Healthy Alternatives to Vaping: What To Do Instead Of Vaping

Cannabis-related deaths are practically an oxymoron, let alone something we would hear in headline news.

With all the leaps and bounds cannabis has ushered into the health and medical industry, recent reports of vaping related deaths have spawned worries of a ‘vaping epidemic’ in the US. While investigations are underway, a lot of scrutiny and debate surrounds the issue. 

The cannabis industry and people, in general, have been swept up in the growing allegations surrounding vaping related deaths in the States. In a New York Times article, a second person from Oregon has died after reportedly becoming sick from vaping a THC product from a local dispensary.

The main issues surrounding vape related illnesses and death come from a lung infection affecting more than 200 people this summer alone. Federal authorities from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration are currently investigating the toxin or substance responsible for the deaths and illnesses. 

It should be noted, upon their initial investigations into vaping lung damage, it seems clear the culprit toxins or substances are found mostly in ‘street bought vapes’ and enhanced by people who modify their vapes against the manufacturer’s warning.

It should also be prudently understood, according to the CDC, 480,000 people in the United States alone die every year from cigarette-related illnesses, with another 88,000 annually from alcohol. That being said, there are plenty of healthy alternatives to vaping.

Alternatives to vaping

In 2019, cannabis consumers enjoy the widest array of possible cannabis use in history. With each alternative comes a unique set of benefits and rituals that will help lead to your new favorite way to consume cannabis.

Whether you switch to cannabis flower, dab a concentrate, or eat an edible, there's numerous alternatives to vaping available. Photo: A person rolls a joint using a rolling paper and a filter, as well as broken up cannabis flower. A cannabis grinder is on a table nearby.
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Whether you switch to cannabis flower, dab a concentrate, or eat an edible, there’s numerous alternatives to vaping available.

While vaping is too new of a technology to have long studied health risks and benefits, many of these alternatives have been on the market for several years; and have an in-depth track record of how they affect your health.

Also, with delivery services being the hottest crave right now, all the best marijuana delivery services have many of these products readily available. GrassDoor, a marijuana delivery service located in Los Angeles, is one known for their speedy delivery and top quality products.  

Marijuana or Hemp Flower

You could be thinking: can it get any more obvious?

Probably not, but often in today’s age we get entrenched in our daily habits. You know the saying –– stop and smell the roses? Well, stop and smell the cannabis flower. Flower by far offers cannabis buyers marijauna’s versatility more than any other alternative to vaping.

As being a flower, you are in full control of designating how you want to ingest marijuana. If you’re using a vape pen, you only have one method: bring the pen to your lips, push a button or two and inhale. Opting for cannabis flower over vaping  offers you the whole spectrum of ways to enjoy your marijuana.

You can proceed to glass, roll it in your favorite paper or use it to enjoy edibles. Cannabis is one of the most innovative industries, so we can sometimes get caught up in ‘the next big thing’ or the hottest new craze. Take a minute to get back to your roots and pay homage to where it all started. Remember, there’s nothing better than being able to see the actual product in your hand. And in 2019, Cannabis has come a long way. At GrassDoor alone they offer 40 different Hybrid and Sativa–Indica strains. Break it up, pack it in or roll it up and exhale knowing exactly where and what you’re puffing into. 


For a lot of us, the first thing we think about when we consider consuming edibles is the patented bag of special brownies your friend brings over to your basement shin-dig. Now, edibles have reached a whole new zenith in the cannabis market. It really becomes a journey for your tastebuds and everything that comes with altering your state of consciousness.

Before, you would eat a cookie hoping you didn’t (or did, depending on who you are) get an uneven dosage. But now, milligrams are measured distinctly and to the T. Not to mention there exists an almost infinite array of edibles from Tic-Tacs to gummies to lemonade pouches and cannabis-infused butter. Edibles are also great for discrete consumption of cannabis or for people who are turned off by the act of smoking in general.

Edibles as an alternative to vaping provide you with a deeply physical and robust cannabis experience that generally lasts much longer than any vaporizing pen. Edibles also offer you a fun and personal marijuana experience, pairing your favorite flavors and snacks with your favorite strains of cannabis.

Maybe you love rice-crispy treats or are not the biggest fan of brownies. Unlike a pre-packaged vaporizer pen, now you get to be in charge now to start your edible journey. Just remember, know your dosage.

Pre-Rolls & Blunts

Sometimes it’s best to let someone else do the hard work for you. Much like edibles, with pre-rolls and blunts consumers can buy a packaged, ready to go product well-equipped to alter your state of consciousness. While vaporizer pens come in pre-packages most of the time, you can’t necessarily grasp the effect the vape will have on you.

Unlike a pre-roll and pre-rolled blunt, you can’t take a look at the size and weight of the pen and know how it might affect you. Prerolls and blunts follow a pretty obvious maxim; the bigger they are, the more cannabis you will feel and consume. Size doesn’t equate to vaporizer pens in this fashion. Often the sleek and smallest ones hit harder than the larger ones without any way of knowing if you’re a casual cannabis consumer. Since pre-rolls are one of the most competitive sects of the cannabis market, companies are constantly trying to levy your loyalty with bigger and better pre-rolls. Whether you’re a fan of joints or blunts, the best cannabis delivery services have plenty of options for you to choose from.

There is far less of a mess with these pre-rolled products, and you can buy the exact quantity you want without worrying if 3.5 grams is enough for 5 joints. Now you can take a trip or take a hike without taking a risk. 

THC Concentrates

THC concentrates are exactly what these THC Vapes have inside them. So, why not be in charge and cut out the middle-man? Typically known as resin or shatter, THC concentrates offer a whole new level of consuming cannabis. The biggest difference and incentive to consuming your THC concentrates versus a vaporizer, is the THC concentrate is not mixed with any post-production oils that are required to complete the draw and hit of a vape pen.

Cannabis deliver services can offer convenient ways to browse options when it comes to vaping alternqtives. Photo: A person looks at the Grassdoor app in a car.
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Cannabis deliver services can offer convenient ways to browse options when it comes to vaping alternqtives. (Photo: Grassdoor)

The major new outlets reporting investigations on the vape-pen epidemic have cited the synthetic vitamin E oil added to cartridges are the main culprit behind the deaths and diseases. Ensure your safety with the same cannabis effect by opting for THC concentrates that do not require a vape pen. However, THC concentrates are recommended for the seasoned-consumer, someone who can easily partake in a bong-hit without thinking twice of what elevation you might reach.

A dab-rig and a torch are also required to partake in THC concentrates, as a gram typically runs you about $50. This is perfect for the cannabis user who has a very high-tolerance and is looking to end their day with a powerful, one hitter-quitter. 

CBD (Cannabidiol) Products

We have to sometimes remind ourselves not everyone consumes cannabis products to get stoned. There are plenty of medicinal benefits to smoking and consuming CBD.

So much so all the best delivery services and cannabis shops are full of CBD creams, edibles, and even CBD cigarettes. A CBD cigarette, for example, can be a wonderful aid in helping someone to quit smoking tobacco. CBD creams can give people much-needed relief from arthritis pain that their vaporizers previously provided. With innovation being tied to CBD in a myriad of ways, as a non-psychoactive substance, you don’t have to worry about consuming some new things that might get you stoned against your will. 

Finding alternatives to vaping isn’t hard

As you can see there are plenty of alternatives to vaping that provide you with everything you love about consuming cannabis without the current risks. For the most part, it seems clear the vaping epidemic has really only affected a micro-population of cannabis users.

Either way, things are always evolving very fast in cannabis. It’s good to keep an eye and ear open for anything and everything that could have an adverse effect on your health. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these alternatives as much as we do.

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