs

Brand and Company Overview:

Joy Organics is a company that only sells products that are free of THC. They are owned by a couple, Todd and Joy Smith who works hard to make sure that there are no traces of THC left in their products to ease their customers’ mind so that they wouldn’t have to worry about consuming THC.


Free shipping on all orders (any sizes and amount)

Return and Refund:

30-day full refund guarantee, no questions asked.

Website Experience: 

The website looks very simple, bright, and professional looking. When you click further at the products, they show a lot of secure signs, which makes it feel like it’s more legit, so it was a great experience.

How Did We Choose These Products?

The cannabis industry, including CBD, is still very new and growing. Many factors may come into play when it comes to using these products, especially for anxiety, and that’s what we have looked into.

We know that picking the right products is quite difficult, especially when you’re suffering anxiety because the wrong product can trigger it or even make it worse. 

So, we’re going to share how we choose the best CBD products for yourself, which is by going through these steps:

  • Research, research, and research.

We did our research. When you want to choose for yourself, look for different articles and reviews that discuss the products. Look specifically for the ones that have leading experts’ recommendation – experts are not limited to researchers or professors – testimonials from customers who have used the products for a long time is also as important!

  • Check through Customer Reviews

Check through the product customer reviews on different social media. This can help you see if there’s anyone who has had side effects and what happens to them so you can be more aware. Besides that, you can also get to know the brand up close and personal from the eyes of the customers who use the products.

  • Trying the products

This is the most important step of all, trying the products. It’s to make sure that the products are as they claim to be.

How Can CBD Oil Help Different Types of Anxiety?

Fact is that anxiety is very common amongst society. Roughly 40 million Americans are diagnosed with anxiety every single year. And admittedly, anxiety can impact many aspects of a person’s life, and it can also affect the people around them. 

Even though CBD oil is extracted from the plant Cannabis Sativa, CBD has no psychotropic elements. The substance that’s responsible for psychotropic effects is called THC, and the amount of THC in many CBD oil products is generally very low that it won’t have any psychotropic effect on its users.

Understandably, many people are still cautious with CBD oils because if you have a pre-existing anxiety disorder, the THC may still trigger your anxiety, especially if you’ve only tried it for the first time. 

Even though there are many treatments available for anxiety on the market, research has shown that CBD oils help pre-existing anxiety disorders and similar mental illnesses (like depression) without having major side effects from consuming the product.

What’s even better is that even though there is a trace of THC in oils, their amount is too low to have any effect that could potentially trigger your anxiety. If you’re still worried – you can always be safe and choose the broad-spectrum mixture CBD oils or the CBD isolates because they have no THC at all.

How Does CBD Work?

Generally speaking, CBD products work differently depending on what type of product we’re using. If you’re using oils, you’re going to drop the dosage under your tongue – which usually will react fast because it’s going straight into your bloodstream and travels around your body, which calms it down.

It’s probably useful to know that CBD also helps stimulate the endocannabinoid system, a sophisticated neuro brain chemical network in charge of controlling different things in our bodies and brains.

They can help adjust different things that need adjusting – like how your body perceives pain, your body heat, your sleeping pattern, your overall mood, your sense of hunger, and even your memory.

According to one study, CBD oil might be helpful and useful for people who suffers from:

  • Anxiety

The feeling of anxiety or anxiety disorder concludes the people who constantly worry about different daily routines and hypothetical problems.

  • Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is also a common anxiety disorder and mainly conclude people who suffer from unexpected panic attacks that happen out of nowhere.

  • Social Anxiety Disorder

This disorder is also not uncommon, where it concludes people who have a lot of fear while being in a social situation.

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can be a burden because of the discomfort and itch that one feels when one can’t do what they’re supposed to. 

This disorder refers to the people who have constant intrusive thoughts that are borderline obsessive and compulsive, that can push an individual into performing a routine they have established to satisfy the obsession and compulsion they have within themselves.

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition that some people may have because of a trauma that happened in their lives.

Why Is CBD Better Than Other Treatments for Anxiety?

The best thing about CBD is that it does not have major side effects, and it’s completely natural. 

It also is the most effective treatment so far for anxiety and many other mental illnesses, which is great because then using CBD that is all-natural will always be better than using made-up chemicals to treat your mental illness. CBD products like Cream and oil are the best solutions to get you relief from arthritis or chronic pain

To compare, here are a few of the side effects of other medications of anxiety (that is not natural and made up of chemicals):

  • Irritability
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Agitation
  • Insomnia
  • Arrhythmia
  • Cardiac diseases

So, it’s better to be safe than sorry and use the more natural option. Having those side effects over chemical drugs is not worth it and is not good for your body.

How Is CBD Different Than Other Medication?

Firstly, studies have shown that CBD does not have major side effects compared to other conventional medications used for anxiety. They’re safer, and they are completely natural. So, you don’t have to worry about the long-term effect this medication will have on you since they are natural.

Secondly, we need to know the difference between CBD and THC. Yes, they both derived from the same hemp plant – which is Cannabis Sativa, but they are completely different substances. CBD does not have psychotropic effects, whereas THC is the psychotropic element that makes people high when they consume marijuana. Besides making people high, THC can also make you hallucinate.

Third, CBD does not get you high. It doesn’t make you high because it’s the plant’s calming properties and not the psychotropic element (which is THC) that is the substance that makes people high when they smoke or consume cannabis.

Fourth, because CBD is not a psychotropic element, it means that it does not have the potential to be addictive. As mentioned before, CBD helps stimulate the endocannabinoid system that we have inside of us, but all they do is help them adjust to fit our needs while not being addictive. They are completely safe.

Further Scientific Sources on the Matter of CBD for Anxiety

It’s important to note that we are strictly discussing matters of CBD for anxiety and not talking about medical marijuana. The reason behind this is because CBD products do not make you high and have very little to no traces of THC in the product. The legal limit is anywhere below 0.3% of THC within every product weight.

So, it sure won’t make you high – whereas medical marijuana is the conventional hemp, where it contains high levels of THC and is intended to make its consumers high. Besides being able to make you high, as mentioned before, THC can trigger those of you who already have pre-existing depression and anxiety disorders. It’s always useful to be mindful of that, so we don’t put ourselves in a compromising position.

Studies that support the claims that CBD works for anxiety:

There is a lot of research and studies dedicated to finding out CBD’s effects on various mental illnesses. 

The research for treatments for anxiety and using CBD as one of the treatments is still ongoing to this day, and medical advancements are seen every day; the progress that we have come so far is unbelievable. 

Fact is that studies have shown that:

  • According to a study conducted in 2015, while CBD doesn’t change a person’s anxiety, it may be useful to lessen the experience of having anxiety
  • in a 2019 study, 57 out of 72 patients’ anxiety scores decreased within the first month of using CBD oil, which means 79.2% of the sample were able to manage their anxiety with CBD oil.
  • Another research suggests that even though there is a need for more trials and research, CBD looks promising to be an alternative medication for controlling and treating different types of anxiety disorders.
  • According to a study in 2014, in an experiment with animal subjects, they found that CBD helps for both anxiety and somehow act as antidepressants for its consumers
  • Another study shows that CBD can help patients diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder to minimize their symptoms

Science supports CBD’s ‘Considerable Potential’ as anxiety treatment

Like all extracts of hemp or cannabis, CBD oil is known to work primarily through its effects on the endocannabinoid system. There CBD mimics chemicals similar to cannabis that are naturally occurring in all humans (and all mammals). Some research even seems to link Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety-linked conditions to lower than normal levels of these natural occurring compounds.

“CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.”

Most current research looks at the effects of CBD on serotonin. This neurotransmitter, found in the human brain and nervous system, plays a crucial role in mood (including depression and anxiety), sleep and other key biological processes.

A lot of the scientific research of CBD for anxiety is “preclinical,” meaning animal research rather than on humans, but these studies have found that CBD seems to function similarly to commonly prescribed SSRI class of pharmaceutical drugs by encouraging the action of serotonin receptors in the brain. Both SSRIs and CBD seem to promote regeneration of the hippocampus, a region of the brain that plays a role in both depression and anxiety.

Promising surveys of CBD research

In a survey of 34 studies which did include human subjects, published in May 2012 in Pharmaceuticals (Basel), Simon Zhornitsky and Stéphane Potvin found that CBD showed promise in numerous conditions from bipolar disorder to social anxiety.

“[P]reliminary clinical trials suggest that high-dose oral CBD (150–600 mg/d) may exert a therapeutic effect for social anxiety disorder, insomnia and epilepsy,” they wrote, but warned that high doses of CBD can “also … cause mental sedation.”

In a similar September 2015 survey, published in Neurotherapeutics, a team of 4 researchers looked at the results of both human and animal studies of CBD.

“Overall, current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders,” the team wrote, though they emphasized that further study is needed.

CBD & Depression

Unlike THC, the cannabinoid associated with causing marijuana’s “high effect,” CBD has a different, more indirect interaction with these cell receptors. At the same time, CBD has the unique ability to directly interact with other cell receptors, including serotonin and dopamine receptors. Thus, when ingested, CBD influences brain activity and one byproduct is the release of serotonin and dopamine throughout the body.

CBD's Effect on Depression
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Two recent studies uncovered the benefits of CBD oil with symptoms of depression. In one study, conducted in 2011 while studying the modulation of the serotonin system through endocannabinoid signaling, researchers found “ample evidence that endocannabinoids are important regulators of stress responses.” Thus it can be assumed that, during the depression, plant cannabinoids such as CBD have the ability to regulate one’s response to stressful situations.

Additionally, Jose Alexandre Crippa and his colleagues at the University of San Paulo in Brazil and King’s College in London observed that, at high concentrations, CBD directly activates the 5-HT1A (hydroxytryptamine) serotonin receptor, thereby conferring an anti-anxiety effect.

While there are many testimonials and independent studies that give those suffering from depression hope for a natural alternative, more research needs to be conducted before it should be considered as an alternative to prescription medication. Any changes to treatment should always be made with the advice of a medical professional.

CBD users find lower doses can also be effective

Scientific research into CBD seems to mostly focus on its positive effect on overall anxiety levels, and anecdotal reports we read from CBD consumers suggests it may be more effective when taken regularly rather than a treatment for specific flare-ups of “acute” anxiety.

“For me, it’s good for quelling the low level, day-to-day anxiety that buzzes in the background, but it isn’t strong enough to stop a panic attack the way xanax can,” wrote redditor WilliamMelvinHicks in a 2017 discussion on Reddit.

Other redditors reported that too high of a dose of CBD can sometimes exacerbate anxiety. “That’s why [it’s] always good to start small and work yourself up,” wrote kiiinglouie, another redditor.

CBD isn't a cure for anxiety, but many consumers report major relief from some of its most troubling symptoms. Science is beginning to support this use. Photo: A double exposure-style photo showing two images of a white woman in a white t-shirt, hugging herself with anxiety, shoulders hunched.
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CBD isn’t a cure for anxiety, but many consumers report major relief from some of its most troubling symptoms. Science is beginning to support this use.

New research continues to support CBD and anxiety

While research is ongoing, we wanted to look at a few more recent studies. Since we first wrote this article, even more research now supports using CBD for anxiety. If you search online (Google Scholar is a great resource), you’ll find even more.

“More high-quality clinical trials must be published before sound conclusions can be drawn.”

In February 2020, the Journal of Clinical Psychology published a case study on using CBD in a teenage patient with Crohn’s disease. The patient struggled with intense fear and anxiety over medical treatments. The authors cautioned that the case study can’t substitute for a real scientific study, but results were promising. Because CBD can also reduce inflammation, it offered dual benefits for the patient in question. While it’s also not scientific, one of our writers, Annalise Mabe, reported intense relief from “the psychological burden/worry, abdominal pain, and overall anxiety” caused by Crohn’s.

Another February 2020 case study, this time published in the German publication Neuropsychiatrie, found CBD offered relief to a teenager struggling with both anxiety and harmful use of mind-altering drugs.

However, it’s worth noting that a review of various studies and research, published January 2020 in Current Opinion in Psychiatry was more reserved. While noting some promising results, researchers cautioned that some studies failed to show significant anxiolytic (anxiety reducing) benefits from cannabis.

“More high-quality clinical trials must be published before sound conclusions regarding the efficacy of cannabis for treating anxiety can be drawn,” they wrote.

How To Use CBD Oil?

There are many types when it comes to CBD products for anxiety, but the most common one would be CBD oil. They are extracted in different ways too, and the outcome could vary from oils, tinctures, capsules, vape liquid, edibles, powders, and even topicals. 

Since we are discussing CBD oil specifically, we’ll discuss the many different ways it can be used to treat your anxiety.

Best Ways to Use CBD Oil

There are various ways one can use CBD oil. To be honest, using oil is easier because you can measure the doses more accurately, and you can build up your dose. 

Here are a few ways you can use the oil:

  • Drop the Oil Under Your Tongue

This is probably the most effective way – because you are dropping the concentrate directly to a source where it can soak up the CBD into your bloodstream for a faster effect.

  • Consume It

You can consume it in the form of capsules and various types of edibles like candies or gummies, but it probably won’t be as fast-acting as dropping the oil under your tongue.

  • Smoke It

The most classic way is to smoke it – some CBD oils can act as an oil and are also used as a vape liquid. 

What is the Proper Dose?

Currently, there are no exact guidelines on how much you should take to treat your anxiety because more research is needed, and everyone’s reaction to it could be different. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t need too high of a dose of CBD oil for mental illnesses. 

It honestly depends on a few defining factors, which are:

  • What type of anxiety disorders you have
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • The condition of your disorder (whether it is severe or not)
  • Your body weight
  • Your metabolism and how fast your body will be able to absorb cannabinoids
  • What type of product you use

It really depends on the person taking it. However, research has shown that 

Doses between 300mg to 600mg has helped reduce anxiety for people with an anxiety disorder. So, it’s up to you really how much you want to use. But it’s always better to start with a lower dosage and build your way up.

Side (but very important note) make sure to check with your physician to make sure that you use the right dosage, and it is safe for you before trying any CBD products to treat your anxiety.

In Conclusion: Do We Recommend CBD Oil for Anxiety?

Anxiety is definitely a challenge to manage in our everyday lives. Luckily, with the help of CBD oil and other CBD products, you can help yourself control the anxiety and stop it from controlling you and your life. 

So yes, we definitely recommend it for you guys to try out. The good of the product definitely outweighs the bad.

Compared to other medications that are prescribed for patients of anxiety disorders, CBD oils are far more effective, and various research has shown that it has no major side effects.

The said medication can oftentimes carry side effects that you definitely don’t want to have. It’s all-natural too, so it’s definitely good for you and the environment.

Ministry of Hemp is America's leading hemp advocate.

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